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THE Twenty-first Volume of the Journal of the Transactions

of the VICTORIA INSTITUTE is now issued. It contains papers by the following authors :- The Rev. H. J. CLARKE, on “Evolution.” The Rev. RICHARD COLLINS, M.A., on “ Krishna, and Solar Myths,” the paper being a careful investigation as to the historical character of the story of Krishna, and an inquiry into the truth of the view advanced by certain modern writers,—that the narrative of Christ's life had a connexion with and was, at least in a measure, derived from the story of Krishna, and that the latter had influenced Christianity. The Institute is indebted to those who took part in considering this subject, and specially to Professor F. Max MÜLLER, and to Professors E. B. COWELL, M,A, (Professor of Sanscrit at Cambridge), R. K. DOUGLAS, M.A., A. EDERSHEIM, D.D., TERRIEN DE LACOUPERIE, M.A., and Doctor G. W. LEITNER, Principal of the Oriental College : some important remarks by Sir MONIER MONIER-WILLIAMS, K.C.I.E., have been added in the Appendix to the Volume. This whole subject has now been so thoroughly sifted as to have entirely disposed of the question.

The Right Honourable Lord GRIMTHORPE contributes a paper on “The Beauty of Nature," to which the Rev. WILLIAM ARTHUR, M.A., has added some remarks of high value. Professor T. McKENNY Hughes, M.A. (Woodwardian Professor of Geology at Cambridge), gives a paper on “Caves,” which is followed by remarks by Sir WARINGTON W. SMYTH, F.R.S., and

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others; and a communication from Sir J. WILLIAM DAWSON, K.C.M.G., F.R.S. Professor E. HULL, LL.D., F.R.S. (Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland), contributes two papers, one on “Some Results of a scientific Expedition to Arabia Petræa and Western Palestine,” the other on “Petra, the Rock-hewn Capital of Idumæa.” Mr. S. R. PATTISON, F.G.S., a paper on “The Pedigree of the Coral Reefs of England." The Rev. S. D. PEET, a paper on “ The Religious Beliefs and Traditions of the Aborigines of North America," upon

which subject it would be difficult to find one more competent to speak. The Rev, J. LESLIE PORTER, D.D., LL.D., President of Qupen's College, Belfast, a paper on “The Connexion between Jewish, Phoenician, and Early Greek Art and Architecture"; to this is added a report upon the discoveries at Sidon. The Rey, Canon SAUMAREZ SMITH, B.D., a paper on “Practical Optimism.” The Rev. F. A. WALKER, D.D., F.L.S., a paper on “Oriental Entomology." The Rev. W. WRIGHT, D.D., a paper on “The Empire of the Hittites,” a subject which is peculiarly his own; this is followed by 'an interesting statement as to the Hittites, and a short! description of “Canaan, Ancient and Modern,” by the Rev. Canon H. B. TRISTRAM, D.D., F.R.S.

Some Notes of importance will be found in the Appendix.

To all who have added to the value of the present Volume, the best thanks of the Members and Associates are due.

During the past--Jubilee--year, the VICTORIA INSTITUTE presented to her Majesty the following Address :

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MAY IT PLEASE YOUR MAJESTY, We, your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the President, Council, and Members of the Victoria Institute, gladly embrace the opportunity of once more approaching Your Majesty, and tendering our heartfelt congratulations on the completion of the Fiftieth year of Your Majesty's Reign over a free and loyal people.

We acknowledge, with thankfulness, that in the growth of the Empire abroad, in large measures of beneficent legislation at home, in literature, and in the investigation of the truths of Philosopby and Science (with which it is our privilege to be specially connected), Your Majesty's Reign may confidently challenge.comparison with those of our greatest and most Illustrious


Sovereigns. But we particularly rejoice to believe that the humblest and the poorest classes in these dominions may identify Your Majesty's reign with a sensible diminution of ignorance, poverty, and suffering during the half-century that has elapsed since Your Majesty ascended the Throne, and that they may gratefully remember that every good and kindly movement for the improvement of your people, and the greater Glory of God, has received the gracious impulse of Your Majesty's sympathy and support.

We desire to assure Your Majesty of our dutiful and affectionate attachment to Your Majesty's person, and our loyalty to the Throne, and we earnestly pray that Your Majesty may be long spared to promote the happiness and receive the grateful homage of Your Majesty's subjects.

Signed on behalf of the Institute,

G. G. STOKES, P.R.S., President.

F. W. H. PETRIE, Hon. Secretary. 7, Adelphi Terrace, Charing Cross,

London, 16 July, 1887.


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20 July, 1887. SIR,

I have had the honour to lay before the Queen the loyal and dutiful address of the President, Council, and Members of the Victoria Institute, on the occasion of her Majesty attaining the Fiftieth year of her Reign, and I have to inform you that Her Majesty was pleased to receive the same very graciously.

I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,

The President of The Victoria Institute,

7, Adelphi Terrace, Charing Cross,

The 20th Volume of the Journal of Transactions was also laid before Her Majesty by Sir Henry Ponsonby.


The want of a true appreciation of the actual results of scientific inquiry has often led men to urge that there is an opposition between Science and Revelation ; and of late some have specially done so in regard to the record of the Creation, with reference to which the following words were recently uttered by a Member of the Institute, Professor J. D. DANA, F.R.S., they but echo the views expressed by many another scientific leader, and are worthy of record :- "To me the 1st Chapter of Genesis is greatly illuminated by the revelations which Science has made. I see nothing in modern


developments to shake my faith in its inspired announcements, , or in any of the essential truths taught in the Bible..

It is impossible to conclude without giving expression to a feeling of regret that Eastern Exploration continues to be at a standstill both in Babylonia and Palestine, by reason of the Porte still withholding the firmans once accorded to the English Government, and under which such important discoveries have already been made.


Hon. Sec. and Editor.

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