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COLLIS, Rev. H. M.A. St. Philip's Vicarage, Maidstone.
Cowan, Rev. E. B.A. Millbrook R. Ampthill

, Bedfordshire. DALLINGER, Rev. W. H. Woolton, Liverpool

. DANKS, Rev. G. W. M.A. Gainsborough. Davis, Rev. W. B. M.A. The College, Torquay. DUGMORE, Rev. H. H. Queenstown, South Africa. FINLAY, Rev. Hunter, M.D. Limasol, Cyprus. FLEMING, Rev. T. S. F.R.G.S. St. Clement's, Leeds (F). FRAMPTON, Rev. G. D. Winshill Rectory, Burton-on-Trent. HALL, Rev. G. Rome, Vicarage, Birtley, Wark-on-Tyne. HARRIS, Rev. J. Middleham, Bedale, York. HERFORD, E. Esq. 26, St. John's Street, Manchester (F). 'Hudson, Rev. J. C. Thornton Vicarage, Horncastle. HURT, Rev. R. N. Church Institution, Wakefield. JOHNSON, Rev. E. 370, Park Terrace, New Cross, S.E. JOHNSON, T. Esq. Laburnum House, Byron's Lane, Macclesfield. F | KIRK, Rev. John, Professor of Practical Theology in

the Evangelical Union Academy at Glasgow, 17,

Greenhill Gardens, Edinburgh. KNAPP, Rev. J. St. John's Parsonage, Portsea. LINTON, Rev. H. M.A. St. Paul's Parsonage, Birkenhead. MoCann, Rev. J. D.D. 8, Oak Villas, Louer Noruood, S.E. MACPHERSON, Rev. A. C. M.A. Shottery House, Clifton. MELLO, Rev. J. M. M.A. Rectory, Brampton St. Thomas,

Chesterfield. MONEY, Rev. C. F. S. M.A. Cantab. Hon. Canon of

Rochester, St. John's Parsonage, Upper Lewisham

Road, S.E. PHAYRE, Rev. R. M.A. West Raynham Rectory, Brandon. PLUMMER, C. Esq. Newcastle West, Limerick. PRICE, Rev.A.C.M.A. Chesterton, Loats Rd., Clapham Park, s.W. PRESENSÉE, Rev. E. de B. Th. Paris. PRITCHARD, Rev. R. B.A.Whitchurch Rectory, Stratford-on-Aton. tqRULE, Rev. W. H. D.D. Clyde Road, Croydon. TSAVILE, Rev. B. W.M.A. Shillingford Rectory, Exeter. STEWART, E. W. Esq. 8, Belgrave Villas, Lee, S.E. 9 WHEATLEY, J. H. Esq. Ph.D. F.G.S. Abbey Vier, Sligo. WILLIS, Rev. J. T., A.B., T.C.D. Yerbeston Rectory, Begelly,

R.S.O. Pembrokeshire. WILLIS, Rev. N. A.B. T.C.D. 2, Milton Terrace, Chatham. WILLIS, Rev. W. N. Parsonage, Cambridge, Auckland, New



The List of Works in the Library is published separately from the volume.

The names of the Donors to the Library appear in the preliminary proceedings of each meeting.



American Geographical Society.
American Philosophical Society.
Canadian Institute.
Geological Society.
Royal Colonial Institute.
Royal Geographical Society.
Royal Institution.
Royal Society.
Royal United Service Institution.
Smithsonian Institution (Washington).
Society of Arts.
Society of Biblical Archæology.
South Kensington Museum.
United States Government Geological and Geographical Survey.
Barrow Naturalists' Field Club.
Warwickshire Natural History Society and Naturalists' Field



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The Victoria Institute,


Philosophical Society of Great Britain.

Adopted at the First Annual General Meeting of the Members and

Associates, held on Monday, May 27th, 1867.

(Revised at the Annual Meeting, June 15, 1874, and Jan. 4, 1875.)


GREAT BRITAIN, is established for the purpose of pro- .

moting the following objects, viz. :First. To investigate fully and impartially the most important

questions of Philosophy and Science, but more especially those that bear upon the great truths revealed in Holy Scripture ; with the view of reconciling any apparent

discrepancies between Christianity and Science. Second. To associate together men of Science and authors who

have already been engaged in such investigations, and all others who may be interested in them, in order to strengthen their efforts by association; and, by bringing together the results of such labours, after full discussion, in the printed transactions of an Institution : to give greater force and influence to proofs and arguments which might be little known, or even disregarded, if put forward merely by individuals.

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Third. To consider the mutual bearings of the various scientific

conclusions arrived at in the several distinct branches into which Science is now divided, in order to get rid of contradictions and conflicting hypotheses, and thus promote the real advancement of true Science; and to examine and discuss all supposed scientific results with reference to final causes, and the more comprehensive and fundamental principles of Philosophy proper, based upon faith in the existence of one Eternal God, who, in His wisdom,

created all things very good. Fourth. To publish Papers read before the Society in further

ance of the above objects, along with full reports of the
discussions thereon, in the form of a Journal, or as the

Transactions of the Institute.
Fifth. When subjects have been fully discussed, to make the

results known by means of Lectures of a more popular

kind, and to publish such Lectures. Sixth. To publish English translations of important foreign

works of real scientific and philosophical value, especially those bearing upon the relation between the Scriptures and Science; and to co-operate with other philosophical societies at home and abroad, which are now or may hereafter be formed, in the interest of Scriptural truth and of real science, and generally in furtherance of the objects of

this Society. Seventh. To found a Library and Reading Rooms for the use

of the Members and Associates of the Institute, combining the principal advantages of a Literary Club.

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$ II. Constitution.

1. The Society shall consist of Members and Associates, who in future shall be elected as hereinafter set forth.

2. The government of the Society shall be vested in a Council, to which members only shall be eligible, consisting of

President, two or more (not exceeding seven) Vice-presidents, a Treasurer, one or more Honorary Secretaries, and twelve

or more (not exceeding twenty-four) Ordinary Members of Council, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Members and Associates of the Institute. But, in the interval between two annual meetings, vacancies in the Council may be filled up by the Council from among the Members of the Society; and the Members chosen as Trustees of the funds of the Institute shall be ex officio Members of Council.

3. Any person desirous of becoming a Member or Associate shall make application for admission by subscribing the Form A of the Appendix, which must be signed by two Members of the Institute, or by a Member of Council, recommending the candidate for admission as a Member; or by any one Member of the Institute, for admission as an Associate.

4. Upon such application being transmitted to one of the Secretaries, the candidate for admission may be elected by the Council, and enrolled as a Member or Associate of the Victoria Institute, in such manner as the Council may deem proper; having recourse to a ballot, if thought necessary, as regards the election of Members; in which case no person shall be considered as elected unless he have three-fourths of the votes in his favour.

5. Application for admission to join the Institute being thus made by subscribing Form A, as before prescribed, such application shall be considered as ipso facto pledging all who are thereupon admitted as Members or Associates to observe the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Society, and as indicative of their desire and intention to further its objects and interests; and it is also to be understood that only such as are professedly Christians are entitled to become Members.

6. Each Member shall pay an Entrance Fee of One Guinea, and an Annual Contribution of Two Guineas. A Donation of Twenty Guineas shall constitute the donor a Life Member.

7. Each Associate shall pay an Annual Contribution of One Guinea. A donation of Ten Guineas shall constitute the donor a Life Associate.

8. The Annual Contributions shall be considered as due in advance on the 1st day of January in each year, and shall be

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