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THIS little volume of sources is sent forth under the belief that it may be used in high schools and lower college classes as a convenient basis for more intensive work than has been done in the grades. The first part of the volume presents a general outline of the more salient features of our country's history. The second part traces its territorial development. In use the two parts may be handled separately, or taken together in chronological order. The most skiliful teacher will doubtless develop a method of his own. and will bring all the matter into one whole that bears upon the particular topic under consideration. It is thought that one year's time should be given to the study, as much work in narrative texts will be necessary in order to make connections, and to give the student an opportunity to test and correct his conclusions by comparing them with the more mature work of our great historians. The importance of the topics treated cannot be ques tioned. The growth of the nation, the forma tion of the constitution, its interpretation, and

the slavery question have formed the salient elements in our national life. It is believed that it is better to emphasize a few points, and to investigate them thoroughly, than to scatter the student's energies over all the issues that have divided or agitated the American people. The volume is sent forth to the teachers of the country in the hope that they may find in it an aid to better work, an incentive to greater interest, and a means to secure better results.

H. W. CALDwell.

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