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MANUAL of moral, philosophical, and critical
compositions in the popular form of Essays ;
exempted from the faults of many of the origi-
nal authors, and without a single passage to shock
the most delicate mind. We have never allowed
ourselves to add a new idea, though we have oc-
casionally taken the liberty to correct or alter
expressions which were either obsolete, vulgar, or
incorrect. We refer the reader to the Table of
Contents for the entertainment laid before him,
and here add a list of the Authors.

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50. On Posthumous Publications-Cow-

ley's Miscellaneous Writings. 1
51. A Word to Modern Critics-Dryden's

Preface to the State of Innocence 8
52. On the Use of Letters-Lord Lyttle-

ton's Dialogues of the Dead,
Cadmus and Hercules

53. On the Character of Poets-Gold-

smith's Citizen of the World 17
54. Confidence--Collier's Essays 21
55. Ideal Beauty-Dryden's Parallel of
Poetry and Painting

56. Advantage of Restraint, a Tale

Museum for 1747, p. 128 .
57. Polite Philosophy— Polite Philoso-

pher, Dodsley's Fugitive Pieces. 39

58. Egotism, The same


59. The Society of Women the best

School of Politeness-The same 53


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