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[In this Index the Names of ConteIBUTORS of Articles are Printed in Italics.]




Ackerman, (C.) Christian Element Amoor, reviewed by Burdett Hart, 352

in Plato, and the Platonic Phi- Atkinson, (T. W.) Oriental and
losophy, noticed,

511 Western Siberia, reviewed by
Adams, (Nehemiah), Evenings with Burdett Hart,

the Doctrines, noticed,

510 Bacon, (Leonard), Martyrs under
Aeschylus, edited by F. A. Paley, Queen Elizabeth, Article,

Harpers' edition, noticed, 239 Bacon, (Leonard), The Pulpit and
Africa, Central, Lake Regions of, the Crisis, Article,

by Richard F. Burton, noticed, 199 Bacon, (Leonard), Puritan History,
African Civilization and the Cot- Article,

ton Trade, Article, by Joseph P. Bacon, (Leonard), Life of Hon.
829 James Hillhouse, noticed,

Agassiz. (Louis), Essay on Classifi-

Bacon,(Lord), Works, not'd, 263, 540, 777
cation, noticed,

84 Bacon (Lord), Personal History of,
Alexander, (James w.) Thoughts

by William H. Dixon, noticed, 201
on Preaching, noticed,

516 Banner, The Star Spangled, not’d, 953
Alexander, (Joseph A.) Gospel ac- Bayonet Exercise, G. B. McClel-
cording to Matthew, noticed, 513 lan, noticed,

Alexander, (J. A.) New Testament Belisle (D. W.) History of Inde-
Literature and Ecclesiastical His.

pendence Hall, noticed,

tory, noticed,

513 Bell, (J. D.) A Man, noticed,
Alexandrine Codex, Ed. by B. H. Bengel, (John A.) Gnomon of the
Cowper, noticed,
179 New Testament, noticed,

Allen's Classical Hand-Book, not'd, 951 Black Ship, noticed,

Allen, (D. O.) Missions in India, Blake, (George W.) The Young

365 Christian Merchant, Memoir of,
Allen, (J. H.) Hebrew. Men and


Times, noticed,

756 Boies, (W. E.) Recreations of a
Alps, Cottages of the, noticed, 200 Country Parson, reviewed, 882
American Almanac for 1861, not'd, 540 Bonar, (Andrew A.) Memoirs of the
American Flag, The, noticed, 953 Rev. David Sandeman, noticed, . 524
Amoor, Acquisition of the, Article, Botany, Wood's Class-Book of, not’d, 952
by Burdett Hart,

352 Botta, (Anne C. L.) Hand-Book of
Amoor, Regions of the Upper and Universal Literature, noticed, 227

Lower, by T. W. Atkinson, rev'd, 352 Breckinridge, (R. J.) Fast-Day Ser-
Amoor, Voyage down the, by Perry mon, reviewed by T. D. Woolsey, 731

McDonough Collins, reviewed, 352 Bremer (Frederika), Life in the Old
Anarchiad, The, noticed,
779 World, noticed,

Anderson, (A.) Memorial Volume, Bridges, (Charles), Exposition of

958 the Book of Ecclesiastes, noticed, 184
André, Sargent's Life of, not'd, 738, 946 Bushnell, (Horace), Character of
Angelo, (Michael,) Sketch of the Jesus, noticed,

Life and Works of, Article, by Bushnell, (Horace), Christian Nur-
E. E. Salisbury,

785 ture, reviewed by H. M. Goodwin, 474
Annals of the Rescued, by Mrs. C. Burgess, (E.) Etc., Translation of

E. L. Wightman, noticed, . 535 the Sûrya-Siddhânta, noticed, 198
Annual of Scientific Discovery for Burns, (Robert), Prof. Wilson's
1861, ed. by D. A. Wells, not'd, 534 Life of, noticed, .

Atkinson, (T. W.) Travels in the Burton, (Richard F.) Lake Regions
Regions of the Upper and Lower of Central Africa, noticed,.






Calhoun, (J. C.) Works of, noticed, 764, Connecticut, Contributions to the Carlyle, (Alexander), Autobiogra- Ecclesiastical History of, pot'd, 220 phy of, noticed, .

203 Cooper, (Dr.) Early advocate of Cartoons of Raphael

, analysis of, the doctrine of State Sovereignty, 767 noticed,

251 Cooper's Novels, noticed, 777, 952 Chambers's Encyclopedia, noticed, 537 Cornell

, (William M.) How to Enjoy Children, Horace Bushnell's Chris- Life, noticed,

255 tian Nurture of, reviewed by H. Corssen, (w.) Ueber Aussprache, M. Goodwin,

474 Vocalismus und Betonung der China and the 'West, Article, by w. Lateinischen Sprache, reviewed, D. Whitney, 1 by T. A. Thacher,

102 Christ's Death, Benefits of, by Ao: Cosmogony, Mosaic, c. w. Good

nio Paleario, noticed, . 191, 518 win's Essay upon, not'd, 84, reChrist's Discourse at Capernaum, viewed by E. A. Walker, . 541

John VI, Commentary on, by Cotton and African Civilization,

Samuel H. Turner, noticed, 512 Article, by J. P. Thompson, 829 Christ. Moral Character of, by Cowper, (B. H.) Ed. of Codex AlPhilip Schaff, noticed, 519 exandrinus, noticed,

179 Christ Our Life, by C. F. Hudson, Croswell, (William), Poems, not'd, 230 noticed,

17+ Currents and Counter-Currents in Church and Science, The Debate

Medical Science, 0. W. Holmes, between, noticed,

175 noticed, Civilization, General History of, Dale, (R.'w.) Life

' of John Angeli by Guizot, reviewed by 1. D. James, noticed, .

950 Woolsey,

409, 871 Dall, (Mrs.) Historical Pictures Claiborne. (J. F. H.) Life of Gen. Retouched, noticed,

208 Quitinan, noticed,

213, 770 Darwin, (Charles), The Origin of Clapp. (C. W.) Design and Nature Species by means of Natural of Punishment under the Divine Selection, noticed,

81, 345 Government, Article,

63 Davis, (Woodbury), The Beautiful Clapp, (C. W.) Problem of Inspira)

City and the King of Glory, notd, 192 tion, Article,

809 De Gasparin, Uprising of a Great Classical land-Book, T. P. and w.

People, noticed,

953 H. Allen, noticed,

931 Dickens,' (Charles), Great ExpectCleveland, (C. D.) Compendium of ations, noticed,

Classical Literature, noticed, 781 Dickens's Novels, noticed, 540, 778, 953 Collins, (Perry McDonough), Voy. Dictionary of the Bible, by William age down the Amoor, reviewed, Smith, noticed,

186 by Burdett Hart, 332 Disunion Conspiracy,

761 Commentaries noticed:

Dixon, (William II.) Personal His. Alexander, (J. A.) Jatthew, 513 tory of Lord Bacon, noticed, 201 Bengel, Gnomon,

516 Doctrines, Evenings with the, by Bridges, (C.) Ecclesiastes,

Nehemiah Adams, D. D., not'd, : 510 Ebrard, (J. II. A.) Epistles of St. Doctrines. Text-Book of the Histo. John,

514 ry of, by K. R. Hagenbach, not’d, 509 Ellicott, (c. J.) Galatians, :

182 Drake, (Joseph Rodman), The Tholuck, (A.) Sermon on the American Flag, noticed,

953 Mount,

181 Dunning, (E. O.) Private Charac: Turner. "(n.) Christ's. Dis- ter of Thomas Jefferson, Article, 648

course at Capernaum, 512 Druzes and Maronites, Article, by Withington, (L.) Song of Solo- William H. Thomson,

32 758 Dulles, (Johu W.) Soldier's Friend, Conduct of Life, by R. w. Emer- noticed,

960 son, noticed,

941 Dutton, (s. w. s.) Duties to their reviewed,

496 Country, in the present Crisis, of Congregationalism, Rise in Eng- those who remain at home during land, Article, by Leonard Bacon, 126 the war of 1861,

674 Congregationalism, Rise in Scot- Dutton. (S. W. S.) Address at the

land, Article, by A. Geikic, 269 funeral of Eli Ives, M. D., . 930 Ilenry, (C. S.) Social Welfare and John A. Bengel, noticed,





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Ebrard, (J. H. A.) Commentary on

ony, noticed,

84 the Epistles of John, noticed, 514 reviewed,

511 Ecclesiastical History of Connec- Goodvin, (H. M.) Dr. Bushnell's

ticut, Contributions to, noticed, , 220 “ Christian Nurture," reviewed, 474 Ecclesiastical History, New Testa- Goodwin, (W. W.) Syntax of the

ment Literature and, by Joseph Moods and Tenses of the Greek A. Alexander, noticed, 513 verb, noticed,

237 Education: Intellectual, Moral, and Gosse. (P. II.) The Romance of Physical, by Herbert Spencer, Natural History, noticed, .

247 noticed,

242 Gospels according to the AmmoEighty Years’ Progress

of the Uni. nian Sections and the Tables of ted States, noticed,

957 Eusebius, by Samuel H. TurnElizabeth, Queen, Martyrs under, er, noticed,

512 Article, by Leonard Bacon, 437 Grammar of the Hebrew Language, Ellicott, (C. J.) Commentary on the by W. H. Green, noticed. 950

Epistle to the Galatians, not'd, . 182 Great Expectations, by Charles, Elsie Venner, by 0. W. Holmes, Dickens, noticed,

953 noticed,

524 Green, (W. HI.) Grammar of the Emmons.' (Nathaniel), Prof. Park's

Hebrew Language, noticed, 950 Memoir of, reviewed by George Gicek Grammar, by James Had. P. Fisher, 709 ley, noticed.

234 Emerson, (R. W.) Conduct of Life, Greek, First Lessons in, by J. M. noticed, 241 Whiton, noticed,

950 reviewed,

496 Greek Verb, Syntax of the Moods Encyclopedia, Chambers’s, noticed, 637 and Tenses of, by W. W. GoodEvil, Wesley's views of, as neces- win, noticed,

237 sary to the highest happiness, 621 Guesses at Truth, noticed,

241 Expectations, Great, noticed, 953 Guizot's General History of CivilFaraday, (Michael), Lectures on ization, reviewed by Theodore D. the Physical Forces, noticed, 197 Woolsey,

409, 871 Father Tom and the Pope, noticed, 632 Hadley, (James), Greek Grammar, Fisher, (George P.) Discourse Com- noticed,

234 memorative of Prof. J. W. Gibbs, 605 Hagenbach, (K. R.) Test-Book of Fisher, (George P.) Prof. Park's the History of Doctrines, not'd, 509

Memoir of Nathaniel Emmons, Haldane, (Alexander), Memoirs of reviewed, 709 the Haldanes, reviewed,

269 First Lessons in Greek, by J. M. Hastings, (H. L.) Thessalonica,not'd, 762 Whiton, noticed,

950 | Hare, (J. C.) Guesses at Truth, not'd, 241 Flag, The American, noticed, 953 Hart, (Burdett), Acquisition of the Forces of Matter, Six Lectures on, Amoor, Article,.

352 by Michael Faraday, noticed, 197 Hartford Convention, Action of no French Class-Book, Pujol and Van precedent for doctrine of SeNorman's, noticed,

952 cession, Article, by T. D. Woolsey, 751 Friend, The Soldier's, noticed, 960 Haven, (Gilbert), Parkeriem, not'd, 193 Gale, (Mrs. Martha Tyler), Review Hay-Time to Hopping, noticed, 956 of “The Marble Faun,'

860 Hayward, (A.) Edition of AutobiGangooly, (Joguth Chunder), Life ography of Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale), and Religion of the Hindus, re- noticed,

948 viewed, by D. 0. Allen, 365 Hebrew Language, Grammar of, by Geikie, (Archibald), Lives of the W. H. Green, noticed,

950 Haldanes, as illustrating the Rise IIebrew Men and Times, by J. II of Congregationalism in Scot- Allen, noticed,

756 land, Article,

269 Hedge, (F. H.) edition of Recent Gibbs, (Josiah' w.) ovituary, bij Inquiries in Theology, notd, 84, 161 George P. Fisher,


323, 541 Gnomon of the New Testament, by

516 Human Progress, noticed, . 244 Godey's Lady's Book, noticed, 782, 960 Herodotus, History of, edited by Goodwin, (C. W.) Mosaic Cosmog.

George Rawlinson, noticed, 214




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Hewlett, (H. G.) Heroes of Europe, Kirkwood, ( Daniel), Solar Phenom

ena, Article,

51 Hillhouse, (James), Life of, by Rev. Kormak, noticed, .

231 Leonard Bacon, D), D., noticed, 210 Kurtz, (J. H.)

Text-Book of Hindus, Life and Religion of the, Church History, noticed, 188

by J. C. Gangooly, reviewed, 365 Latin Pronunciation, Article, by Historical Magazine and Notes and 7. A. Thacher,

102 Queries, noticed,

639 Letters to the London Times from Historical Picture's Retouched, by the Southern States, noticed, 960 Mrs. Dall, noticed,

208 Lewis, (Tayler), Six Days of CreaHolmes, (O. W.) Currents and tion defended, noticed,

175 Counter-Currents in Medical Liberty, Edwards's definition of, Science, noticed,

955 criticised, by George P. Fisher, . 1722 IIolmes, (Oliver W.) Elsie Ven- Lieber, (Francis), Two Lectures on ner, noticed,

524 the Constitution of the United Hopkins, (Samuel), The Puritang States, reviewed, by Theodore during the reigns of Edward VI D. Woolsey,

731 and Queen Elizabeth, reviewed, Life in the old World, by Fredby Leonard Bacon, 126 erika Bremer, noticed,

520 Iludson, (C. F.) Christ Our Life, Limits of Religious Thought, by noticed, 174 H. L. Mansel, reviewed,

323 Hughes, (Thomas), Tom Brown ai Literature, Iland-Book of, by Anne Oxford, noticed, 257 C. L. Botta, noticed,

227 Hunt, (John), Life of, or a Mission- Liturgies, Ancient Christian and

ary among the Cannibals, by Worship, Article, by kinsley George S. Rowe, noticed, . 209 Tuining,

685 Hymns of the Ages, Second Se- Lloyd's Map of the Southern States,

, ries, noticed, 232 noticed,

951 Ilymns and Choirs, noticed, 954 Logic in Theology, by Isaac TayHymns for Mothers and Children, lor, noticed,

. 168 noticed, 233 Man, by J. D. Bell, noticed,

256 Independence Hall, History of, by Mann, (Horace), Sermons, noticed, 760 D. W. Belisle, noticed,

226 Mansel, (H. L.) Limits of Religious India, Missions in, Article, by D. Thought, reviewed,

323 0. Allen,

365 Mansfield, (E. E.) Political Man. India, Mission Schools in, noticed, 959 ual, noticed,

951 Inspiration, Problem of, Article, by Manual of Bayonet Exercise, not'd, 958 C. W. Clapp,

809 Marble Faun, by Nathaniel HawIrving's Works, not'd, 265, 540, 778, 953 thorne, reviewed, by Mrs. M. T. Ives, M. D., Dr. Dutton's Address Gale, .

860 at the funeral of,

930 Maronites and Druzes, Article, by Jackson, (Andrew), Life of, by J. William H. Thomson, Parton, noticed,

210 Martyrs under Queen Elizabeth, James, (John Angell), Life of, not'd, 950 Article, by Leonard Bacon, 437 Jameson, (Mrs.) Legends of the Materialism, Does Science tend to, Madonna, noticed,

Article, by Joseph P. Thompson, 84 Jefferson, (Thomas), ' Religious Matthew, Gospel according to, Character of,

648 Commentary, by J. A. AlexanJervis, (John 'B.) Railway Prop der, noticed,

513 erty, noticed,

248 MeClellan, (George B.) Manual of Jesus. Character of, by Horace Bayonet Exercise, noticed, 958 Bushnell, noticed,

619 Memorial Volume A. B. C. F. M.; John, Biblical Commentary on the noticed,

958 Epistles of, by J. H. A. Ebrard, Merchant, The Young Christian, Life noticed,

514 of George W. Blake, noticed, 949 Jones, (Joel), Notes on Scripture, Methodism Successful, by B. F. noticed, 183 Tefft, noticed,

193 Key, (Francis S.) The Star Span- Methodist Pulpit, Dr. Sprague's gled Banner, noticed, 953 Annals of, noticed,


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Methodist Quarterly Review on Paley, (F. A.) Æschylus, Harp-
Wesley and his Theology, . 621 ers' edition, noticed,

Milman's Latin Christianity, not'd, Palmer, (B. M.) Vindication of Se-

261, 640, 776 cession and the South, reviewed,
Missionary among the Cannibals, by T. D. Woolsey,

or the Life of John Hunt, by G. Palmer, (Ray), Hints on the Form-
S. Rowe, noticed,

209 ation of Relig. Opinions, not'd, 172
Missions, A. B. C. F., Memoriai

Park, (E. A.) Hymns and Choirs,
Volume of, noticed,
958 noticed,

Missions in India, Article, by D. Park, (E. A.) Interpretation of
0. Allen,

365 Emmons's doctrine of Divine
Moore, (Frank), Rebellion Record,

Efficiency, considered, by G.
778, 960 P. Fisher, .

Moore, (John), Review of Motley's Parkerism, Three Discourses by w.
United Netherlands, Article,

386 F. Warren, F. H. Newman, and
Moore, (W. E.) Presbyterian Di. G. Haven, noticed,

gest, noticed,

763 Parson, Recreations of a Country,
Moral Government of God, thoughts reviewed, by W. E. Boies, .

on, by a Plain Man, noticed, 174 Partisan Leader,by Beverley Tuck.
Vosaic Cosmogony, C. W. Good- er, noticed,

win's Essay upon, reviewed, by Parton, (James), life of Andrew
E. A. Walker,
541 Jackson, noticed,

Motley's United Netherlands, re- Penry, (John), The Pilgrim Martyr,
viewed, by John Moore,

386 by John Waddington, reviewed,
Müller, (George), and the Life of by Leonard Bacon,

Trust, reviewed, by C. C. Tiffany, 429 Phelps, (A.) Hymns and Choirs,
Murdoch, (D.) The Dutch Dominie noticed,

of the Catskills, noticed, 258 Pictures and Flowers for Child
Natural History, the Romance of, Lovers, noticed,

by P. H. Gosse, noticed, 247 Piozzi, (Mrs.) Autobiography and
Neal, (Daniel), The History of the Literary Remains of, noticed, 948

Puritans from the Reformation Plato, Apology and Crito of, by
in 1517, to the Revolution in W. S. Tyler, noticed, .

1688, reviewed, by L. Bacon, 126 Plato and the Platonic Philosophy,
Necessity, Edwards's views respect- the Christian Element in, by
ing, criticised, by Geo. P. Fisher, 722 C. Ackerman, noticed,

Netherlands, The United, by J. L. Powell, (Baden), Evidences of Chris-
Motley, reviewed, by John Moore, 386 tianity, noticed, .

Newman, (F. H.) Parkerism, not'd, 193 Presbyterian Digest, by W. E.
New Testament, Gnomon of, by Moore, noticed, .

John A. Bengel, noticed, 514 Princeton Review's Reply to the
New Testament Literature and New Englander, considered, 238

Ecclesiastical History, by J. A. Progress, Eighty Years', of the
Alexander, noticed,
513 United States, noticed,

Noble, (L. L.) After Icebergs with Pronunciation, Latin, Article, by
a Painter, noticed,
781 T. A. Thacher,

Notes and Queries 'and Historical Pronunciation and Spelling, review
Magazine, noticed,

539 of Soule and Wheeler's Manual
Surture, Christian, by Horace of English, by W. D. Whitney, . 913

Bushnell, reviewed, by H. M. Prophecy, Origin, Character, and

474 Interpetration of, by S. H.
Obituary of Prof. J. W. Gibbs, 605 Turner, noticed, .

Obituary of Eli Ires, M. D., 930 Pulpit, The, Article, by J. S. Sew-
Paine, (Thomas), Religious views


of Thomas Jefferson coincident Pulpit, The, and the Crisis, Article,
with those of,
666 Leonard Bacon,

Paleario, (Aonio), 'The Benefit of Pulpit, The, and Rostrum, not’d, 254, 958
Christ's Death, noticed,

191, 518 Punishment, The design and nature

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