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Slavery, reviewed, by S. McKeen, |
XIII, 397.

Lord's Prayer, Lectures on the, by Wm.

R. Williams, noticed, IX, 628.
Losing and Taking of Mansoul; or Lec-
tures on Bunyan's Holy War, by A.
S. Patton, noticed, XVII, 572.
Lossing, (B. J ), Field Book of the Revo-
lution, noticed, VIII, 483, 654; XI,


Louis Fourteenth and the Writers of
his Age, by J. F. Astie, noticed,
XIII, 485.

Louisiana, its Colonial History and Ro-
by Charles Gayarre, noticed,

IX, 471.
Love and Penalty, by Joseph P. Thomp-
son, noticed, XVIII, 1051.
Love, Perfect, The Blessing of, Testified
by Living Witnesses, by D. S. King,
reviewed, VIII, 528.

Lovell, (John E.), First and Second
Books, Rhetorical Dialogues, United
States Speaker, Young Speaker, no-
ticed, IV, 454.

Lovell, (John E.), Progressive Readers,
noticed, XIII, 490, 637.
Lovell, (John E.), Young Speaker, no-
ticed, III, 158.

Lowell, (J. R.), Biglow Papers, review-
ed, by Daniel March, VII, 63.
Lowell Lectures on the Application of
Metaphysical and Ethical Science to
the Evidences of Religion, by F.
Bowen, noticed, VIII, 157.
Lowrie, (John C.), Two Years in Upper
India, noticed, IX, 155.

Loyola and Jesuitism in its Rudiments,
by Isaac Taylor, reviewed, by Leon-
ard Bacon, VII, 610.

Lucile, by Bulwer, Jr., noticed, XVIII,

Lupe, (Thomas), Manual of the Christ-
ian Atonement, noticed, X, 159.
Luther, (Martin), Commentary on St.
Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, no-
ticed, XVIII, 495.

Luther, (Martin). Life of, by Barnas
Sears, noticed, VIII, 487.
Luther, (Martin), Select Treatises, edi-
tion of Barnas Sears, noticed, V, 145.
Lyell, (Charles), Principles and Manual
of Geology, noticed, XI, 642.
Lynch, (W. F.), Jordan and the Dead
Sea, reviewed, by William A. Larned,
VII, 443.

Lyon, (Mary), Memoir of, noticed, XVI,


Lyon, (Mary), Power of Christian Be-

nevolence Illustrated in the Life and
Labors of, by Edward Hitchcock, re-
viewed, by J. P. Cowles, X, 259.
Lyrics and Idyls, by E. C. Stedman, no-
ticed, XVIII, 1112.

Mabel Vaughan, noticed, XVI, 222.
Mably, Théories Sociales et Politiques,
Macaulay, (T. B.), Essay on Lord Bacon,
par Paul Rochery, noticed, VIII, 452.
Macaulay, (T. 5.), Essays, reviewed,
reviewed, by D. A. Wasson, X, 333.
by T. L. Cuyler, II, 256.
Macaulay, (T. B.), History of England,
reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, VII,
288; noticed, VIII, 485.
Macaulay, (Zachary), Letters to, from

Hannah More, noticed, XVIII, 844.
Macdonald, (James), Book of Ecclesi-
MacDuff, (J. R.), Family Prayers, no-
astes Explained, noticed, XIV, 468.
ticed, XII, 336.

MacDuff, (J. R.), Footsteps of St. Paul,
noticed, XIII, 312.

Mac Duff, (J. R.), Memoirs of Gennesaret,
noticed, XVI, 905.

MacDuff, (J. R.), Words of Jesus, no-
ticed, XII, 336.

MacFarlane, (Robert). History of Pro-
pellers and Steam Navigation, noticed,
IX, 157.

Mackie, (J. M.), Life of Godfrey W.
Von Leibnitz, noticed, III, 468.
Mackie, (J. M.), Life of Schamyl, no-
ticed, XIV, 476.

Macnaught, (John), Doctrine of Inspi-
ration, noticed, XV, 721.
Macorie, (Thomas), History of the Refor.
mation in Italy, reviewed, by J. W.
De Forest, XIII, 216.

McCheyne, (R. M.), Life and Writings
of, reviewed, by A. P. Marvin, VI,


McClellan, (George B.), Bayonet Exer-
cises, noticed, XIX, 958.
McClelland, (Alexander), on the Canon
and Interpretation of the Holy Scrip-
McClintock and Crooks, First Book in
tures, noticed, XVIII, 1053.
Greek, noticed, VII, 486.

McClure, (A. W.). Life of John Cotton,
reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, VIII,

McGhee, (Robert J.), Expository Lec-
tures on the Epistle to the Ephesians,
noticed, VIII, 320.

McIlvaine on Oxford Theology, noticed,
I, 606.
McVickar, (J.), Christian Memorial of
Two Sisters, noticed, XVI, 458.

M'Clintock, (Capt.), The Voyage of the
Fox in the Arctic Seas, noticed, XVIII,


M'Cosh, (James), Intuitions of the Mind
Inductively Investigated, noticed,
XVIII, 513.

M'Cosh, (James), Method of Divine
Government, noticed, IX, 151.
M'Cosh, (James), Typical Forms and
Special Ends in Creation, noticed,
XVI, 189.

M'Crie, (Thomas), Edition of the Provin-
cial Letters of Blaise Pascal, noticed,
VIII, 154; XVII, 1096.
Madagascar, Three Visits to, during
the Years 1853, 1854, 1856, by Wil-
liam Ellis, noticed, XVII, 802.
Magdala and Bethany, by S. C. Malan,
noticed, XVIII, 254.

Magdalen Hepburn; A Story of the

Scottish Reformation, by Mrs. Oli-
phant, noticed, XIV, 615.
Magoon, (E. L.), Living Orators in
America, noticed, VII, 482.
Magoon, (E. L.), Modern Whitefield,
Life and Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon,
reviewed, XVI, 28.

Mahan, (A.), Modern Mysteries Ex-
plained and Exposed, noticed, XIII,
628; reviewed, by C. S. Lyman,
XVI, 667.

Mahan, (Asa), Project to Establish the
Cleveland University, noticed, IX,


Mahan, (Asa), Science of Logic; or
Analysis of the Laws of Thought, no-
ticed, XV, 329.

Mahan, (Asa), System of Intellectual
Philosophy, reviewed, by Noah Por-
ter, Jr., XIII, 129.

Mahomet and his Successors, by W.
Irving, noticed, VIII, 153, 481.
Mahon and Others, Reply to the Stric-
tures of, on the Mode of Editing the
Writings of Washington, by Jared
Sparks, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey,
X, 374.

Maiden and Married Life of Mary Pow-
ell, afterward Mistress Milton, no-
ticed, X, 332.

Mail, Overland, from Minnesota to Brit-
ish Oregon, reviewed, by Burdett
Hart, XVII, 995.

Malan, (Cæsar), Twenty Pictures from
Switzerland, noticed, XIII, 311.
Malan, (S. C.), Magdala and Bethany,
noticed, XVIII, 254.

Malta, Achievements of the Knights of,
by A. Sutherland, noticed, IX, 388.

Man, by J. D. Bell, noticed, XIX, 256.
Man and his Dwelling Place, noticed,
XVII, 538.

Man of Business, by J. W. Alexander,
John Todd, W. B. Sprague, S. H.
Tyng, I. Ferris, J. F. Stearns, noticed,
XV, 162.

Man, Constitution of, by George Combe,
noticed, IX, 223.

Man, Moral and Physical, by J. H.
Jones, noticed, XVIII, 507.
Manifestation of God in Christ; or
Theophany, by R. Turnbull, noticed,
VII, 322; VIII, 1.

Mann, (Horace), Thoughts for a Young
Man, reviewed, by R. S. Storrs, Jr.,
XI, 46.

Mann, (Horace), Twelve Sermons, no-
ticed, XIX, 760.

Mansel, (H. L.), Limits of Religious
Thought, reviewed, by George P.
Fisher, XVII, 601; reviewed, by Ed-
ward A. Walker, XIX, 323.
Mansel, (H. L.), Prolegomena Logica,
noticed, XVIII, 1070.

Mansfield, (E. E.), Political Manual, no-
ticed, XIX, 951.

Manufacturing Towns, Moral Influence
of, Discourse of Rev. H. M. Dexter,
noticed, VI, 311.

Marble Faun, by Nathaniel Hawthorne,
reviewed, by E. W. Robbins, XVIII,
441; reviewed, by Mrs. M. T. Gale,
XIX, 860.

Marcy, (William L.), Letters to Seibels
and Count De Sartiges, reviewed, by
T. D. Woolsey, XIV, 560.
Margaret, by Charles B. Tayler, noticed,
V, 146.

Maria Antoinette, History of, by J.
Abbott, noticed, VIII, 648.

Mark and Matthew. Commentary on the
Gospels of, by J. J. Owen, noticed,
XVII, 1080.

Martyrs, by Chateaubriand, edition of
O. W. Wight, noticed, XVIII, 261.
Marryat, (Frank), Mountains and Mole
Hills, noticed, XIII, 639.

Marsh, (George P.), Addresses, noticed,
VI, 311.

Marsh, (George P.), Lectures on the En-

glish Language, noticed, XVIII, 532.
Marsh, (George P.), Speech on the Smith-
sonian Institution, IV, 605.
Marsh, (George P.), The Goths in New
England, noticed, II, 488.
Marsh, (Mrs. George P.), Translation of
the Hallig; or the Sheepfold in the
Waters, noticed, XVI, 221.

Marsh, (Mrs. George P.), Wolfe of the

Knoll, noticed, XVIII, 527.
Martin, (B. N.), Science and the Scrip-
tures, Phi Beta Kappa Oration on, no-
ticed, XI, 158.
Martin, (Gregory), A Defense of the
Sincere and True Translations of the
Holy Scriptures into the English
Tongue against the Cavils of, by Wm.
Fulke, reviewed, by J. W. Gibbs, X,


Martin, (Theodore), Horace, The Odes
of, noticed, XVIII, 1113.
Martineau, (James), Endeavors after the
Christian Life, noticed, XVI, 201.
Mary Bunyan, by Sallie R. Ford, no-
ticed, XVIII, 1086.

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, Life of,
by Alphonse DeLamartine, noticed,
XVIII, 540.

Mary, Queen of Scots, History of, by J.
Abbott, noticed, VIII, 648.
Mason, (E. P.), Olmsted's Life and
Writings of, reviewed, by Charles
Hammond, III, 313.
Mason, (John), Select Remains, noticed,
XIV, 477.

Mason, (J. M.), Complete Works, no-
ticed, VII, 326.

Mason, (L.), and Webb, (G. J.), National
Psalmist, reviewed, by F. A. Adams,
VII, 55.

Massachusetts, Report of the Board of
Education of, noticed, V, 331; VI, 207.
Massachusetts, Report of the Joint Com-
mittee of the Legislature on a Sani-
tary Survey of the State, reviewed,
by William A. Larned, VII, 310.
Masson, (David), British Novelists and
their Styles, noticed, XVII, 1095.
Masson, (David), Life of John Milton,
noticed, XVII, 538.

Masters, The Rights and Duties of, by J.

H. Thornwell, reviewed, by Leonard
Bacon, XII, 93.

Mathematical Dictionary, by Charles
Davies and William G. Peck, noticed,
XIII, 638.
Mathematical Monthly, The, edited by
J. D. Runkle, noticed, XVIII, 543.
Mathematics, Logic and Utility of, by
Charles Davies, noticed, VIII, 655.
Mathematics, Philosophy of, by A.
Comte, noticed, IX, 623.

Matter, Six Lectures on the Various
Forces of, by M. Faraday, noticed,
XIX, 197.

Matthew, Notes on, by John H. Mori-
son, noticed, XVIII, 802.

Matthew and Mark, Commentary on the
Gospels of, by J. J. Owen, noticed,
XVII, 1080.

Matthew, The Gospel According to, by
J. A. Alexander, noticed, XIX, 513
Maury, (M. F.), Amazon and the Atlantic
Slopes of South America, reviewed,
by William A. Larned, XII, 362.
Maury, (M. F.), Explanations and Sail-
ing Directions to Accompany the
Wind and Current Charts, reviewed,
by Denison Olmsted, XIII, 117.
Maverick, (Augustus), Authentic Histo-
ry of the Atlantic Telegraph, noticed,
XVI, 790.

Mayes, (R. B.), Technobaptist, noticed,
XVI, 453.

Mayflower, Mrs. H. B. Stowe, reviewed,
by N. H. Eggleston, I, 556.
Mayhew, (Henry), London Labor and
the London Poor, noticed, IX, 624.
Mayhew, (Ira), Popular Education, no-
ticed, IX, 160.

Maxcy, (Jonathan), Literary Remains of,
noticed, II, 637.

Meade, (Bishop), Statement of Facts in

the Case of Bishop Onderdonk, review-
ed, by Leonard Bacon, III, 284.
Mears, (John W.), The Bible in the
Workshop, noticed, XV, 338.
Merchants' and Bankers' Register, no-
ticed, XVIII, 552.

Mechanics and Engineering, Dictionary
of, by Oliver Byrne, Appleton's, no-
ticed, VIII, 325, 485; IX, 625.
Mechanics and Hydraulics, by Thomas
Ewbank, noticed, VI, 309.
Mechanics' Magazine and Engineers'
Journal, by Julius W. Adams, noticed,
IX, 318.

Medical Ethics, by J. G. Percival, criti-
cised, by Worthington Hooker, III,


Meigs, (R. J.), Journal of Occurrences
under Personal Observation of, while
under Col. B. Arnold, reviewed, by J.
F. Tuttle, X, 385.
Meiklejohn, (J. M.), Critique of Pure
Reason, from the German of Imman-
ual Kant, reviewed, by D. H. Hamil-
ton, XV, 61.
Melville, (Herman), Omoo, reviewed, by
W. O. Bourne, VI, 41.

Melville, (Herman), Typee, noticed, IV,

Memento, The, by C. W. Everest, no-
ticed, III, 311.
Memoirs of Celebrated Characters, by
A. DeLamartine, noticed, XIII, 157.

Memoria Technica, The, by Lorenzo D.
Johnson, noticed, V, 328.
Memorial Papers, by Bishop Potter, no-
ticed, XV, 739.

Memorial Volume of the A. B. C. F. M.,
noticed, XIX, 958.

Memorials of Christian Life in the Early
and Middle Ages, by A. Neander, re-
viewed, by Edward Strong, XI, 171.
Memphis, Three Days in, or Sketches of
the Old Egyptians, by Max Uhlemann,
noticed, XVI, 931.

Men and Times of the Revolution; or
Memoirs of Elkanah Watson, edited
by W. C. Watson, noticed, XVI, 215.
Men and Women, Young, Lectures to,
by William G. Elliott, Jr., noticed,
XII, 171.

Men, Races of, and their Geographical
Distribution, by C. Pickering, review-
ed, by B. N. Martin, VIII, 542.
Mendip Annals, Being the Journal of
Martha More, noticed, XVII, 569.
Mendon Association of Congregational
Ministers, A Centurial History of, by
M. Blake, noticed, XI, 475; reviewed,
by R. C. Learned, XII, 191.
Menteath, (Mrs. A. Stuart), Lays of the
Kirk and Covenant, noticed, X, 159.
Mercein, (T. F. Randolph), Childhood
and the Church, noticed, XVI, 903.
Mercy Seat; or Thoughts Suggested by
the Lord's Prayer, by G. Spring, no-
ticed, VIII, 159.

Merwin, (Samuel), Discourse on the Com-
pletion of Fifty Years Service in the
Ministry of the Gospel, noticed, XIV,


Message of President Pierce to Con-
gress, December, 1856, reviewed, by
Leonard Bacon, XV, 1.
Messiah, The Sufferings and Glories of,

by John Brown, noticed, XII, 170.
Messianic Prophecy and the Life of
Christ, by William S. Kennedy, no-
ticed, XVIII, 1060.

Metaphysics and Logic, Lectures on, by
Sir William Hamilton, reviewed, by
Wm. A. Larned, XVIII, 167; noticed,
XVII, 537; noticed, XVIII, 1069.
Metcalf, (David), Nature and Foundation
of Moral Obligation, noticed, XVIII,

Metcalf, (James W.), Spiritual Progress,
noticed, XII, 172.
Meteorology, Elements of, by J. Brock-
lesby, noticed, VI, 599.
Methodism and Congregationalism, Z.
R. Hawley on, noticed, IV, 450.

Methodism, Arminian, Difficulties of, by

William Annan, noticed, XVIII, 1053.
Methodism, History of, by Abel Stevens,
noticed, XVII, 264, 1082.
Methodism Successful, by B. F. Tefft,
noticed, XIX, 193.

Methodist Quarterly Review for Octo-
ber, '58, and July, '59, on the Theolo-
gy of Wesley, reviewed, by B. N.
Martin, XIX, 621.

Mexican War, by R. S. Ripley, noticed,
VIII, 323.

Mexican War, Speech of Thomas Cor-
win in the Senate, February 11th,
1847, reviewed, by Leonard Bacon,
V, 306.

Mexican War, Speech of James Dixon
in the House of Representatives, Feb-
ruary 9th, 1847, on the, reviewed, by
Leonard Bacon, V, 306.
Mexican War, Speech of Robert J. Win-
throp in the House of Representatives,
January 8th, 1847, on the, reviewed,
by Leonard Bacon, V, 306.
Mexico, A New History of the Conquest
of, by R. A. Wilson, noticed, XVII,


Mexico and its Religion, by R. A. Wil-
son, noticed, XIV, 156.
Miall, (James G.), Footsteps of our Fore-
fathers, noticed, XI, 160.
Michaud, (J. F.), Histoire des Croisades,
noticed, IX, 388.

Midday Thoughts for the Weary, no-
ticed, XVIII, 1065.

Middle Ages, History and Geography
of the, by G. W. Greene, noticed, IX,


Middle Ages, History of the Roman Law
in the, by F. C. Von Savigny, review.
ed, by T. D. Woolsey, X, 21.
Middle Ages, The World in the, A His-
torical Geography, by A. L. Koeppen,
noticed, XII, 664.

Middle Kingdom, A Survey of the Chi-
nese Empire, by S. W. Williams, re-
viewed, by William T. Eustis, VII,


Middlebury College, Semi-Centennial

Celebration of, (1850),noticed, IX, 157.
Milburn, (William H.), Ten Years of
Preacher-Life, noticed, XVII, 1090.
Milburn, (William H.), Pioneers, Preach-
ers and People of the Mississippi Val-
ley, noticed, XVIII, 832.

Milford, Norway and her Laplanders,
noticed, I, 326.

Mill on the Floss, by Marion Evans, no-
ticed, XVIII, 1105.

Miller, (Hugh), Cruise of the Betsey,|
noticed, XVI, 933.
Miller, (Hugh), First Impressions of
England and its People, noticed, X,
157; reviewed, by William A. Larned,
VIII, 237.

Miller, (Hugh), Foot Prints of the Crea-
tion; or the Asterolepis of Strom-
ness, noticed, IX, 315.

Miller, (Hugh), Old Red Sandstone, no-
ticed, IX, 315; XVI, 934.
Miller, (Hugh), Popular Geology, no-
ticed, XVII, 817.

Miller, (Hugh), Testimony of the Rocks,
reviewed, XVI, 74.

Milman, (H. H.), Latin Christianity,
History of, noticed, XVIII, 1129;
XIX, 261, 540, 776.

Milman's, Gibbon's Decline and Fall,
Harper's Edition, 1850, noticed, VIII,

Mill, (John S.), Applications of Political
Economy, reviewed, by Leonard Ba-
con, VII, 419.

Mill, (John S.), Logic, reviewed, by Wm.
A. Larned, IV, 457.

Mill, (John S.), System of Logic, Ratio-
cinative and Inductive, reviewed, by
B. N. Martin, VIII, 161.
Mills, (Charles), History of the Crusades,
noticed, IX, 389.

Mills, (Abraham), Literature and Lite-
rary Men of Great Britain and Ireland,
noticed, IX, 625.

Milnor, (James), Memoir of, by J. S.
Stone, reviewed, by S. W. S. Dutton,
VII, 122.

Milton, (John), Life of, by David Masson,
noticed, XVII, 538.

Mind, Human, as Given in Conscious-
ness; or Empirical Psychology, by L.
P. Hickock, reviewed, by Noah Porter,
Jr., XIII, 129.

Mind, Use of the Body in Relation to
the, by George Moore, noticed, IX,

Minister's Wooing, by Mrs. H. B. Stowe,
noticed, XVII, 1099; reviewed, by
Leonard Bacon, XVIII, 145.
Ministry of Taunton, by Samuel H.
Emery, reviewed, by R. C. Learned,
XII, 191.

Minnesota, Historical Society, Address
before, February 1st, 1856, by H. H.
Sibley, reviewed, by S. P. Riggs,
XV, 250.


Minnesota, History of, by E. D. Neill,
noticed, XVII, 555.
Minnesota, Overland Emigration Routel

to British Oregon from, Report of
Minnesota Legislature, reviewed, by
Burdett Hart, XVII, 995.

Minnesota. Railroad System of the State
of, reviewed, by Burdett Hart, XVII,


Minor Prophets, Commentary on the,
by E. Henderson, noticed, XVIII,


Miracles of our Lord, Notes on, by R.
C. Trench, noticed, VIII, 321; IX,

Miracles, Treatise on, by Ralph Ward-
law, noticed, XI, 476.
Miscellaneous Works of Thomas Arnold,
noticed, V, 364.

Miscellanies, by Moses Stuart, noticed,
IV, 601.

Miscellanies of Thomas Chalmers, no-
ticed, VI, 309.

Miscellanies, Literary and Historical, by
George Bancroft, noticed, XIII, 481.
Miss Gilbert's Career, by J. G. Holland,
noticed, XVIII, 1113.

Missing Link, noticed, XVIII, 274.
Mission of the Church; or Systematic
Benevolence, by E. A. Lawrence, re-
viewed, by J. G. Davis, IX, 14.
Missions, Comparative Importance of
Foreign and Domestic, by H. F. Har-
rington, noticed, IV, 296.

Missions, Home, by Albert Barnes, no-
ticed, VIII, 489.

Missions, Home, Plea for the Coöpera-
tion of New School Presbyterian and
Congregational Churches, by Laymen
in New York and Brooklyn, reviewed,
XIV, 325.

Missions, John Foster on, by Joseph P.
Thompson, reviewed, by Burdett Hart,
IX, 207.

Missions, Sermons on, by Lyman Beech-
er and others, noticed, IV, 453.
Missions, Sermons on, by J. S. Stone
and others, noticed, IV, 453.
Missions, Sermons on, by Francis Way-
land and others, noticed, IV, 453.
Mississippi Valley, Ancient Monuments
of, by E. G. Squier and E. H. Davis,
reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, VII,


Mitchell, (D. G.), Reveries of a Bachelor,
noticed, IX, 318.

Mitchell, (John), Notes from over Sea,
reviewed, by W. B. Weed, IV, 159.
Mitchell, (O. M.), Planetary and Stellar
Worlds, noticed, VI, 598.
Mitchell, (O. M.), Popular Astronomy,
noticed, XVIII, 836.

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