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CHRONOLOGICAL SERIES of EVENTS, continued from the preceding Volume.

To the artistes are annexed the numbers of tbe pages of this volume in wbicb they are to be found. 1790 Od. 16. Col. Floyd, after having, 16. House of Commons accept of with a very inferior force, been engaged 500,000 l. from the bank of England in two days with a part of Tippco's army, loan, without interest, while the unretreated, and joined the army under claimed dividends amount to 600,000 1. Gen. Medows, p. 197.

Dec. 9. The National Affembly of 20. Lord Vryhouven dies and be
France agree to restore the property of queaths a vast sum of money to chari-
Proteftant refugees, 32.

table purposes, 308.!
13. Lord Cornwallis arrives at Ma 26. The claimants of the effecs seiz.
dras from Bengal, in order to conducted at S: Eustatia in 1782 paid the full a-
in person the war against Tippoo Saib, 297. mount of their claims after a tedious li-
22. Irmael taken by the Rumans, 30.


27. A motion made in the House of 1791 Jan. 24. Five persons fuffocated Commons by Mr Sheridan relative to a in the island of May light-house, 47. reform in the Scots boroughs, negatived,

31. Society for the improvement of 373. British wool meets at Edinburgh for the June 21. The King and Queen of firft time, 97.

France, with their family, &c. leave PaFeb. 2. A great inundation of the ris; but are afterwards taken and brought Thames and Weftminster, 92.

March 2. The Albion mills at London July 3. The fortress of Anapa taken deftroyed by fire, 146.

by the Russians by assault, 400. 2. The Rev. Mr John Wesley, the 5. A dreadful fire at Minehead in celebrated Methodist died at London, Somersetshire, by which seventy-two 132.

houses were destroyed.-A powder mill 7. The Emperor cedes Tuscany to the blown up in Surry, and four men kilArchduke Ferdinand, 195.

led. 21. The Fort of Bangalore in the 6. The admiralty at Amsterdam deEast Indies taken by Lord Cornwallis, ftroyed by fire, 401. 456.

9. A great army of Turks defeated 25. The Speaker of the House of by the Ruffians near Maczin on the DaCommons ordered to give notice to the nube, aod their whole camp, with thirty East-India Company of the expiration of pieces of cannon taken, 400. their charter, 167.

14. Great riots at Birmingham, on the 28. A message from his Majesty de commencement of the anniversary of the livered to the House of Commons and French Revolution, 352. Lords relative to the war between Ruta 15. The French National Assembly fia and the Porte, 148.

declare the perion of the King inviolable, April 1. A general press for seamen and decree what is to be considered as takes place at Portsmouth, 255.

an abdication of the throne, 405. 18. A petition presented to the House 30. The French National Affembly aof Commons from a committee of the bolish all orders of knighthood, 452. General Assembly of the Church of Scote Aug. 4. Definitive treaty of peace beland relative to the teft.act, 269.

tween the Emperor and the Porte figned 18. A motion of Sir W. Dolben, in Sistovo, 446. the House of Commons, for the total a 6. The diet of the German Empire bolition of the Nave-trade, loft by a come to a resolution respecting the cause majority of 75; 88 voting for it, and of the Princes landholders in Alsace, 163 against it, p. 269. 327.

447. 22. A letter written by order of the 11. Peace concluded between Russia K. of France to his ministers at foreign and the Porte, at Galacz, 446. courts, announcing his entire approba 17. Mr Suiberland shoots himself in tion of the conftitution, 245.

the Park as his Majesty was pasing in May 1. The Duke of York sets out his carriage to St James's, 515. for Berlin, 255.

26. The Emperor, King of Pruffia 3. A peaceable revolution takes place and Count d'Artois meet at Poelnitz re. in Poland, 291.


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