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assistance and favour-for which he hopes never to be found. ungrateful. It would give him real pleasure to mention the names of certain individuals, to whom he holds himself particularly indebted. But he is not authorized to do this; and till he is, he will not hazard a trespass on the feelings of others, for the gratification of his own.

Several improvements, which it is believed would add considerable value to the contents of this Miscellany, have been in contemplation. Some of them, it is hoped, will appear in the next volume. But the editor is of the mind that it is better to exhibit improvements made, than to pourtray them in promise.

The completion of a volume of his work, and the close of the year, ought forcibly to admonish the editor, and may not unaptly remind all his readers, that every present engagement, and life itself, is hastening to a close. THEN, let us remember, the solemn inquest, involving the destinies of eternity, will be made, how we have passed our probationary existence; how every year, and day, and hour of time has been employed; by what motives we have been actuated in all we have done; whether, in the course of life, we have been supremely influenced by a regard to the glory of God, and to our own best interest and that of our fellow men; whether we have lived for eternity more than for time; whether we have been laying up treasure in heaven, or only on the earth. These inquiries, therefore, should command our most serious attention, while investigation may be salutary. Seriously pursued, the inquiries cannot fail to bring home the conviction to every conscience, that transgression and neglect have left us no hope of an acquittal by our final Judge, but from a personal interest, secured by unfeigned faith, in the atoning merits and prevalent intercession of the Lord Jesus Christ. To him, therefore, let the eye of faith be constantly directed; from him, as the inexhaustible source of all spiritual supplies, let grace and aid be earnestly sought, to perform with increasing activity and effect every incumbent duty; that at length-justified by his righteousness, sanctified by his Spirit, and formed into his likeness-we may be admitted to the rest and the reward "which remain for the people of God."

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Children taught in France, 36.
Canal at Isthmus of Florida, 36.
College ir Ceylon, 44.

Christmas Hymn, 59.

Christian Course retarded, 301.
Copperas in Vermont, 90.
Cotton, Egyptian, 132.
Convention, Missionary, 181.
Comets in 1825, 229.
Cruelty to Animals, 230.
Coverdale, Life of, 250.

Cornelius' Sermons reviewed, 274.
Comets, 321.

Chinese College, 327.
Copper Sheathing for Ships, 374.
VOL. IV. Ch. Adv.

Chlorine an antiseptic, 375.
Canal, Pacific, &c., 420.
Calcutta School Society, 469.
Cotton Tree Seed, 513.

Christian Advice from a Mother to
Daughter, 541.


Cenotaph to the Memory of Summerfield,

Ceylon, 567.


Deaf and Dumb, 133. 213. 229.

Dies Iræ, Translated, 222.

Death of Rev. P. Fisk, 235.

Douglass on Religion, &c., reviewed, 269.
Diana, Temple of, 275.

Desert shall blossom, 318.

Death of Missionary, 487.

Distress, Spiritual, Case of, 494.


Expedition across the Rocky Mountains,

Emigrants to Canada, 134.

Exposition of Rom. viii. 19.-23. 203.
a common saying, 217.

Expedition, Arctic, 275. 512.
Expeditious Travelling, 270.
Emigrants, 327.

Earthquake at Richmond, 420.
Egyptians in France, 468.
Education Societies, 563.


False Honour, Man of, 209.
Forest, Submarine, 231.
Fish, Sword, 275.

Fund, Connecticut School, 276.
Fraser's Travels in Persia, 468.

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Review of Discussion of Universalism, 32.
Russia, 39.

Review of Milton on Christian Doctrine,
84. 129.

Horne's Introduction, 126.
M'Dowell's Theology, 169.
Bush's Sermon, 174.

Miller's Letter, 177.

Religious Poetry, 227.

Douglass on Religion, &c., 264.

Cornelius's Sermon, 274.
Gurney's Essays, 318.

Loyd's Life of Alexander I., 368.
White on Catholicism, 507, 553.
Controversial Tracts on Chris-

tianity and Mohamedanism, 415. 455.
Report of Missionary Society, 134.
Report of British and Foreign Bible Socie-
ty, 231.

Report, Fourteenth Annual, of Theologi-
cal Seminary, 281.

Railway, 326.

Rose, Habits of the, 326.

Review of Blatchford's Sermon, 223.
Revivals of Religion, 564.


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Stewart's Private Journal, 31. 77. 121. 165.
219. 264. 310. 361. 410. 452. 500, 542.
Sugar Manufactory at Otaheite, 36.
Sandwich Islands, 37. 182.

State of the Jews, 38.

State of Religion, 93. 277.

Slavery Society of Maryland, 93.

Spectacles, new, 134.

Syrian Metropolite, 229.

Suicides in London, 275.

Salt in Alabama, 275.

Stewart, Rev. C., Letter from, 328
Spirituality of God, 349.

Steam Ship, large, 374.

[blocks in formation]

Surgical Operation at the Hotel Dieu, 561. Variolous Eruption, 90.

Southern America, 562.

Sandwich Islands, 565.

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Voyage of Discovery, 133.


World, Inhabitants of, 36.
Weather, 36.

Weights and Measures, British, 133.
Webster's Dictionary, 178.
Whale caught, 179.
Wood, fire-proof, 179.
Wool, Camblet, 275.
White on Catholicism, 420.553.

reviewed, 507. 553.

Yeast, to make good, 177.

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