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Cozzens, (Frederic S.), Acadia, noticed,|

XVIII, 254.

Cralle, (R. K.), Speeches of J. C. Cal-
houn, noticed, XI, 642; XII, 339.
Cranfield, (Thomas), Life of, noticed,
IV, 603.

Creasy, (E. S.), Fifteen Decisive Battles
of the World, reviewed, by T. D.
Woolsey, X, 56.
Creation, Mysteries of, or Cosmogony,
by T. A. Davies, reviewed, by James
D. Dana, XVI, 74.

Creation, The Epoch of, Scripture con-
trasted with Geology on the sub-
ject of, by Eleazar Lord, reviewed,
IX, 510.

Creation, Typical Forms and Special
Ends in, by J. M'Cosh and G. Dickie,
noticed, XVI, 189.

Creation, Vestiges of, reviewed, by Ed-
ward Strong, IV, 113.

Crescent and the Cross, noticed, VI, 596.
Criminal Law, Principles of, noticed,
VII, 530.

Flowery Land, or Religious Notions
in North China, noticed, XVI, 464.
Cultivator, The, noticed, IX, 158.
Cumming, (John), Benedictions; or The
Blessed Life, noticed, XII, 339.
Cumming, (John), Church before the
Flood, noticed, XII, 339.
Cumming, (John), Is Christianity from
God? noticed, VIII, 158; XIII, 310.
Cumming, (John), Lectures on Roman-
ism and Tractarianism, noticed, XII,

Cumming, (John), Sabbath Morning
Readings on the Old Testament, no-
ticed, XII, 671; XIII, 319.
Cumming, (John), The End, or Proximate
Signs of the Close of this Dispensa-
tion, noticed, XIV, 155.

Cumming, (John), Voices of the Day,
noticed, XII, 339.

Cumming, (John), Voices of the Dead,
noticed, XII, 483.

Cumming, (John), Voices of the Night,
noticed, XII, 339.

Hunter's Life in South Africa, noticed,
VIII, 654.

Criswell, (Robert), "Uncle Tom's Cab-Cumming, (R. Gordon), Five Years of a
in" contrasted with Buckingham Hall,
the Planter's Home, noticed, X, 558.
Critique of Pure Reason, translated from
the German of I. Kant, by J. M.
Meiklejohn, reviewed, by D. H. Ham-
ilton, XV, 61.

Croisades, Histoire des, par J. F. Mi-
chaud, noticed, IX, 388.
Cromwell, by Thomas Carlyle, reviewed,
by Merrill Richardson, ÏV, 211.
Crosby, (Alpheus), Edition of Xeno-
phon's Anabasis, II, 334.
Crosby, (Alpheus), Greek Grammar, no-
ticed, II, 491.

Crosby, (Alpheus), Greek Lessons, no-
ticed, VII, 486.

Crosby, (Nathan), Annual Obituary No-

tices of Eminent Persons who have
died in the United States, (1857), no-
ticed, XVII, 544.
Croswell, (William), Poems, Sacred and
Secular, noticed, XIX, 230.
Crucible, The, by J. A. Goodhue, no-
ticed, XVIII, 504.
Cruden, (A.), Concordance, noticed, III,
477; XII, 669.

Cruise of the Betsey, by Hugh Miller,
noticed, XVI, 933.
Crusades, History of the, by Charles
Mills, noticed, IX, 389.

Cuba and the Cubans, noticed, VIII, 484.
Cuba, Pictures of, or Gan-Eden, noticed,
XII, 665.

Cureton, (William), Vindicia Ignatianæ
and Corpus Ignatianum, reviewed, by
J. Murdock, VII, 501.

Currency or Money; its Nature and
Uses, and the Effects of the Circu-
lation of Bank Notes for Currency,
reviewed, by Joseph S. Ropes, XVI,


Currents and Counter Currents, by 0.
W. Holmes, noticed, XIX, 955.
Curtis, (George Ticknor), History of the
Origin, Formation and Adoption of
the Constitution of the United States,
noticed, XIII, 321.

Curzon, (Robert), Armenia, noticed,
XII, 670.

Custis, (G. W. P.), Recollections and
Private Memoirs of Washington, no-
ticed, XVIII, 537.

Cyclopaedia of American Literature, by
E. A. and G. A. Duyckinck, review-
ed, XIV, 464.

Cyclopædia of Biblical Literature, John
Kitto's, noticed, V, 143.

Cyropædia of Xenophon, Edition of J.
J. Owen, noticed, IV, 598.
Cyrus the Great, History of, by Jacob
Abbott, noticed, VIII, 648.

D'Abrantes, (Dutchess), Memoirs of Na-
poleon, his Court and Family, noticed,
XII, 665.

Culbertson, (M. S.), Darkness in the Daggett, (David), Address at the Fune-

ral of, by S. W. S. Dutton, noticed, | Davenport, (A. B.), History and Gene-

IX, 476.

Daggett, (O. E.), A Good Man Lament.

ed, a Sermon at the Funeral of Walter
Hubbell, noticed, VI, 456.

Daily Life, by John Cumming, noticed,
XIII, 319.

Daily Monitor, by John Allen, noticed,
XIII, 318.

Dale, (R. W.), Life of John Angell James,
noticed, XIX, 950.

Dall, (Mrs.), Historical Pictures Re-
touched, noticed, XIX, 208.
Dalton, (Wm.), Wolf-boy of China, no-
ticed, XVII, 571.

Dana, (Daniel), Introduction to D. A.
Wallace's Theology of New England,
noticed, XIV, 469.

Dana, (James D.), Science and the Bible,
reviewed, XVI, 74.

Dana, (Mary S. B.), Letters to Friends
in reply to Arguments in Support of
the Trinity, noticed, IV, 594.
Dana, (Richard H.), Poems and Prose
Writings, reviewed, by B. B. Ed
wards, IX, 28.

Dana, (R. H., Jr.), W. Allston's Lectures
on Art and Poems, reviewed, by Noah
Porter, Jr., VIII, 445.

Daniel, Commentary on the Book of,

by Moses Stuart, noticed, VIII, 656.
Daniel, Notes on the Book of, by Albert
Barnes, noticed, XII, 671.
Daniel, Remarks on the Prophecies of,
by Irah Chase, noticed, II, 334.
Daniel, (Judge), Opinion of, in the Dred
Scott Case, reviewed, by T. D. Wool-
sey, XV, 345.

Darius the Great, History of, by J. Ab-
bott, noticed, VIII, 648.
Darkness in the Flowery Land, Popular
Superstitions in North China, by M.
S. Culbertson, noticed, XVI, 464.
Darwin, (Charles), On the Origin of
Species by means of Natural Selection,
noticed, XVIII, 516; reviewed, by
Joseph P. Thompson, XIX, 84; re-
viewed, by Edward A. Walker, XIX,


D'Aubigné, (J. H. M.), History of the
Reformation of the Sixteenth Century,
noticed, XI, 479.

D'Aubigné, (J. H. M.), Puseyism Exam-
ined, noticed, I, 292.

D'Aubigné, (J. H. M.), Speech on Christ-
ian Unity, reviewed, by Joseph P.
Thompson, IV, 132.
D'Aubigné, (J. H. M.), Works of, noticed,
IV, 344.

alogy of the Davenport Family in
England and America, from A. D.
1086, to 1850, noticed, IX, 531.
Davidson, (Samuel), Examination of the
New Testament, reviewed, IX, 35.
Davidson, Translation of the Works of
Virgil, noticed, XIII, 641.

Davies, (Charles), Logic and Utility of
Mathematics, noticed, VIII, 655.
Davies, (Charles), Mathematical Dic.
tionary and Cyclopedia of Mathemat-
ical Science, noticed, XIII, 638.
Davies, (T. A.), Answer to Hugh Miller
and Theoretic Geologists, noticed,
XVIII, 1102.

Davies, (T. A.), Cosmogony, reviewed,
by J. D. Dana, XVI, 74.

Davis, (A. J.), Great Harmonia, review-
ed, XVI, 666.

Davis, (Emerson), Half Century; or
History of Changes in the United

States between 1800 and 1850, no-
ticed, IX, 311.

Davis, (E. H.), and E. G. Squier, An-
cient Monuments of the Mississippi
Valley, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey,
VII, 95.

Davis, (Jefferson), Address at Jackson,
Miss., July 6th, 1859, reviewed, by W.
De Loss Love, XVIII, 90.

Davis, (Woodbury), The Beautiful City
and the King of Glory, noticed, XIX,


Day, (Henry N.), Art of Elocution, no-
ticed, III, 157.

Day, (Henry N.), Elements of the Art of
Rhetoric, noticed, VIII, 488.
Day, (Henry N.), Rhetorical Praxis, no-
ticed, XVIII, 1116.

Day, (J:), Address at Inauguration of
President Woolsey, noticed, V, 208.
DeBow, (J. D. B.), Statistical View of
the United States, reviewed, by 4.
Woodbury, XIII, 183.

DeForest, (J. W.), European Acquaint-
ance, noticed, XVI, 929.
DeForest, (J. W.), Oriental Acquaint-
ance; or Letters from Syria, noticed,
XIV, 622.

De Liefde, (J.), Signet Ring and other
Gems, noticed, XVIII, 1065.
DeQuincy, (Thomas), Biographical Es
says and Confessions of an English
Opium Eater, noticed, VIII, 649.
DeQuincy, (Thomas), Literary Remin-
iscences, noticed, IX, 624.
De Stael, (Madame), Corinne, Edition of
O. W. Wight, noticed, XVIII, 261.

De Stael, (Madame), Germany, by O. W. | Devotional Sacred Music of America,
Wight, noticed, XVII, 1097.
noticed, IX, 317.

Customs, Manners and Institutions of
Ancient and Modern Nations, noticed,
XI, 477.

DeVries, (David Pieterz), New Haven Dew, (Thomas), Digest of the Laws,
and Hartford Two Hundred and Twen-
ty Years ago, noticed, XVII, 290.
De Wette, (Wilhelm Martin Lebrecht),|
Historico-Critical Introduction to the
Canonical Book of the New Testa-
ments, noticed, XVI, 907.

Dead in Christ, by John Brown, no-
ticed, XIII, 490; reviewed, by W.
De Loss Love, XV, 185.

Deaf and Dumb, Elementary Lessons
for the, by Harvey P. Peet, noticed,
III, 312, 474.

Deaf and Dumb Institution, New York,
Twenty-sixth Report of, noticed, III,

Dean, (William), China Mission, noticed,
XVII, 810.

Debate between the Church and Science,
with an Essay on Tayler Lewis, no-
ticed, XIX, 175.

Debates in Parliament, Hansard's, Vols.
146-7-8, noticed, by J. H. Jones,
XVII, 357.

Debit and Credit, by Gustav Freytag,
with a Preface, by C. C. J. Bunsen,
noticed, XVI, 459.
Debt and Grace, by C. F. Hudson, no-
ticed, XVI, 190.

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,
by Edward Gibbon, Harpers' Edition,
noticed, VIII, 485; IX, 389.
DeGasparin, (A.), Uprising of a Great
People, noticed, XIX, 955.
Degerando, (M. Le Baron), Self-Educa-
tion, noticed, XVIII, 550.
Delay of the Deity in the Punishment of
the Wicked, Plutarch on the, review-
ed, by T. D. Woolsey, II, 631.
Democratic Review, characterized, I, 4.
Denison, (Frederick), Notes of the Bap-
tists and their Principles, in Norwich,
Conn., from the Settlement of the Town
to 1850, reviewed, by R. C. Learned,
XVIII, 595; noticed, XVII, 270.
Denominational Education, Thomas
Smyth on, noticed, IV, 299.
Dens, (Peter), Synopsis of the Moral
Theology of, by J. F. Berg, noticed,
II, 419.

Departed, The State of the, by John
Henry Hobart, noticed, V, 146.
Desert of Sinai, by H. Bonar, noticed,
XV, 336.

Designs for Churches and Parsonages,
noticed, XII, 174; reviewed, by O. E.
Daggett, XII, 276.

Dewey, (Orville), Discourses and Re-
views on Questions in Controversial
Theology and Practical Religion, re-
viewed, by B. N. Martin, VI, 67.
Dewey, (Orville), on Claims of Seafaring
men, reviewed, by L. Grosvenor, III,


Dexter, (G. T.), Spiritualism, reviewed,
by C. L. Hequembourg, XII, 33.
Dexter, (H. M.), Congregational Quar-
terly, noticed, XVII, 287.
Dexter, (H. M.), Discourse on the Moral
Influence of Manufacturing Towns, no-
ticed, VI, 311.

Dexter, (H. M.), Street Thoughts, no-
ticed, XVII, 570.

Diaconesses, Quelques mots sur l'Œuvre
des, par Mme, A. L. Beck, noticed,
XV, 739.

Dial, (The), Characterized, I, 4.
Diary of the American Revolution, by

Frank Moore, noticed, XVIII, 818.
Dickens, (Charles), Child's History of
England, noticed, XII, 338.
Dickens, (Charles), Great Expectations,
noticed, XIX, 953.

Dickens, (Charles), Home and Social
Philosophy, noticed, X, 332.
Dickens, (Charles), Notes on America, re-

viewed, by Joseph P. Thompson, I, 64.
Dickens, (Charles), Novels, L. G. Grego-
ry's Edition, noticed, XIX, 540, 778,

Dickie, (George), and M'Cosh, (James),
Typical Forms and Special Ends in

Creation, noticed, XVI, 189.
Dickinson, (R. W.), Religion Teaching
by Example, noticed, VI, 454.
Dickinson, (R. W.), Responses from the

Sacred Oracles; or, The Past in the
Present, noticed, IX, 155.
Dickson, (S. H.), P. B. K. Oration, criti-
cised, by J. L. Kingsley, I, 229.
Dictionary, by Noah Webster, reviewed,
by Royal Robbins, VI, 24; XVIII,

Dictionary, English, by Noah Webster,
abridged, by W. E. Webster and C.
A. Goodrich, noticed, XV, 164.
Dictionary of the English Language, by
Joseph E. Worcester, noticed, XVIII,
275; reviewed, by C. S. Lyman,
XVIII, 412.

Dictionary of the German and English
Languages, by G. J. Adler, noticed,
VII, 319.

Dictionary of the Holy Bible, Tract

Society, noticed, XVII, 1082.
Dictionary, Proposed New English, no-
ticed, XVII, 288; XVIII, 224.
Dictionary, The Union Bible, American
Sunday School, noticed, XIV, 316.
Dietetics of the Soul, by Ernest Von
Feuchtersleben, noticed, XII, 337.
Dietz, (F.), Grammatik des Romanischen
Sprachen von, reviewed, by T. D.
Woolsey, V, 183.

Digest of the Institutions of Ancient
and Modern Nations, by Thomas Dew,
noticed, XI, 477.

Dill, (E. M.), Mystery Solved, noticed,
XI, 156.

Dimmick, (Mrs. C. M.), Memoir of, by

L. F. Dimmick, noticed, IV, 604.
Dimmick, (L. F.), Life of Mrs. C. M.
Dimmick, noticed, IV, 604.

Diplomacy of the Revolution, by W. H.
Prescott, noticed, X, 490.
Discourses and Essays, by W. G. T.
Shedd, reviewed, by G. P. Fisher,
XIV, 363.

Ditson, (G. L.), Circassia, or a Tour to
the Caucasus, noticed, IX, 88.
Divine Government, Method of the, by J.
M'Cosh, noticed, IX, 151.
Divine Human in the Scriptures, Tayler
Lewis on the, reviewed, by B. N.
Martin, XVIII, 125.

Divine Rule of Faith, The, George Peck
on, reviewed, by S. W. S. Dutton, II,


Divinity, A Body of, by T. Ridgeley,
noticed, XIV, 155.

Dixon, (James), Speech in Congress on

the Mexican War, 1847, reviewed, by
Leonard Bacon, V, 306.

Dixon, (Hepworth), John Howard and
the Prison World of Europe, noticed,
VIII, 154.

Dixon, (Hepworth), Personal History of
Lord Bacon, noticed, XIX, 201.
Doane, (G. W.), on Oxford Theology,
noticed, I, 606.

Doane, (G. W.), Protest, noticed, X, 480.
Dobie, (David), Key to the Bible, no-
ticed, XIV, 624.

Dobney. (H. H.), Scripture Doctrine of
Future Punishment, reviewed, by W.
Bement, XI, 362.

Doctrines, Evenings with the, by N.
Adams, noticed, XIX, 510.
Doctrines, Text-Book of the History of,

by K. R. Hagenbach, noticed, XVIII,
794; XIX, 509.

Doddridge, (Philip), Memoir of, by
James R. Boyd, noticed, XVIII, 1085.
Dods, (J. B.), Spiritual Manifestations,
examined and explained, noticed, XVI,

Domestic and Foreign Missions, Com-

parative Importance of, by H. F. Har-
rington, noticed, IV, 296.

Dorner, History of the Doctrine per-
taining to the Person of Christ, no-
ticed, XV, 529.

Douglass, (S. A.), Letter of, Vindicating
his Position on the Nebraska Bill,
reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, XII,

Downing, (A. J.), Architecture of Coun-
try Houses, noticed, VIII, 649; re-

viewed, by N. H. Eggleston, IX, 57.
Downing, (A. J.), Cottage Residences,
reviewed, by D. G. Mitchell, I, 203;
noticed, XI, 474.

Downing, (A. J.), Fruit and Fruit Trees
of America, reviewed, by A. C. Bald,
IV, 229.

Downing, (A. J.), Horticulturist, no-
ticed, IX, 158.

Downing, (A. J.), Landscape Gardening
and Rural Architecture, reviewed, by
D. G. Mitchell, I, 203.
Downing, (A. J.), Rural Essays, with a
Memoir, by G. W. Curtis, noticed,
XI, 474.

Drake, (J. R.), Illustrated Edition of the
American Flag, noticed, XIX, 958.
Dramas, Discourses, and other Pieces,
by J. A. Hillhouse, reviewed, by H.
T. Tuckerman, XVI, 705.
Dreams and Realities in the Life of a
Pastor and Teacher, noticed, XIV,

Dred, by Mrs. H. B. Stowe, reviewed,

by G. P. Fisher, XIV, 515.
Dred Scott, Opinion of Judge Daniel
in the Case of, reviewed, by T. D.
Woolsey, XV, 345.

Dred Scott, Report of the Decisions of
the Supreme Court of the United
States, in the Case of, reviewed, XV,

Drummond, (D. T. K.), Parabolic Teach-
ing of Christ, noticed, XIV, 158.
Drummond, (Mrs.), Emily Vernon, no-
ticed, XIII, 491.
Dryden, Poetical Works of, reviewed,
by J. P. Dabney, XII, 198.
Duels and Duelings, Notes on, by Loren
zo Sabine, noticed, XIII, 317.

Dulles, (John W.), Soldier's Friend, no-

ticed, XIX, 960.
Duncan, (Henry), Sacred Philosophy of
the Season, IV, 455.
Durbin, (John P.), Observations in Eu-
rope, noticed, II, 446.
Durfee, (Calvin), History of Williams
College, noticed, XVIII, 1096.
Dutch Dominie of the Catskills, by
David Murdoch, noticed, XIX, 258.
Dutton, (S. W. S.), Address at the Fune-
ral of Hon. David Daggett, noticed,
IX, 476.

Dutton, (S. W. S.), Concio ad Clerum,

July 24th, 1855, XIII, 493.
Dutton, (S. W. S.), Eulogy on Isaac H.
Townsend, noticed, V, 334.
Dutton, (S. W. S.), Letter on the Atone-
ment, in reply to letter of Rev. E. B.
Hall, reviewed, by William T. Eustis,
XIV, 295.

Dutton, (S. W. S.), Memorial of N. W.
Taylor, D. D., reviewed, by Joseph P.
Thompson, XVI, 373.

Dutton, (S. W. S.), Relation of Atone-

ment to Holiness, reviewed, by Wil-
liam T. Eustis, XIV, 295.

Duty of American Women to their Coun-
try, by Miss C. E. Beecher, noticed,
IV, 304.

Duyckinck, (George A. and Evert A.),
Cyclopædia of American Literature,
reviewed, XIV, 464.
Dwight, (B. W.), Higher Christian Edu-
cation, noticed, XVII, 1094.
Dwight, (B. W.), Modern Philology, no-
ticed, XVII, 1087; XIX, 234.
Dwight, (H. G. O.), Christianity Revived
in the East, noticed, IX, 153.
Dwight and Smith's Researches in Arme-
nia, noticed, IV, 410.

Dwight, (Theodore, Jr.), History of
Connecticut, reviewed, by J. L. Kings-
ley, I, 224.

Dwight, (Timothy,) J. P. Thompson's
Sermon Commemorative of, noticed,
III, 149.

Dwight, (Timothy), Version of the
Psalms, noticed, IV, 327.
Dwight, (S. E.), Select Discourses of,
with a Memoir, by William T. Dwight,
noticed, IX, 621.

Dwight, (William T.), Select Discourses
of S. E. Dwight, with a Memoir, no-
ticed, IX, 621.

Dyer, (David), Plenary Inspiration of
the Old and New Testaments, review-
ed, by H. M. Dexter, VII, 515.
Eadie, (John), Analytical Concordance to

the Holy Scriptures, noticed, XVI,


Eadie, (John), Commentary on the Greek
Text of the Epistle of Paul to the
Philippians, noticed, XVII, 533.
Eadie, (John), Paul the Preacher, no-
ticed, XVIII, 218.

East, (John), My Saviour, noticed,
XVIII, 1064.

East, Sketches of Travel in the, by J. A.
Spencer, noticed, VIII, 312.
Eastburn, (Manton), Edition of Thorn-
ton's Family Prayers, noticed, V, 146.
Eastern Africa, Travels in, by J. L.
Krapf, noticed, XVIII, 1074.

Eastman, (Mrs. Mary II.), Aunt Phillis's
Cabin; or Southern Life as it is, no-
ticed, X, 588.

Early Conflicts of Christianity, by Wm.
Ingraham Kip, noticed, VIII, 316.
Early Witnesses, or Piety and Preach-
ing of the Middle Ages, by Joseph P.
Thompson, noticed, XV, 328.

Earnest Man, a Memoir of Adoniram
Judson, by Mrs. H. C. Conant, no-
ticed, XIV, 477.

Earnest Thoughts, by James Hamilton,
noticed, XVIII, 223.

Earth and Man, or Comparative Physi-
cal Geography in its Relation to the
History of Mankind, by A Guyot, re-
viewed, by B. N. Martin, VIII, 364;
reviewed, by D. C. Gilman, XVIII,


Ebrard, (John H. A.), Commentary on
the Epistles of St. John, noticed, XIX,


Ecclesiastes, An Exposition of the Book
of, by Charles Bridges, noticed, XIX,
Ecclesiastes, Canticles and Proverbs, A
new Translation of, by George R.
Noyes, noticed, IV, 600.

Ecclesiastes, Commentary on, by E. W.
Hengstenberg, noticed, XVIII, 1957.
Ecclesiastes, Commentary on, by Moses
Stuart, noticed, IX, 471; reviewed,
by Leonard Bacon, X, 42.
Ecclesiastes Explained, by James Mac-
Donald, noticed, XIV, 468.
Ecclesiastical History, A Compendium
of, by J. C. L. Gieseler, noticed, VIII,


Ecclesiastical History, by Waddington,
quoted, XIII, 295.
Ecclesiastical History of Connecticut,
Contributions to, noticed, XIX, 220.
Ecclesiastical Register, XIII, 160, 324,
492, 642.

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