St. Nicholas, Том 8

Передняя обложка
Mary Mapes Dodge
Scribner & Company, 1880
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Стр. 307 - Cloud-like we saw the shore Stretching to leeward; There for my lady's bower Built I the lofty tower, Which, to this very hour, Stands looking seaward. "There lived we many years; Time dried the maiden's tears; She had forgot her fears, She was a mother; Death closed her mild blue eyes, Under that tower she lies; Ne'er shall the sun arise On such another!
Стр. 482 - Thus exhorted, Hubert resumed his place, and not neglecting the caution which he had received from his adversary, he made the necessary allowance for a very light air of wind, which had just arisen, and shot so successfully that his arrow alighted in the very center of the target. " A Hubert ! a Hubert ! " shouted the populace, more interested in a known person than in a stranger. " In the clout ! — in the clout ! — a Hubert forever ! " " Thou canst not mend that shot, Locksley," said the Prince,...
Стр. 192 - He spoke, and awful bends his sable brows, Shakes his ambrosial curls, and gives the nod, The stamp of fate, and sanction of the god : High Heaven with trembling the dread signal took, And all Olympus to the centre shook.
Стр. 305 - I wooed the blue-eyed maid, Yielding, yet half afraid, And in the forest's shade Our vows were plighted. Under its loosened vest Fluttered her little breast. Like birds within their nest By the hawk frighted. "Bright in her father's hall Shields gleamed upon the wall, Loud sang the minstrels...
Стр. 304 - Far in the Northern Land, By the wild Baltic's strand, I, with my childish hand, Tamed the gerfalcon; And, with my skates fast-bound, Skimmed the half-frozen Sound That the poor whimpering hound Trembled to walk on.
Стр. 482 - Thou canst not mend that shot, Locksley," said the Prince, with an insulting smile. " I will notch his shaft for him, however," replied Locksley. And letting fly his arrow with a little more precaution than \\ before, it lighted right upon that of his competitor, which it M split to shivers.
Стр. 485 - Who planted this old apple-tree ? " The children of that distant day Thus to some aged man shall say ; And, gazing on its mossy stem, The gray-haired man shall answer them : " A poet of the land was he, Born in the rude but good old times ; 'Tis said he made some quaint old rhymes. On planting the apple-tree.
Стр. 482 - ... first, took his aim with great deliberation, long measuring the distance with his eye, while he held in his hand his bended bow, with the arrow placed on the string. At length he made a step forward, and raising the bow at the full stretch of his left arm, till the centre or grasping-place was nigh level with his face, he drew his bowstring to his ear.
Стр. 482 - I am content to try my fortune ; on condition that when I have shot two shafts at yonder mark of Hubert's, he shall be bound to shoot one at that which I shall propose." " That is but fair," answered Prince John, " and it shall not be refused thee.
Стр. 480 - The diminished list of competitors for silvan fame still amounted to eight. Prince John stepped from his royal seat to view more nearly the persons of these chosen yeomen, several of whom wore the royal livery. Having satisfied his curiosity by this investigation, he looked for the object of his resentment, whom' be observed standing on the same spot, and with the same composed countenance which he had exhibited upon the preceding day. "Fellow...

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