Organizational Justice and Human Resource Management, Том 7

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SAGE, 9 апр. 1998 г. - Всего страниц: 278
Why are some acts but not others perceived to be fair? How do people who experience unfairness respond toward others held accountable for the unfairness? This book reviews the theoretical organizational justice literature and explores how the research on justice applies to various topics in organizational behaviour including personnel selection systems, performance appraisal and the role of fairness in resolving workplace conflict.

Organizational Justice and Human Resource Management considers justice in organizations within a new framework - Fairness Theory - which integrates previous work in this area by focusing on accountability for events with negative impact on material and psychological well-being.

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Equity and Distributive Justice as Outcome Fairness
Process as Procedural and Interactional Justice
Two Theoretical Syntheses
Toward a General Theory of Fairness
Future Directions
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