Santa Carmela

الغلاف الأمامي
Partridge Publishing Singapore, 24‏/05‏/2018 - 160 من الصفحات
After eight years of being away, 19-year-old Joanna Diaz returns to Santa Carmela to look after her ailing grandfather. She runs into her childhood best friend and next-door neighbor Eric, the son of the renowned inventor, Dr. Gerardo San Gabriel. Eric had transformed from the small dorky boy she knew into a young and handsome surgeon. However, their unexpected reunion rouses Joannas suspicions on the whereabouts of Erics father. What has happened to Dr. San Gabriel? This question prompts Eric to confess his familys deepest secret to Joanna. Together, they travel into Santa Carmelas glorious past in search of the missing doctor. As they travel more than a century back in time, they both find love and friendship amid the turmoil that had enveloped their beloved town during this period. They live among people who have links to their very existence, and who possess the keys to unlock the well-kept secrets about their families. Staying would be tempting yet impossible. Would they be strong enough to know when to leave?

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Blast from The Past
Return to Santa Carmela
Eric San Gabriel MD
A Journey Like No Other Chapter 6 Entry to the Past
Delfin Anderson
Return of Dr Gerardo San Gabriel
Secrets Salacious Secrets
Caught in
Ferdies Wish Erics Confession
Deaths and Goodbyes
Truth Unveiled
New Beginnings
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حول المؤلف (2018)

GB Callister grew up in a small province in the Far East. From an early age, she had always known what she wanted to be, a writer. As soon as she was able to, GB started writing prose and poetry. When she got older, she became a staff news and features writer for a provincial tabloid and the associate editor for her University publication. GBs dream was derailed when her young life was threatened due to her ardent passion to report the truth. She decided that was not the time to work on her dream yet. She instead joined the corporate world and eventually left her birthplace to be a part of the global workforce. With support and motivation coming from her loved ones, GB managed to get back to writing and finally completed her first novel, Santa Carmela. She is now working on two more books to be published next year.

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