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Martin, B. N.—Reply to the Methodist |OGDEN, D. L--Criticisms on the Lit-

Quarterly Review, XVIII, 473. urgy of the Episcopal Church in
Theology of Wesley-Second Reply America, I, 469.

to the Methodist Quarterly Re- Yale College Reminiscences, V, 572.
view, XIX, 621.

The Trials of Bishop Ives, XIII, 363.

Baptist Close Communion, XIII, 562.
Marvix, A. P.-Review of the Life and

Writings of Robert Murray Mc. OLUSTED, D.-Reminiscences of Alex:
Cheyne, VI, 219.

ander M. Fisher, I, 457.
The Sources of our Population, X, Thoughts on the Discovery of Le

Verrier's Planet, V, 126.
Review of John Adams's Diary and Thoughts on the Revelations of the
Autobiography, XI, 222.

Microscope, V, 231.
Note to the Article on the Sources Thoughts on the Riches of the Satu-

of our Population, (X, 393,) XI, ral World, VI, 404.

Thoughts on the Sentiment that “The
Review of Rufus. Choate's Discourse World was made for Man," VII, 17.

Commemorative of Daniel Webster, Obituary Notice of John Pitkin Nor.
XI, 606.

ton, X, 613.
Review of Nehemiah Adams's South- Obituary Notice of Professor A. D.

Side View of Slavery, XIII, 61. Stanley, XI, 325.
Postscript to the Review of Nehe- Review of B. Silliman's (Senior)

miah Adams's South-Side View of Visit to Europe, XII, 24.
Slavery, XIII, 485.

The Plurality of Worlds, XII, 570.
Congregationalism, Past, Present and A Philosophical Survey of the Ocean,
Future, XIII, 530.

XIII, 117.

The Divine Love of Truth and Beauty
Miner, T.--Autobiographical Letter, exemplified in the Material Crea-
II, 19.

tion, XVI, 770.

The Meteorology of Palestine, XVII,
MITCHELL, D. G.–Landscape Garden- 450.

ing, and Rural Architecture, I,

PAGE, S.-Messianic Succession, 1,360.
The Fashionable Monthlies, II, 96.
Agriculture as a Profession, or Hints PALMER, R.—Duties of the Christian
about Farming, XVIII, 889.

Ministry, I, 340.

Review of Upham's Interior Life, III,
MOORE, J.--Review of Motley's United 373,
Netherlands, XIX, 386.

Liberalism in Europe, VIII, 329.

The Puritan Clergy of New England,
MURDOCK, J.—The Assaults of Hume, XIV, 497.

Voltaire, and Rousseau upon Chris- The Congregational Ministry of the
tianity, characterized, I, 169.

Future, XV, 366.
Review of E. R. Tyler's Congrega-

tional Catechism, II, 180. Patton, W.-Apostolical Succession,
The Epistles of Ignatius, VII, 501, II, 273.
Nichols, W. A.-Chicago and the West. PEABODY, Mrs. ELIZABETH.- Biographi-
The Foundations of many Genera-

cal Sketch of Gen. Joseph Palmer,
tions, XII, 510.

III, 1.

NORTH, E. D.-Review of Percival's Perkins, G. W.-Review of Philippo's
Classic Melodies, II, 81.

Jamaica, Past and Present, II, 560.
The Homeric Poems, III, 216.

PERRIN, L.—The Christian Citizen,
NORTHROP, B. G.-Common School XIII, 422.

System of Massachusetts, XIII, God on the side of the Oppressed,

XIV, 593.

PHELPS, A. A.— Prospects of Religious Porter, N. Jr.--Review of the Memoirs
Freedom, III, 392.

of William Wordsworth, IX, 583.

Litchfield County Celebration, X, 76.
Platt, D.-Home Evangelization, XIII, The New Infidelity, XI, 277.

Recent Works on Psychology, XIII,

Pond, E.-Examination of the Scriptu- Review of Emerson's English Traits,

ral Meaning of “ The Tree of Life,” | XIV, 573.
I, 384.

The American Student in Germany,
Evangelists, II, 297.

XV, 574.
Review of L. Coleman's Apostolical Ellis on the Unitarian Controversy,
Church, IV, 182.

XVI, 511.
Amusements, IX, 345.

Review of Horace Bushnell's Nature
History of Changes in Church Gov- and the Supernatural, XVII, 224.
ernment, XIII, 295.

Thorndale; or the Conflict of Opin-
Natural and Moral Ability and Ina- ions, XVII, 652.
bility, XIII, 387.

The Atlantic Monthly and the Pro-

fessor at the Breakfast Table,
PORTER, G. M.-- Review of James F. XVII, 771.

Clarke on the Forgiveness of Sin, The Princeton Review on Dr. Tay-
XI, 24.

lor, and the Edwardean Theology,
Review of the Memoir of Henry XVIII, 726.
Ware, Jr., VIII, 250.

Review of Ralph Waldo Emerson's

Conduct of Life, XIX, 496.
Porter, J. A.–Agricultural Education,
XVII, 1056.

Post, T. M.—Immortality-The Argu.

ment for—from Nature, XIV, 115.
Porter, N. Jr.—Congregationalism in

Immortality-The Argument for
New England, I, 568.

from Scripture, XIV, 161.
Review of Theodore Parker's Dis-

course of Matters pertaining to
Religion, II, 371.

Ray, L.-Indians of Connecticut, I, 312.
Theodore Parker and Liberal Chris-

Review of Tennyson's Poems, III, 57.

Review of the Connecticut Colonial
tianity, II, 528.
Episcopalianism in Massachusetts, II,

Records, X, 198.
Bishop Southgate and the Episcopal Resshaw, C. S.-Religious State of
Missions, III, 244.

Jamaica, IV, 19.
Theodore Parker and the Boston

Historical and Statistical View of the
Association, III, 450.

Working of Emancipation in Jamai-
Review of the Autobiography of J.

ca, VI, 657.
Blanco White, IV, 238.
Review of Mark Hopkins on the Evi- Riggs, S. P.—The Indian Question, XV,
dences of Christianity, IV, 401.

Dr. Thomas Arnold as a Scholar,

Historian, Teacher, Theologian, RICHARDSON, M.---Plain Discussion with
Controversialist, Man, V, 364.

a Transcendentalist, I, 502.
The New Theological Controversy,

Review of Carlyle's Past and Present,
V, 613.

II, 25.
Review of Horace Bushnell's Chris. Review of Carlyle's Cromwell, IV, 211.
tian Nurture, VI, 121.

The Relation of Education to the
Morell's Philosophy of Religion, VII,

Well-Being of States, VI, 207.

The Mission of Labor, VI, 473.
Bartol's Discourses, VIII, 434.
Review of Allston's Lectures on Art Robbins, E. W.-James Gates Percival,
and Poems, VIII, 445.

XVII, 400.
Reforms in Collegiate Education, IX, Review of Hawthorne's Marble Faun,

XVIII, 441.
James Handasyd Perkins, IX, 359.

Robbins, R.-Webster's Dictionary re-, STRONG, E.-Vestiges of Creation, and

vised by Prof. Goodrich, VI, 24. its Reviewers, IV, 113.
The Puritan Element in the American The Monuments of Egypt, IX, I.
Character, IX, 631.

Fashion in Religion, XI, 171.

Bible Preaching, XII, 44.
Root, J. A.--Common Schools of Con. Review of Olshausen on the New
necticut, IV, 522.

Testament, XV, 301.
Ropes, J. S.—The Financial Crisis, XV, Strong, W.-American Legislation,

XVIII, 43.
Currency, Banking and Credit, XVI, STURTEVANT, J. M.—The Education of

Heathen Nations essential to the
Review of the New Andover Hymn

World's Conversion, II, 194.
Book, XVII, 35.

Collegiate Education at the West, IV,

SABINE, L.-Review of “Shady Side”

Review of Charles Kingsley's Alton
Literature, XII, 54.

Locke, XIII, 161.

Protestantism in America, XV, 337.
SALISBURY, E. E.-Sketch of the Life of

Denominational Colleges, XVIII, 68.
Neander, II, 267.

The Lessons of our National Con.
Buddhism, III, 182.
Sketch of the Life and Works of

flict, (1861,) XIX, 894.
Michael Angelo Buonarroti, XIX, Swain, L.-Christ's Bodily Presence

and the World's Conversion, XV,

SCHAUFFLER, W. G.-Advice to a Theo-
logical Student, V, 505.

SYKES, Mrs. D. E.-Review of the
SEWALL, J. S.—The Pulpit, XIX, 401.

Memoir of Mrs. Mary E. Van Len-

пер, VI, 344.
Skinner, T. H. Jr.-Realism Revived, TarBox, I. N.-Review of Colton's Te-
XIII, 509.

cumseh, I, 53.

Midnight-A Poem, I, 84.
SMALLEY, E.-Elements of Power in the

Fourierism, IV, 56.
Preaching of Whitefield, III, 24.

George H. Colton, VII, 229,

Review of Alfred Tennyson's In
SMITH, J. C. Address at the Meeting

Memoriam, VIII, 598.
of the Alumni of Yale College, The College and the Church, XI, 595.
(1845), III, 624.

Christ's Rule for Almsgiving better

than our Modern Methods, XIII,
SPAULDING, J.-Letter respecting the

Sailors' Home in New York, IV, Parton's Life of Aaron Burr, XVI, 291.

Theodore Parker and the Twenty:

Eighth Congregational Society of
SPRAGUE, W. B.--Review of Mrs. Lee's Boston, XVI, 575.

Life of the Buckminsters, Father
and Son, VIII, 30.

TEASDALE, T. C.-Polity of the Baptist
Review of Everett's Orations and Churches in America, II, 39.
Speeches, IX, 44.

THACHER, T. A.-Review of W. S. Tyler's
SQUIER, M. P.-The Power of Contrary edition of the Germania and Agri.
Choice, XVIII, 307.

cola of Caius Cornelius Tacitus, VI,

STEARNS, W. A.-Review of E. A. Address Commemorative of Prof.

Park's Life and Character of Prof. James L. Kingsley, X, 631.
B. B. Edwards, XI, 411,

Translations, and their Influence upon

Scholarship, XVI, 762.
STORRS, R, S, Jr.—The True Success of Latin Pronunciation, XIX, 102.

Human Life, XI, 46.

THAYER, E.--Self-Supporting Missiona- Thompson, J. P.—Primitive Evangeliza-
ry Colonization, XVI, 847.

tion and its Lessons, XVIII, 942.

Does Science Tend to Materialism ?
Thomson, W. H.-The Maronites and XIX, 84.
the Druzes, XIX, 32.

African Civilization and the Cotton

Trade, XIX, 829,
THOMPSON, J. P.-Review of Dickens's
Notes on America, I, 64.

TIFFANY, C. C.-George Müller and the
A Mother at her Infant's Grave. A Life of Trust, XIX, 429.

Poem, I, 84.
Trial of Singleton Mercer, I, 442. TUCKERMAN, H. T.-Sketch of the Life
Duty of Ministers in the Great Con- and Writings of James A. Hill-
troversies of the Age, II, 222.

house, XVI, 705.
Roman Catholic Faith, II, 414, 568,
III, 125, 172.

TURNER, J. B.-Banking, II, 48.
Review of Dr. J. P. Durbin's Obser-

vations in Europe, II, 446. TUTTLE, J. F.--Our Late Conquests in
Philadelphia Riots, II, 470, 624.

Mexico, VI, 525.
A Chronicle of the Church for 1844, The Ohio Valley and the Early Settle-
III, 140.

ment of the Northwestern Terri.
Christian Unity, IV, 132.

tory, VII, 46.
The Maynooth Question, IV, 146. Comments upon American Presbyte.
Formation of Creeds, IV, 265.

rian History, VIII, 89.
Persecution among the Armenians, The Pioneer Settlers of Ohio, X, 385.

IV, 410.
The Dilemma of Unitarianism. Re- TWINING, A. C.-- The Nebraska Bill and

view of George Putnam's Installa- its Results, XII, 213.
tion Sermon at the Hollis Street
Church, (1846), IV, 494.

TWINING, K.-The Ancient Christian
Unitarianism in New York, V, 20. Liturgies and Worship, XIX, 685.
The German Anti-Papal Movement of
1844-7, V, 277.

TWINING, W.-Western Colleges and
Review of Simon Greenleaf's Chris-

Theological Seminaries, (1844), II,
tianity examined in a Court of 58.

Law, V, 459.
Orthodox Unitarians, V, 576. Tyler, B.-Miracles, II, 208.
Ireland. Her Sufferings and their Baptismal Regeneration, II, 397.

Remedy, VI, 263.
Ireland, VI, 457.

Tyler, E. R.-Prospectus of the New
Congregationalism; its History and Englander, 1, 1.
Principles, VII, 109.

Review of J. P. Thompson on Capital
Mr. Noel and the Church of England, Punishment, I, 28.
VII, 254.

Lying, I, 184.
The Origin and Functions of Civil Review of Dr. G. Peck on Christian
Government, VII, 530.

Perfection, I, 216.
Christianity applied to Social Ques- Sketch of the Life of Governor Yale,
tions, VIII, 264.

I, 272.
Social Reforms, VIII, 452.

Relations of Man to the Moral Law,
The Fugitive Slave Law, VIII, 615. I, 525.
Dr. Davidson on the New Testament, Sketch of the Life of Noah Webster,
IX, 35.

1, 565.
The Philosophy of Rest, XIII, 353. Promises, II, 503.
Dr. Taylor and his System, XVI, 373. Relative Character of the Congrega-
Palestine a perpetual Witness for the tional and Presbyterian Systems,
Bible, XVII, 192.

III, 438.
Are the Phenomena of Spiritualism Unitarian and Episcopalian Affinities,
Supernatural ? XVIII, 381.

III, 556.
The Congregational Polity and a Right of Civil Government

Biblical Theology, XVIII, 627. Human Life, III, 562.


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Tyler, E. R.-Review of M. Stuart's , WHITNEY, W. D.-The British in India,
Apocalypse, IV, 139.

XVI, 100.
Review of M. Stuart's History of the China and the Chinese, XVII, 111.
Old Testament, IV, 142.

Review of Wilson's new History of
Theory of the Christian Church and the Conquest of Mexico, XVII, 546.

Ministry, according to the Congre- The Rosetta Stone and its Inserip-
gational System, IV, 173.

tion, XVII, 549.
The American Catholic Church, V, 136. China and the West, XIX, 1.
The War with Mexico, V, 140.

Review of Soule and Wheeler's Man-
IIydropathy and the Cold Water Cure, ual of English Pronunciation and
V, 149.

Spelling, XIX, 913.
The Good Time Coming, (July, 1847),
V, 388.

Wigur, 0. W.-Lewes's Biographical
Causes and Cure of Puseyism, V, 452. History of Philosophy, XVI, 540.
Review of Neander's General History Rational Cosmology, XVI, 817.

of the Church, V, 472.
Extension of the Elective Franchise WITHINGTON, L.-Visions of an Andover

to the Colored Citizens of the Free Student, XIII, 234, 379 and 553,

States, V, 522.
Exparte Council at Reading, Mass., Wood, G. I.-IIead of the Church, IV, 87.
(June, 1847), V, 559.

The Best Society is a Christian
The Kingdom of Heaven, or Christ's Home, V, 192.
Chartered Church, V, 592.

The True Idea of L'sefulness, VII, 410,
Review of Chase's A postolical Con- The Question! Are you rendy for the
stitution, VI, 304.

Question ? VIII, 292,
Proposed Abolition of Slavery in West-
ern Virginia, VI, 357.

WOODBURY, A.--Lessons to be Learned
The Church as it was, as it is, as it from the Census, XIII, 183,

ought to be, VI, 418.
The Ethics of Religious Controversy, WoodWORTII, W. W.-Sketch of the
VI, 534.

Life of John Wickliffe, X, 569.

Review of Ilenry C. Fish's History of
WALKER, E. A.--The Present Attitude Pulpit Eloquence, XIV, 345.

of the Church toward Critical andi

Scientific Inquiry, XTX, 323. WOOLSEY, T. D.-Noehden's German
The First Document of Genesis. A Grammar, I, 141.

Review of C. W. Goodwin's Essay Doctrine of Instruction, I, 193.
on the Mosaic Cosmogony, XIX, The Angels' Lament over Lost Souls.

A Poem, I, 276.

Political State of Norway (1843,) I,
WARREN, I. P.-Putney Perfectionism, 326.
VI, 177.

Review of Stephens's Travels in Yuca-

tan, I. 418.
Wassox, D. A.--Dr. Isaac Barrow, IX, Classical Studies, I, 580.

Plutarch on the Delay of the Deits,
Lord Bacon, X, 333.

II, 631.

Review of Archbishop Leighton's
WAYLAND, H. L.--Results of the Works, III, 106.

Increased Facility and Celer- Public Affairs, IV, 588.
ity of Intercommunication, XVI, State of Modern Greece, V, 1.

Origin of the Romanic Languages,


WEED, W. B.-Review of John Mit- The True Gentleman, V, 481.

chell's Notes from Over Sea, IV, Monuments of the Mississippi Valley

VII, 95.

Temporal Power of the Pope, VII, 169.
WHITE, A. Đ---Glimpses of Universal C'emeteries and Monuments, VII, 489.
History, XV, 398.

The Saxons in England, VII, 517.
Caucasus, IX, 88.

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