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Book V. Chapter II. Webster's Works, in 6 vols., were published at Boston in 1851; for select speeches, see E. P. Whipple's The Great Speeches and

Orations of Daniel Webster, with an Essay on Daniel Webster

Webster as a Master of English Style, Boston, 1879. Good biographies of Webster are George TicknoR Curtis's Life of Daniel Webster, 2 vols., New York, 1870, and HENRY CABOT Lodge's Daniel Webster, Boston, 1883.

Edward Everett's Orations and Speeches on Various Occasions, in 4 vols., were published in Boston, 1853–68. On the renascent in

fluence of Everett's teaching, one should read Emerson's Everett.

“ Historic Notes of Life and Letters in New England,” Works, Riverside edition, Vol. X. pp. 307 ff.

Rufus Choate's Works, with Memoir by S. G. Brown,

were published in Boston, 1862. Robert Charles Winthrop's Addresses and Speeches on Various

Occasions were published, in 4 vols., Boston, 1852–86. Winthrop.

The standard life of Winthrop is the Memoir by his son, Robert C. Winthrop, Jr., Boston, 1897.



Book V. Chapter III. For an article on “ Libraries in Boston ” by the late Justin Winsor, see his Memorial History of Boston, Vol. IV. pp. 235 ff.

Prince's Chronological History of New England may be Prince.

conveniently found in Arber's English Garner, Vol. II. pp. 287 ff., London, 1879.

George Ticknor's History of Spanish Literature was published in three volumes at New York, 1849; his Life of William Hickling

Prescott appeared at Boston in 1864. The best biography Ticknor.

of Ticknor is The Life, Letters, and Journals of George Ticknor, by Miss Anna Ticknor, 2 vols., Boston, 1876.

Sparks's historical labours may be suggested by these chief titles: Library of American Biography, first series, to vols., Boston, 1834

38; 2d series, 15 vols., Boston, 1844-48; Washington's Sparks.

Writings, 12 vols., Boston, 1834-37; Franklin's Works, 10 vols., Boston, 1836-40; Correspondence of the American Revo


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lution, 4 vols., Boston, 1853; The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, 12 vols., Boston, 1829-30. For further detail, both biographical and bibliographical, see Herbert B. Adams's The Life and Writings of Jared Sparks, 2 vols., Boston, 1893. Sparks's MSS. may be seen in the reading room of Harvard College Library.

Prescott's History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic, 3 vols., appeared at Boston in 1838; his History of the Conquest of Mexico, etc., in 3 vols., at New York in s

1843; his Biographical and Critical Miscellanies, at New York in 1845; the History of the Conquest of Peru, etc., 2 vols., New York, 1847 ; and the History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain, 3 vols., Boston, 1855-58. The best biography of Prescott is GEORGE Ticknor's Life of William Hickling Prescott, Boston, 1864.

Motley's Merry-Mount; A Romance of the Massachusetts Colony, 2 vols., appeared at Boston and Cambridge, in 1849; The Rise of the Dutch Republic. A History, 3 vols., New York, 1856;

History of the United Netherlands, etc., 4 vols., New
York, 1861-68; The Life and Death of John of Barneveld, etc.,
2 vols., New York, 1875. Motley's letters have been edited by
George William Curtis, in 2 vols., New York, 1889. See also the
Memoir by Dr. Holmes, Boston, 1879.

George Bancroft's A History of the United States, etc., in 10 vols., was published at Boston and London, 1834-74;

“ The Author's Last Revision,” in 6 vols., was published
at New York, 1883-85.
Richard Hildreth's The History of the United States of

America was published, in 6 vols., at New York, 1851-56.
PALFREY's History of New England, in 5 vols., Boston,

1858-90. Palfrey died in 1881; the fifth volume was
edited by his son, F. W. Palfrey.

FRANCIS Parkman's works, of which he personally retained the copyright, are published, in various editions, by Little, Brown & Co., of Boston. For accounts of Parkman's life and estimates of his work, see John Fiske's A Century of Science and Other Essays, Boston, 1899; and Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings for 1893, 2d series, Vol. VIII. pp. 349-369. The authorized biography of Parkman, by C. H. Farnham, has just been published in Boston.

Parkman. a


Book V. Chapter IV. On Unitarianism in general, see the article by Dr. Andrew P. Peabody in Winsor's Memorial History of Boston, Vol. III. Chap. XI.

CHANNING's works may be found in a convenient one-volume edition published at Boston in 1886. For his life, see William H. ChanNING's Memoirs of William Ellery Channing, 3 vols., Boston, 1848, also published in one volume called the “Century Memorial Edition,' at Boston in 1880.

The biography of George Ripley has been written by O. B. Frothingham for the series of American Men of Letters, Boston, 1882.


Book V. Chapter V. On Transcendentalism in general one should consult O. B. FrothTranscen

INGHAM's Transcendentalism in New England: A History, dentalism.

New York, 1876; and, if possible, T'he Dial: A Magazine for Literature, Philosophy, and Religion, 4 vols., Boston, 1840-44

The life of Margaret Fuller Ossoli has been written by Col. Margaret

Thomas Wentworth Higginson for the series of American Fuller.

Men of Letters, Boston, 1884. Of several books on Brook Farm, the best is Mr. LINDSAY Swift's

Brook Farm: Its Members, Scbolars, and Visitors, New Brook Farm.

York, 1900.

Ralph Waldo EMERSON

Book V. Chapter VI. The standard edition of Emerson's works is the Riverside, in 12 vols. See also the two volumes of Carlyle-Emerson letters, edited by Prof. Charles Eliot Norton. The standard biography of Emerson is the Memoir, in two volumes, by James Elliot CABOT, Boston, 1887. Holmes's Ralph Waldo Emerson, Boston, 1884, in the American Men of Letters series, is valuable. Garnett's Life of Ralph Waldo Emerson, London, 1888, in the Great Writers series, has a considerable

bibliography. Important critical estimates of Emerson are Matthew Arnold's Emerson, in his Discourses in America ; Lowell's Emerson the Lecturer, in his Works, Riverside edition, Vol. I. pp. 349 ff.; and John Jay Chapman's Emerson, Sixty Years After, originally published in the Atlantic Monthly for January and February, 1897, and since reprinted in Emerson and Other Essays, New York, 1898.

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Book V. Chapter VII. Bronson Alcott's chief works, with their dates of publication, are : Observations on the Principles and Methods of Infant Instruction, 1830; The Doctrine and Discipline of Human Culture, 1836; Conversations with Children on the Gospels, 2 vols., 1836–37 ; Tablets, 1868 ; Concord Days, 1872; Table Talk, 1877; New Connecticut. An Autobiographical Poem, 1881; Sonnets and Canzonets, 1882 ; Ralph Waldo Emerson, . An Estimate of his Character and Genius,

1882. There is a Memoir of Alcott, in 2 vols., by Messrs. F. B. Sanborn and William T. Harris, Boston, 1893.

The standard collection of Thoreau's works is the Riverside edi. tion, in 10 vols., published at Boston. With Mr. F. B. Sanborn's Henry David Thoreau, Boston, 1882, and Emerson's

Thoreau. Thoreau, in the Riverside edition of his works, Vol. X. pp. 421-452, compare Lowell's Thoreau, in his Works, Riverside edition, Vol. I. pp. 361 ff. See also Stevenson's essay on Thoreau, in his Familiar Studies in Men and Books (Works, Thistle edition, Vol. XIV. pp. 116-149). Mr. H. S. Salt's Life of Thoreau, London, 1896, contains a bibliography.

Theodore Parker's collected works, in 14 vols., were published at London, 1863–65; his Speeches, Addresses, and Occasional Sermons were published in 2 vols., Boston, 1852. For the life

of Parker, see JOHN Weiss: Life and Correspondence of
Theodore Parker, 2 vols., New York, 1864, and O. B. FROTHING-
HAM's Theodore Parker : a Biography, Boston, 1874.


Book V. Chapter VIII.
On the Abolition movement in general, see Winsor's Memoria
History of Boston, Vol. III. Chap. VI., and Col. Thomas Wentworth

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Higginson's Contemporaries, Boston, 1899; for bibliographic notes on the subject, consult Channing and Hart's Guide, $ 187 ff. Selections from Writings and Speeches of William Lloyd Garrison

were published at Boston, in 1852. The best biography of Garrison.

Garrison is that by Wendell Phillips Garrison and Francis Jackson Garrison, 4 vols., New York, 1885-89.

Charles Sumner's works, in 15 vols., were published at Boston in 1874-83. The most complete biography is EDWARD L. Pierce's

Memoir and Letters of Cbarles Sumner, 4 vols., Boston, Sumner.

1879-93; a shorter book is Mr. MOORFIELD STOREY'S Charles Sumner, Boston, 1900, in the American Statesmen series. On the Sumner-Brooks affair, see J. F. Rhodes's History of the United States, Vol. II. Chap. VII.

The standard collections of Mrs. Stowe's writings is the lately published Riverside edition in 16 vols. Mrs. J. T. Fields has

written The Life of Harriet Beesber Stowe, Boston, Mno. Stowe.



Book V. Chapter IX. The standard collection of Whittier's writings is the Riverside edition in 7 vols. The best biography is SAMUEL T. Pickard's Life and Letters of Jon Greenleaf Whittier, 2 vols., Boston, 1894. William J. LINTON's Life of Whittier (London, 1893, in the Great Writers series) contains a bibliography. For a more extended expression of the views set forth in this chapter, see B. WENDELL : Stelligeri, New York, 1893, pp. 149–201.


Book V. Chapter X. One gets an interesting impression of the general temper of the early “ Atlantic Monthly” by glancing over The Atlantic Index, 1857-88, published at Boston in 1889.

The writings of James T. Fields are chiefly : Poems, 1849; resterdays with Authors, 1872; Hawthorne, 1876; Old Acquaintance.

Barry Cornwall and some of bis Friends, 1876; In and Fields.

Out of Doors with Charles Dickens, 1876; Under brusb, 1877; Ballads and Other Verses, 1881.

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