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beyond the month of June. But, on the present occasion, the greater degree of labour required in the composition of the volume rendered it impossible to complete it by the usual time. Had we attempted to hasten the period of our publication by a few weeks, we could not have presented to our readers so faithful and distinct a narrative of the business of the year as that which we now lay before them.

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1,1811.rath', 1 August 1st, 1887.

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! 7 sivider jerit STATE of the Country-Meeting of Parliament-King's Speech and the

Address-Measures proposed for relieving the Commercial Distresses-
Prohibition against Stamping small Notes--Mr. Hume's Motion for
Returns of Bankrupt Country Banks-Bill brought in to prohibit the
Circulation of small Notes after Feb. 5th, 1829-Exception in favour
of the Bank of England-Mr. Hume's Motion to require Security from
Country Banks---Reasons for limiting the Bill to England -Scottish




Arrangement with the Bank of England-Bill brought into the House of
Lords to enable private Banks to have an unlimited Number of Partners

-Clause introduced authorising the Bank of England to establish
Branch Banks-Discussion on the Propriety of relieving the existing
Distress by an Issue of Exchequer Bills_The Bank agrees to advance
Money upon

Security-Bill to enable Factors holding Documents of Property in Goods, to pledge them to the Bank as effectually as if they were the real Owners--Appointment of a Committee on Emigration.CORN LAWS: Mr. Whitmore's Motion--Bill to allow the admission of Bonded Corn into the Market-Bill to authorize Government to Import a limited quantity of Foreign Grain during the Recess--Mr. Ellice's Motion on the State of the Silk Trade-Petitions concerning the Navigation Laws-Mr. Huskisson's Statement of the Effects of the recent Alterations in these Laws-Relaxation of the Navigation Laws in favour of the new South American States.



FINANCE.-The Budget-Mr. Maberly's Resolutions on the National

Debt-Mr. Hume's Motion on the State of the Nation, and Forty-five
Resolutions regarding the Finances-Opposition to the Navy Estimates
„Mr. Hobhouse's Motion to reduce the ArmyDiscussion on the
Expense of the Diplomatic Establishment



Bill to prevent Bribery at Elections

Resolutions against Bribery-Lord John Russell's Motion on Parliamentary Reform-Mr. Abercromby's



Motion for amending the Representation of Edinburgh-Motion to disfranchise non-resident Freemen in Ireland-Resolutions for the Regulation of Private

Pelham's Motion to hold Parliament occasionally in Dublin and Edinburgh-Privilege of Memy "bers not to be summoned on 0 Peerages-Debate on Motion to disjoin the Presidency of the Board of 30 Trade from the Treasurership of the Navy-Bill for the Consolidation of Oj

the Criminal Law-Debate on Motion to allow Counsel to Prisoners 9 on Trial for Felony--Case of Mr. Kenrick_Proceedings regarding the to Court of Chancery 1919 m. Tamoub01

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CHAPTER V. (in, IRELAND.Catholic Emancipation-State of the Protestant Church in withe Province of Munster-Motion for a Committee of Inquiry upon the ...First-Fruits-Motion for a Committee on the levying and application Jan of Church Rates Education- Chartered Schools-Bill to regulate the 1 Relation of Landlord and Tenant-Motion for a Committee on Tolls and Customs

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Colonies.-Slave Trade-Motion regarding the Trials of Slaves in Ja

maica---Resolutions of the Commons on the Slave Trade adopted by the it Lords-Motion by Lord Suffield to disqualify Proprietors of Slaves

from being public Functionaries--Motion to the same effect made in * the Commons by Mr. Smith—Petitions from the Council and House of

Assembly of Antigua, and the West-India Merchants-Mr. Brougham's Motion on the Conduct of the Colonies.--INDIA.—Jury Bill-Education of Writers-Petition of Mr. Buckingham complaining of the Indian Government referred to a Committee.--Canada.-Naturalization Act~ iu FOREIGN RELATIONS.-The Alien Act.-PROROGATION AND DISSOLUTION OF PARLIAMENT



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General Election-State of the Harvest-Importation of Grain allowed

Meeting of the new Parliament~King's Speech--Amendment on the Address in the House of Lords, moved by Lord King-Amendment on the Address in the House of Commons, moved by Mr. Hume-Amendment moved by Mr. Western-Act of Indemnity-Motion for a Select Committee on Joint-Stock Companies--Resolutions against Bribery at Elections, moved by Lord Althorp-Resolutions for regulating Committees on Private Bills, moved by Mr. Littleton-King's Message respecting the Conduct of Spain towards Portugal—Mr. Canning's Speech on an Address in Answer to the Message Discussion in the House of Commons—Mr. Canning's Reply,Address moved in the House of Lords-Speech of the Duke of WellingtonSailing of an Armament

-for Portugal Adjournment

[169 CHAPTER VIII. plonoj soitola 3 (Florida

11. This is Mapolnit INDIA.-Re-commencement of Hostilities with the Burmese-Military

Operations in the neighbourhood of Prome-British Army Advances to Melloone-Conferences and Terms of Peace accepted–The Treaty not being ratified, the Army takes Melloone—The Army Advances to

Pagahm-mew- Battle there-A Treaty concluded and ratified-Siege seand Capture of Bhurtpore by Lord Combermere.-Africa. Defeat of the Ashantees



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FRANCE.—Meeting of the Chambers-Expenses of the Army of Occupa-
ption in Spain-Ouvrard's Contracts --The Budget-Roads-Army and
» Navy Operation of the Sinking Fund-Corn Laws-Trade Law
fl" of Primogeniture-Speech of M. Villèle-The Slave Trade-Com-
plaints against the Government for shewing partiality to Turkey against

Greece Independence of St. Domingo, and Indemnity to the Colonists
Motion against Reading Speeches—The PressTrial of the Abbé
Mennais-Montlosier's Denunciation of the Jesuits—Treaty with Brazil
-Policy of France towards Portugal Recal of the French Minister
from Madrid, and of the Swiss Guards


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The Germanic DIET.--HOLLAND.--Disputes concerning the Navigation

of the Rhine-Arrangements regarding the Catholics-Epidemic Dis-
ease in North Holland— Finances-Militia Law-Expedition to Java

BAVARIA, AUSTRIA.-Proceedings of the Hungarian Diet-Decree against the Slave Trade-PrusSIA.-Russia.-A Commission appointed to investigate the Insurrection of 1825–Reforms in the Administration

Discontents among the Peasants-Death of the Empress Report of the Commission of Inquiry-Sentence and Punishment of the Conspirators_Coronation of the Emperor-War with Persia-Military Operations in Georgia--The Persians defeated


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SPAIN.-General State-Change of the Council-Prosecution of the Con- Istitutionalists_Plots-Revolt of Bazan-Disturbances 'occasioned by al the Royalist Volunteers—The Clergy-The Finances--Policy towards 1 Portugal Refusal to acknowledge the Regency of Portugal --Support -begiven to the Portuguese Rebels-Desertion of Spanish Troops-RemonJastratices of the Portuguese Envoy-Invasion of Portugal-Defeated 14. Rebels again received in Spain-General Longa suspended from his -Command, and a Minister from Portugal received

[290 l'experimentimidazi!!!, ; to ollut sien! CHAPTER XII. 116H si PORTUGAL..Death of John VI.- Don Pedro's

's Resignation of the Throne PC in favour of his Daughter. Establishment of a Regency. New Con

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stitution of Portugal --Promulgation of the Constitution-State of Public Opinion-Discontent of the Ultra-Royalists, and Desertions from the Army-Election of the Deputies to the Cortes-Intrigues of

Spain and the Marquis of Chaves---- Spain refuses to disarm the Deserters

- Conspiracy discovered in Lisbon--Decree against Emigrants. Demands of the Portuguese Envoy-Revolts in Algarves and Tras-osConstitution-Renewed Remonstrances of the Portuguese Envoy at

of Madrid-Preparations of the Rebels-They invade Portugal Spanish Minister at Lisbon suspended-Assurances given by Spain--Progress of the Rebels in Tras-os-Montes ---Revolt in Lamego-Insurrection in Beira-Progress of the Rebels under Magessi in the Alentejo-Magessi is driven back into Spain--He re-enters Portugal in the Province of Beira-Revolt in Almeida--Military Movements of the Rebel Com manders and of the Constitutional Troops--Arrival of British Troops at Lisbon--The Rebels defeated at Coruches-They retreat into Spain


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TURKEY.--Ultimatum of Russia, regarding Wallachia and Moldaysa ; it

to and Turkey–Settlement of their Differences—The Sultan attempts introduce European Discipline among the Janissaries - The Janissaries Revolt-The Revolt is quelled, and the Janissaries suppressed—Fire in Constantinople-Executions–Measures adopted to Reform the Administration. GREECE.-Engagements between the Greek and Turkish Fleets-Siege of Missolonghi-Attacks and Repulses of IbrahimCapture by Ibrahim of Vassiladi and Anatolico-Famine in Missolonghi

, Miaulis endeavours to relieve it-The Garrison attempts to cut its way through the Turkish Camp--Missolonghi taken-Military Operations after the taking of Missolonghi-Proclamation of the National Assembly—Measures of the Commission of Government-European Policy in regard to Greece-Piracies committed under the Greek Flag

- Finances-Exposure of the Greek Loans-The conduct of Persons connected with those Loans




And then going 1013 The UNITED STATES.-Negotiations with Britain regarding the Colonial

Trade.SOUTH AMERICA.-War between Brazil and Buenos Ayreste Constitution of Brazil.--STATES OF THE RIO DE LA PLATA. COLOM- £ BIA.-Revolt in Venezuela Venezuela declares itself Independent Return of Bolivar-Non-payment of the Dividends on the Debt-Laws, concerning the Public Debt.---Mexico.--Finances-Negotiations with the Pope. --GUATEMALA.-Internal Dissentions.--PERU. -Surrender of Callao---The National Representatives refuse to meet-Conspiracy against Bolivarr-He is chosen President for Life-His Departure Finances--BOLIVIA receives a Constitution from Bolivar.–CHILI.Chiloe conquered Insurrection in Chiloe in favour of O'Higgins Confusion in the Government_The Supreme Director resigns—Nonpayment of the Dividends on the Public Debt.-CONGRESS OF PANAMA


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