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Robert, Duke of Normandy, p 110. Puts William under the

protection of Henry I. of France, p 111
Robert, Duke of Normandy, mortgages his Dukedom, and sets

out for the Holy Land, 1097 Returns and lands at Ports-

mouth, 1100. Taken prisoner, 1106
Robert, Earl of Gloucester, attends Matilda to England, 1140.

Defeats Stephen, 1147
Robert III. King of Scotland, 1411
Rocbes, Peter des, Bishop of Winchester, and Hubert de Burgh,
chosen Protectors of England, 1218. Resign their Offices,

De Burgh disgraced, 1228. Des Roches banished,
Rodulpb, 1067
Rome, City of, pillaged, 1527
Romney, inhabitants of, severely punished, 1066
Rosamond, the Fair, (Clifford) murdered, 1172
Runnemead, Magna Charta signed at, 1215
Rutland, Earl of, murdered by Lord Clifford, 1460
Saladin, overcomes the Christian forces at Tiberiade and takes

Jerusalem, 1187. Is defeated at Acre, 1191. Ascalon, 1192.

Concludes a Truçe with Richard I. near Jerusalem, 1192
Salisbury, Earl of, killed at Orleans, 1426
Salisbury, Earl of, retires into Yorkshire, 1458. Beheaded, 1460
Sallustius Lucullus, Governor of Britain, p 21
Savage, Plot of, against Elizabeth, 1586
Savigny, Conference at, between Henry II, and the Legates
Sautré, William, burnt as a Heretic, 1401
Scapula. Vide Ostorius
Scots and Picts, p 23, 47, &c. United under Kenneth, P 70
Scrope, Lord, Executed, 1416
Segrave, John de, Guardian of Scotland, 1303
Services performed by the Vassals of the Crown, p 166
Severus, Roman Emperor, p 22, 23.
Seymour, Jane, married to Henry VIII. 1536. Brought to bed of

Prince Edward, 1537
Seymour, Brother of the Duke of Somerset, tried and executed,

Shore, Jane, Mistress to Edward IV.

Shrewsbury, Earl of, killed in battle, 1451
Simnel personates the Son of the Duke of Clarence, 1486.

Acknowledged King at Dublin, 1486. Taken prisoner,

Sitbric, Governor of Northumberland, p 86
Somerset, Duke of, surrenders to Charles VII. 1449. Killed by

Richard Duke of York, 1455
Somerset, Duke of, Protector of England, 1547. Invades Scot-

land, 1547. Sent to the Tower, and released, 1549. Arrested

and tried, 1551. Executed, 1552
Somerville kills himself, 1585

Spurs, Battle of, 1513
Stace, John, executed as a Wizard, 1478
Stafford, Insurrection of, 1486. Sir Humphrey, beheaded, 1586
Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, tried and executed, 1521
Stanley, Sir William, put to death, 1494
Star Chamber, instituted, or rather re-established, 1487
Stepben, King, crowned, 1135. Married the Daughter of Eu-

stace, 1135. Taken prisoner by Matilda, 1140. Takes Ox-
ford, and is defeated by Robert of Gloucester, 1147. Replaced
on the Throne, 1147. Makes a Treaty with Prince Henry,

Stigand, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1066
Stilicbo, the Saviour of Italy, p 33
Strongbow, Richard, Earl of Strigul-lands, in Ireland, 1172

Marries Eva, daughter of Dermot, and created Seneschal of Ire-
Stuart, Robert, King of Scotland, invades England, 1385
Stuart, Mary. See Mary Stuart
Suetonius Paulinus, Roman General, p 16, 17
Suffolk, Earl of, created a Duke, 1446. Killed at Dover, 1450
Suffolk, Duke of, committed to the Tower, r506
Supremacy of the Church of England annexed to the Crown, 1584
Sussex, Earl of, quells two Insurrections, 1569. Invades Scot-

land, 1570
Sweating Sickness at London, 1485
Swein, King of Norway, p 95, 97
Swein, King of Norway, Son of Canute, p 10:
Switbin, Bishop of Winchester, p 73

land, 1172

Taranis, par
Teutates, p 10
Teutonic Order, founded by Frederick IV. 1189
Tbalespin, a Bard, p 38
Tbeodosius, p 24, 25, 33
Tbrog morton, sent Ambassador to Scotland, 1569
Tonstal, Bishop of Durham, deprived of his Bishopric, and re-

stored again, 1553
Tosti, Brother of Harold, expelled from his Govornment of North-
umberland, p 109.

Makes a descent on the Isle of Wight,
p110. Killed, p 110
Tresellan, Sir Robert, executed, 1388
Tudor, Sir Owen, beheaded by order of Edward IV. 1461
Turkell. Earl of, East Anglia, p 100
Tyler, Wat, heads a rebellion against Richard II, 1383. Killed,

Tyrrell, Walter, kills William Rufus, 1100.

Valence, de, defeats Bruce, and is defeated ly him, 1307
Vates, See Faids

[blocks in formation]

Vere, Robert de, Earl of Oxford, favorite of Richard II, made

Marquis of Dublin and Duke of Ireland, 1385. Defeated and

flies to the Low Countries, 1388
Videmar, Viscount of Limoges, 1199
Villiers, George, created Viscount, Earl, Marquis, and Duke of

Buckingham, 1616
Viscounts, title of, first introduced 1440
Volusenus, Caius, Roman officer, pii
Vortigern, British Prince, p 3.5
Vortimer,....ditto......P 36

Uffa, King of the East Angles, p 39
Urbicus. See Lollius
Urban II. Pope, 1094
Urban III. Pope, died 1187
Wallace, William, defeats Warrenne, 1300. Resigns command of

the Scotch Army, 1301. Executed as a Traitor, 130.5
Walsingham discovers Babington's plot, 1586
Walthoff, Earl of, 1073
Walworib, Mayor of London, kills Wat Tyler in Smithfield,

Warbeck, Perkin, assumes the Title of Richard Duke of York,

1492, Attempts a landing in England, 1494. Lands in
Ireland and Scotland, 1495.

Publishes a Manifesto, 1496.
Leaves Scotland and returns to Irelard, 1497. Lands in Corn.
wall, 1498. Besieges Exeter, 1498 Flies to Bewdley Abbey,
1498. Imprisoned-escapes, and flies to Sheen Abbey, but
is brought back, 1498. Hanged at Tyburn, 1499
Warbam, William, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1909. Resigns,

Warrerne, Earl of, 1295. Takes Dunbar for Edward I.-Ap-

pointed Governor of Scotland, 1296. Retires to England, 1298.

Defeated by Wallace, 1300
Watches introduced into England, 1577
Warwick, Earl of, retires to Calais, 1458. Invades England and

retires again, 1459. Invades England, 1460. Flies to Calais,
1470. Lands again at Dartmouth and releases King Henry

from the Tower, 1470. Proclaims hin. King, 1470. Killed in
Warwick, Earl of, imprisoned, 1485. Exhibited to the public,

1487. Beheaded, 1499
Warwick, made Protector, 1549. Made Duke of Northumber-
Weat, Sir Thomas, makes an insurrection is defeated and exe-

cuted, 1554. Vide Northumberland
l'entworth, Peter, his behaviour towards Queen Elizabeth, 1576.

Sent to the Tower, 1592
flicklife, his doctrine, 1385

Battle, 1471

land, 1557

William, of Normandy, appointed King by Edward the Confessor,

p 108, 111. Sends an Embassy to Harold, p 111. Lands
in England p 112. Gains the battle of Hastings, 113. Crowned,
A. D. 1066. Returns to Norway, 1067. His severity to the
people of Exeter, 1067. Conspiracy against him, 1073. Dis.
sentions among his family, 1076. Nearly killed by his son Ro-
bert, 1080. His income, 1981. Character of, 1087. Grants

William Rufus, 1087. Invades Normandy, 1090. Killed in

hunting, 1100
William, Prince, son of Robert Duke of Normandy, committed to

the care of Helie de St, Saen, 1100. Carried to the court of
Fulk, Count of Anjou, 1110. Marries the daughter of Full-

of, po

killed, 1132

William, son of Henry I. carried over to Normandy to receive the

homage of the Barons-drowned on his return, 1120
Winchester, Cardinal of, 1448
Windsor Castle built by Edward III. P 355
Wittenagemots, P 58, 59
Wolfbere, p 70
Wolsey, Thomas, made King's Almoner and Prime Minister, 1510.

Attends the King to France, 1513. Made Bishop of Tournay
and Lincoln, 1513. Archbishop of York, 1514. Attends
Henry again to France, 1520. Makes a treaty between France
and Germany, and a private one with Germany against Frar.ce,
1521. Enters the House of Commons, 1523. Builds two col-
leges, 1523. Gives Hampton Court to Henry VIII. and builds
Whitehall, 1525. An indictment presented against him and
dismissed from the Chancellorship, 1529. Outlawed, 1529.
Falls sick, 1529. Recovers, 1530. Arrested for high Treason,
1530. His Character
Worcester, Earl of, taken prisoner and beheaded at Worcester, 1404
Wriotbesley, Chancellor, deprived of his office, 1547
Yeonien of the Guard, instituted 1485
York, Archbishop of, enters into a Conspiracy against Henry IV.

taken prisoner and beheaded, 1405
York, Duke of, killed at the battle of Agincourt, 1416
York, Duke of, son of Earl Cambridge, appointed successor to Bed-

ford as Regent of France, 1439. Loses it soon after-ap-
pointed Protector in England, 1454. Takes Henry VI.

prisoner at St. Albans, 1455. Killed, 1460
York, Archbishop of, imprisoned, 1483



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