Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1915
Vols for 1849-1963/64 include "General appendix to the Smithsonian report" (varies slightly)

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Стр. 126 - ... all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, real, personal, and mixed, and wheresoever situate...
Стр. 1 - Institution", to be composed of the Vice President, the Chief Justice of the United States, and three members of the Senate and three members of the House of Representatives; together with six other persons, other than members of Congress, two of whom shall be resident in the city of Washington; and the other four shall be inhabitants of some State, but no two of them of the same State.
Стр. 573 - ... techniques for analyzing norms and systems of norms. SUMMARY The development of an adequate theoretical structure for sociology will in all likelihood require interdisciplinary cooperation between sociologists and those working in the formal sciences if it is to proceed in a maximally fruitful way. The purpose of this article is to bring to the attention of sociologists recent work in mathematical logic which has direct relevance for their research. Von Wright's deontic logic offers promising...
Стр. 45 - For continuing ethnological researches among the American Indians and the natives of Hawaii, including the excavation and preservation of archaeologic remains, under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees and the purchase of necessary books and periodicals, including payment in advance for subscriptions, fortytwo thousand dollars.
Стр. 282 - ... (isothermal region) and of its efficiency in intercepting direct radiation from the sun. It should be remembered, however, in this connection, that the intensity of the solar radiation at the surface of the earth depends not only upon the dustiness of the earth's atmosphere, but also upon the dustiness, and, of course, the temperature, of the solar atmosphere. Obviously, dust in the sun's envelope must, more or less, shut in solar radiation just as, and in the same manner that, dust in the earth.s...
Стр. 2 - The results obtained from these appropriations to be published with the memoirs before mentioned, in the volumes of the Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. 4. Examples of objects for which appropriations may be made. (1.) System of extended meteorological observations for solving the problem of American storms.
Стр. 116 - Manual of Archival Economy for the use of American Archivists.
Стр. 455 - ... months, and when killed at the expiration of that time, were found to have suffered no diminution in fatness or excellence. They carry with them a constant supply of water, in a bag at the root of the neck, which contains about two gallons; and on tasting that found in those we killed on board, it proved perfectly fresh and sweet.
Стр. 1 - Institution," an establishment for the " increase and diffusion of knowledge among men." The Institution is legally an establishment, having as its members the President of the United States, the Vice President, the Chief Justice, and the President's Cabinet.

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