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HE PUPLISHERS of the BOSTON MAGAZINE present their grateful acknowledgements to their cuftomers;And, while they thank them for their favours, beg leave to express a consciousness of having done the best in their power to fulfil their own engagements, and render the work equally entertaining and accceptable to the public. The very favourable reception it hath met with is evidenced by the encreasing number of subscribers, and amply rewards their attention and affiduity.

Original pieces compofe one third of the Volume, which, to fay nothing of their merit, make up an equal proportion with the European Publications of the fame kind, and is as much as can be expected from a new country, juft emerging from the calamities of war, in the dawn of public literature and amidst a variety of scenes fitted to engage the attention of people, many of whom, at a seafon of greater leifure, might employ their pens upon literary fubjects, and afford fpeculations equally instructive and amufing.

If any fault has been alledged against the Magazine, it is that of being rather grave than iprightly, which is what we would avoid, as every extreme is disagreeable ;-yet had we rather hear this obfervation, of the two, than that it is trifling, fuperficial, or ludicrous. We wish to please the variety


of taftes, and our compliments wait on the witty as well as the wife; we truft that, with their affiftance, our next Volume will be a more miscellaneous production, and give new fatisfaction and pleasure.

The Publishers indulge a pride in thinking, that this Volume will be preferved in the LIBRARIES of men of taste and literature, and that they will find it a useful repofitory. And, in a word, fat fapienti, as the old phrafe is, that they will be fo much pleased with it, as to leave room on the SHELVES for the fucceeding FRUITS of their labour.

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With the following EMBELLISHMENT S, viz.

No. I. A Glass House. No, II. The Interview. No. III. A Song fet to Mufic,


N :

Printed and Publifhed by NOR MAN & WHITE, at their Office in Marshall's Lane, near the Boston Stone.

A Crown Glass House,

with the men at Work.

3 The cooling

No. 1. the melting furnace 2 The flashing furnace. furnace. 4. A man blowing a globe for Crown glafs. 5. A man flashing out a fheet of crown glass. 6. A man putting a sheet of glass into the cooling furnace to cool.

Acknowledgments to our Correfpondents.


K's Inftructions preparatory to the Marriage ftate appear to be the production of one not fufficientl ufed to Compofition.

Adam's Lines, in praife of Women, are not corred enough for the public Eye.

The Enigmatical Lift of Preachers is under confide


The Imitation of the 34 Ode of Horace is received ar shall have a place in the next Number.

Linnæus's Syftem of Zoology will be pursued in fome f ture Numbers; and better accommodated to the Engli reader.

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In page 25,column 1. line 7 from the bottom dele to, li 4 from the bottom, add to after "continuing." In the 31st in the Poetry for "Memefis," read Nemefis.

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