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Christian, The Song of the Dying, 276.
ABRAHAM. The Tempting of, 380.
Calvary, Mount, 681.

The Privileges of the, 510.
Adam. The late Rev. John, Biographical Campbell, Miss Susan, Lines on the Death

Scheme, The Wisdom of the, 782.
Sketch of. By the Editor, 603, 612.
of, 94.

To a Desponding. By W. H. Mad.
Adaptation of the Bible to the Physical Con-

Rev. John, Biographical Sketch den, Esq., M.D., 534.
guitution of Man, By the Editor, 273,
of. By the Editor, 724, 741, 755.

Warfare, 212.
Canaan, On the Natural Capabilities of. By

Watchfulness, 77.
Address, Concluding, to our Readers. By

the Rev. James Brodie, 145.

Christian's Duty, The, in Common Life. A
the Rev. James Gardner, A.M., M. D.,

On the Object which God had in Discourse, by the Rev. Henry Grey,

A.M., 696.
View in Selecting. By the Rev. James
A Pastoral. By the Rev. Charles
Brodie, 289.

Security, The, 542.
F. Buchan, 254.
Canadian Mission, The French, 554.

View of the World, The, 139.
Adieu, 233
Catechism. On the Expositions of the Shorter,

Views, A Change in the, 566.
idmonitions, Serious, 495,

and Methods of Teaching it. By the Christians, Address to, on the Signs of the
Advices, Choice, 686.

Rev. James Brewster, D.D., 467.

Times, 721, 737.
Adiction a Blessing, 798.

- On the Composition and Con.

Different kinds of Professing,
Necessary and Beneficial to Man. tents of the Shorter. By the Rev. James 495.
A Discourse, by the Rev. W. M. Hether.

Brewster, D.D., 419.

Christianity. The Blessed Effects of, 605.

Christmas, 35.

Introduction to the Shorter. By
ington, A. M., 441.
The Benetits of, 302.

the Rev. James Brewster, D.D., 549. Church, Different Classes in the, 781.
The Necessity of, 319.
Carnal Mind, The, is Enmity against God, 621.

Perpetuity of the, 239.
The Purposes of. By a Clergy-
Caution, Necessity of, 94.

The Duty of the towards the
man's Daughter, 415.
Charity. By the Rev. Alexander Rennison, World. A Discourse, by the Rev. J.

Weir. 457.

A.M., 286.
Afiicted ? Is any Man, Let him Pray, 605.

Child, Memoir of a. By the Rev. Æneas M.
Aitutaki, A Missionary Visit to, 429.

The, a Missionary Body, 238.
Ajalon, the Valley of, The Staying of the

Rate, 308, 326.

Coldstream, On the Death of John, Esq. By
Sun and Moon in, 454.
Children, The Necessity of Becoming.


W. H. Madden, Esq., M.D., 308.
Translated from the

Commandments, The Danger of Breaking
God, We Love, because He first Loved us,

M. A. Vinet.
Albigenses, History of the, 677, 708, 734, 750,

the Least of the.
French, 331.

A Discourse, by the
Alexandria, The Church at. By the Rev.
Chisholm, Lillias, 406.

late Rev. Alexander Humphrey, 552.
Alexander Duff, D.D., 246.
Christ, All Fulness in, 205.

Communion with God, the Highest Enjoy.

ment of the Believer. A Discourse, by

an Example of Prayer, 391.
Angelic Rest, 724.
Ararat, 755.

Behold, 427,

the Rev. D. Carment, A.M., 345.

Table, An Address at the. By
Crucified. A Discourse, by the late
Argyle, Earl of, Biographical Sketch of. By

Rev. John Johnston, 616.

the Rev. Robert M'Indoe, 149.
the Editor, 532.

Died, 525.

Coligny, The Death of Admiral, 222.
Marquis of, Biographical Sketch of.

Consolation, 491.

Following, 605.
By the Editor, 226
Argyle's Prayer, 516.

Friendship with, 318.

Continent, Cursory Reminiscences of the.
Arlaud, Henry, 654, 668.

Imitate, 637.

By David Dundas Scott, Esq., 158, 302.
Astronoinical Illustrations. By a Clergy-

Longing to be with, 763.

Causes of the Declension of the
man's Daughter, 364, 374.

Made of God to His People Wisdom. Protestant Church on the, After the Re.


A Discourse, by the Rev.
Athens, Missionary Operations at, 700.

formation, 342.
Guthrie, 9.

Continental Association, Edinburgh, 726, 765.
My All. 16.

Communicants, A Closing Address to, on a
Our Fellow-Sufferer, 782.

Communion Sabbath, by the Rev. Wm.
Baptism among the Primitive Christians.

Our Forerunner Within the Veil. & Alexander, 462.
By the Rev. Robert Jamieson, 641.

Discourse, by the Rev. John Paul, 712. Conscience, Tenderness of, 462.
Giving a Name in, 16.

Our Guardian 620.

Covenanters. The Army of the, on Dunse
Belgium, Protestantism in, since the Days of is Everlasting and Unchangeable, 557. Law, 753.
the Reformation. By the Rev. Æneas

The Crucifixion of. 558.

Covenanters' Communion, The, 114.
M. Rate, 477.

The Fulness of, 366.

Creation, The. By Andrew Park, Esq., 547.
State of Religious Parties in, since
The Long-Suffering of, 289.

The Order Mauifest in the Arrange.
1830. By the Rev. Æneas M. Rate, 501.

The Humiliation of, 557.

ment of. 396.
The Past and Present State of
The Sinner Brought to, 717.

The Work of By the Rev. James
Christianity in, 404.

The Excellence of, 637.

Brewster, D.D., 818.
Belgian Evangelical Society, The. By the

the Only Saviour, 782.

? What is the Design of my. By
Rev. Eneas M. Rate, 517.

The Righteousness of, 654.

the Editor, 769, 785.
Believer, The, hought with a Price. A Dis-

The Glorious Fulness of, 687.

Craigs, Mr Thomas, Biographical Sketch of,
course, by the late Rev. Thomas Sher-

the Light and Comfort of the Church, 771.
rift. 581.


Cross, The, and the Crown. By the Rev.
The Duty of the, to cleave unto
Christ's Care of his People, 765.

David Davidson, 80).
the Lord. A Discourse, by the late

Humiliation, 16.

The Christian Looking to the, 686.
kev, John Johnston, 568.

Presence with His People at His Cyprian, The Life of, 468, 510.
united to Christ, The, 426.

Table. By the Rey. R. Buchanan, 312.
The Prayer of the Accepted, 717.

Resurrection, 733.
Believers, The Duties of, as Disciples of Christian, The Last Hours of a Young. By

Christ. A Discourse, by the Rev. George the Rev. William Paterson, 224,

Daniel, The Character of, A Discourse, by
Burns, D.D., 424.

Consistency, 366.

the Rev. George Burns, D.D., 809, 822.
Believer's Cross, The, 671.

Description of a, 557.

Day, How to begin the, 636
Progress, The, 781.

Experience. By the Rev. George | Dead, Weep not for the. By William An-
The, Deliverance from the Do. Muirhead, D.D., 81. 129, 193, 353.

derson, Esq. 796.
minion of Sin, A Discourse, by the

I am a; Why are you an Infidel ? Death Abolished, and Life and Immortality
Rev. John Charles. 249.
63, 73

brought to light. A Discourse, by the
Belshazzar's Feast. By Andrew Park, Esq.,

Experience. The, of Miss L-

late Rev. William Malcolm, 505.
By the Editor, 791, 813.

a Sleep. 238.
Bible, The, 334, 461.

Influence, Thoughts on. By the

a Warfare. A Discourse, by the Rev.
The Heaven of the, 637.
Editor, 545.

Peter Cosens, 104.
Birth - Day, The. By Mrs Jane C. Simpson, - Portraiture of an Aged. A Dis-

Frequently contemplate, 426.
course, by the Rev. Robert Burns, D.D.,

in the Midst of Life. A Discourse,
Bow in the Cloud," " I do set my, 495.


by the Rev. James Robertson, A.M., 136.
Boy's last Request, The, 441.

The, and the Worldling Contrast- is Great Gain, 702.
" Bring forth the best Robe, and put it on ed, 782.

- of a Christian Friend, Reflections up-
him," 254.

The Characteristics of a, 671.

on the, 396.
Bruce, the late Lord, Tribute to the Memory

The Confidence of the, 685.

Terrible, These make. By Andrew
of, 133.

The Dying, 741.

Park, Esq., 405.
Bura, Major-General Andrew, Biographical

The, Interceding for his Child, 477. The Believer's View of, 525.
Sketch of. By the Editor, 277, 292.

The, in Humble Life, 253.

to the Believer, 405.

Death-beds of Infidels and Christians Con.

trasted, The, 209.
Decrees of God, On the. By the Rev. James

Brewster, D.D., 744, 799.
Deluge, Geology of the. By George Mac-

dougall, Esg, 788, 807.
Descent into Hell, On our Saviour's. By

the Rev. William Nisbet, 164.
Dickson, Mr David, Biographical Sketch of.

By the Editor, 70.
Died for Me, He. By the Rev. John Duff,

Dionysius, Life of, 558, 573.
Disciple," " An Old. A Discourse, by the

Rev. Thomas Doig, A M.. 360.
Discipline, The Origin and Character of the

First Book of, 390.
Divining by the Scriptures in the Middle

Ages. By the Rev. Robert Jamieson,

Duncan, Mre W. W., Biographical Sketch

of. By the Editor, 630, 646, 662.
Dundee, On the Burning of the Churches

at, 99.
Dusselthal Abbey, A Recent Visit to, 753.


works in us, 270.
God's House, 1 he Desirableness of. A

Discourse, by the Rev. Peter Chalmers,
A.M., 153.

Providence. the Duty of considering
the course of, 45.

Word, The Value of, 38).
Godhead, On the Three Persons in the.

By the Rev James Brewster, D.D., 718.
Godliness, 415, 495.
Gospel Hid to the Lost, The. A Discourse,

by the Rev. John Thomson, A.M., 776.
Gospel, Triumph of the, 660.

of Christ, The, 703.
Gordon, the late Rev. George, Tribute to

the Memory of, 244.
Grace. By William Anderson, Esq., 552.

Different Degrees of, 109.
Diligently use the means of, 301.
of God, The, Author and Finisher of
the Christian's Attainments. A Dis.

course, by the Rev. John Hope, 393.
Grave, The, 244.
Grieve, Christy. A Sketch, 356.

Justin Martyr, The Life of, 436.

Kerr, Rev. Alexander. To the Memory of.
By William M.Comb, 775.

Lady, A Letter addressed to a Young. 215.
Lamb of God, The. A Discourse, by the

ev. Donald Fergusson, 281, 297.
Leeks. By the Rev. William Patrick, 45.
Lentiles. By the Rev. Wm. Patrick, 99.
Leprosy, a Type of Sin. 645.
Life. By Miss H. Whyte, 140.

The Briet Duration of Human. A
Discourse, by the Rev. J. Watson, 133.
Lily, The. By the Rev. William Patrick, 132.
Lines. By James Montgomery, Esq. 51.

By W. H. Madden, Esq., M.D., 435.

Written on a Survey of the Heavens,
Lord, For ever with the, 325.

The, is our Refuge, 69.
Love of God, The, 128.

E-B- Biographical Notice of Miss, 675.
Egotism, or Self-Love. By M. Roussel.

Translated from the French, 812.
Egypt, Notes on By the Rev. Alexander

Duff. D.D., 6, 30, 36, 173, 198, 246.
Egyptian. On the Crime of the Smiting. By

ihe late Res. George A. Simpson, 110,

126, 134.
Egyptians, The Customs of the Ancient, in

Cases of Sickness and Death, 413.
Elder. On the Nature and Necessity of the

Office of Ruling, 583.
Emmaus. 712.
Enjoyment. True, 222.
Enoch, The Character and Translation of.

A Discourse, by the Rev. Robert Craw.

ford, 72.
Evangelical Society, Recent Operations of

the. By the Rev. Æneas M. Rate, 230.
Examine Yourselves, 654.

Happiness. 389.
Happy Land, The, 205,
Harrington, Lord, Biographical Sketch of,

Hazael, The Case of. By the Rev. George

Burns, D.D., 78.
Heart, Know the Plague of thy, 77.
Hearts," " Harden not Your, 141.
Heaven, 803.

A New, and a new Earth, 509.
» Joy in, 581.

The Saints in, 820.

The Blessedness of the Saints in,
Heavens, Our Elder Brother in thc, 525.
Hemans, Mrs, Notes of the Last Iness of, 83.
Here and There, 483.
Heroes and Heroism, On, 270.
Hope, 390.
Household Sanctuary, The. By a Clergy-

man's Daughter, 334.
Hunter, William, a Martyr of the Maryan

Persecution, 547.
Hymn to the Holy Spirit. By the Rev. John

Gemmel, A.M., 125.

Faith, 128.

Effects of, 29.
Influence of, 94.
in the Redeemer, 621.
on Earth, and Sight in Heaven, 799.

Prayer for the increase of. A Dis.
course. By the Rev. Peter Cosens, 233.

Saving. 605.
Family, The Starving ; an Irish Scene, 625.
Fellowship Meetings, On. By the late Rev.

John Geddes, 161.
Female Servants, Our, 257.
Females, The Obligation of, to Assist in the

Diffusion of Christia By a Clergy

man's Widow, 163.
Field. Preachers, Sketches of Celebrated, in

the Days of the Covenanters, 638.
Findlater, the late Rev. Robert, Biographi.

cal Sketch of. By the Editor, 94, 100.
Forgiveness of Injuries, The Duty of, 764.
France, Papal Persecution in, 196.
Friends, Lost. By Mrs Jane C. Simpson, 86.

Imagery, The Chambers of. By the Rev.

Robert Jamieson, 497.
Immortality. By William Anderson, Esq.
Incarnation, The, 733.

Wonders of the, 110.
Infant, Death of an, 197.

Son, Death of an, 692.
Infidel. The House of the. By the Rev.

Thomas Dimma, A.M., 540
Infidelity and Christianity, The Effects of,
Contrasted, 369.

The Pretensions of Modern, Tested
by Facts. By the Rev. John G. Lori.

mer, 593, 609.
Isaac, The Offering of. A Discourse, by

the Rev. A. Christison. 169.
Israel Self-Destroyed A Discourse. By the

late Rev. James French, 25.
Israelites, Two Converted, 525.

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Gennesareth, The Present and Past Aspect

of. By the Rev. J. A. Wylie, 12.
Gilead, The Mountains of. By the Rev. J.

A. Wylie, 529
God, All things full of, 297.

An All-Seeing. 317, 472.
Draw nigh to, 510.
Hear the voice of, 158.
is Love, 749.
is our Help. A Discourse, by the late
Rev. James French, 16.
is to be loved Supremely, 173.
Love to, 254.
On the Being and Perfections of. By
the Rev. J. Brewster, D.D., 629, 644.
On the Unity of. By the Rev. James
Brewster, D.D., 687.

Submission to, 686.
our Leader, 182.

The Dealings of, with the Believer, 510.
, the Fountain of Life and Happiness.
A Discourse, by the Rev. George Ro.
manes, A. M., 472,

The Goodness of, in the late Harvest.
A Di rse, by the Rev. J. W. Taylor,
The Mercy of, Everlasting, 687.
The Troubled Soul fleeing to, for Re.
fuge, 375.
The Unchangeable Love of, 189.
The Word of, 589.
To know, is to love him, 686,
Trust In, 789.

Jehovah, Praise to. By the Rev. John Long-

muir, A. M., 372.
Jerusalem, The Present Population of, 764.
Jesuits, The Origin of the, 41.
Jesus Christ, Come and Welcome to, 269.

Sleeping in the Storm. A Discourse,

by the Rev. Daniel Bagot, B.D., 600.
Jewish Pilgrim, The, 572.
Jews, Affliction of the, 598.

The, or the Voice of the New Testa.
ment Concerning Thcm, 481.

The, in Modern Jerusalem, 389.
in Spain, On the Literature of the, 239.
The, Instrumental in Preserving and
Extending a knowledge of the 'Iruth.
A Discourse, by the Rev. George Gil.
lespie, 329.

The Intellectual State of the Rabbini.
cal, 566.

The Karaite, 496.
Job, On the State of Civilization Described

in the Book 65
Jordan, The Swellings of the. By the Rev.

J. A. Wylie, 113.
Judgment, On the General. A Discourse.
By the late Rev. A. Bullock, A.M., 89.

The Day of, 291.
Juggernaut, The Temple of, 470.
Justification and Sanctification Inseparable,


Man restored by Grace, 505.
Married Persons, Hints to, 77.
Martyr, The, 230.
Martyrs, A Tradition of the Times of the.
By the late Rev. Edward Irving, 176.

The Blood of the, is the Seed of the
Church. 750.
Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, 537.
Master and Servant, 24.
Matter and Spirit, Man's Relation to the

Worlds of. By the Rev. David Dick-,

son, D.D., 1.
Meikle, Mr James, Biographical Sketch of,

By the Editor, 483, 499.
Men, The day of the, 435.
Mercy of God, The, 495.

Sovereign, 4'3.
Mercy-Seat, The, 158.
Mercies, Common. By Mrs J. C. Simpson,

Midsummer Nights. By Miss H. B. M'Don-

ald, 589.
Millennium, Remarks on the. By the Rev.

Henry Grey, A.M., 38.5. 401.
“ Mind not high things," 557.
" Minims of Nature." By the Rev. David

Landsborough, 737.
Mirister, On the Death of a, 78.
Minister's Letter to his People, A. By the

Kev. William Reid, 6016.
Ministerial Office, On the Great Ends of the.

By the Rev. W. Wallace Duncan, 225.
Missions, Christian, 317.
Mitchell, the late Rev. James, Biographical

Sketch of. By the Editor. 116, 141, 151.
Morality. On the Principle of Christian. By

M. Vinet, Translated from the French,

Mother's Care, A. By Mrs Jane C. Simp-
son, 8.

Lament, A, 147.
Soliloquy. A, By W. Findlay, 29.

Song to her first Born. A, 771.
Mourner, The, By Mrs J. C. Simpson, 56.
Mourners, Comfort for, 668.
Mowes, Rev. Heury. Biographical Sketch

of. By the Editor, 22, 46, 60.
Murray, Mir John, Biograpbical Sketch of

• My Son give me thine Heart," 495.

Natural History, On the Moral and Devo.
tional Effects of the Study of, 103.

viewed in its connection
with Religion, 367.
Neff, Recollections of Felix, 311.
Niger Expedition, The, By the Editor, 262.
Nisbet, Rev. Charles, D.D., Biographical

Sketch of. By the Editor, 504.

Orphan, The, 468.
Ottoman Empire, Missionary Labours in the,

Palestine, The Gardens of Ancient. By the

Rev. James Hamilton, 455, 486.
Parables ? Why did our Lord Teach in. By

the Editor. 673, 687.
Paraphrases, The Origin and Authorship of

the. By the Rev. R. Jamieson, 17.
Paris, A Sabbath in, 516.
Parting, At, 356.
Paterson, the late Mrs, Biographical Sketch

of. By the Editor, 372, 393.
Paton, Captain John, Biographical Sketch

of. By the Editor, 12.
Penal Evit the Necessary Consequence of

Meral Evil, 691.

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Perfections, Divine, Displayed in the Fir- Russian Peasant, The Religion of the, 152. Syria, On the supposed Connection of War
moment. By the Rev. J. Thomson, 276.

in, and the lentoration of the Jews. By

Peter. The Lord Looked upon, 702.


the lier. Robert Brydon, 57.

Pietr, farly, 172.
Pilus im's Song. The 85.
Sabbath, An Andress on the Sanctification :

the. By the l'resbytery of Labark, 49
Poetry is Truih. By Mrs J. C. Simpson, 284.
Polycarp Life ipd Martyrdom of, 420.

A Pastoral iddiens on the Ob. Taborites. The By the late Rev. Thomas
pour, The Spiritual Advantages of the. 414. servance of the. By the Presbytery of M'Cie. D D., 561, 577
Praise. Song of By d. Park, Esq., 281.

Kitkality. 705.

Talents. On the haprovement of our. A
Priser. 447 461.

Chimes, 400.

Discourse, bi hire Rev. John Thornsun,
Always Necessary, 765.

Pastoral Address on the Observance 66.)

and Faith, 223

of the, 513.

Temple of God." 10.318,

Faithfulness in Hearing, 16.

School. Recollections of. 319.375,

meril, 233.

The Spirit of, 637.

Scriptural Argumenta for the strict | Temple, The priznal, 333.

Sonnets on. By the Rev. R. C. Religious Observance of the. A Dis Terpal Bleistiti, lhe Believer's Prayer
Trench, 821.

course by the Rev. Koert Wallace, 49. tor A Discurse, by the Rev. Ruburt
Preaching Christ, 189.

The Duties of the Christian.

Elder A. 1,793.

Preshyterianism in England, On the Decline Discourse, by the Rev. Robert Wallace, Thank. Omring. Ly Lady Flora llastings,

and Present Condition of. By the Rev. 376.


Charles Thomson, 241.

'The Perpetual and Universal Ob- Thanksziving due to God for His Goodness.

Private Social Meetings for Prayer. The Na- lixation of the A Discourse, by the A Discours, by the Rev. Alexander

ture and Advantages of. A Discourse,

Rev. Robert Wallace, 205.

Davidson, 649

by the late Rev. Wm, Hamilton, D.D.,

Warrant for the Observance of the, Thomson, the late Rev. Peter. Tribute

5!!. 537

on the First Day of the Week. A Disa

to the Memory of, 172.

Prost: i-rs. Great and Precious, 524.

course, by the Rey. Rohert Wallace, 313. Thoughts on the Close of the Year, 821.
Praudence, Divine, 30.
Saints, Blessedness of the, 347.

Thoughtlens Warned. The, 417.
Pim LXXX. Imitated from Buchanan, 6.

in Heaven, The, 128.

* Thy Will be done.
Pyramids, The. By the Rev. Alexander

The Perseverance of the, 651.

Time, The Shortness of, 09.

Duff, D.D., 173, 198.

Salts, On the, referred to in Scripture. By Times, The Signs of the, 21.

the Rev James Brodie, A.M., 710. Timely Warring, 621.

Salvation by Grace, 59).


Tongue, How to govern the, 779.

Awful Danger of Neglecting the Trinity, The, in Ünity, 675,
Raiatea, The Blind Warrior of, 148.

Great. A Discourse, by the Rev. Mat. Trouble, Remcrly for, 380).
Heasor and Faith, 1 be Respective Offices thew Kirkland, 6*1.

- the lot of the Christian, 45.
of. By the Kiev, John Fairbairn, 427.

The Necessity of Working Out our, Turn ye, turn ye, why wul ye die ?" 461.
Redeemer. The Suffering. By W. H. Mad- without Delay. A Discourse. by the late Twilight, 35%.
den. Esq . M.D.. 419.

Rev. Andrew Bullock, A.M., 745. Tyie in Ancient and Modern Times, 671.
Borcmption, The Scheme of, 708.

Samoa Islands, A Visit to the, 51.

licfiner and Purifier of Silver,

"" He shall

Extracts of Letters from the,


sit as a, 189.


Reflections, A few Passing. suited to the Saturday Nigbt, 700.

Unbelief striving with the Christian, 318.
Season. By Charles Moir, Esq., 4. Saviour, A Prayer to the, 764.

Union between all Intellectual and Moral

Reformation, Some Observations on the

The Meekness of the, 205.

Bringe in the Universe. By the Editor,

Rise and Progress the. By Thomas

The Value of an Ascended, 685.

417, 433.
Bron, Esq., 543.
Scotland, State of Religion in, at the Revo-

for Praver, 621.
Registration, On. By J. Grandpierre,

lution, 33.

Unity, Chritian ! Ecclesiastical. A Dis.
Iranslated from the French, 38, 53. Scripture, Illustrations of, 85.

course, by the Rev. lunes C. B. 189.

Religion all-important, 319.

The Chief Subject of, 782.

Urim and Thummim, The. By the Rev.

a Living Principle, 415.

of Truth, Ibe. By the Rev. J. J. Bouar, 337.

-, Happiness to be found in. 472.

James Brewster, D. D,581,

On the Insecurity and Danger of

Thoughts preparatory to Read-


Partial Reformations in. By the Rev. ing or Hearmg the, 363.
Robert Buclianan, 575.

Sea," * No more, By the Rev. John Long. Waldenses of Piedmont, The, 527, 534, 590
* Remember the Rock whence ye have muir, A.M., 037.


been hewn," 524.

SelfDedication, A Help to, 811.

Warning. The, 69).

Repentance. A Discourse, by the Rev.

to Christ Ei joined. An

and Consolation, A Word of, 381.

John Longmuir, A.M., 185.

Address, by the Rev. James Lewis, 321. Warnings, 625.

A call to, 6.0.

Self-Examination, 161, 821.

Warriston, The Execution of Lord, 596.

Reprnor, The Blessed Effects of Faithful, Sin, 318.

Watchfulness, Christian. By the Rev. John

and its Effects, 302.

Longmuir, A.M., 641.

Responsibility of Christians, The, 254.

Conviction of, 28').

Weary, A Word to the. A Discourse, by

of Man for his Belief, Thoughts Sin?" "Shall we continue in, 260.

the Rev. James Hainilton, 70).

on the. By the Editor, 350, 358.
Sins, Little, 671.

- Rest for the, 333.
Resignation, soy.

Sinner. The Final Sentence of the, 717. Wicked, A Warning to the, 427.
Revival of the Lord's Work. A Discourse, Slavery, The Abolition of. By the Editor, Widow's Son. The, 253
by the Rev. James Glen, A.M., 217.


Witnesses for Christ in the Middle Ages,

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Church of Scotland's Missionaries to

534. ALEXANDER, Rev. William, Minister of

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keiti, 312, 375.
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of Risley Presbyterian Church, LancaPullock, The late Rev. Andrew, A.M., Hamilton, Rev. James, Minister of the Na- shire, 286.

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Dickson, Rev. David. D.D., One of the


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terian Church, Newry, Ireland, 457. Doig, lev. Thomas. A.M., Minister of Macdougall, George, Esq., Surgeon, Gala- | Wylie, Rev. J. A., Dollar, ClackmannanTorryburn, Fiteshire, 201, 360. shiels, Roxburghshire, 788, 807.

shire, 12, 113.

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