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prays alone.


V. Christ sends the Multitude away, and Mt. xiv. 22, 23. Probably 4741

Mark vi. 45, 46. near Jerusa-

Jobn vi. 15. lem.
VI. Christ walks on the Sea to his Disciples, Mt. xiv. 24-33. Galilee.
who are overtaken by a Storm. Mark vi. 47-53.

John vi. 16-21.
VII. Christ heals many People.

Mt. xiv. 34-36.

Mark vi. 53-56.
VIII. Christ teaches in the Synagogue of Caper- John vi. 22, to Capernaum.

the end.

vii. 1.
IX. Christ converses with the Scribes and Pha-Matt. xv. 1-20.

risees on the Jewish Traditions. Mark vii. 1-23.
X. Christ heals the Daughter of the Canaan- Mat. xv. 21-28. Tyre.
ite, or Syrophænician Woman.

Mark vii. 24-30
XI. Christ goes through Decapolis, healing Mat. xv. 29-31. Decapolis.
and teaching.

Mark vii. 31, to

the end.
XII. Pour thousand Men are fed miraculously. Matt

. xv. 32. to On a Mount
the end. by the Sea of

Mark viii. 1-9. Galilee.
XIII. The Pharisees require other Signs-Christ Matt. xvi. 1-12. Magdala.
charges them with Hypocrisy. Mark viii. 11.

and pt. of 22.
XIV. Christ heals a blind Man at Bethsaida. Mar.viii.22-26. Bethsaida.
XV. Peter confesses Christ to be the Messiah. Mat. xvi. 13-20. Cæsarea-

Mar. viii. 27-30. Philippi.

Lukeix. 18-21.
XVI. Christ astonishes the Disciples, by declar- Mt. xvi. 21-23. Galilee.

ing the Necessity of his Death and Re- Mark viii. 31,

to the end.
ix. 1.

Luke ix. 22-27.
XVII. The Transfiguration of Christ.

Mat. xvii. 1-13.
Mark ix. 2-13.

Luke ix. 28-36.
XVIII. The Deaf and Dumb Spirit cast out. Mt. xvii. 14-21.

Mark ix. 14-29.

Luke ix. 37-42.
XIX. Christ again foretels his Death and Resur-Mt. xvii. 22-28.

Mark ix. 30-33.

Lukeix. 43-46.
XX. Christ works a Miracle, to pay the Hall-Mt. xvii. 24-27. Capernaum.
shekel for the Temple Service. Matt. xviii. 1,

to the end.
XXI. The Disciples contend for Superiority. Mark ix. 33, to

the end.
Luke ix. 47-50.

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From the Mission of the Sevenly Disciples, to the triumphal entry of Christ into

Jerusalem, six Days before the Crucifixion.
1. The Mission of the Seventy.

Luke x. 1-16, Galilee. 4741 | 28
H. Christ goes up to the Feast of Taber-Matt. xix. 1. Jerusalem.

Mark x. 1.
John viii. 2-10.1





Jules Pele

III. Agitation of the public Mind at Jerusalem, John vii. 11, to Jerusalem. | 4741 15
concerning Christ.

the end.

viji. 1.
IV. Conduct of Christ to the Adultéress and John viii. 2-11.

her Accusers.
v. Christ declares himself to be the Son of John viii. 12-20

VI. Christ declares the Manner of his Death. John viii. 21,

to the end.
VII. The Seventy return with Joy.

Luke x. 17-24. Near Jeru-

VIII. Christ directs the Lawyer how he may at- Luke x. 25-28. On a Tour.

tain eternal Life.
IX. The Parable of the good Samaritan. Luke x. 29-37.
x. Christ in the House of Martha.

Luke x. 38, to

the end.
XI. Christ teaches his Disciples to pray. Luke xi. 1-13.
XII. Christ reproves the Pharisees and Law- Luke xi. 37, to

the end.
XIII. Christ cautions his Disciples against Hy-Luke xii. 1-12.

XIV. Christ refuses to act as a Judge.

Luke xii.13, 14.
XV. Christ cautions the Multitude against Lukexii. 15-34.

XVI. Christ exhorts to Watchfulness, Fidelity, Luke xii. 35, to
and Repentance.

the end, and

xiii. 1-9.
XVII. Christ cures an infirm Woman in the Sy- Lu. xiii. 10-17.

XVIII. Christ begins his Journey towards Jeru- Luke xiii. 22.

salem, to be present at the Feast of the and 18-21.

XIX. Christ restores to Sight a Blind Man, who John ix. 1-34. Jerusalem.

is summoned before the Sanhedrim.
XX. Christ declares that he is the true Shep- John ix. 35, to

the end.

X. 1-21.
XXI. Christ publicly asserts his Divinity. John X. 22-38.
XXII. In consequence of the opposition of the John x. 39, to

Jews, Christ retires beyond Jordan. the end.
XXIII. Christ, leaving the City, laments over Je-Luke xiii. 23, Near Jeru.

to the end. Isalem.
XXIV. Christ dines with a Pharisee-Parable of Luke xiv. 1-24.

the great Supper.
XXV. Christ's Disciples must forsake the World. Luke xiv. 25, on a Tour.

to the end.
XXVI. Parables of the lost Sheep, and of the lost Luke xv. 1-10.

Piece of Silver.
XXVII. Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Luke xv. 11, to

the end.
XXVIII. Parable of the unjust Steward.

Luke xvi. 1-13.
XXIX. Christ reproves the Pharisees.

Lu. xvi. 14-17.
XXX. Christ answers the Question concerning Matt. xix. 3-12.
Marriage and Divorce.

Mark x. 2-12.

Luke xvi. 18.
XXXI. Christ receives and blesses little Chil- Mat. xix. 3-15.

Mark X. 13-17.

Lu. xviii.15-17.
XXXII. Parable of the rich Man and Lazarus. Luke xvi. 19,

to the end.

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XXXIII. On Forgiveness of Injuries.

Lukexvii. 1-10. On a tour. XXXIV. Christ journies towards Jerusalem. Luke ix. 51, to

the end.

xvii. 11. XXXV. Christ heals ten Lepers.

Lu. xvii. 12-19. XXXVI. Christ declares the lowliness of his King- Luke xvii. 20,

dom, and the sudden Destruction of to the end.

XXXVII. Christ teacheth the true Nature of Prayer. Luke xviii. 1-8.
XXXVIII. Parable of the Pharisee and Publican. Lu. xviii. 9-14.
XXXIX. From the Conduct of the young Ruler, Matt. xix. 16,

Christ cautions his Disciples on the to the end.
Dangers of Wealth.

Mark x. 17-31.

Lu.xviii. 18-30. XL. Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard. Matt. xx. 1-16. XLI. Christ is informed of the sickness of La- John xi. 1-16.

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XLII. Christ again predicts his Sufferings and Mat. xx. 17-19.

Mar. X. 32-34.

XLIII. Ambition of the Sons of Zebedee. Mat. xx. 20-28. On the way

Mark x. 35-45. to Bethany.
XLIV. Two Blind Men healed at Jericho. Matt. xx. 29, to Jericho.

the end.
Mark x. 46, to

the end.
Luke xviii. 35,

to the end. XLV. Conversion of Zaccheus, and the Parable Luke xix. 1-28.

of the Pounds. XLVI. The Resurrection of Lazarus.

John xi. 17-46. Bethany. XLVII. The Sanhedrim assemble to deliberate John xi. 47, 48. Jerusalem.

concerning the Resurrection of Lazarus. XLVIII. Caiaphas prophesies.

John xi. 49-52.
XLIX. The Sanhedrim resolve to put Christ to John xi. 53.

L. Christ retires to Ephraim, or Ephrata. John xi. 54. Ephraim.
LI. State of the public Mind at Jerusalem, John xi. 55, to Jerusalem.

immediately preceding the last Passover, the end.

at which Christ attended.
LII. Christ comes to Bethany, where he is Mt. xxvi. 6-13. Bethany.
anointed by Mary.

Mark xiv. 3-9.

John xii. 1.11.
LIJI. Christ prepares to enter Jerusalem. Matt. xxi. 1-7.

Mark xi. 1-7.
Luke xix. 29,

and part of
ver. 35.
John xii. 12-18.

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From Christ's triumphant Entry into Jerusalem, to his Apprehension-Sunday,

the fifth Day before the last Passover.

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stroy Christ.

1. The People meet Christ with Hosannas– Mat. xxi. 8-10. Jerusalem.
Christ approaches Jerusalem.

Mar.xviii. 8-10.
Lu. xix. 36-40.

John xii. 19.
II. Christ's Lamentation over Jerusalem, and Lu. xix. 41-44.

the Prophecy of its Destruction.
III. Christ, on entering the City, casts the Mt. xxi. 12, 13.
Buyers and Sellers out of the Temple. Mark xi. part of

ver. 11.45, 46.

Lu. xix. 45, 46.
IV. Christ heals the Sick in the Temple, and Mt. xxi. 14-16.

reproves the Chief Priests.
V. Some Greeks at Jerusalem desire to see John xii. 20-43.

Christ- The Bath Col is heard.
VI. Christ again declares the object of his Mis-John xii. 44, to

the end.
VII. Christ leaves the City in the Evening, and Matt. xxi. 17. Bethany.
goes to Bethany.

Mark xi. 11.
VIII. Monday - Fourth Day before the Pas- Mat. xi. 18, 19. Jerusalem.

sover-Christ, entering Jerusalem again, Mar. xi. 12-14.

curses the barren Fig-tree.
IX. Christ again casts the Buyers and Sellers Mar.xi. 15-17.

out of the Temple.
X. The Scribes and Chief Priests seek to de- Mark xi. 18.

Lu. xix. 47, 48.
XI. Christ retires in the Evening from the Mark xi. 19.

XII. Tuesday—Third Day before the Passover Mt. xxi. 20-22.

- The Fig-tree is now withered. Mar. xi. 20-26.
XIII. Christ answers the Chief Priests, who in- Matt. xxi. 23,

quire concerning the Authority by which to the end, and
he acted— Parables of the Vineyard and xxii. 1-14.
Marriage Feast. :

Mark xi. 27, to

the end, and

xij. 1-12.

Luke xix. 1-19.
XIV. Christ replies to the Herodians.

Mt.xxii. 15-22.
Mar.xii. 13-17.

Lu. xx. 20-26.
XV. Christ replies to the Sadducees.

Mt.xxii. 23-33.
Mar.xij. 18-27.

Lu. xx. 27-40.
XVI. Christ replies to the Pharisees.


Mar.xii. 28-34.
XVII. Christ inquires of the Pharisees concerning Matt. xxii. 41,
the Messiah.

to the end.

Lu. XX. 41-44.
XVIII. Christ severely reproves the Pharisees. Matt. xxiii. 1,

to the end.
Luke xx. 45,

to the end.

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XIX. Christ applauds the liberality of the poor Mark xii. 41, Jerusalem.

to the end.

Luk. xxi. 1-4.
XX. Christ foretels the destruction of Jerusa-Mt. xxiv. 1-35.

lem—the end of the Jewish dispensa- Mar. xiii. 1-31.
tion and of the world.

Luk. xxi. 5-33.
XXI. Christ compares the suddenness of his se- Matt. xxiv. 36,

cond Advent to the coming of the De- to the end.

Mark xiii. 32,

to the end.

Luk.xxi.34-36. XXII. The Parable of the wise and foolish Vir- Mat. xxv. 1-13.

gins. XXIII. The Parable of the Servants and the Ta-Mt. xxv. 14-30.

lents. XXIV. Christ declares the proceedings at the Day Matt. xxv. 31, of Judgment.

to the end. XXV. Christ retires from the city to the Mount Luk.xxi.37,38.

of Olives. XXVI. Wednesday, Second day before the Cru-Matt. xxvi. 1-2.

cifixion-Christ foretels his approaching Mark xiv. 1.

XXVII. The Rulers consult how they may take Matt. xxvi. 3-5

Mark xiv. pt. of

ver. 1. ver. 2.

Luke xxii. 1, 2. XXVIJI. Judas agrees with the Chief Priests to be- Mat. xvi. 14-16. tray Christ.

Mar. xiv. 10,11.

Luke xxii. 3-6.
XXIX. Thursday—the day before the Crucifixion. Mt.xxvi. 17-19.

Christ directs two of his Disciples to Mar.xiv. 12-16.
prepare the Passover.

Luk. xxii. 7-13.
XXX. Christ partakes of the last Passover. Matt. xxvi. 20.

Mark xiv. 17.
Lu.xxii. 14-18.

John xiii. 1.
XXXI. Christ again reproves the Ambition of his Luk. xx.24-27.

John xiii. 2-16.
XXXII. Christ sitting at the Passover, and conti-Mt.xxvi.21-25.

nuing the Conversation, speaks of his Mar.xiv.17-21.

Lu.xxii. 21-23.

Joh. xiii. 17-30. XXXIII. Judas goes out to betray Christ, who pre- Luk. xx.28-38.

dicts Peter's denial of him, and the John xiii. 31, to

danger of the rest of the Apostles. the end. XXXIV. Christ institutes the Eucharist.

Mt.xxvi. 26-29.
Mar.xiv. 22-25.

Lu.xxix.19, 20.
XXXV. Christ exhorts the Apostles, and consoles John xiv.

them on his approaching Death. XXXVI. Christ goes with his Disciples to the Mount Matt. xxvi. 3. of Olives.

Mark xiv, 26.

Luke xxii. 39. XXXVII. Christ declares himself to be the true Vine. John xv. 1-8. XXXVIII. Christ exhorts the Apostles to mutual love, John xv. 9, to and to prepare for Persecution.

the end.

xvi. 1-4. XXXIX. Christ promises the gifts of the Holy Spirit. John xvi. 5, to

the end.


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