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parative importance of, by Henry F.
Harrington, noticed, IV, 296.
Forensic View of Man and Law, by R.
B. Warden, noticed, XVIII, 814.
Forest and Shore; or Legends of the
Pine Tree State, by Charles P. Ilsley,
noticed, XIV, 477.
Forgiveness of Sin, The Christian Doc-
trine of, by J. F. Clarke, reviewed, by
G. M. Porter, XI, 24.
Forsyth, (William), History of the Cap-
tivity of Napoleon at St. Helena, re-
viewed, by E. O. Dunning, XIV,


Forty Years in the Wilderness of Pills
and Powders, by Dr. Alcott, noticed,
XVII, 1104.

Fosdick, (David), Discourse by George
Putnam in the Hollis Street Church,
at the Installation of, reviewed, by
Joseph P. Thompson, IV, 494.
Foster's First Principles of Chemistry,
noticed, XIII, 489.

Foster, (John), Essays noticed, IV, 454.
Foster, (John), Letter to a Young Cler-
gyman on Endless Punishment, re-
viewed, IX, 186.

Foster, (John), Life and Correspondence
of, reviewed, by A. M. Whorter, V,


Foster, (John), on Missions, and the
Skepticism of the Church with regard
to their Permanent Results, by Joseph
P. Thompson, reviewed, by Burdett
Hart, IX, 207.

Four Georges, by W. M. Thackeray, no-
ticed, XIX, 206.
Fourierism, Albert Brisbane on the
Doctrine of Association, reviewed, by
I. N. Tarbox, IV, 56.

Fowle, (William B.), Parlor Dramas,
noticed, XV, 341.
Fowler, (Henry), American Pulpit, no-
ticed, XV, 340.

Fowler, (William C.), English Grammar,
noticed, IX, 153; XVI, 702.
Foxe, (John), Acts and Monuments of
the Church, noticed, XIV, 318.
France, Civil Wars and the Monarchy
of, in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Centuries, by Leopold Ranke, no-
ticed, XI, 643; XII, 175.
Francese, Intervento in Roma nel 1849,

Memorie Storiche sull', di F. Torre,
noticed, XVI, 271.
Franck, (Ad.), La Kabbale ou la Philo
sophie religieuse des Hébreux, re-
viewed, by J. W. Gibbs, X, 433.
Frank Wildman's Adventures on Land!

and Water, by F. Gerstaecker, no-
ticed, XVIII, 554.

Franklin, (Sir John), Narrative of the

Discovery of the Fate of, by Captain
M'Clintock, noticed, XVIII, 522.
Friends in Council, noticed, XVIII, 1123.
Friends of Christ in the New Testa-
ment, by N. Adams, noticed, XI, 479.
Fremont's Geographical Memoir, vi,


French and English Dictionary, by A.
Spiers, noticed, VIII, 327.

French History, Memorable Scenes in,

by S. M. Smucker, noticed, XVI, 216.
French Language, New Method of Learn-
ing, by Lewis Fasquelle, noticed, X,

French Language, The Whole, by T.
Robertson, noticed, XIII, 490.
French Literature, Modern, by D. Véri-
cour, reviewed, VI, 590.

French Manual and Traveler's Com-
panion, by Gabrielle Surenne, noticed,
X, 490.

French, Ollendorf's New Method of
Learning, noticed, IV, 456; VIII, 328.
French, Practical Course of, by G. J. H.
Sanders, noticed, VI, 310.

French Revolution of 1848, History of
by A. DeLamartine, reviewed, by Ray
Palmer, VIII, 329.

French Revolution, The, by Thomas
Carlyle, reviewed, by M. Richardson,
II, 25.

Freund, (Dr. William), Latin English
Dictionary, noticed, IX, 144.
Freytag, (Gustav), Debit and Credit,
noticed, XVI, 459.

From Dawn to Daylight, by Mrs. H. W.
Beecher, noticed, XVIII, 264.
Frost, (John), Pictorial History of the
United States, noticed, I, 600.
Fruit and Fruit Trees of America, by

A. J. Downing, reviewed, by A. Č.
Baldwin, IV, 229.

Fry, (Caroline), Great Commandment,
noticed, V, 336.

Fry Divorce Case, The, reviewed, by
William T. Eustis, XVII, 469.
Fugitive Slave Law, Act Supplementary
to Act approved February 12th, 1793,
reviewed, by Joseph P. Thompson,
VIII, 615.

Fulke, (William), Defense of the Trans-
lations of the Holy Scriptures into
English, against the Cavils of Gregory
Martin, reviewed, by J. W. Gibbs, X,

Fuller, (Richard), Sermons, noticed,
XVIII, 807.

Fundamental Philosophy, by W. T.
Krug, noticed, VI, 454.
Furness, (W. H.), Thoughts on the Life
and Character of Jesus of Nazareth,
noticed, XVII, 261.

Future Punishment, Scripture Doctrine
of, by H. H. Dobney, reviewed, by
William Bement, XI, 362.
Gabussi, (Giuseppe), Memorie per servire
alla Storia degli Stati Romani dall'
elevazione di Pio Nono al pontificato
sino alla caduta della Republica, no-
ticed, XVI, 271.

Gage, (William L.), Trinitarian Sermons

Gayarre, (Charles), Louisiana, its Colo-
nial History and Romance, noticed,
IX, 471.

Gazetteer of the World, Harper's, no-
ticed, XIII, 156, 320.

Geary, Administration as Governor of
Kansas, with a History of Kansas till
July, 1857, by John H. Gihon, re-
viewed, by Leonard Bacon, XV, 675.
Gems of C. H. Spurgeon, noticed, XVI,


Genealogical Register, New England,
reviewed, by R. Robbins, IX, 531.
General History of Civilization, by Gui-
zot, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, XIX,
409, 871.

Preached to a Unitarian Congrega-Generations gathered and gathering;
tion, noticed, XVIII, 806.
Gaillard, (Thomas), History of the Refor-
mation, from the close of the Fifteenth
Century, noticed, VI, 600.
Gajani, (Guglielmo), Roman Exile, no-
ticed, XIV, 478.

Galatians, Commentary on, by Martin
Luther, noticed, XVIII, 495.
Galatians, Critical and Grammatical Com-
mentary on Paul's Epistle to, by C. J.
Ellicott, with an Introductory Notice,
by C. E. Stowe, noticed, XIX, 182.
Gale, (Nahum), Memoir of Rev. Dr. Ben-
net Tyler, reviewed, by E. A. Law-
rence, XVII, 746.

Gallenga, (Antonio), History of Pied-
mont, reviewed, by Elial F. Hall,
XVII, 708.

Gallaudet, (T. H.), Life and Labors of,

by H. Humphrey, noticed, XVI, 212.
Gallaudet, (T. H.), Tribute to, by Henry
Barnard, reviewed, by S. W. S. Dut-
ton, X, 415.

Gan-Eden; or Pictures of Cuba, no-
ticed, XII, 665.

Gangooly, (J. C.), Life and Religion of
the Hindus, reviewed, by D. O. Allen,
XIX, 365.

or the Scriptur: Doctrine concern-
ing Man in Death, from the Bible
Examiner, by J. Panton, reviewed,
by W. Bement, XI, 362.
Gennesaret, Memoirs of, by J. R. Mac-
Duff, noticed, XVI, 905.
Geographical Distribution of Animals,
by Louis Agassiz, reviewed, by B. N.
Martin, VIII, 542.

Geographical Distribution of the Races
of Men, by Charles Pickering, review
ed, by B. N. Martin, VIII, 542.
Geographical Memoir, by J. C. Fremont,
noticed, VI, 531.

Geography, Ancient and Medieval, by
Charles Anthon, noticed, VIII, 158.
Geography, Comparative Physical, in
its Relation to the History of Man-
kind, by Arnold Guyot, reviewed, by
B. N. Martin, VIII, 365.
Geography for Primary Schools, by W.
Hooker, noticed, XVII, 830.
Geography, Intermediate, by S. S. Cor-
nell, noticed, XIII, 489.
Geography of the Bible, by Charles A.
Goodrich, noticed, XIV, 316.
Geology, A Manual of Elementary, by
Charles Lyell, noticed, XI, 642.

Gasparin, (Agenor de), Science vs. Mod-Geology, Elements of, by J. L. Comstock,
ern Spiritualism, reviewed, by C. S.
Lyman, XVI, 667.

Gasparin, (Madame de), Des Corpora
tions Monastiques au sein du Protest-
antisme, noticed, XV, 739.
Gaume, (L'Abbé J.), L'Europe en 1848,

ou Considérations sur L'organization
du Travail, Le Communism et Le
Christianisme, noticed, VIII, 452.
Gaussen, (S. R. L.), Theopneusty, no-
ticed, II, 333-4; IV, 304; VI, 602.
Gavazzi, The Lectures of, with a Life,

by G. B. Nicolini, noticed, XII, 340.

noticed, V, 479.

Geology in its Bearings on Theology;
or the Testimony of the Rocks, by
Hugh Miller, reviewed, by James D.
Dana, XVI, 74.

Geology of the Globe, and in particu
lar of the United States, Outline of
by Edward Hitchcock, noticed, XII,

Geology, Popular, Hugh Miller, noticed,
XVII, 817.

Geology, Principles of, by Charles Lyell,
noticed, XI, 642.

Geometry, by J. B. Thomson, noticed, | Gibbs, (J. W.), Translation of Gesenius'

III, 156.

Georges, (C. E.), English Latin Lexicon
of J. E. Riddle, founded on the Ger-
man-Latin Dictionary of, noticed,
VIII, 155.

Gerhart, (E. V.), Introduction to the
Study of Philosophy, noticed, XVI.


Hebrew Lexicon, noticed, XIX, 610. Gibbs, (J. W.), Translation of Storr's Essay on the Historical Sense of the New Testament, noticed, XIX, 610. Gibson, (William), Year of Grace; or History of the Revival in Ireland, A. D. 1859, noticed, XVIII, 1067. Gieseler, (John C. L.), Compendium of Ecclesiastical History, noticed, VIII,


Germaine, by E. About, noticed, XVII,
German and English Languages, Diction-Gieseler, (John C. L.), Text-Book of
ary of, by G. J. Adler, noticed, VII,
319; X, 331.

German Catholic Church, Samuel Laing's
Notes on the Progress of the Schism
in the, reviewed, by Edward R. Tyler,
V, 136; reviewed, by Joseph P.
Thompson, V, 277.

German Christians, Pastor Ulich's Circu-
lar to, reviewed, by Joseph P. Thomp.
son, V, 277.

German-English Reader, Elementary,
by Ignace Steiner, noticed, V, 145.
German Reformation of the Nineteenth
Century, reviewed, by Joseph P.
Thompson, V, 277.

Germany, by Madame De Stael, noticed,
XVII, 1097.

Germany, its Universities, Theology and
Religion, with Sketches of Distin
guished German Divines of the Age,
by Philip Schaff, reviewed, by Noah
Porter, Jr., XV, 574.
Germany, Prose Writers of, by F. H.
Hedge, noticed, XIII, 483.
Gerstaecker, (Frederick), Frank Wild-
man's Adventures on Land and Water,
noticed, XVIII, 554.
Gerstaecker, (Frederick), Wild Sports in

the Far West, noticed, XVII, 570. Gesenius, Hebrew Lexicon, Translation

of, by J. W. Gibbs, noticed, XIX, 610. Get Money, by Mrs. L. C. Tuthill, noticed, XVI, 222.

Getty, (J. A.), Art of Rhetoric, noticed, VII, 317.

Gibbon, (Edward), Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vols. V and VI, noticed, IX, 389.

Gibbs, (J. W.), Latin Analyst on Mod

ern Philological Principles, noticed,
XVII, 279; XIX, 612.
Gibbs, (J. W.), Manual Hebrew Lexicon,
noticed, XIX, 610.

Gibbs, (J. W.), Philological Studies, no-
ticed, XV, 530; XIX, 612.
Gibbs, (J. W.), Teutonic Etymology,
noticed, XVIII, 1097; XIX, 612.

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Church History, noticed, XV, 717. Gihon, (John H.), Governor Geary's Administration in Kansas, with a complete History of the Territory, reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, XV,


Giles, (Henry), Lectures and Essays, reviewed, by D. March, VIII, 186. Gilfillan, (George), Bards of the Bible, reviewed, by William A. Larned, IX, 198.

Gilman, (Daniel C.), Address on a Course
of Study for Primary Public Schools,
reviewed, by J. W. Gibbs, XVIII, 429.
Gilman, (D. C.), Historical Discourse at
the Bi-Centennial Celebration of the
Settlement of Norwich, Connecticut,
September 7th, 1859, noticed, XVIII,
244, 537.

Girard Will Case, Plea in the, by Daniel
Webster, reviewed, by H. Humphrey,
III, 89.

Gironiere, (Paul P. DeLa), Twenty
Years in the Phillipines, noticed, XII,


Glaciers of the Alps, by John Tyndall,
noticed, XVIII, 1099.

Glances and Glimpses, by Miss H. K.
Hunt, noticed, XIV, 321.
Glimpses of Jesus, by W. P. Balfern,
noticed, XVI, 904.

Glimpses of the Dark Ages, noticed,
IV, 453.

Glory of Christ, by Gardiner Spring,
noticed, X, 486.

Glory of the House of Israel, by F.

Strauss, noticed, XVIII, 550.
Gnomon of the New Testament, by J.
A. Bengel, Translated by C. T. Lewis

and M. R. Vincent, noticed, XIX, 515. Gobat, (Samuel), Three Years Residence in Abyssinia, reviewed, by Samuel Harris, VIII, 515.

God in Christ, by Horace Bushnell, re

viewed, VII, 324; reviewed, by J. Haven, Jr., VIII, 1.

God in Christ, or the Progress of Faith

in a Moral Order of the World, by
Chevalier Bunsen, noticed, XV, 530.
God in his Providence, by W. M. Fer-
nald, noticed, XVIII, 215.

God, Knowledge of, Objectively consid
ered, by R. J. Breckinridge, noticed,
XVI, 188.

God with Men, by Samuel Osgood, no-
ticed, XII, 176.
Godey's Lady's Book, noticed, by Donald
G. Mitchell, II, 96; XIX, 782, 960.
Godwin, (Parke), Hand-Book of Uni-
versal Biography, noticed, X, 331.
Goethe, Correspondence with a Child,
noticed, XVIII, 549.

Gold Region, Sights in, and Scenes by
the Way, by T. D. Johnson, noticed,
VIII, 80.

Golden Age of American Oratory, by
E. G. Parker, noticed, XVI, 219.
Golden Legend, by H. W. Longfellow,
reviewed, by William A. Larned, X,


Goldsmith, (Oliver), Works of, by James
Prior, noticed, VIII, 153, 324, 487.
Good News of God, by Charles Kings-
ley, noticed, XVIII, 222.
Goode, (Wm.), Doctrine of the Church
of England on the Effects of Infant
Baptism, noticed, VIII, 319.
Goodell, American Slave Code, noticed,
XII, 100.

Goodhue, (J. A.), The Crucible; or
Tests of a Regenerate State, noticed,
XVIII, 504.

Goodrich, (Charles A.), Bible History of
Prayer, with Practical Reflections,
noticed, V, 616; XIV, 322.
Goodrich, (Charles A.), Family Sabbath-
Day Miscellany, noticed. I, 439.
Goodrich, (Charles A.), Geography of
the Bible, noticed, XIV, 316.
Goodrich, (Chauncey A.), Revivals of
Religion, reviewed, by W. De Loss
Love, XIII, 90.

Goodrich, (Chauncey A.), Select British
Eloquence, reviewed, XI, 157.
Goodwin, (C. W.), The Mosaic Cos-
mogony, reviewed, by Joseph P.
Thompson, XIX, 84; reviewed, by
Edward A. Walker, XIX, 541.
Goodwin, (H. M.), Syntax of the Moods
and Tenses of the Greek Verb, no-
ticed, XIX, 237.

Gordon, (William R.), Three-fold Test of
Modern Spiritualism, reviewed, XV,


Gospel Glass, by Lewis Stuckley, no-
ticed, XI, 476.

Gospel its own Advocate, by George
Griffin, noticed, VIII, 486.
Gospel Light, Age of, or the Immortality
of Man only through Christ, by Z
Campbell, reviewed, by William A.
Larned, IX, 544.

Gospel, Preaching the, the Divine In-
strumentality for the Conversion of
the World, Report of the Prudential
Committee of the A. B. C. F. M., re-
viewed, by S. D. Clark, XII, 604.
Gospel Studies, by Alexander Vinet, no-
ticed, VIII, 159.

Gospels, Notes on the, by M. W. Jaco-
bus, noticed, XI, 476.

Gospels, The, According to the Ammo-
nian Sections and the Tables of Euse-
bius, by S. H. Turner, noticed, XIX,


Gospels, Translation of the, with Notes,
by A. Norton, noticed, XIII, 491,

Gosse, (P. H.), Romance of Natural
History, noticed, XIX, 247.
Goths, The, in New England, by George
P. Marsh, noticed, II, 488.
Gotthold's Emblems, by Christian Seri-
ver, noticed, XVIII, 220.
Government, Method of the Divine, by
J. McCosh, noticed, IX, 151.
Governmental History of the United
States, by Henry Sherman, noticed,
XVIII, 1090.

Graham, (G. F.), English Synonyms, no-
ticed, V, 333.

Graham Lectures, Human Society, by
F. D. Huntington, noticed, XVIII,


Graham's Magazine, noticed, by Donald
G. Mitchell, II, 96.
Grammar, English, by William C. Fowler,
noticed, IX, 153.

Grammar, Greek, by Phillip Buttmann,
noticed, IX, 459.

Grammar, Practical, by S. W. Clark,
noticed, XIII, 159.
Grammatik der Romanischen Sprachen,
von F. Dietz's, reviewed, by T. D.
Woolsey, V, 183.

Grant, (Asahel), and the Mountain Nesto-
rians, by Thomas Laurie, reviewed,
by J. L. Dimon, XI, 440.

Grant, (Asahel), Memoir of, by A. C.
Lathrop, noticed, V, 835.

Gray, (Thomas), Elegy in a Country
Church-yard, noticed, X, 659.
Gray, (William), Miscellaneous Works
of Sir Philip Sidney, noticed, XVIII,

Grayson, (William S.), True Theory of

Christianity, noticed, XII, 174.
Great Awakening, a History of the Re-
vival of Religion in the time of White-
field and Edwards, by Joseph Tracy,
noticed, XVI, 907; XVII, 535.
Great Harmonia, by A. J. Davis, no-
ticed, XVI, 666.

Greece, Ancient, Critical History of the
Language and Literature of, by Wm.
Mure, reviewed, by J. Hadley, IX,


Greece, History of, by George Grote,
noticed, XI, 156; reviewed, by Wil-
iiam A. Larned, XVIII, 651.
Greece, Modern, by H. M. Baird, no-
ticed, XV, 341.

Greece of the Greeks, by C. A. Perdica-
ris, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, V, 1.
Greek and English Lexicon of the New
Testament, by Edward Robinson, no-
ticed, IX, 146.

Greek, First Book in, by J. McClintock
and George R. Crooks, noticed, VII,

Greek, First Lessons in, by J. M. Whiton,

noticed, XIX, 950.

Greek Grammar, by Philip Buttmann,
noticed, IX, 459.

Greek Grammar, by James Hadley, no-
ticed, XIX, 234.

Greek Grammar, by Raphael Kühner,
noticed, X, 661.

Greek Lessons, by A. Crosby, noticed,
VII, 486.

Greek Literature, A Manual of, by
Charles Anthon, noticed, XI, 644.
Greek Reader, by J. O. Colton, noticed,
XIII, 159.

Greek Testament, Commentary on the,
by Henry Alford, noticed, XVIII,


Greek Verb, Syntax of the Moods and
Tenses of, by W. W. Goodwin, no-
ticed, XIX, 237.

Greeley, (Horace), Hints towards Re.
forms, in Lectures, Addresses and
other Writings, reviewed, by Joseph
P. Thompson, VIII, 452; reviewed,
by Tertius S. Clark, XI, 539.
Green, (Ashbel), Autobiography of, re-
viewed, by J. F. Tuttle, VIII, 89.
Green, (N. W.), Fifteen Years Among
the Mormons, noticed, XVI, 703.
Green, (W. H.), Hebrew Grammar, no-
ticed, XIX, 950.

Greene, (G. W.), History and Geogra-
phy of the Middle Ages, noticed, IX,
159, 317.

Greene, (Samuel S.), The Structure of
the English Language; or the Analy-
sis and Classification of Sentences, no-
ticed, VIII, 488.

Greene, (Samuel S.), First Lessons in
Grammar, noticed, VIII, 488.
Greenleaf, (Simon), Examination of the
Testimony of the Evangelists by the
rules of Evidence, reviewed, by
Joseph P. Thompson, V, 459.
Greenwood, (Grace), Poems, noticed, IX,

Greyson, (H. E. H.), Letters of, by H.
Rogers, noticed, XVI, 192.

Griffin, (E. D.), Sermons, noticed, III,

Griffin, (George), Sufferings of Christ,

reviewed, by S. W. S. Dutton, V,415.
Griffin, (George), The Gospel its own
Advocate, noticed, VIII, 486.

Griswold, (Alexander V.), Memoir of,
by J. S. Stone, reviewed, by S. W. S.
Dutton, III, 227.

Grote, (George), History of Greece, no.
ticed, XI, 156; reviewed, by William
A. Larned, XVIII, 651.

Grout, (Lewis), Answer to Dr. Colen-
so's Letter on Polygamy, noticed,
XIV, 618.

Grout, (Lewis), Tract on the Treatment
of Polygamy in Converts from Hea-
thenism, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey,
XVI, 407.

Gualterio, (F. A.), Gli Ultimi Rivolgi-

menti Italiani, noticed, XVI, 271.
Guericke, (H. E. F.), A Manual of Church
History, Comprising the First Six Cen-
turies, translated by W. G. T. Shedd,
reviewed, XV, 716.

Guesses at Truth, by J. C. Hare, no-
ticed, XIX, 241.

Guhbrauer, (G. E.), Life of G. W. Von
Leibnitz, noticed, III, 468.
Guinness, (Gratton), Sermons, noticed,
XVIII, 222.

Guizot, General History of Civilization,
reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, XIX,
409, 871.

Guizot, Lectures on Civilization, noticed,
V, 440.

Gulliver, (John P.), Address at the Dedi-
cation of the Free Academy in Nor-
wich, Connecticut, reviewed, by W.
Hooker, XV, 428.

Gully, (J. M.), Water Cure, noticed, V,

Gurley, (R. R.), Life and Eloquence of
Sylvester Larned, reviewed, by W. C.
Fowler, V, 70.

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