The land and the labourers: a record of facts and experiments in cottage farming and co-operative agriculture

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Стр. 137 - For the sun, which we want, ripens wits as well as fruits ; and as wine and oil are imported to us from abroad, so must ripe understanding, and many civil virtues, be imported into our minds from foreign writings, and examples of best ages: we shall else miscarry still, and come short in the attempts of any great enterprise.
Стр. 173 - It is scarcely possible to rate too highly this material benefit, which yet is as nothing compared with the moral revolution in society that would accompany it : the healing of the standing feud between capital and labour ; the transformation of human life, from a conflict of classes struggling for opposite interests, to a friendly rivalry in the pursuit of a good common to all...
Стр. 47 - And a' bids me pay my way like a man, Whether I can't, or whether I can : And, as I ha'n't beef, to be thankful for bread, And bless the Lord it ain't turmuts instead : And never envy the farmer's pig, For all a...
Стр. 164 - Her egg each day; Besides my healthful ewes to bear Me twins each year, The while the conduits of my kine Run cream for wine.
Стр. 36 - Not pretty by any means; but they are good; and you see here, as in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, and, indeed, in almost every part of England, that most interesting of all objects, that which is such an honour to England, and that which distinguishes it from all the rest of the world, namely, those neatly kept and productive little gardens round the labourers' houses, which are seldom unornamented with more or less of flowers.
Стр. 97 - OLD things need not be therefore true,' O brother men, nor yet the new ; Ah ! still awhile the old thought retain, And yet consider it again ! The souls of now two thousand years, Have laid up here their toils and fears, And all the earnings of their pain, — Ah, yet consider it again...
Стр. 11 - A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children : and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. 23 Much food is in the tillage of the poor : but there is that is destroyed for want of judgment.
Стр. 28 - ... not rather trace it to circumstances of life, and sleep so degrading as to leave no moral room for their growth? What provision can there be under such conditions of home life, not only for the three essentials of physical life — pure air, pure water, pure food, — but also for the three essentials of spiritual life, 'admiration, hope, and love'?".
Стр. 101 - At harvest-time," said Mr. Craig, " the whole Society used voluntarily to work longer than the time specified,! and I have seen the whole body occasionally, at these seasons, act with such energy and accomplish such great results by their united exertions, that each and all seemed as if fired by a wild enthusiastic determination to achieve some glorious enterprise—and that, too, without any additional stimulant being administered to them in the shape of extra pecuniary reward.
Стр. 46 - That if any of the said allotments shall be found to lie at an inconvenient distance from the residences of the cottagers, it shall be lawful for the vestry, by an order made to that effect, to let such allotment, or any part thereof, for the best rent that can be procured for the same, and to hire in lieu thereof, for the purposes of this Act, land of equal value, more favourably situated.

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