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tion, 312-322. His return to Eng-
land; proclamation against him,
322. Attempts to escape, 327.
Recommitted to the Tower, 330.
His examination by the commis-
sioners, 332. Relation of his con-
versations with Sir Robert Wil-
son, 338-347. The queen entreats
for his pardon, 349. Warrant for
his execution, 352. His last inter-
view with Lady Raleigh, 355. His
behaviour on the scaffold, 359-365.
His execution, 365. Reflections on
his character, 366-372.


Raleigh, Sir Walter, his Account of
Guiana defended against Hume's
attack (Appendix), 373. He insti-
tutes a club at the Mermaid, 374-
376. Alleged attempt to stab him-
self, 376. Hume's errors in his
account of, 377-381. Cecil's enmity
to, 381. Plot against-its origin and
secret history, 383-396. Errors of
Mr D'Israeli regarding his History
of the World, 396-400. Wilson's
notes of his conversations, pre-
served in the State-paper Office,
400. Confinement in the Tower-
His unpublished manuscripts, 402-
405. Inventory of his jewels and
trinkets, 405. His portrait, 406.
Roanoak, island of, North America,
52, 54, 64.

Roch, Lord, capture of, in the Irish
civil war, 31.

Sarmiento, Pedro, Spanish governor
of the Straits of Magellan, anec-
dote of, 56.
Sidney, Sir Philip, his character,
36, 111.

Spanish Armada, for the invasion of
England, 67-70. Sails from the
Tagus, 78. Dispersed and driven
back, 79. Sails the second time;
its arrival off the Lizard, 80. En-
gaged by the English fleet, 81-85.
Anchors before Calais. 86.
discomfiture, 87-89, and wreck in
the North Seas, 90, 91.
Spenser, Edmund, is present at the
siege of Rakele, 27. His share of
the Earl of Desmond's domains, 60.

Is visited by Raleigh; their friend-
ship, 102-106. Is introduced to
Queen Elizabeth, 108.
Stanneries, warden of, nature of the
office; Raleigh's appointment, 60.
Stewart, Arabella, conspiracy re-

garding, a fiction, 229, 241.
Stuart, Sir Robert, commands a
Scottish force at the battle of
Rimenant, 24.

Stukely, Sir Lewis, commissioned
to arrest Sir Walter Raleigh, 323,
324. His treacherous conduct, 329.
Sully, Duke of, passage from his

Memoirs regarding Raleigh, 378.
Sussex, Earl of, his character, 35.

Tobacco, its first introduction into
England by Raleigh, 57. Hariot's
description of, 58.
Tounson, Dr, dean of Westminster,
his account of the last hours of Sir
Walter Raleigh, 357-366.
Trinidad visited by Raleigh, 136.
Tyrone, Earl of, heads the rebellion
in Ireland, 177.

Virginia, so named by command of
Queen Elizabeth, 49. Settlement
of, 51. Difficulties of the infant
colony, 52-55. Second settlement
of, 64.


White, John, appointed governor
of Virginia, 64. His return to
England, 66.
Wilson, Sir Thomas, appointed to
the charge of Sir Walter Raleigh
in the Tower, 335. Conduct to
his prisoner, 336. His relation of
conversations with Sir Walter,
338-347, of which he sends a daily
report to the king and Secretary
Naunton, 341. Letter to the king,
enclosing one from Raleigh, 345.
Second letter to the king, 349.
recalled from the Tower, 351.
Notes of conversations with Ra-
leigh, preserved in the State-paper
Office (Appendix), 400-402.
Winwood, Secretary, Raleigh's let-
ter to, 309.

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