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Which on motion of Mr. McDill was laid over until tomorrow morning. By Mr. Tanner: Jt. Res, No. 1.,

Appointing a comittee to wait upon his excellency, the Governor.

3 '('LOCK. P. M.

Assembly called to order.
The speaker in the chair.
On motion of Mr. McBride,
The senate message was taken up.



BY CHARLES E. Bross, Chief Clerk thereof. MR. SPEAKER:

I am directed to inform you that the senate has organized by the election of

of Senator George W. Ryland, president pro tempore; Charles E. Bross, chief clerk, and A. D. Thorp as sergeant-at-arms, and is now ready to proceed to business.

And has adopted and asks concurrence of the assembly in Jt. Res. No. 1, S.,

Inviting Spencer F. Baird to visit the state with a view to the establishment of a fish hatchery, etc.

Jt. Res. No. 2, S..

Adopting joint rules of last session for the government of this legislature.

Jt. Res. No. 3, S..

For the appointment of a committee to wait upon the governor and notify him that both houses are organized and ready to receive communication.


Jt. Res. No. 1, S..

The rules were suspended and the resolution concurred in, ayes 52, noes 28. On motion of Mr. Ryan, The assembly proceeded to the drawing of seats.


Jt. Res. No. 2. S., and
Jt. Res. No. 3, S.
Were concurred in.

The speaker appointed as committee under Jt. Res. No. :3, S., on the part of the assembly, Messrs. Tanner, Naber and Conley

On motion of yr. Foster.
The assembly adjourned.


10:00 O'CLOCK A. M. Assembly met. Mr. Speaker in the chair.

The clerk called the roll and the following members answered to their names:

Messrs. Geo. A. Abert, H. C. Adams, M. Adams, Albers, Anderson, Apple, Bishop. Blyton, Bolender. Bow. Brand. Brazeau. Britton. Brown, Bruemmer. Bugh. Button, ('ampion, Cance. C'armichael, Comdohr. Craig, Curley, Curtis, Dawson, Dickinson. Egan, Ellefson, Esser. Fairchild, Fellenz, Foster, Friend, Gabriel, Gallagher, Gardner, Goedjen, Grubb, Hardgrove, Hawks, Hinckler. Hooker, Huntington, Huntly, Kennedy: Kidd, Kuntz, Lane. Lennon, Leonhardt, Lynch. MacBride, McCoy, McDill, Mckenzie, Macauley, Martin, Meissner, Miller, Naber, Nichols, Soller, O'Neil, Packard. Pape. Pederson, Pierce, Piper. Pratt. Putnam,


Race. Rasmussen, Regan, Ryan. Scheiber. Schneider, Sharp. Spiering, Stewart, Swart, Tanner, Taylor, Tester, Thomas. Turner, Vredenburgh, Wall, Walsh, Ware. Warner. Warren. Weeden. Wirth and Mr. Speaker.-- 94.

The absentees were Messrs. Champagne, ('onley, Everts, Johnston, Leahy and Maxwell.-6.

Was granted to Mr. Maxwell, indefinitely
To Mr. ('onley until Monday evening.
To Mr. Ellefson until Monday evening.


Mr. Tanner, from the Special committee, to wait on his excellency, the governor, reported that they had performed that duty, and that the governor would communicate his message to each house in writing, this morning.


The executive message was taken up and read by the clerk, as follows:

To the Honorable, the Legislature :

You are assembled under auspicious circumstances. The year just gone has been to our state and people a prosperous one. The true interests of labor, agriculture, manufacture, commerce, and of every department of Industry have been happily subserved. Individual success and happiness among our citizens have been general and phenominal. The cause of education, so vital to a free people, has made great and substantial advance, and our progress as a state has been in every way marked and gratifying.


The financial condition of the state is very satisfactory.

The cash in the treasury on the 30th day of September, 1881, belonging to the general fund, was 287.953.332: the receipts of this fund for the fiscal year were $1,263,074.90, and the disbursements were $1,186,507.54, and the cash in the treasury, September 30, 1852, was $367.220.68. The disbursements from this fund were $8,544.14 less than for the year ending September 30, 1881, and the cash in the treasury at the end of the vear was $76,207.36 more than at the corresponding date the previous year.

The receipts of the trust funds during the fiscal year have been $1.060,954.31: the cash in the treasury, September 30, 1881, was $548,316.88; the disbursements from the trust funds during the fiscal year were $1,446.885.21, and the cash in the treasury on the 30th day of September, 1882, was $162,112,98. Of the trust funds, the sum of $798,312.50 was during the fiscal year invested in United States bonds; the sum of $76,882.17 was loaned to towns and school districts, and the sum of $1+1.447.03 was paid out of the trespass fund to the beneficiaries under the law.


The receipts during the year for the school fund are given in the Secretary's report at $326,159.60, of which amount $130,000 was for United States bonds which had been called in during the year. The disbursements from this fund are reported at $170,961.12, all of which, except the sum of $381.62 refunded for overpayments, is invested according to law in interest-bearing securities. The total amount of school fund now at interest is $2,805,278.23, and the cash balance belonging to the fund is $7.767.35. The school fund income during the year amounted to $197.333.30, of which amount the sum of $185,166.62 was apportioned to the different counties for school purposes.


There has been paid during the rear the sun of Ski,453.81 to the university fund, nearly all of which was in payment of interest-bearing securities falling due: and there has been invested of this fund during the vear in United States bonds the sum of $52,862.50. At the end of the fiscal vear there was of this fund $, all of which was at interest save $2,966.39 (ash on hand.

The agricultural college fund, which now inures to the benefit of the university, amounted on the 30th day of September, 1882, to $279,6899.84, of which $274,385.37 was bearing interest.


The normal school fund on the 30th day of September. 1892, amounted to $1,165.041.20, all of which save $11.969.02 was invested in interest-bearing securities. The income from the fund during the year was $55,594.98, all of which was disbursed for the benefit of the normal schools.


The receipts of the drainage fund for the year were $55,012.93, almost entirely derived from the sale of lands, and the disbursements were $18.512.59.


The St. Croix and Lake Superior R. R. trespass fumd consists of money's collected by the state for trespasses upon the land grant made to the state by acts of congress, approved June 3, 1956, and May 5, 1804, commonly known as the " St. Croix and Lake Superior Land Grant." Under chapter 16. laws of 1869, and acts amendatory thereof, these lands have been protected by the state, and the moners collected held in trust - less the expense of collection - for the use and benefit of the roads entitled to said grant. This fund on the 30th day of September, 1881. amounted to SISOOSH.SS. and there has been collected during the year $139.24. There has been disbursed from this fund, in accordance with chapter 195 of the laws of 1882, to the companies entitled thereto, the sum of $111.417.03, and there remained in the treasury on the 30th day of September, 1882, $12,367.07. I required the companies receiving payments under the law to give to the state full release and acquittances and a full and complete guaranty for the protection of the rights of any other claimants, should there be any.


The secretary of state makes the following estimate of the expenses to be defrayed from the treasury during the year beginning January 1, 1884, and of the revenues of the state for that period:


$1.041, 720 88


Licenses and fees..
Taxes authorized.

$706, 500 00 237, 220 88

941,720 88

Amount to be provided by the legislature to defray the

expenditures for the year commencing January 1, 1984

100,000 00

$1.041,720 88

This estimate shows that it will be necessary for the legislature to provide the sum of $100,000 for the year 1884, which will be two-tenths of a mill on the assessed valuation.


The balance to the credit of the Governor's Contingent fund on January 8,1883, was $1.835.27, and the expenditures therefrom during the year were sitt. 9. In view of the possible <lemands upon this fund the next two years. I recommend that the sum of $2.00 be appropriated therefor at the present session.


The account between the state of Wisconsin and the United States for the direct war tax, as shown by the statement of the First Comptroller of the United States Treasury, stands as follows: Amount due the United States September 30), 1881.297.685.16. During the vear there has been placed to the credit of the state. $156,5:39.59, leaviny a balance due the Uniteri States of $51,145.37. There are now before the departments for adjustment, claims which will be allowed and credited to the state, amounting to $20,000.

The state claims as due from the United States a balance of $89.8+5.04 upon the claims presented by her for the equipment and payment of troops during the war. This balance has all been disallowed by the accounting officers, and consists of various items ranging from $10 to $300. Many of the items have been ruled out for want of proper vouchers and evidence, and it is probable that with considerable research

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