The Crime against Kansas

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The Crime Against Kansas is Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner's speech in favor of abolition in Kansas and criticism of South Carolina Senator Andrew Butler. You will enjoy this legendary American speech preceding Sumner's caning.

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Charles Sumner (1811–1874) was a prominent American politician and historical figure who dedicated his career to the causes of anti-slavery and civil rights. Before venturing into politics, Sumner achieved scholarly distinction at Harvard Law School and pursued an academic career as a lawyer and lecturer. As a fervent abolitionist, Sumner became most notable as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. His eloquence in oration and staunch opposition to slavery culminated in one of his most impactful works, 'The Crime against Kansas' (1856), a passionate speech that criticized the Kansas-Nebraska Act and exposed the violent struggle between pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers in Kansas. This speech, documenting the atrocities committed in pursuit of dominating the future of Kansas, was emblematic of Sumner's commitment to abolition and his severe censure of slavery's proponents. In addition to his literary contributions, Sumner's dedication to social justice and equality is reflected in his persistent advocacy in the Senate, which, despite facing physical assault for his views, he maintained until his death. His literary style is characterized by its persuasive rhetoric, moral fervor, and an uncompromising stand for human rights. Sumner's contributions to literature and politics continue to inspire dialogues on liberty and equality in the United States.

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