Masques and Entertainments

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Routledge, 1890 - Всего страниц: 439
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Стр. 58 - IT is a noble and just advantage that the things subjected to understanding have of those which are objected to sense ; that the one sort are but momentary, and merely taking; the other impressing, and lasting : else the glory of all these solemnities had perished like a blaze, and gone out in the beholders
Стр. 260 - The faery beam upon you, The stars to glister on you; A moon of light In the noon of night, Till the fire-drake hath o'ergone you! The wheel of fortune guide you, The boy with the bow beside you Run aye in the way Till the bird of day And the luckier lot betide you!
Стр. 36 - First, for the scene, was drawn a Umtifadjap (landscape) consisting of small woods, and here and there a void place filled with huntings ; which falling, an artificial sea was seen to shoot forth, as if it flowed to the land, raised with waves which seemed to move, and in some places the billows to break, as imitating that orderly disorder which is common in nature.
Стр. 90 - She that will but now discover Where the winged wag doth hover, Shall to-night receive a kiss, How or where herself would wish : But, who brings him to his mother, Shall have that kiss, and another.
Стр. 104 - Dame, dame ! the watch is set : Quickly come, we all are met.— From the lakes, and from the fens, From the rocks, and from the dens, From the woods, and from the caves, From the church-yards, from the graves, From the dungeon, from the tree That they die on, here are we ! Comes she not yet ? Strike another heat.
Стр. 216 - Break, Phant'sie, from thy cave of cloud, And spread thy purple wings ; Now all thy figures are allowed, And various shapes of things ; Create of airy forms a stream, It must have blood, and nought of phlegm; And though it be a waking dream, Cho. Yet let it like an odour rise To all the senses here, And fall like sleep upon their eyes, Or music in their ear.
Стр. 261 - To the old, long life and treasure ! To the young, all health and pleasure ! To the fair, their face With eternal grace, And the soul to be loved at leisure ! To the witty, all clear mirrors ; To the foolish, their dark errors ; To the loving sprite, A secure delight ; To the jealous his own false terrors ! Capt.
Стр. 230 - She, she it is in darkness shines, '7w she that still herself refines, By her own light to every eye ; More seen, more known, when Vice stands by ; And though a stranger here on earth, In heaven she hath her right of birth. There, there is Virtue's seat ; Strive to keep her your own ; 'Tis only she can make you great, Though place here make you known.
Стр. 358 - Spring all the graces of the age, And all the loves of time ; Bring all the pleasures of the stage, And relishes of rhyme. Add all the softnesses of courts, The looks, the laughters, and the sports ; And mingle all their sweets and salts, That none may say the triumph halts.
Стр. 43 - All which ended, they were again accited to sea, with a Song of two trebles, whose cadences were iterated by a double echo from several parts of the land.

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