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Jones, (Joel), Notes on Scripture, no- with an Introduction by Thomas Chal.
ticed, XIX, 183.

mers, and a Memoir by C. Ullman,
Jones, (Joseph H.), Man, Moral and noticed, XVI, 452.

Physical, noticed, XVIII, 507. Kendrick, A. C.), Life and Writings of
Jordan and the Dead Sea, Narrative of Mrs. Emily C. Judson, noticed, XVIII,

U. S. Expedition to, by W. F. Lynch, 1087.
reviewed, by William A. Larned, VII, Kennedy, (William S). Messianic Pro-

phecy, and the Life of Christ, noticed,
Josephus, Traill's New Translation of, XVIII, 1060.
noticed, VI. 151.

Kent's Commentaries, criticised, by J.
Joslyn, (Mrs.), Clement of Rome, no- L. Kingsley, I, 227.
ticed, IV, 602.

Key, (F. S.), Illustrated Edition of the
Jubilee College, The Motto of, &c., no. Star Spangled Banner, noticed, XIX,
ticed, VII, 478.

Judson, (A.), Memoir of, by J. Clement, Key to the Bible, by David Dobie, no-
noticed, IX, 626.

ticed, XIV, 624.
Judson. (A.), Memoir of the Life and Kidder, (Rev. D. P.). Brazil and the

Labors of, by Francis Wayland, no- Brazilians, noticed, XV, 746.
ticed, XII, 172.

Kidnapped and Ransomed; or Life of
Judson, (A.), Sketch of, or the Earnest Peter Still and his wife Vina, forty

Man, by Mrs. H. C. Conant, noticed, years Slaves, by Mrs. Kate E. R.
XIV, 477.

Pickard, noticed, XIV, 628.
Judson, (Mrs. Emily C.), Life and Wri- Killon, (W. D), The Ancient Church,

tings of, by A. C. Kendrick, noticed, noticed, XVIII, 797.
XVIII, 1087.

King, (D. S.), Riches of Grace; or the
Judson, (Sarah B.), Memoir of, by Fanny Blessing of Perfect Love, reviewed,

Forrester, reviewed, by Daniel March, VIII, 528.
VII, 399.

King, (T. Butler), Letter to P. P. Stan-
Julius Cæsar, History of, by J. Abbott, ton, on Steamships to Africa, review.
noticed, VIII, 648.

ed, by S. W. S. Dullon, IX, 70.
Julius Cæsar, Life of, by H. G. Liddell, King, (Thomas Starr), The White Hills,
noticed, XVIII, 241.

noticed, XVIII, 264.
Justification by Faith, by L. H. Atwater, Kingdom of Heaven, or Christ's Church,
noticed, IX, 618.

t's. Sects, by J. B. Turner, noticed,
Kabbale, (La), ou la Philosophie re. V, 592.

ligieuse des Hébreux, par Ad. Franck, Kingsford, (W.), History, Structure and

reviewed, by J. W. Gibbs, X, 433. Statistics of Plank Roads in the United
Kane, (E. K.), Biography of, by Wm. States and Canada, reviewed, by Wia,
Elder, noticed, XVI, 921.

A. Larned, IX, 290.
Kane, (E. K.', Funeral Eulogy at the Kingsley, (Charles), Alton Locke; Tailor

Obsequies of, by C. W. Shields, no- and Poet, reviewed, by J. M. Starte-
ticed, XVI, 205.

vant, XIII, 161.
Kansas, Gov. Geary's Administration Kingsley, (Charles). Miscellanies, Walter

in, with its History, till July, 1857, by Raleigh and his Time, noticed, XVII,
J. H. Gihon, reviewed, by Leonard 557.
Bacon, XV, 675.

Kingsley, (Charles), New Miscellanies,
Kant, (I.), Critique of Pure Reason, noticed, XVIII, 547.

translated by J. M. Meiklejohn, re- Kingsley, (Charles). Sermons for the

viewed, by D. H. Hamilton, XV, 61. Times, noticed, XV, 727.
Kavanagh, (Julia), Women of Chris- Kingsley, (Charles), The Good News of
tianity, X, 332.

God, noticed, XVIII, 222.
Keble's Version of the Psalms, criti- Kingsley, (Charles), Two Years Ago, ra
cised, IV, 323.

viewed, by William T. Eustis, XV,
Kellogg. (Edward), Labor and other 448.

Capital, noticed, VII, 327, 419. Kingsley, (Charles), Yeast, A Problem,
Kemble, (John Mitchell,) The Saxons in reviewed, by R. A. Fufe, X, 177.

England, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, Kingsley, (James L.), Address Com-
VII, 647.

memorative of, by T. A. Thacher, X,
Kempis, (Thomas A'), Imitation of Christ, 631.



Kip, (William Ingraham), Early Con- | Krug, (W.T.), Fundamental Philosophy,
flicts of Christianity, noticed, VIII, noticed, VÍ, 454.

Krummacher, Last Days of Elisha, no-
Kirk and Covenant, Lays of, by Mrs. A. ticed, XI, 159.
S. Menteath, noticed, X, 159.

Kühner, (Raphael), Greek Grammar, no-
Kirk, (E. V.), on Christian Alliance, no- ticed, IV, 604 ; X, 661.
ticed, IV, 302.

Kurtz, (J. H.), llistory of the Old Cove.
Kirk, (E. N.), Translation of J. F. Astie's nant, noticed, XVIII, 486, 1053.

Louis Fourteenth, and the Writers of Kurtz, (J. H.), Text-Book of Church
his Age, noticed, XIII, 485.

History, noticed, XIX, 188.
Kirwan, Letters to the Right Rev. John Labor and other Capital, by E. Kelloge,
Hughes, noticed, XIII, 627.

noticed, VII, 327; reviewed, by Leon-
Kirwan, Men and Things as I saw them ard Bacon, VII, 419.
in Europe, noticed, XI, 643.

Lady's Companion, noticed, by Donald
Kitto, (John), Cyclopædia of Biblical G. Mitchell, II, 96.

Literature, noticed, I, 605; V, 143; Lafayette, Life of, by E. Cecil, noticed,
IX, 627.

XVIII, 553.
Kitto, (John). Daily Bible Illustrations, La Fontaine, Fables of, translated by

noticed, VIII, 320, 651; IX, 627; Elizur Wright, noticed, XVIII, 260.
X, 488; XI, 480 ; XII, 337.

Laing, (Samuel), History of the German
Kitto, (John), History of Palestine, no- Anti-Papal Movement of 1847, re-
ticed, X, 488.

viewed, by Joseph P. Thompson, V,
Klemm, Cultur-geschichte der Minsch. 277.
heit, noticed. IX, 88.

Laing. (Samuel), Journal of a Residence
Knickerbocker's History of New York, in Norway, noticed, by T. D. Woolsey,

by Washington Irving, noticed, VI, I, 326.

Laing, (Samuel), Notes on the Progress
Knight, (Charles), Half Hours with the of the Schism in the German Catho-
Best Authors, noticed, VII, 637.

lic Church, reviewed, by Edward R.
Knight, (Mrs. Helen C.), Flowers of Tyler, V, 136.

Spring Time; or Stories from the Laing, (Samuel), Tour in Sweden, no-

Child's Paper, noticed, XIX, 260. iced, by T. D. Woolsey, I, 326.
Knight, (Mrs. Helen C.), Lady Ilunting. Lake Regions of Central Africa, by R.

ton and her Friends, noticed, XII, F. Burton, noticed, XIX, 199.

Lamartine, (A. De), History of the
Knight, (Mrs. Helen C.), Life of James French Revolution of 1848, reviewed,

Montgomery, noticed, XV, 749. by Ray Palmer, VIII, 529.

, (Richard), Life of, by Charles M. Lamartine, (A. De), Life of Mary Stuart,
Birrell, noticed, XVIII, 239.

Queen of Scots, “noticed, XVIII, 640.
Knowledge is Power, by Charles Knight, Lamartine, (A. De), Meinoirs of Cele.

revised, by D. A. Wells, noticed, XVI, brated Characters, noticed, XIII, 157.

Lamb, (Charles), The Works of, with a
Knowledge of God Objectively Consid- Memoir, by Thomas N. Talfourd, no-

ered, by R. J. Breckinridge, ncticed, ticed, XIV, 157.
XVI, 158.

Lamplighter, The, noticed, XIII, 155.
Koeppen, (A. L.), World in the Middle Lamson, (Alvan), Church of the First
Ages, noticed, XII, 664.

Three Centuries, noticed, XVIII, 795.
Kollock, (Shepard K.), Pastoral Remi. Lamson, (Alvan), Memory of John Robin-
niscences, noticed, VIII, 159.

son, noticed, X, 484.
Kormak, An Icelandic Romance of the Land and the Book, by W. M. Thomson,

Tenth Century, noticed, XIX, 231. reviewed, by Joseph P. Thompson,
Kosmos, von A. Von Humboldt, re. XVII, 192.

viewed, by Daniel C. Gilman, XVIII, Landis, (R. W.), Immortality of the

Soul, noticed, XVII, 781.
Kossuth, (Louis), Select Speeches of, by Landscape Gardening, by A. J. Down-
Langstroth, (L. L.), Bee-keeper's Manual, | Law of Nations, History of, by Henry
noticed, XII, 168.

Francis W. Newman, noticed, XII, ing, reviewed, by D. G. Mitchell, I,

Krapf, (J. L.), Eastern Africa, Travels Langdon, (Mary), Ida May, noticed,
in, noticed, XVIII, 1074.

XIII, 154.

Wheaton, reviewed, bý T. D. Woolsey,
Lanman, (Charles), Private Life of Daniel XVI, 694.
Webster, noticed, XI, 160.

Law, Principles of Criminal, noticed,
Laplanders, The, and Norway, reviewed, VII, 530.
by T. D. Woolsey, I, 326.

Lawrence, (Edward A.), Mission of the
Lardner, (D.), Railway Economy in Church; or Systematic Benevolence,

Evrope and America, noticed, VIII, reviewed, by J. G. Davis, IX. 14.
655; reviewed, by William T. Eustis, Lawrence, (Margarette W.), Light on
IX, 321.

the Dark River; or Memoir of Mrs.
Larned, (Sylvester), Life and Eloquence H. A. L. Hamlin, noticed, XII, 172.

of, by R. R. Gurley, reviewed, by W. Layard, (A. H.), Discoveries among the
C. Fowler, V, 70.

Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon, re-
Lateinischen Sprache, Veber Ausspra- viewed, by Leonard W. Bacon, II,

che, Vocalismus und Betonung der, 457; noticed, XI, 644.
von W. Corssen, reviewed, by T. A. Layard, (A. H.), Discoveries at Nine-
Thacher, XIX, 102.

veh, noticed, X, 331,
Latin Analyst on Modern Philological Layard, (A. H.), Nineveh and its Re-

Principles, by J. W. Gibbs, noticed, mains, noticed, VII, 327; X, 331.
XVII, 279; XIX, 612.

Leake, (Col.), Peloponnesiaca, reviewed,
Latin Christianity, by H. H. Milman, by T. D. Woolsey, V, 1.

Sheldon's Reprint, noticed, XVIII, Learning to Talk, by Jacob Abbott, no
1129; XIX, 261, 540, 776.

ticed, XIII, 637.
Latin-English and English Latin Lexi- Leaves from the Tree Igdrasil, by
con, by Charles Anthon, noticed, X, Martha Russell, noticed, XIII, 155.

LeBas, (Charles Webb), Life of Wicis,
Latin-English Lexicon, by E. A. An- noticed, X, 569.
drews, noticed, IX, 144.

Lectures on the English Language, by
Latin Grammar, by E. A. Andrews and George P. Marsh, noticed, XVIII,

S. Stoddard, revised, by E. A. An- 532.
drews, noticed, XVI, 460.

Lee, (Eliza Buckminster). Memoirs of
Latin, Hand-Book of Exercises in, by J. Rev. J. Buckminster, D. D., and his

M. Whiton, noticed, XVIII, 845. Son, reviewed, by William B. Sprague,
Latin Lessons and Tables, by Cyrus S. VIII, 30.

Richards, noticed, XVII, 799. Lee, (Eliza Buckminster), Parthenia; or
Latin Pronunciation, a Plea for the Last Days of Paganism, noticed, XVI,

Restoration of the True System of, 935.
or Roman Orthoepy, by J. F. Rich- Lee, (Harriet), Canterbury Tales, no
ardson, reviewed, by T. A. Thacher, ticed, XV, 342.
XIX, 102.

Lee, (Major General Charles), Treason
Latin Pronunciation and the Latin Alpha- of, by George H. Moore, noticed,

bet, by L Tafel and R. L. Tafel, no- XVIII, 1077

ticed, by T. A. Thacher, XIX, 118. Lee, (Mrs.), Familiar Sketches of Sculp
Latin Question, The, noticed, XVII, 801. ture and Sculptors, noticed, XII, 171.
Lathrop, (A. C.), Memoir of Asahel Lee, (Mrs.), Memoir of Pierre Touis-
Grant, noticed, V, 335.

saint, noticed, XII, 171.
Lathrop, (L. E.), Way of Safety, no- Lee, (Samuel), Eschatology, noticed,
ticed, II, 334.

XVII, 780.
Laurie, (Thomas), Dr. Grant and the Lee, (William), Inspiration of the Holy

Mountain Nestorians, reviewed, by J. Scriptures; its Nature and Proof, re-
L. Dimon, XI, 440.

viewed, XV, 154.
Lavengro: The Scholar, The Gipsey. Legende, oder Leben und Thaten der

The Priest, by George Borrow, no- Heiligen Gottes, noticed, IV, 607.
ticed, IX, 319.

Legends of the Madonna, by Mrs. Jame.
Law and the Testimony, by Miss War- son, noticed, XIX, 252.
ner, noticed, XI, 644.

Leibnitz, (Godfrey W.). Life of, by J.
Law, History of the Roman, in the M. Mackie, noticed, III, 468.

Middle Ages, by F. C. Von Savigny, Leighton, (Archbishop), Works, review-
reviewed, by T. D.Woolsey, X, 21. ed, by T. D. Woolsey, III, 106.

Leo (Heinrich), Geschichte von Italien, Lieber, (Francis), Two Lectures on the

reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, VII, 169. Constitution of the United States, re-
Lesley, (J. P.), Address and Sermons, viewed, by T. D. Woolsey, XIX, 731.

criticised, by Leonard Bacon, VII, Life and Correspondence of Thomas

Arnold, noticed, V, 364.
Leslie, (Charles R.), Autobiographical Life and Correspondence of John Foster,

Recollections, noticed, XVIII, 1082. reviewed, V, 259.
Leslie's Magazine, (Miss), noticed, by Life at the South; or Uncle Tom's Cabin
Donald G. Mitchell, II, 96.

as It Is, by W. L. G. Smith, noticed,
Lessons at the Cross, by Samuel Hop- X, 588.
kins, noticed, XVIII, 1064.

Life at Three-Score, by Albert Barnes,
Lessons from Jesus, by W. P. Balfern, noticed, XVII, 530.
noticed, XVII, 1084.

Life, Health and Disease, by Edward
Lester, (C. Edwards), Artists of Ameri. Johnson, noticed. VIII, 325.
ca, IV, 301.

Life in the Old World, by Frederika
Letter of Inquiry to Ministers of the Bremer, noticed, XIX, 520.

Gospel on Slavery, by Nathan Lord, Life of Trust, A Narrative of the Lord's

reviewed, by S. McKeen, XIII, 397. Dealings with George Muller, by him-
Lewes, (George Henry), Biographical self, reviewed, by C. C. Tiffany, XIX,

History of Philosophy, noticed, XV, 429.
742; reviewed, by 0. W. Wight, XVI, Life Pictures; From a Pastor's Note

Book, by Robert Turnbull, noticed,
Lewis, (Tayler), on Capital Punishment, XV, 736.

reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, IV, 581. Life Scenes of the Messiah, by R. W.
Lewis, (Tayler), The Divine Human in Clark, noticed, XIII, 154.

the Scriptures, reviewed, by B. N. Life Thoughts of H. W. Beecher, no-
Martin, XVIII, 125.

ticed, XVI, 699.
Leyburn, (John), The Soldier of the Life Without and Life Within, by Mar.
Cross, noticed, IX, 156.

garet Fuller Ossoli, noticed, XVIII,
Liber, Primus, The New, noticed, XVII, 533.

Life's Evening, noticed, XVIII, 549.
Liberia, First Annual Report of the Life's Morning, noticed, XVIII, 273.

Trustees of Donations for Education Light and Love; A Memoir of Justin
in, noticed, IX, 461.

Edwards, by W. A. Hallock, noticed,
Liberia, Letter of T. B. King to F. P. XIII, 625.

Stanton in reference to Proposed Light from the Cross, Sermons on the
Line of Steamers to, reviewed, by S. Passion of Our Lord, by A. Tholuck,
W. S. Dution, IX, 70.

noticed, XV, 736.
Liberia, Report of Naval Committee to Light in a Dark Alley, by II. A. Rowland,

the House of Representatives, 1850, noticed, XI, 159.
on Proposed Line of Steamships to,| Light in Darkness, by A. Neander, re-
reviewed, by S. W. S. Dutton, IX, 70. viewed, by E. Strong, XI, 171.
Liberty and Necessity, by Henry Carle. Light on the Dark River, by Margarette
ton, noticed, XVII, 1087.

W. Lawrence, noticed, XII, 172.
Libraries, Plea for, by Professor Porter, Lillie, (John), Lectures on the Epistles
noticed, VI, 311.

to the Thessalonians, noticed, XVIII,
Library of Biography of Remarkable 495.
Women, noticed, XVI, 922.

Limits of Religious Thought, Examined
Library, Semi- Monthly, for Travelers in Eight Lectures on the Bampton

and the Fireside, by G. P. Putnam, Foundation, 1858, by H. L. Mansel,
noticed, X, 332.

reviewed, by George P. Fisher, XVII,
Libyan Desert and the Oasis of Jupiter 601; reviewed, by Edward A. Walker,

Ammon, Adventures in, by Bayle St. XIX, 323.
John, noticed, VII, 629.

Lincoln,(J. L.), Horace, noticed, IX, 317.
Liddell, (Henry G.), Life of Julius Litchfield County Centennial Celebra-
Cæsar, noticed, XVIII, 241.

tion, noticed, X, 76.
Lieber, (Francis), Civil Liberty and Self- Literature, American, Encyclopedia of,

Government, reviewed, by T. D. Wool- by Evert A. and George A. Duyckinck,
sey, XIV, 329.

reviewed, XIV, 464.

Literature, English, Lectures on, by Lobdell, (Henry), Memoir of, by W. S

Henry Reed, noticed, XVI, 218. Tyler, noticed, XVIII, 237.
Literature, English, of the Nineteenth Loftus, (Wm. Kennett), Travels and Re

Century, by C. D. Cleveland, noticed, searches in Chaldea and Susiana, no-
XII, 338.

ticed, XV, 335.
Literature and Language of Ancient Logic and Metaphysics, Lectures on, by

Greece, Critical History of, by Wm. Sir W. Hamilton, reviewed, by Wm.
Mure, reviewed, by James Hadley, A. Larned, XVIII, 167; noticed,
IX, 161.

XVIII, 1069.
Literature and Literary Men of Great Logic, Elements of, by William Barron,

Britain and Ireland, by Abraham noticed, XV, 329.
Mills, noticed, IX, 625.

Logic, Elements of, by Henry Coppeé,
Literature and the Fine Arts, Hand. noticed, XV, 743.

Book of, by George Ripley and Bay- Logic in Theology and other Essays, by
ard Taylor, noticed, X, 331.

Isaac Taylor, noticed, XIX, 108.
Literature, American, Compendium of, Logic, Outline Treatise of, with an Intro-
by C. D. Cleveland, XVI, 704.

duction to the Study of Philosophy,
Literature, English, Compendium of, by by E. V. Gerhart, noticed, XVI, 209.

C. D. Cleveland, noticed, VI, 308. Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive, by
Literature, Modern French, by L. R. J. S. Mill, reviewed, VIII, 161.

de Vericour, reviewed, VI, 590. Logic, Science of, or Analysis of the
Literature, Newspaper, Specimens of, by Laws of Thought, by Asa Mahan, no-

J. T. Buckingham, noticed, XI, 210. ticed, XV, 329.
Literature of the Slavic Nations, His- Logic, Whately, Mill and Tappan on,

torical View of, by Talvi, noticed, reviewed, by William A. Larned, IV,
VIII, 478.

Literature, Spanish, History of, by Geo. Longfellow, (H. W.), Courtship of Miles
Ticknor, noticed, VIII, 145.

Stiindish, noticed, XVII, 270).
Literature, Universal, Hand-Book of, Longfellow, (H. W.), Evangeline; A

by Mrs. A. C. L. Botta, noticed, XIX, Tale of Acadia, reviewed, by G. H.

Hollister, VI, 548.
Literary and Historical Miscellani-s, by Longfellow, (H. W.), Golden Legend,

George Bancroft, noticed, XIII, 481. reviewed, by William A. Larned, x,
Literary and Theological Review, cha- 90.
racterized, I, 4.

Longfellow, (H. W.), Poets and Poetry
Literary Reminiscences, by Thomas De- of Europe, noticed, XIII, 482.
Quincey, noticed, IX, 624.

Look at Home, by S. H. Elliott, noticed,
Littell's Living Age, noticed, XVIII, XVIII, 271.

Looking-Glass for High Churchmen in
Litton, (Edward Arthur), Bampton Lec- Connecticut, noticed, I, 606.

tures on Mosaic Dispensation, as In- Loomis, (Elias), Introduction to Practical
troductory to Christianity, noticed, Astronomy, noticed, XIII, 483.
XV, 528.

Loomis, (Elias), Recent Progress of
Liturgies, Presbyterian, or Eutaxia, re- Astronomy, noticed, VIII, 651,

viewed, by Leonard Bacon, XIII, 450. London Quarterly Review, March, July,
Liturgy of the Episcopal Church, criti- October, 1848, on the French Revolu-

cised, by David L. Ogden, I, 469. tion, reviewed, by William A. Larned,
Livermore, (George), Article in Boston VII, 153.

Advertiser, on Corruption of Text in London Labor and the London Poor,
Acts, VI, 3, noticed, VII, 470.

by Henry Mayhew, Vol. I, noticed,
Living Temple, The, noticed, XIII, 319. IX, 624.
Livingstone, (David), Missionary Trav. Lord, (D. N.), Exposition of the Apoca-

els and Researches in South Africa, lypse, reviewed, V, 585.
reviewed, by Daniel C. Gilman, XVI, Lord, (Eleazer), Epoch of Creation, re-
347; reviewed, by Wm. De Loss Love, viewed, IX, 510.
XVIII, 90.

Lord, (Eleazer), Plenary Inspiration of
Lloyd's Map of the Southern States, the Holy Scriptures, noticed, XVI,
XIX, 957.

Lord, (Nathan), Letter of Inquiry on

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