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THE nature and object of this attempt to familiarise and illustrate the Sacred History have been already explained in the Preface to the First Series; and the same opportunity was taken of gratefully acknowledging that general assistance from Commentators and other Biblical writers, to which a work of this kind must of necessity be indebted, even though, as in the present instance, disclaiming altogether the character of a Compilation. A more particular acknowledgment is required of the valuable aid received from Mimpriss's English Edition of Greswell's Harmony, which has been much used, though not implicitly adopted, in the Chronology and general arrangement.

In the more critical parts, help has often been given by a very near and dear relative, from whom the Author is unwilling to withhold her affectionate ac

knowledgments; especially as the circumstance alluded to may render the volume far more acceptable to the Parent or Teacher, to whom she has been anxious to make it, under the Divine blessing, an useful assistant in the work of Christian Education.

September 27th, 1837.

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