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the Westminster Meeting, discharged in aerer, be charged with partiality, I shal most manly and able manner; in a man- here insert the oficial details, which haze ner worthy of the public-spirited and en- been published respecting the first battle, lightened citizens, to whom his speech or rather series of battles, that have ben was addressed. I am, &c. &c.

fought for the purpose of determining,

WM. COBBETT. whether France is, or is not, to be perBotley, June 21st, 1815.

mitted to exercise the right of choosing her owo government ?- When the phrenzy,

which has seized the public mind, has No. 1.

somewhat subsided, and we are in pos

session of the French official accounts of IIISTORICAL NOTICES OF THE WAR OF Exgland, Austria, Russia, Prussia, which correct idras cannot be formed, it

the opening of the campaign, without DENMARK, SWEDEX, HOLLAND, SAR


then be useful to make some remarks DINIA, THE Pope, Naples, Sicily, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, Bavaria, WUR- with the London Gazette Extraordinary,

on these interesting events. I shall begin TEMBERG, &c. &c.; WITH AN ARMY of One Million AND Elcvex Thou- Courier calls, the 5 Complete Defeat of

containing the particulars of what the SAND REGULAR . Soldiers, AGAINST “Bonaparte." NAPOLEON AND FRANCE.

DOWNING-STREET, JUNë 22 - Major the The mighty contest has begun. The Hon. H. Perey arrived last night with a dispatch new crusade against France and against from Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, liberty has commenced. The Times

K. G. to Earl Bailurst, luis Majesty's Principal newspaper says, that the campaign has Secretary of State for the War Department, of opened with a great and glorious vic

which the following is a copy : “tory; that Bonaparte's reputation has 6 been wrecked, and his last grand stake

ll'aterloo, June 19. 66 has been lost in this tremendous con

MY LORD-Bonaparte baving collected tlie “ fict; the fabric of rebellion is shaken 1st, 2d, 3.1, tili, and 60 corps of the French % to its base.” The Morning Chronicle, army, and the Imperial Guards, and nearly all. that pink of hypocrisy, tells us, that it has the cavalry on the Sambre, and between that, có brilliant and complete victory,

river and ttie Meuse, between the 10th and 14th “ which will for ever exalt the glory of of the mouth, advanced on the 15th, end attacked " the British name; that it is the grandest the Prussian posts of Timin and Lotiez, on the 6 and most important victory ever ob- Sambre, at day-light in the morning. I did not

tained.” The Courier, in the height of hear of these events till the evening of the 15th, its frenzy, declares, that there could not and I immediately ordered the troops to prepare have been 66

a greater victory in point of to march; and afterwarıls to narel to their left, “ glory, more vital to the real interests

as soon as I had intelligence from other quarters 16 and safety of Europe, big with more im- to prove tlial the enemy's movement upon Charlc. portant political consequences.'

"-of roy was the real attack. The enemy drove the course, as this same Courier


66 the Prussian posts from the Sambre on that day; city is a scene of complete confusion; and General Zeiten, who commaaded the corps 6 business is entirely neglected; the im- which had been at Charleroy, retired npon “mortal Wellington is the universal Fleures; and Marshal Blucher concentrated the

theme; the streets and Exchange are Prussian ariny upon Sombref, holding the vil. (6 crowded to excess-all anxious to hear lages in front of liis position of St. Amand aud " the details of the glorious victory ob- Ligny.. The enemy continued his march along 66 tained by our noble countrymen.”- the road from Charleroy towards Bruxelles, and While this delirium continues at its height, on the same evening, the 15th, attacked a brigade it would be useless in me to attempt to of the army of the Netherlands, under the Prince bring the public back to reason. I might de Weimar, posted at Frasne, and forced it back as well think of reaching conviction to the to the farm house on the same road, called Les minds of the inhabitants of St. Luke's; I Quatre Bras. The Prince of Orauge immedi. might as well expect that a drunken man ately reinforced this brigade with another of tlie could discuss, with calmness and perspi- same division, under General Perponcher, and cuity, an argument in mathematics or in the morning early regạiped part of the grouud moral philosophy. That I may not, how- which had beeu lost, so as to have the cominand

been a

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of the commuvication leading from Nivelles and Guards, upon their debouché from the village of Bruxelles, with Marshal Bluchers position. In Genappe, upon which occasion isis Lordship has the mean time I had directed the whole army to declared himself to be well satisfied with that march npon Les Quatre Bras, and the 5ili divi- regiment The position which I took up in front sion under Lieuteuaut-General Sir Thomas Pic of Waterloo, crossed the light loads from Charleton, arrived at about lialf-past two in the day, roy, and Nivelle, and had its right throwu bark followed by the corps of troops under the Duke to a ravine near Merke Braine, which was occuof Brunswick, and afterwards by the contingent pred; and iti lett extended to a height alsove the of Nassau. At this time the enemy comnienced Hamlet Ter la Haye, which was likewise occupied. an attack upon Prince Blucher, with his whole In front of the right centre and near the Nivelle force, excepting the 1st and 2d corps; and a road, we occupied the house and garden of corps of cavalry under General Kellerman, with Horigoumont, which covered the re:urn of that which he attacked our post. at Les Quatre Bras. | flavk; and in front of the lett ceutre we occupied The Prussian army maintained their position the farm of La Haye Sainte. By our best we with their uskal gallantry and perseverance, communicated with Marsial Price Blucirer, at against a great disparity of numbers, as the 4th Wavre through Ohaim; and the Marshal bad corps of their army, ander General Bulow, bad promised 'ne that in case we should be attacked not joined, and I was not able to assist them as I he would support me with one or more corps, as wished, as I was attacked myself, and the troops, might be necessary. The enemy, collected liis the cavalry in particular, which had a long disarny, with the exceptiou of the third corps, tance to mareli, tad not arrived. We maintained which had been sent to observe Marsliai Blucher, our position also, and completely defeated and on a range of heigtits.in. our front, in the course of repulsed all the enemy's attempts to get possession the night of the 17 th and yesterday arorning, and at of it. The enemy repeatedly attacked us with a about ten o'clock he compieuced a furious attack large body of infantry and cavalry, supported by, upon our post at Hongoumont. I had occupied ·ą numerous and powerful artillery; he made sea that post with a detachment from General Byog's veral charges with the cavalry opon our infantry, brigate of Guards, which was in position in its hat all vere repulsed in the steadiest manner.-- rear; and it was for some time under the coin(Here his Lordship praises his troops and offi; mand, of Lieut. Col. Macdonald, and afterwards cers.) –Our loss was great, as your Lordship of Colonel Home, and I am happy to all that it will perceive by the enclosed return; and I have was maintaived throughout the day with the ute particularly to regret his Sereye Highness the most gallantry by thiese brave troop:, notwithPuke of Brunswick, who fell fighting gallantly standing the repeated efforts of large børlies of at the head of his troops. Although Marsisat the enemy to obtain possession of it. This attack Blucher had maintained his position at Sambref, upon the right of our centre was accompanied by he still found himself much weakened by the a very heavy cannonade upon our whole line, severity of the contest in which he had been en- which was destined to support the repeated at. gaged, and as the fourth corps had not arrived, tacks of cavalry and infantry occasionally mixed, he determined to fall back, and concentrate his but sometimes separate, which were made upon army upon Wavre;, and lie marched in the il. In one of these the enemy carried the tarna: viglit after the action was over. This move- house of La Haye Sainte, as the detachment of ment of the Marshal's rendered necessary a

the light battalion of the legion whicis occupied corresponding one on my part ; and I retired it had expended all its ammunition, and the from the farm of Quatre Bras upon Genappe, enemy occupied the only communication there and thence upon Waterloo the next morning, was with them. The enemy repeatedly cliarged the 17th, at ten o'clock. The enemny inade our infantrywith his cavalry, hit these attacks yo effort to pursue Marshal Blucher, On the were liniformly unsuccessful, and they atiorded çoutrary, a patrole which I sent to Sambref in opportunities to our cavalry, to charge, in one of the morning, found all. quiet, and the enemy's which Lord E. Somerset's brigade, consisting of videttes fell back as the patrole advanced. Nej- the life guards, royal horse ynards, and 1st dragoon ther did he attempt to molest our march to the guards, biglıly distinguished themselves as did that rear, althoug!a made in the middle of the day, ex- of Major-General Sir W. Ponsonby, having taken cepting the following, with a large body of cavalry, many prisoners and an eagle. These attacks were bronght from his right, the cavalry, under the repeated till about seren in the evening, when the Pearl of Uxbridge. This gave Lord Uxbridge an enemy made a desperate effort with the cavalry opportunity of charging them with thic ínt Life and iufautry, supported by the fire of artillry, 19



force our left centre, near the farme of La Haye Major-General Sir W. Ponsenby. Sainte, which after a severe contest was de. Colonels.--Du Plat, K.G. L. ; Omteta, ditto ; feated ; and having observed that the troops re. Morrin, 69th Regt. ; Sir W. Ellis, 23d. tired from this attack in great confusion, and Lieutenant-Colonels.-Macara, 42d Regt.; Ca. that the marchi of General Bulow's corps by En. meron, 92d Regt. ; Sir Alex. Gordon, K.C. B. Aid. schermont upon Planchenorte and La Belle Alli-de-Camp to the Duke of Wellington; Canning

į arice, had begun to take effect, and as I could Currie, Lord Hill's Staff. perceive the fire of his cannon, and as Marshal Majors.—The Hon. Fred. Howard, 10th Hussars ; Prince Blucher had joined in person, with a George Baill, Royal Artillery; Norman Ramusey, corps of his army to the left of our line by Ohain, ditto ; Cairnes, dito; Chambers, Soth Regt. I determined to attack the enemy, and inime. Brevet-Majors. — Creflon, 5th Division; Rose-, diately advanced the whole line of intantry, sup. wiel, 2d Light Regiment. ported by the cavalry and artillery. The attack Captains.-- Bulton, Royal Artillery ; Crawford, succeeded in every point; the enemy was forced Guards; the Hon. Curzon, A. D. C. to hig from his position on the heights, and fed in the Royal Highness the Prince of Orange ; Chambers, utmost cunfusion, leaving behind him, as far as I A. D. C. to Lieut.-Gen. Picton ; Charles Ellis, 95th could judge, 150 pieces of cannon, with their Reyt.; Robertson, 73d Rugt. ; Kennedy, ditto; ammunition, wliich fell into our hands. I con. Schauman, 2d. Lt. Bat. K. G. L; Hulycowan, 1st tinued the pursuit till long after dark, and then ditto ; Henry Marshal, 1st ditto.; Goeben dittu discontinued it only ou account of the fatigue of Gunning, 10tb Hussars ; Grove, 1st. Guards. our troops, who had been engaged during twelve Lieutenants. - C. Manners, Royal Artillery ; hours, and because I found myself on the same Lister, 95th Regt. road with Marshal Blucher, who assured me of Ensigns. Lord Hay, Aid.de-Camp to General liis intention to follow the enemy throughout the Maitland ; Brown, 1st Guards. sright; he has sent me word this morning that lie had taken 60 pieces of cannon belonging to the General his Royal Highness the Prince of Orange, Imperial Guard, and several carriages, baggage, G. C. B. severely. &c. belonging to Bonaparte, in Genappe. I pro. Lieut-Generals.--the Earl of Uxbridge, G. C. B. pose to move, this morning, tipon Nivelles, and right leg amputated ; Sir C. Alteri, K. C. B. severely, ant to discontinne my operations. Your Lord. Major-Generals --Cock, right arm amputated; ship will olvserve, that such a desperate action Sir E. Barnes, K. C. B. Adjui.-Gen. severely ; Sir could not leave been fought, and such advantages J. Kempt, K. C. B. slightly ; Sir Culin Halkitt, could not be gained, without great loss; and I K. C. B. severely ; Adamss, severely; Sir W. am sorry to add, that ours has been immense.

Dornberg, K. C. B. severely. {Here his Lordship praises his officers and men} Colonels.—Sir J. Elley, K. C, B. sligluly; Harris,

I should not do justice to my feelings or to 73d Reut. ; Quentin, 10th Hussars, slightly ; tlie Marshal Bluclier anit thie Prussian army, if I did ton. Fred. Ponsonby, severely; Sir W. De Lancess not attribute the successful result of this arduous

severely. day, to the cordial and timely assistance I re. Lieutenant-Colonels.-Lord Fitzroy Somerset, ceived from them. The operation of General right arm amputated; Hay, 16th Light Dragoons, Bulow npon the enemy's flak, was a most deci- severely ; Vigoureau, 30th Light Dragoons ; Aber. sive one; and even if I had not found myself in a crombie, A. Q. M. G. slightly; Hamilton, Soth situation to make the attack, which produced the regimene; Cameron, 95th, severely ; Wyndham, final result, it would have forced the enemy to

1st Foot Guards, severely ; Bowater, Sd Font yetire, if his attacks shonld have failed, and would Guards, slightly; Macdonell, Coldstream, slightly s have prevented him from taking advantage of Daslıwood, 3d Guards, severely ; Sir R. Hill, thein, if they should unfortunately have suce Royal Horse Guards Blue, severely ; Norcott, 95th, ceeded. I send, with this dispatcli, two eagles, severely; Hill, severely; Schreider, 8ih Line bat. taken by the troops in this action, wiich Major alion; Adair, 1st Guards, severely; Miller, 1st Percy will have the honour of laying at the feet Guards, dangerously; Sir George Henry Berkeley, of his Royal Highness. I beg leave to recoin. A. AG. mend him to your Lordship's protection. I have Major:.-Maclean, 73d; Beckwith, 95th, severe. the lionour, &c. (Signed) WELLINGTON.

ly; Jessop, Assistant Quarter Master General; LIST OF THE BRITISH OFFICERS KILLED | Bush, 1st Liglit Ball. K. G. L. right arm ampu-, AND WOUNDED.

tated , Parkinson, 730, severely ; Parker, R. H.

Arlillery, leg amputated; Robert Ball, Royal Ars Duke of Brunswick Oels.

tillery, severely; Hamilton, Aid-de-Camp to Major. Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Picton.

General Sir E. Barnes; Watson, 69th regiment,


severely.--Brevet-Dlajor, Einem, dangerously.- devour the states of the second rank of Germany, Majors Wilkins and Miller, 95th regt. severely; The madmen! a moment of prosperity blinds Lindsay, 69ih, dangerously,

them. The oppression and humiliatiou of the Captains.-Smith, 95th regiment, severely; French people are beyond their power. If they Tyler, Aid-de. Camp to Sir Thomas Picton, slighuly; enter France, they will there find their tomb, Dance, 234 Light Dragoons ; Jolinston, 951h ; Car. Soldiers ! we have forced marehes to make, batmers, 95th ; Darney, Napier, A. M‘Donald, Web.tles to fight, dangers to encounter ; but with ber, Ryal Artillery, severely; Dumaresque, Aid steadiness, victory will be our's, the rights, the de-Camp to Gen. Sir J. Byng, severely ; Whyn honour, the happiness of the country will be renates, Royal Artillery, severely; the Hon. conquered! To every Frenchman who has a Erskine, D. A. A. G. left arm amputated ; A. Dang. Heart, the nioment is arrived !o conquer or perishi. ton, Aid-de-Camp to Lieutenant-Genera! Picion,


NAPOLEON. severely ; Barnes, Brevet Major, Royal Artillery, (A true copy) The Marshal Dnke of Dalmatia, severely.

Lieutenants-Royal Artillery, Foster, Crone,
Robe, Smith, Strangway, Brierton, and Forbes, se-

Charleroi, June 15. verely; Hormey, arm amputated; Bloomfield arid On the 14th the army was placed in the follow. D. Crawford, slightly.--Harerlock, Aid.de Camping manner :

:-The Imperial Head-quarters at to Gen, Sir Charles Alten; Pringle, Royal. Engi. Beaumont. The 1st corps, commanded by Geneers, slightly ; Hamilton, 46th regiment, slightly; neral D’Erlon, was at Solle on the Sambre. The Heise, 1st light battalion ; Gardiner, Johnstone, | 2d corps, commanded by General Reillé, was at Moltry, Simmons, J. Gardiner, Fitzmaurice, Shen- Ham-sur-Heure. The 30 corps, commanded by ley, and Wright, 95th, severely.

General Vandamme, was on the right of Beau

mont. The 4th corps, commanded by General FRENCII Accounts.

Gerard, had arrived at Philippeville On the

15th, at three in the morning, General Reillé atThe following relate only to the ope- tacked the enemy, and advanced upon Marchienrations of the army previous to the battle of the 18th, the French account of which in which liis cavalry charged a Prussian battalion,

nes-au-Pont. There were various engagements, has not arrived.

and made 300 prisoners. At one in the moruing, GENERAL ORDER,

the Emperor was at Jamignon-sur-Henre. Ge. Avesnes, June 14, 1815. neral Daumont's division of light cavalry sabred Soldiers !-- This day is the anniversary of Ma. two Prussian battalions, and made 400 prisoners. rengo and of Friedland, which twice decided the General Pajol entered Charleroi at mid-day. The destiny of Europe. Then, as after Austerlitz, as sappers and marines of the guard were with the after Wagram, we were too generous! We be advance to repair the bridges. They were the lieved in the protestations and in the oathis of first to penetrate into the town as sharp-shooters. Princes whom we left on the throne! Now, General Clari, with the 1st Hassars, advanced however, coalesced among themselves, they would upon Gosselies, on the Brussels road; aid Gene. destroy the independevce and the most sacred al Pajol upon Gilly, on the Namur roasi. At rights of France. They have commenced the three in the afternoon General Vandamme de. most opjust of aggressions. Let us march, then, bouched with his corps on Gilly. Marshal to meet them. Are they and we no longer the Grouchy arrived with the cavalry of Coeneral same men?,, Soldiers, at Jena, against tliese same Excelmans. The enemy occupied the left of the Prussians, now so arrogant, you were one against position of Fleurus ; at five in the afternoon the three, and at Mootmirail one against six! Let Emperor ordered an attack. The position was those among you who have been prisoners of the turned, and carried. Four Squadrons of the Esoglislı, detail to you the bulks, and the fright. Guard, commanded by General Letort, the En. ful miseries which they suffered! The Saxons, peror's Aids-de-camp, broke three squares; the the Belgians, the Hanoverians, the soldiers of 26th, 27th, and 28th Prussian regiments were the Confederation of the Rhine, lament that they routed. Our squadrons sabred from four to 500 are compelled to lend their arms to the cause of men, and took 150 prisoners. During this time Princes, the enemies of justice and of the rights General Reillé passed the Sambre at Marchiennes. of all nations; they know that this coalition is av•Pont, in order to advance upon Gosselies with insatiable! After having devoured twelve mil. the divisions of Prince Jerome and General Ba.

lions of Poles, twelve millions of Italians, one chelu, attacked the enemy, took from him 230 * million of Saxons, six millions of Belgiaus, it must / prisoners, and pursued lini on the road to Brus,


sels. We thus berame masters of the whole po

Fleurus, June 17, 4 o'clock in the morning. sition of Fleorns. At eight in the evening the The battle of yesterday lasted till ten o'clock ja Emperor !e-entered his head-quarters at Charleroi. the evening. We are still in porsuit of the enemy, This day cosi the enemy five pieces of cannon and who has experienced a terrible overthrow. We 3,000 men, of whom 1,000 are prisoners. Our loss I have hithertu 8,000 prisoners, 20 pieces of cannon, is 10 men killed anii 80 wounded, the greater part and several standards, many officers of rank, belonging to the squadron of the gward who made among others Count Lotzow. We expect at day thie charges, and 10 three squailrons of the 2016 break to collect a great number in the villages of dragoons. who alo charged a square with the St. Amand, and others who were cut off by the greatest ini repiility. Our loss, though trining in movement which the Emperor caused his giard amount, has been sensibly felt by the Emperor, { to make. The grenadiers and chasseurs of the from thie severe wound received by General Le old gnard massacred entire masses, and have lost tort, 'is aid-de-camp, in charging at the head of very few nien. It appears that it was a charge of the squadrons. He is an officer of the greatest | bayonet by the Imperial Foot Guards whicly des distinction : he was struck by a ball in the lower | cided the battle. The enemy have been exireme. part of the belly, but the surgeons give liopes that ly numerons. I never saw such entlaujasni in liis wowd will not be mortal. We have fuund our soldiers. The columns which marched te some magazines at Charleroi. The joy of the battle, the wounded who returned from being Belgians it wonld be impossible to describe. dressed, never ceased to exclaim“ Live the Eu There were some villages which, on tire sight of perar!" their deliverers, formed dances; and every wliere there is a movement which proceeds from the COPY OP A LETTER FROM THE MAJOR-GENEheart. In the report of the Major-General of the

RAL TO THE WAR MINISTER. Staff. the names of the officers and soldiers who

Fleurus, June 17, 1815. distingni-hed ihemselves will be inserted. The Monsieur Marshal.-I announced yesterday, Emporor has given the command of the left to from the field of battle of Ligny, te his Imperial the Prince of Moskwa, who, in the evening, had | Highness Prince Joseph, the signal victory which his head-quarters at Quatre-Chemius, on ihe road the Emperor has gained. I returned fiere with liis tv Brussels. The Duke of Treviso, to whom the Majesty at 11 o'clock in the evening, and it was Emperor gave the command of the young guard, necessary to pass the nighit in atteuding to the Dias remained at Beanmont, ill of the riieumatism. wounded. The Emperor bas renndunted his which has forced him to keep his bed. The 4th horse, to follow the success of the battle of Ligny. corps, comanded by General Gerard, arrives It was fought with fury, and the greatest enthu. this evening at Chatelet. General Gerard has siasm on the part of the troops. We were one to stated, that Lieut. General Bourmont, Colonel three. At eight o'clock iu the eveping, the Em, Clonet, and the clief of squadron Villoutreys, peror marched with his guard : six battalions of liave passed over to the enemy. A lientevant the old guard, the dragoons, and horse-grena. of the 11th Chasseurs has also goue over. diers, and the cuirassiers of General Delort, de. Major-General has ordered that these deserters bonched' by Ligns, and executed a cliarge which shall be immediately sentenced conformably to separated the enemy's line. Welington and the laws. It would be impossible to describe | Blacher saved themselves with difficulty: thie the good spirit and ardour of the army. It views effect was theatrical. In an instant the tiring Ilie desertion of this small number of traitors ceased, and the enemy was ronted in all direc, who thus throw off the mask, as a fortunate tions. We have already several thousand pri, event.

soners, and 40 pieces of capuou. The olh and

1st corps were not engaged. The left. wing NEWS FROM THE ARMY.

fought against the English army, and took from it In rear of Ligny, half past & in the crening cannon and standards. At night I will give you of the 16th of June, 1315.

further details; for every instant prisoners are The Emperor has just obtained a complete announced. Our Insy does-11t appear enormous ; victory over the Prussian and English arinies, since, withont screening it, I do not reckou it.al sunited, under the orders of Lord Wellington and

more than 3000 men. Marshal Blucher. The army at this moment de bouches by the village of Ligny, in advance of

(Signed) Flenrus, to pursue the euemy.

Marshal, Major-General Duke of DALMATIA. * A letter of the Emperor, of the 16th, ends

(A Copy) will these words, writlen with his owu bauda Marshal, Miyister of War, Priuce of EckMUHL §. he is going on well."

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