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There is no orator prevails
To beckon or persuade
Like thee the youth or maid :
Thy birds, thy songs, thy brooks, thy gales,
Thy blooms, thy kinds,
Thy echoes in the wilderness,
Soothe pain, and age, and love's distress,
Fire fainting will, and build heroic minds.

For thou, O Spring! canst renovate All that high God did first create.. Be still his arm and architect, Rebuild the ruin, mend defect; Chemist to vamp old worlds with new, Coat sea and sky with heavenlier blue, New-tint the plumage of the birds, And slough decay from grazing herds, Sweep ruins from the scarpèd mountain, Cleanse the torrent at the fountain, Purge Alpine air by towns defiled, Bring to fair mother fairer child, Not less renew the heart and brain, Scatter the sloth, wash out the stain, Make the aged eye sun-clear, To parting soul bring grandeur near. Under gentle types, my Spring Masks the might of Nature's king, An energy that searches thorough From Chaos to the dawning morrow; Into all our human plight, The soul's pilgrimage and flight ; In city or in salitude, Step by step, lifts bad to good, Without halting, without rest, Lifting Better up to Best; Planting seeds of knowledge pure, Through earth to ripen, through heaven endure.


The word of the Lord by night

To the watching Pilgrims came,
As they sat by the seaside;

And filled their hearts with flame.
God said, “I am tired of kings,

I suffer them no more ;
Up to my ear the morning brings

The outrage of the poor.
“Think ye I made this ball

A field of havoc and war,
Where tyrants great and tyrants small

Might harry the weak and poor?
“My angel, his name is Freedom,

Choose him to be your king;
He shall cut pathways east and west,

And fend you with his wing.
Lo! I uncover the land

Which I hid of old time in the West, As the sculptor uncovers the statue

When he has wrought his best ;
“I show Columbia, of the rocks

Which dip their foot in the seas,
And soar to the air-borne flocks

Of clouds, and the boreal fleece.
“I will divide my goods;

Call in the wretch and slave :
None shall rule but the humble,

And none but Toil shall have.

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“I will have never a noble,

No lineage counted great ;
Fishers and choppers and ploughmer.

Shall constitute a state,

“Go, cut down trees in the forest,

And trim the straightest boughs ; Cut down the trees in the forest,

And build me a wooden house.

“ Call the people together, The

young men and the sires, The digger in the harvest field,

Hireling, and him that hires; “And here in a pine state-house

They shall choose men to rule In every needful faculty,

In church, and state, and school. “Lo now! if these poor men

Can govern the land and sea, And make just laws before the sun,

As planets faithful be!

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shall succour men;
'Tis nobleness to serve ;
Help them who cannot help again :

Beware from right to swerve.
I break your bonds and masterships,

And I unchain the slave : -
Free be his heart and hand henceforth

As wind and wandering wave.

“I cause from every creature

His proper good to flow : As much as he is and doeth,

So much he shall bestow.

"But, laying hands on another

To coin his labour and sweat, He goes in pawn to his victim

For eternal years in debt. To-day unbind the captive, So only are ye unbound;

Lift up a people from the dust,

Trump of their rescue, sound!

Pay ransom to the owner,

And fill the bag to the brim. Who is the owner ? The slave is owner,

And ever was.

Pay him.

“O North! give him beauty for rags,

And honour, O South ! for his shams; Nevada! coin thy golden crags

With Freedom's image and name.

“Up! and the dusky race

That sat in darkness long, — Be swift their feet as antelopes,

And as behemoth strong.

Come, East and West and North,

By races, as snow-flakes, And carry my purpose forth

Which neither halts nor shakes.

“My will fulfilled shall be ;

For, in daylight or in dark, My thunderbolt has eyes to see

His way home to the mark.”

Roving, roving, as it seems,
Una lights my clouded dreams;
Still for journeys she is dressed ;
We wander far by east and west.

In the homestead, homely thought;
At my work I ramble not;
If from home chance draw me wide,
Half-seen Una sits beside.

In my house and garden-plot,
Though beloved, I miss her not;
But one I seek in foreign places,
One face explore in foreign faces.

At home a deeper thought may light
The inward sky with chrysolite,
And I greet from far the ray,
Aurora of a dearer day.


But if upon the seas I sail,
Or trundle on the glowing rail,
I am but a thought of hers,
Loveliest of travellers.

So the gentle poet's name
To foreign parts is blown by fame;
Seek him in his native town,
He is hidden and unknown.


I AM the Muse who sung alway
By Jove, at dawn of the first day.
Star-crowned, sole-sitting, long I wrougne
To fire the stagnant earth with thought:
On spawning slime my song prevails,
Wolves shed their fangs, and dragons scales;
Flushed in the sky the sweet May-morn,
Earth smiled with flowers, and man was born.
Then Asia yeaned her shepherd race,
And Nile substructs her granite base,
Tented Tartary, columned Nile,-
And, under vines, on rocky isle,
Or on wind-blown sea-marge bleak,
Forward stepped the perfect Greek :
That wit and joy might find a tongue,
And earth grow civil, Homer sung.

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