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BY THE LORDS COMMITTEES appointed a SELECT COMMITTEE to inquire into the Operation of the Act 3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 85, for the better Government of Her Majesty's INDIAN TERRITORIES, and to report their Observations thereon to The House; and to whom were referred the Petitions of G. J. GORDON, respecting EDUCATION in INDIA, and of C. H. CAMERON, respecting the Establishment of UNIVERSITIES in INDIA; and to whom were also referred several Papers and Documents relative to the subjectmatter of the Inquiry :


THAT the Committee have met, and have resolved to divide the important subject referred to them under the following Heads :

1. The Authorities and Agencies for administering the Government of India at Home and in India respectively.

2. The Income and Expenditure of the British Indian Empire, showing the Produce of the Territorial Revenues, and of all other Sources of Income, and the modes of assessing and levying each, in the respective Presidencies and Districts; also the progress of Trade and Navigation in India.

3. The Military and Naval Establishments of India-Character, Extent and Cost.

4. The Judicial Establishments of British India, European and Native; the modes of administering Justice, Civil and Criminal; and the working of the System, as exhibited by Tables of Trials, Appeals and Decisions.

5. The Measures adopted, and the Institutions established and endowed for the promotion of Education in India.

6. Works of local Improvement executed, in progress, and now under


7. Ecclesiastical provision for the diffusion of Christian Spiritual In


8. Miscellaneous Topics of Inquiry.

That they have examined Witnesses principally in relation to the first Head of Inquiry; but that their labours being terminated by the close of the Session, and a large field for investigation being still left open, the Committee earnestly recommend that the Inquiry may be renewed in the next Session of Parliament.

That, in reporting to your Lordships the Evidence taken, they confine themselves to the observation, that the general tendency of that Evidence is favourable to the present system of administering the Affairs of India.

The Committee have directed the Minutes of Evidence taken before them, together with an Appendix, to be laid before your Lordships.

20th June 1852.

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