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this, not to call you my Mistress, with which, if you love me but with a common Love, this Náme is not appropriated to you; for that denotes a Singularity vastly different from common Love. But if you have a Mind to perform the Part of a truly loyal Mistress and Friend, give yourself Body and Heart to me, who would be, and has been long, your most loyal Servant. If with Rigour you do not forbid me, I promise, that not only the Name shall be due to you, but likewise take you for my Mistress ; rejecting and treating others, in comparison of you, far from Thought and Affection, and to serve you only begging of you to give me a full Answer to this rude Letter, on which, and in which I may trust. But if you do not please to give an Answer in Writing, appoint some place where I may have it by Word of Mouth, and with a willing Heart I will meet you at the Place. No more, for fear of incommoding you. Written with the Hand of him who would willingly remain



To the SAME.

I Heartily thank you for your handsome Present,

than which, well weighing the whole, nothing is more beautiful, not only for the beautiful Diamond, and Vessel in which the folitary Damsel is tossed; but principally for the beautiful Interpretation and most humble Submiffion, by your Goodness in this Case made use of, well thinking, that to merit this by Opportunity will be very difficult, if your great Humanity and Favour did


not affist me, for which I have watched, watch, and will watch all Opportunities of Retaliation possible ; to remain in which, my whole Hope has placed its immutable Intention, which says, aut illic, aut nullibi.

The Demonstrances of your Affection are fuch, the beautiful Words, the Letters so affectionately couched, which, in Truth, oblige for ever to honour you, love and serve you ; begging of you to continue in this firm and constant Purpose ; on my Part assuring you, that I will rather augment it, than make it reciprocal, if Loyalty of Heart, Defire of pleafing you, without any other Motive, may advance it ; praying you, that if any Time heretofore I have given you Offence, that you would give me the fame Pardon that you ask; arfuring you, that for the future my Heart shall be wholly dedicated to you, much defiring that the Body might be also, as God can do it, if he pleases, to whom I beg once a Day to do it, hoping that, in Time, my Prayers may be heard, wishing the Time to be short, thinking it very long to our Review. Written by the Hand of my Secretary, , who, in Heart, Body, and Will, is

Your loyal and most assured Servant.


To the SAME.

A Pproaching

near the Time, which has seemed so long to me, I rejoice the more, because it seems to me almoft come, notwithstanding the entire Accomplishment cannot be till the two Perfons are met ; which Meeting. is more desired on my Part than any worldly Thing: For what Satisfaction can be so great in this World, as to enjoy the Company of one's most dearly Beloved, knowing that the has the fame Pleasure on her Side ? The Thought of which gives me a deal of Pleafure ; then judge what must the Person do, whofe Absence has given me more Heart-achings than Tongue or Writing can express, and which nothing but her Presence can remedy ? Begging you, my Dear, to tell your Father on my Part, to come two Days before the Time appointed, that he may be at Court before, or at least on the Day fixed; for otherwise I shall think that he made not the Course of the Amorous, nor answered my Expectation. No more at present, for want of T'ime; hoping very foon that, by Word of Mouth, I shall tell you the Pains I have suffered during your Abfence. Written by the Hand of my Secretary, who wishes himself now privately with you, who is, and ever will be,

Your loyal and moft assured Servant.


To the SAME.

Darling, THER *Hese shall be only to advertise you, that this

Bearer and his Fellow be dispatched with as many Things to compass our Matter, and to bring it to pass, as our Wits could imagine of devise ; which brought to pass, as I trust by their Di, higence it shall be fhortly, you and I shall have our desired End, which fhould be more to my Heate's Ease, and more Quietness to my Mind than any other Thing in this world, as, with God's Grace, shortly I trust thall be proved ; but not fo foon as I would it were. Yet I will insure you


there shall be no Time lost that may be won, and further cannot be done, for ultra posle non eft elle. Keep him not too long with you; but delire him, for your Sake, to make the more Speed: For the sooner we shall have Word from him, the sooner shall our Matter come to pass. And thus, upon Trust of your short Repair to London, I make an End of my Letter, mine own Sweetheart. Written with the Hand of him, who desireth as much to be yours, as you do to have him,

L E T T ER VII. Queen Anne Bullen to King Henry.

SIR, Your Grace's

Displeasure, and my Imprifon

, ment, are Things fo ftrange unto me, as what to write, or what to excuse, I am altogether ignorant. Whereas you send unto me (willing me to confess a Truth, and so obtain your Favour) by such an one, whom you know to be mine ancient professed Enemy, I no sooner received this Message by him, than I rightly conceived your Meaning; and if, as you say, confefling a Truth, indeed, may procure 'my Safety, I fhall, with ali Willingness and Duty, perform your Command.

But let not your Grace ever imagine, that your poor Wife will ever be brought to acknowledge a Fault, where not so much as a Thought thereof preceded. And, to speak a Truth, never Prince


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