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the following solemn appeal to the coming generations: "For my memory I bequeath it to men's charitable speeches, and to foreign nations, and the next ages." Whether we are to consider the bold attempt to clear the fair fame of Lord Bacon, which Mr. William Hepworth Dixon has made in his recent fascinating volume, "Personal History," &c., successful or unsuccessful; whether the world will now reverse its judgment of the great scholar, philosopher, statesman, and prophet of the sixteenth century, or will continue to point to him as the "meanest of mankind" as well as the "wisest and brightest," every scholar will rejoice that at length an editor of his works has appeared who is able and willing to do them and him full justice. The evidence of the long and untiring labor which has been given to these splendid volumes by Mr. Spedding and his friends, is to be found on every page. The prefaces, the translations, the notes, explanatory and critical, everywhere bear ample testimony to the ability, the zeal and enthusiasm with which these gentlemen have labored. Mr. Dixon in his "Personal History," to which we have just alluded, and of which we give a notice on page 201, says:

"An editor worthy of Bacon has risen to purge his fame. Such labors as those undertaken by Mr. Spedding demand a life, and he has not scrupled to devote the best years of an active and learned manhood to the preliminary toil. Lord Bacon's Literary, Legal, and Philosophical Works, are already before the world in seven of Mr. Spedding's princely volumes, printed and noted with the most skillful and loving care. Three or four volumes of Occasional and Personal Works are still to come. The appearance of this new edition has drawn men's thoughts to the character of Bacon as painted by his foes; and the instinct, strong as virtue, to reject the spume of satire and falsehood, has sprung at the voice of Mr. Spedding into lusty life."

We have also in this country reason to take some pride in the enterprise which is giving us an American edition of these works which is in every respect faultless. Since the appearance of our last number, Messrs. Brown and Taggard, of Boston, have issued two new volumes of the series which they have commenced.

In Volume XII are found, prominent among other shorter papers of value, the well known "Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral," essays in which we find embodied the wisdom of all ages; essays which have lost none of their interest or value with time. "They come home to men's business and bosoms to-day just as they did to those of the generation for whom they

were first written." In Volume XIII we have the greater part of "De Sapientia Veterum;" the papers "On the true Greatness of Britain;" Colors of Good and Evil; Short Notes for Civil Conversation; and the famous Apothegms-mucrones verborumas Bacon himself called them-" Speeches with a point or edge, whereby knots in business are pierced and severed."

We wait with eagerness for the remaining volumes of the series. [T. H. Pease, Special Agent in New Haven.]

IRVING'S WORKS.-National Edition.-Since the last number of the New Englander appeared, three new volumes of the splendid "National Edition" of Washington Irving's works have been given to the public. The third volume of the "Life of Washington."-The second volume of the "Life of Columbus."-And the "Companions of Columbus." The fine steel engravings with which these volumes are embellished, add much to the value and attractiveness of the edition.

NOVELS OF SIR EDWARD BULWER LYTTON.-Messrs. J. B Lippincott & Co., of Philadelphia, are publishing a beautiful "library edition" of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton's Novels. We have before us a copy of "The Last Days of Pompeii;" of "Leila, or the Seige of Granada;" and of the "Caxton Novels;" which are well worthy of the examination of the admirers of those popular works of fiction.



Art Studies: The "Old Masters" of Italy; Painting. By JAMES JACKSON JARVES. Copperplate Illustrations. New York: Derby & Jackson. 1861. Royal 8vo. pp. 504.

Human Destiny. A Critique on Universalism. By C. F. HUDSON. Boston: James Munroe & Co. 1861. 12mo. pp. 147. The Merchant's and Banker's Almanac for 1861. Continued annually. J. SMITH HOMANS, Jr. 8vo. pp. 200.

This is one of the best of the special almanacs which are now becoming so numerous.

Hymns and Choirs. By Prof. A. PHELPS, E. A. PARK, and Rev. D. L. FURBER. Andover: W. S. Draper. 12mo. 1861.

Blind Bartimeus; or the Story of a Sightless Sinner and his great Physician. By Rev. WILLIAM J. HOGE, D. D. American Tract Society, 150 Nassau st., New York. 24mo. pp. 257.

The Revival and its Lessons; a Collection of Fugitive Papers, having reference to the Great Awakening, 1858. By Rev. JAMES W. ALEXANDER, D. D. Amer. Tract Soc., 150 Nassau st., New York. 1860. 24mo.

Astronomy, and Astronomical Geography, with the use of the Globes. Arranged either for simultaneous reading and study in classes, or for study in the common method. By EMMA WILLARD. New York: A. S. Barnes and Burr. 1860. 16mo. pp. 298.

The Life of the Rev. Richard Knill, of St. Petersburg. By Rev. CHARLES M. BIRRELL, with a review of his character, by the late JOHN ANGELL JAMES. This is the same book which we noticed on page 239 of Vol. XVIII. Amer. Tract Soc., 150 Nassau st., New York. 24mo. pp. 358.

Account of the Golden Wedding of James and Mary Brewster, Sept. 18, 1860. New Haven. 1860. 12mo. pp. 28.

Teacher's Pocket Record of Attendance, Deportment, and Scholarship. By J. L. TRACY. New York: A. S. Barnes and Burr.

1860. 16mo.


The Census and Slavery: A Thanksgiving Discourse, delivered in the Chapel at Clifton Springs, N. Y., November 29th, 1860. By HORACE BUSHNELL. Hartford: L. E. Hunt. 18mo. pp. 24.

The President's Fast: A Discourse upon our National Crimes and Follies, preached in the Broadway Tabernacle Church, January 4th, 1861. By JOSEPH P. THOMPSON. New York City. 1861. 12mo. pp. 26.


Thoughts Proper to the Present Crisis: A Sermon preached in the Chapel of Yale College, on Fast Day, January 4th, 1861. GEORGE P. FISHER, Livingston Professor of Divinity in Yale College. New Haven: T. H. Pease. 1861. 12mo. pp. 21.

The Jugglers Detected: A Discourse delivered in the Chapel Street Church, New Haven, December 30th, 1860. By LEONARD BACON, Pastor of the First Church. With an Appendix. New

Haven: T. H. Pease. 1861. 8vo. pp. 39. [For sale by T. H. Pease, who will send copies by mail to any address on the receipt of twenty cents in postage stamps.]

Address. By THOMAS H. STOCKTON, Chaplain U. S. H. R. Delivered in the Hall of the House of Representatives, on the day of National Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer, Friday, January 4th, 1861. Washington. 12mo. pp. 16.

Religion and Politics. By JAMES LEONARD CORNING, Milwaukee. A Discourse delivered on Thanksgiving Day, November 29th, 1860. Strickland & Co. 12mo. pp. 23.

The Library of Yale College. By D. C. GILMAN, Librarian. From the University Quarterly, October, 1860. 12mo. pp. 18.

An Essay on the Study of the Latin Language in our Schools and Colleges, at the expense of writing and speaking in English, especially extemporaneously. By THOMAS A. MERRILL, D. D., late Pastor of the Congregational Church in Middlebury, Vt. New York: Leavitt & Allen. 1860. 8vo. pp. 58.

We quote the "Note," with which this essay is prefaced, entire :

"This Essay, by the late Dr. Merrill, was prepared and read, by appointment, before the Addison Association, in June, 1853.

"It was afterwards revised, and is now published for gratuitous distribution to 'Colleges, Academies, and leading minds throughout the United States,' by direction of the author.

"Beside making provision for the above purpose, Dr. Merrill manifested his sense of the importance of the Rhetorical department of Education, by leaving $1,500 to Middlebury College,—the yearly interest of which sum is to be paid in premiums of $30, $25, $20 and $15, to the four members of the Sophomore Class, who, in a public exercise for this purpose, shall be declared "to excel in the ease and gracefulness of their manner-in the intonations and modulations of voice-in the propriety and elegance of their gesture, and preeminently in the forcible manner in which they impress truth on other minds.'”

Any person who wishes a copy of this Essay will be supplied. without cost, by addressing Rev. A. Boardman Lambert, Salem, Washington County, N. Y.

Prerequisites to Communion.

The Scriptural Terms of Ad

mission to the Lord's Supper. By Rev. ALBERT N. ARNOLD,

D.D. Boston: Gould & Lincoln.

1861. 18mo.

pp. 121.

Suggestions for Household Libraries of Essential and Stand-
ard Books, (exclusive of scientific and religious works.) G. P.
Putnam, 532 Broadway, New York. 1861. 12mo. pp. 24.

Minutes of the General Conference of Maine. 1860. 12mo.
pp. 76.

Minutes of the General Conference of the Congregational
Churches in Massachusetts, at its first annual session, held at the
First Church in Springfield, September 11-13, 1860. With the
Essays which were read before the Conference. Boston: Crocker
& Brewster. 1860. 12mo. pp. 57.

The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs for 1861.
140 engravings. Albany: L. Tucker & Son. 12mo. 1861. pp.



Metanoia et Pistis; or, Essays on the relations of Repentance
and Faith. By H. ST. JOHN VAN DAKE. Lebanon, Ind.
1861. pp. 64.


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