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Adams, F. A.-Music in Churches, II, Bacon, L.-England Two Hundred

Years Ago, I, 250.
Congregational Singing, VII, 55. Public Affairs, (April, 1843), I, 299.

Public Libraries, I, 307.
ALLEN, D. 0,-Missions in India, XIX, Review of A. B. Chapin on the Prim-

itive Church, I, 390.

Review of Bishop Whittingham's
ALLEN, Mrs. SARAH.—Manners and So- Charge (1848) to his Clergy, 1, 545.
ciety, I, 365.

The Ordination of Arthur Carey, I,

ANDREWS, E. B.-Early History of Ohio, Review of a letter of a Presbyter of
XII, 384.

Connecticut, [A. C. Coxe), in re-

ply to the criticisms of the New
ANDREWS, S. W.—The True Spirit of De- Englander on Bishop Whitting -
votion, V, 41.

ham's Charge to the Clergy, II,

ANDREWS, W. W.-National Unity, VI, Romanists and the Roman Catholic

Controversy. Review of T. Brain-

erd's sermon, II, 233.
ARNOLD, J. R.—The Concision as dis- Review of Bishop Brownell's Attor-
tinguished from the Circumcision of

ney [A. B. Chapin) on New Eng-
Apostolic Times, IV, 333.

landism, II, 309.

Review of the Bishop's Attorney [A. B.
ATWATER, L. H.-Congregational Coun- Chapin) on the Church of England,
cils and Associations, III, 161.

II, 440.
Nature of the Christian Sacraments, James H. Linsley, II, 484.
III, 325.

The Martyrdom of Bishop Onderdonk,
Sketch of the Life of Roger Minott III, 284.
Sherman, IV, 1.

The New Post Office Law, III, 536.

Review of Coit and others on the Pa-
Bacon, D.F.-Constellation of the Cross. ritans, IV, 288.
A Poem, I, 122.

Shall Capital Punishment be Abol-
The Last Seven Years of the Life of ished ? IV, 563.
Henry Clay, XIV, 543,

Responsibility in the management of

Societies, V, 28.
Bacon, G. B.--HIon. Aaron N. Skinner. State of Political Parties in 1847, V,

Public Spirit in the Private Citizen, 306.
XVII, 726.

The War with Mexico, V, 604.
Mr. Tennyson and the Idyls of King Peace and What Next, VI, 292.
Arthur, XVIII, 1.

The Ethics of the Right of Suffrage,

VI, 441.
Bacon, L.-Prolegomena of the New Obituary Notice of Rev. Edward R.
Englander, I, 4.

Tyler, VI, 603.
Post Office System, I, 9.

The New Earth, VII, 1.
Education of Candidates for the Min- The Stranger in the Episcopal Church,
istry, I, 126.

VII, 143.

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Bacox, L.-Macaulay and the Anglo- Bacon, L.–Palfrey's History of New
Catholics, VII, 288.

England, XVIII, 1020,
Music in Worship, VII, 350.

Puritan History, XIX, 126.
The Applications of Political Econ- The Pulpit and the Crisis, XII, 140.
omy, VII, 419.

The Martyrs under Queen Elizabeth,
Review of J. P. Lesley's Address to XIX, 437.

the Suffolk North Association of

Congregational Ministers, VII, 478. Bacon, L. W.-Layard's Discoveries,
Isaac Taylor's Works, VII, 610.

XI, 457.
Looking for the Church, VIII, 106. Review of the Plymouth Collection of
Are you Ready for the Question ? Ilymns and Tunes, XIV, 92.
VIII, 299.

The Home Heathen, and how to
John Cotton, VIII, 388.

reach them, XVIII, 998.
Conscience and the Constitution, with

remarks on Webster's Speech in the Bacon, W. T.—The Fallen Eagle. A
Senate (1850] on the subject of Poem, IV, 331.
Slavery, VIII, 472.

Morning. A Poem, IV, 368.
Moses Stuart, X, 42.
Evangelical Alliance, X, 309.

BAIRD, H. M.— The Military Orders,
Review of Prof. Park's Memoir of IX, 388.

Hopkins, X, 448.
Literature of Slavery, X, 588. Baldwin, A, C.-Review of A.J. Down•
The Church Review and New England ing's Fruit and Fruit Trees of Amer-
Theology, XI, 92.

ica, IV, 229.
The Life and Works of John Robinson,
XI, 136.

Barnes, A.-Position of the Evangelical
Church Review Theology examined, Party in the Episcopal Church, II,
XI, 261.

Review of Thornwell on Slavery, XII, The Episcopal Church, III, 333.

Review of Prof. Schaff's Church His. BARRETT, J. H.-Swedenborg and the
tory, XII, 237.

New Church, V, 493.
Morality of the Nebraska Bill, XII,

Barrows, W. --Immigration ; its Evils
The Southern Apostasy, XII, 627. and their Remedies, SIII, 262.
The Puritan Ritual, XIII, 450.

Ancient and Modern India, XV. 29.
Review of Hodge on Presbyterianism, The High School Policy of Maces.
XIV, 1.

chusetts, XVI, 851.
The Relation of Christianity to Law

and Government, XIV, 447. Beecher, C.-- Typology, XII, 203.
The President's Message at the Third

Session of the 34th Congress (1856), BEECIER, Miss C. M.-Intuitire Trutls.
XV, 1.

II, 359.
Paul on Politics, XV, 462.
Buchanan on Kansas, XV, 675. BEMENT, W.-Stoddardeanism, IV, 50,
Review of the New Audover IIymn Review of Hetherington's History of
Book, XVII, 69.

the Westminster Assembly, 1V, 856
The Moral of Harper's Ferry, XVII, and 483.

The Right of Property in Land, VIII,
The Minister's Wooing. From the

Dr. Dryasdust Point of View, Is the Soul Immortal? XI, 36..

XVIII, 145.
The Crime against the Rig!it of Suf- Birxer, J. Jr.—Proposed Amendment
frage, XVIII, 453.

of the Constitution as respects the
A Hymn and its Author-Augustus apportionme 1 of Representatives
L Hillhouse, XVIII, 557.

and direct Taxes, advocated, III,
A Half Century of Foreign Missions, 591.
XVIII, 711.

Relations of the Federal Constitution

to Slavery, III, 595.

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BITTINGER, J. B.—Hebrew Servitude, | CAESEBROCGH, A. S.-Mysticism in its
XVIII, 352.

relation to Christianity, V, 348.
BLAKEMAN, P.-Review of the Memoir CLAPP, C. W.-Review of the West-

and Works of William Ellery Chan- minster Review on Septenary In-
ping, VIII, 345.

stitutions, X, 207.

Is the Pulpit losing its Power? XIV,
BLANCHARD, A.-Influence of Tradition- 409.

ary Law upon Civil Government The Sphere of the Pulpit, XV, 135.
and Religion, IV, 305.

The Design and Nature of Punish-

ment under the Divine Government,
BOIES, W. E.-Review of the Recrea- XIX, 63.

tions of a Country Parson, XIX, The Problem of Inspiration, XIX,


BOURNE, W, 0.—Missionary Operations CLARK, S. D.—Review of the Memoir of
in Polynesia, VI, 41.

Rev. Oliver Alden Taylor, XI, 509.

God's Regard for the Church, XII,
Bronson, H.-War in its democratic .408.
and economic Relations, IV, 369. Preaching the Gospel, the Instrument

of the World's Conversion, XII,
BUDINGTON, W. I.-Review of Chalmers 604.

on the Inductive Method in Theol- The Evangelizing Church, IV, 221.
ogy, and the Nature of Christian
Doctrine, VIII, 203.

CLARK, W.-The Philosophy of Reform,
Review of Dr. J. P. Thompson's Me- XIII, 28.

moir of D. T. Stoddard, XVI, 874.
Robertson's Sermons and “ Extem- CLARKE, T. S.-Duty in regard to Read-
pore Preaching,” XVII, 858.

ing, X, 188.
Review of Prof. F. D. Huntington's Responsibility for Errors of Opinion,
Sermons, XVIII, 190.

XI, 11.

The Discontented Classes, XI, 639.
Burr, E. F.-Christ as Revealer of
God, XII, 177.

Colton, II.-Winter. A Poem, I, 34.
Our Country-A Way to Helpit, XIII,

CORNING, W. H.- Manufacturing Cor-
Christianity a Strong System, XVII, porations and Manufacturing Vil.

lages, VII, 240.

Christ as the Foundation of Chris-
BUSHNELL, H.-Taste and Fashion, I, tianity, XIV, 250.

Review of Bishop Brownell's Charge Cowles, J. P.-Life and Labors of

to the Clergy of Connecticut, II, Mary Lyon, X, 259.

Growth, not Conquest, the true Cr E. B.-Odd-Fellowship, IV, 506.

Method of Christian Progress, II,

CUYLER, T. L.-Edinburgh Reviewers,
The Evangelical Alliance, V, 102.

II, 256.
Christian Comprehensiveness, VI, 81,

Review of Vinet's Vital Christianity,
The Christian Trinity a


III, 600.
Truth, XII, 485.
California, its Characteristics and DADNEY, J. P.-Dryden, Prior, and
Prospects, XVI, 142.

Swift, XII, 198.
Carringtoy, H. A.-- Review of W. B. DAGGETT, 0. E.-Party Spirit, 1, 517.

Carpenter's Principles of Physiol. Metrical Psalms, IV, 72.
ogy, XI, 1.

The Psalms in Worship, IV, 312.

Review of the Ilymn Book of the
CHASE, S. —An Apology for Physical General Association of Connecti.
Science, IV, 542.

cut, IV, 422.

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Daggett, 0. E.—The Impressiveness of Dutton, H.-The_Doings of the Last
Preaching, V, 90.

Connecticut Legislature on Tem-
Church Building, VI, 1.

perance and Liberty, XII, 419.
Churches and Parsonages, XII, 276.
C. H. Spurgeon and Extemporaneous Dutton, S. W. S.-Review of Matthew
Preaching, XVI, 28.

H. Smith's “ Universalism, Exam-

ined, Renounced, Exposed," I, 35.
Dana, J. D.—The Mosaic Cosmogony, The Protestant Principle in its App
XVI, 74.

plication to High Church Episco-
Anticipations of Man in Nature,

pacy, II, 66.
XVII, 293.

Review of Dr. G. Peck on the Divine

Rule of Faith, II, 304.
Davis, E.-The Common School Con. Review of Dr. J. S. Stone on Scriptural
troversy in Massachusetts, V, 513. Views of Preaching and the Sacra.

ments, as distinguished from Bap-
Davis, J. G.–Systematic Benevolence, tismal Regeneration and the Real
IX, 14.

Presence, II, 510.

Review of Dr. J. S. Stone's Memoir of
Day, G. E.-The Israelites in Egypt, Bishop Griswold, III, 227.
XVI, 65.

The Tract Society's Alterations of

Standard Works, reviewed and ced-
Day, H. N.-Review of A. B. Chapin's sured, III, 272.

Classical Spelling Book, II, 350. Review of Gov. Hammond's Defense
Principles in the Art of Landscape, of Slavery, in his Letters to Thomas
VI, 331.

Clarkson, III, 567.

Religious Instruction of the Slaves,
Day, J.-Doctrine of the Higher Law, IV, 45.
XI, 161.

Memoir of John Breed Dwight, IV,
Analysis of Conscience, XIV, 243.


Review of Albert Barnes's “Seriptural
DeForest, J. W.–Olimpia Morata, XIII, Views of Slavery," IV, 384.

Review of Nathaniel Hawthorne's

Twice Told Tales, and Mosses from
DENISON, A. C.-Reflex Benefits of the an Old Manse, V, 56.

Clerical Office-a Letter from a The Sufferings of Christ not confined
Country Clergyman to his Des. to His Human Nature, V, 415.
ponding Brethren, XVIII, 573. Review of Dr. J. S. Stone on the

Church Universal, V, 247.
Dexter, H. M.—Review of Dyer on Proposed Substitution of Sectarian for
Inspiration, VII, 515.

Public Schools, VI, 230.
Note to the Review of Dyer on Inspi- Supplement to “Proposed Substito-
ration, VIII, 144.

tion of Sectarian for PublicScbools,"

VI, 299.
Dimon, J. L.-Dr. Grant and the Moun- The French Revolution of 1848, VI.
tain Nestorians, XI, 440.

Early Christianity in China, XI, 481. Review of Dr. J. S. Stone's Memoir of

the Life of Dr. Milnor, VII 1.9.
DUNNING, E. 0.—Review of Headley's The American Board and Slarer-
Writings, V, 402.

Review of S. Treat's Report, VII,
Martial Men and Martial Books, VI, 273.

Popular Education in the West by
Review of Abbott's Napoleon, XI, 329 Female Teachers from the East,
Review of Abbott's Napoleon Bona- VII, 593.

parte at St. Helena, XIV, 215. David Hale, VIII, 129.
Private Character of Thomas Jefferson, The Supremacy of God's Law. (“The
XIX, 618.

Higher Law.”) Mr. Seward's Speech

on the Admission of California,
Dutton, H.-Increase of Crimes against VIII, 378.
Life, II, 346.

Reform and Reformers, VIII, 507.

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