The Power Elite

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First published in 1956, The Power Elite stands as a contemporary classic of social science and social criticism. C. Wright Mills examines and critiques the organization of power in the United States, calling attention to three firmly interlocked prongs of power: the military, corporate, and political elite. The Power Elite can be read as a good account of what was taking place in America at the time it was written, but its underlying question of whether America is as democratic in practice as it is in theory continues to matter very much today. What The Power Elite informed readers of in 1956 was how much the organization of power in America had changed during their lifetimes, and Alan Wolfe's astute afterword to this new edition brings us up to date, illustrating how much more has changed since then. Wolfe sorts out what is helpful in Mills' book and which of his predictions have not come to bear, laying out the radical changes in American capitalism, from intense global competition and the collapse of communism to rapid technological transformations and ever changing consumer tastes. The Power Elite has stimulated generations of readers to think about the kind of society they have and the kind of society they might want, and deserves to be read by every new generation.

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معاينة المستخدمين  - Ellesee - LibraryThing

Perhaps one of the best, most detailed analyses of the power holders and power structure of the United States I've read so far. C. Wright Mills spares nothing in his description of the various groups ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله

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معاينة المستخدمين  - patito-de-hule - LibraryThing

4 stars because it's a classic in the field and it's well written. Pinko commie propaganda! The afterword by Alan Wolfe is worth reading. C. Wright Mills was well known in the 1950's as a sharp critic ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله


1 The Higher Circles
2 Local Society
3 Metropolitan 400
4 The Celebrities
5 The Very Rich
6 The Chief Executives
7 The Corporate Rich
8 The Warlords
11 The Theory of Balance
12 The Power Elite
13 The Mass Society
14 The Conservative Mood
15 The Higher Immorality

9 The Military Ascendancy
10 The Political Directorate

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The late C. Wright Mills, Professor of Sociology at Columbia University, was a leading critic of modern American civilization. Alan Wolfe is University Professor and Professor of Political Science and Sociology at Boston University. He is the author or editor of more than ten books, including Marginalized in the Middle and One Nation, After All.

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