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Gurowski, (Count A. De), Russia as it is, Half-hours with the Best Authors, by
noticed, XII, 424.

Charles Knight, noticed, VII, 637.
Guthrie, (Thomas), Christ and the In- Hall, (Edwin), Law of Baptism, noticed,

heritance of the Saints, noticed, XVII, IV, 599; reviewed, IX, 372.

Hall, (Edwin), Puritans, noticed, IV,
Guyon, (Madam de la Mothe), Life of, 288, 599.

by T. C. Upham, reviewed, by Sam- Hall, (E. B.), Letters on the Atonement,
uel Harris, VI, 165.

reviewed, by William T. Eustis, XIV,
Guyot, (Arnold), Earth and Man, re. 295.

viewed, by B. N. Martin, VIII, 365. Hall, (E. B.), Letter to, in Reply to his
Habersham, (R. W.), Self-Instructor, Letter on the Atonement, by S. W.S.
noticed, XII, 480.

Dutton, reviewed, by William T.
Hackett, (H. B.), Commentary on the Erstis, XIV, 295.

Original Text of the Acts of the Apos. Hall, (E. B.), Memoir of Mary L. Ware,
tles, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, X, noticed, XI, 477.

Hall, (John), Forty Years Familiar Let-
Hackett, (H. B.), Ilustrations of Scrip. ters of James W. Alexander, D, D.,
ture, noticed, XVIII, 1062.

noticed, XVIII, 842; reviewed, XVIII,
Hadley, (James), Greek Grammar, no- 930.
ticed, XIX, 234.

Hallam, (Henry), Middle Ages, noticed,
Hagenbach, (K. R.), Compendium of the XIX, 263.

Histories of Doctrines, Edinburgh edi. Halleck, (Fitz Greene), Poetical Works,
tion, noticed, XVIII, 794.

noticed, X, 659.
Hagenbach, (K. R.), Text-Book of the Hallig, or the Sheepfold in the Waters,

Ilistory of Doctrines, Prof. H. B. translated by Mrs. G. P. Marsh, no-

Smith's edition, noticed, XIX, 509. ticed, XVI, 221.
Hahn, (C. U.), Geschichte der Waldenser Hallock, (William A.), Light and Love,
und Verwandter Sekten, reviewed, by noticed, XIII, 625.
7. D. Woolsey, X, 277.

Halsey, (Le Roy J.), Literary Attrac-
Haight, (Benjamin I.), Letter on the tions of the Bible, noticed, XVI, 903.

Ordination of Arthur Carey, review. Hamilton, (Alexander), History of Cnited
ed, by Leonard Bacon, I, 586.

States as Traced in the Writings of,
Haldane, (Alexander), Memoirs of Rob- by J. C. Hamilton, reviewed, by D.

ert Haldane of Airthrey, and of James S. Boardman, XVI, 909.
A. Haldane, reviewed, by A. Geikie, Hamilton, (James), Earnest Thoughts,
XIX, 269.

noticed, XVIII, 223.
Haldane, (Robert and James Alexander), Hamilton, (James), Memoirs of the Life

Memoirs of, by Alexander Haldane, of James Wilson, noticed, XVII, 1091.

reviewed, by A. Geikie, XIX, 269. Hamilton, (John C.), History of the Re-
Haldanes, The, and their Friends, no- public of the United States of Ameri-
ticed, XVII, 812.

ca, as Traced in the Writings of Aler-
Hale, (David), Introduction to Turner's ander Hamilton and his Cotempora-

Kingdom of Heaven, or Christ's Char: ries, reviewed, by D. S. Bvardman,
tered Church vs. Hierarchies and Sects, XVI, 909,
noticed, V, 592.

Hamilton, (Sir William), Discussions on
Hale, (David), Memoir of, by Joseph P. Philosophy and Literature, Education

Thompson, reviewed, by S. W. S. and University Reform, noticed, XI,
Dutton, VIII, 129.

Hale, (Sarah Josepha), Woman's Record, Hamilton, (Sir William), Metaphrsics
reviewed, XI, 149.

and Logic, Lectures on, XVII, 537;
Half Century, by Emerson Davis, Intro. reviewed, by William A. Larned,

duction to, by Mark Hopkins, noticed, XVIII, 167; noticed, XVIII, 1069.
IX, 311.

Hamilton, (Sir William), Philosophy of,
Half Century, Discourse by S. Merwin, edition of 0. W. Wight, noticed, XI,
noticed, XIV, 475.

Half Century, or Changes and Events Hamlin, (Mrs. H. A. L.), Memorials of,

in the United States, between 1800 or Light on the Dark River, by Mar.
and 1850, by Emerson Davis, noticed, garette W. Lawrence, noticed, XII,
IX, 311.


Hammond, (Gov.), Letters to Thomas Harwood, (Edwin), New Civilization

Clarkson on Slavery, reviewed, by S. and the New Speculative Thinking,
W. S. Dutton, III, 567.

noticed, XVIII, 1073.
Hand-Bouk of Domestic Science, by E. Hase, (Carl), Life of Jesus, noticed,
L. Youmans, noticed, XV, 744.

XVIII, 801.
Hand-Book of Universal Literature, by Haste to the Rescue, noticed, XVIII,
Mrs. A. C. L. Botta, noticed, XIX,


Ilastings, (H. L.), Thessalonica, or the
Handel, Life of, by Victor Schoelcher, Model Church, noticed, XIX, 762.
noticed, XVI, 922.

Hastings, (Thomas), Sacred Praise, no-
Hannay, (James), Satire and Satirists, ticed, XIV, 625.
noticed, XIII, 322.

Havelock, (Henry), Life of, by J. T.
Hannibal, !Iistory of, by J. Abbott, no- Ileadley, noticed, XVII, 812.
ticed, VIII, 648.

Haven, Newman and Warren, Dis.
Hansard, Parliamentary Debates, no- courses on Parkerism, noticed, XIX,

ticed, by J. H. Jones, XVII, 357. 193.
Hare, (J. C.), Guesses at Truth, noticed, Haven, (Joseph), Mental Philosophy ;
XIX, 241.

Including the Intellect, Sensibilities
Hare, (Robert), Experimental Investi- and Will, noticed, XVI, 207.

gation of the Spirit Manifestations, Haven. (Joseph). Moral Philosophy, no-
Demonstrating the Existence of Spir- ticed, XVII, 1086.
its, and their Communion with Mor- Hawes, (Joel), Sermon before General
tals, noticed, XVI, 666.

Convention of Congregational Minis-
Hare-Bell, The, by C. W. Everest, no- ters, noticed, XI, 72.
ticed, II, 334.

Hawkins, (J. H. W.), Life of, by W. G.
Harmony of the Gospels, Edward Robin- Hawkins, noticed, XVII, 543.
son on the, noticed, IV, 292.

Hawkins, (W. G.), Life of John H. W.
Harper's Edition of Æschylus, F. A. Hawkins, noticed, XVII, 543.

Paley's Text, noticed, XIŠ, 239. Hawks, (Francis L.), Monuments of
Harper's New Monthly Magazine, no- Egypt; or Egypt á Witness for the
ticed, VIII, 653; XII, 172.

Bible, noticed. VIII, 149; reviewed,
Harper's Story Books, noticed, XIII, by Edward Strong, IX, 1.

Hawley, (Z. R.), on Congregationalism
Harrington, (H. F.), on Foreign and and Methodism, noticed, IV, 450.

Domestic Missions, noticed, IV, 296. Hawthorne, (Nathaniel), Marble Faun,
Harris, (John), Posthumous Works of, reviewed, by E, W. Robbins, XVIII,

by Philip Smith, noticed, XVI, 203. 441; reviewed, by Mrs. M. T. Gale,
Harris, (John), Sermons and Addresses, XIX, 860.
noticed, XVI, 901.

Hawthorne, (Nathaniel), Mosses from
Harris. (Samuel), Zaccheus; or the Scrip- an Old Manse, reviewed, by S. W. 8.

tural Plan of Benevolence, reviewed, Dutton, V, 56.
by J. G. Davis, IX, 14.

Hawthorne, (Nathaniel). Twice Told
Harvard College, Sketch of the History Tales, reviewed, by S. W. S. Dutton,

of, by Samuel A. Eliot, reviewed, by V, 56.
J. L. Kingsley, VII, 140.

Hawthorne, (Nathaniel), Wonder Book
llarvard University, Address of Edward for Boys and Girls, noticed, X, 156.

Everett when Inaugurated President Hay Time to Hopping, noticed, XIX,
of, noticed, V, 196.

Ilarvey, (Joseph), Letter to Bennet Hayden, (William B.). Character and

Tyler in Reply to his Discourse on Works of Christ, noticed, VII, 1.
Human Ability and Inability, review. Hayes, (Isaac I.), An Arctic Boat Jour-
cd, by Enoch Pond. XIII, 387.

ney, noticed, XVIII, 519.
Ilarvey, (Joseph), Letters to, by Bennet Hayne and Webster, Speeches in the

Tyler, in Reply to his Strictures on Senate on the Resolution of Mr. Foote,
the above Sermon on Human Ability reviewed, by W. Bement, VIII, 220.
and Inability, reviewed, by Enoch Hayward, (A.), Edition of Autobiogra-
Pond, XIII, 387.

phy of Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale), noticed,
Harwinton, Connecticut, History of, by XIX, 948.

R. M. Chipman, noticed, XVIII, 1097. Headley, (J. T.), Life of General H.
Havelock, K. C. B., noticed, XVII,, History of Slavery and the Govern.

ment of Colonies, noticed, XVI, 920.
Headley, (J. T.), Napoleon and his Henderson, (E.), Book of the Twelve

Marshals, noticed, IV, 592; review- Minor Prophets, noticed. XVIII, 1059.
ed, IV, 364; reviewed, by E. 0. Hengstenberg, (E. W.), Commentary on
Dunning, V, 402.

Ecclesiastes, with other Treatises, no-
Headley, (J. T.), Sacred Mountains, no- ticed, XVIII, 1057.
ticed, V, 147.

Henriade, Voltaire's, elition of O. W.
Headley, (J. T.), Washington and his Wight, noticed, XVIII, 259.

Generals, reviewed, by E. 0. Dun- Henry, (C. S.), Social Welfare and
ning, VI, 482.

Human Progress, noticed, XIX, 244.
Health and Happiness, Letters to the Henry, (Matthew,) Life of the Rev.

People, by Miss C. E. Beecher, no- Philip Henry, noticed, XII, 176.
ticed, XIII, 625.

Henry, (Paul), Life and Times of John
Health, Disease and Remedy, by George Calvin, Henry Stebbing's translation,
Moore, noticed, IX, 223.

noticed, IX, 621.
Health, Plan for the Promotion of Pub- Hequembourg, (C. L.), Plan of the Crea-

lic and Personal, Reported by Massa- tion, noticed, XVIII, 508.
chusetts Commissioners, noticed, IX, Here and Hereafter; or The Two Altara,

by Anna Atherton, noticed, XVI, 994,
Healing Art, the Right Hand of the Hermeneutical Manual, by Patrick Fair-
Church, noticed, XVII, 790.

bairn, noticed, XVII, 783.
Heath, Ellis and Spedding's edition of Herndon, (William L.). Exploration of

the Works of Francis Bacon, noticed, the Valley of the Amazon, reviewed,

XVIII, 1127; XIX, 263, 540, 777. by Williain A. Larned, XII, 362.
Heber, (Mrs.), Memoir of Reginald Herod the Great, by William M. Willett,
Heber, noticed, XIV, 476.

noticed, XVIII, 509.
Heber, (Reginald), Memoir of, by Mrs. Herodotus, History of, by George Raw-
Heber, noticed, XIV, 476.

linson, reviewed, by William A. Lar.
Hébreux, La Kabbale ou la Philosophie ned, XIX, 214.

religieuse des, par Ad. Franck, review- Heroes of Europe, by H. G. Hewlett,
ed, by J. W. Gibbs, X, 433.

noticed, XIX, 258.
Hebrew Grammar, by W. H. Green, Hetherington, (W. M.), History of the
XIX, 950.

Westminster Assembly, noticed, I.
Hebrew Lexicon, by Gesenius, trans- 607; XII, 175; reviewed, by W.

lated by J. W. Gibbs, noticed, XIX, Bement, IV, 356, 483.

Hewitson, (W. H.), Memoir of, by John
Hebrew Lexicon, Manual, by J. W. Baillie, noticed, IX, 626.
Gibbs, noticed, XIX, 610.

Hewlett, (H. G.), The Heroes of Europe,
Hebrew Men and Times, by J. H. Allen, noticed, XIX, 258.
noticed, XIX, 756.

Hickok, (Laurens P.), Empirical Psy.
Hebrews, Commentary on, by Moses chology, reviewed, by Noah Porter,
Stuart, noticed, XVIII, 1060.

Jr., XIII, 129.
Hedge, (F. H.), and Huntington, (F. D.), Hickok, (Laurens P.), Rational Cos-

Hymns for the Church of Christ, no- mology, reviewed, by 0. W. Wight,
ticed, XII, 173.

XVI, 817.
Hedge, (F. H.), Prose Writers of Ger- Hickok, (Laurens P.), Rational Psp.
many, noticed, XIII, 483.

chology; or the Subjective Idea and
Hedge, (F. H.), Edition of Recent In. the Objective Law of all Intelligence,

quiries in Theology, by Eminent En- noticed, VII, 321; reviewed, by D.
glish Churchmen, noticed, XIX, 161; H. Hamilton, XV, 61.
reviewed, by Joseph P. Thompson, High Churchmen in Connecticut, Look-
XIX, 84; reviewed, by Edward A. ing-Glass for, noticed, I, 606.
Walker, XIX, 323.

Higher Christian Education, by B. W.
IIelper, (Hinton Rowan). Impending Dwight, noticed. XVII, 1094.

Crisis of the South, reviewed, by S. Higher Christian Life, by W. E. Board-
W. S. Dutton, XV, 634.

man, noticed, XVII, 532.
Helps, (Arthur), Spanish Conquest in Hill, (A.). Works of Isaac Barrow, no

America, and its Relation to the ticed, IX, 498.

Hill, (George Canning), Daniel Boone, | History, Ancient, by Edward Farr, no-
noticed, XVII, 554.

ticed, VIII, 315.
Hildreth, (Richard), History of the History and Geography of the Middle

United States, noticed, VIII, 327; Ages, by George W. Greene, noticed,
IX, 472, 625.

IX, 159, 317.
Hildreth, (Richard), The White Slave, History and Tragic Poetry of the En-
noticed, X, 588.

glish, as Illustrated by Shakespeare,
Hildreth, (S. P.), Biographical and His- Lectures on, by Henry Reed, no-

torical Memoirs of the Early Pioneer ticed, XVI, 218.
Settlers of Ohio, reviewed, by J. F. History for Boys, by J. G. Edgar, no-
Tuttle, X, 385.

ticed, XIII, 490.
Hildreth, (S. P.), Pioneer History, The History of Harvard College, Sketch of,

Ohio Valley and the Northwest Terri- by Samuel A. Eliot, reviewed, by J.
tory, reviewed, by J. F. Tuttle, VII, L. Kingsley, VII, 140.

History of the Church, General, by A.
Hillhouse, (Augustus A.), Hymn, written Neander, Edition of J. Torrey, re-

by, commented on, by Leonard Bacon viewed, by Edward R. Tyler, V, 472;
XVIII, 557.

noticed, VI, 307; IX, 622; XIII, 616.
Hillhouse, (James), Sketch of the Life History of the Planting and Training
and Character of, by Leonard Bacon,

of the Church by the Apostles, by A.
noticed, XVII, 811; XIX, 210. Neander, reviewed, by E. E. Salis-
Hillhouse, (James A.), Dramas, Dis. bury, II, 267.

courses and other Pieces, reviewed, History of the Christian Religion during

by H. T. Tuckerman, XVI, 705. the First Three Centuries, by A. Ne-
Hindoos, India and the, by F. DeW. ander, reviewed, by E. E. Salisbury,
Ward, noticed, IX, 154.

II, 267.
Hindus, Life and Religion of the, with History of the Puritans in England, and

an Autobiography, by J. C. Gangooly, the Pilgrim Fathers, noticed, VIII,

reviewed, by D. 0. Allen, XIX, 365. 485.
Hints on the Formation of Religious History, Lectures on the Philosophy of,

Opinions, by R. Palmer, noticed, XIX, by W.G. T. Shedd, noticed, XIV, 323.

Hitchcock, (Edward), Coronation of
Hints toward Reforms, by 11. Greeley,

Winter, noticed, III, 480.
reviewed, by 7. S. Clarke, XI, 539. Hitchcock(Edward). Outline of the
Historic Spirit, Nature and Influence of, Geology of the Globe, and of the
by W. G. T. Shedd, reviewed, by T.

United States in particular, noticed,
Å. Skinner, Jr., XIII, 509.

XII, 336.
Historical Books of the Holy Scriptures, Hitchcock, (Edw’d), Plurality of Worlds,

Commentary on the, by Robert Jamie- reviewed, by Denison Olmsted, XII,
son, noticed, XVIII, 487.

Historical Discourse before the Gradu Hitchcock, (Edward), Power of Chris-
ates of Yale College, August 14th,

tian Benevolence Illustrated in the
1850, by T. D. Woolsey, reviewed, by

Life and Labors of Mary Lyon, re-
Noah Porter, Jr., IX, 110.

viewed, by J. P. Coules, X, 259.
Historical Geography of the Bible, by Ilits at American Whims, and Hints for
L. Coleman, noticed, VII, 476.

Home Use, by F. W. Sawyer, no-
Historical Magazine and Notes and Que- ticed, XVIII, 272.

ries, noticed, XVIII, 250; XIX, 639. Hive and the Honeybee, A Bee-keep-
Historical Pictures Retouched, by Mrs. er's Manual, by L. L. Langstroth, no-
Dall, noticed, XIX, 208.

ticed, XII, 168.
Historical Society of Minnesota, Ad-Hoadly, (Charles J.), Records of the

dress before, February 1st, 1856, by Colony and Plantation of New Haven,
H. H. Sibley, reviewed, by S. P. from 1638 to 1649, noticed, XV, 749.
Rings, XV, 250.

Hoadly, (Charles J.), Records of the
Historical Society of Rhode Island, Ad- Colony or Jurisdiction of New Haven,

dress before, by Elisha Potter, no- from May, 1653, to the Union, no-
ticed, IX, 474.

ticed, XVIII, 807.
Histoire Universelle, par Cesar Cantu, Ioadley, (L. Ives), Preparation to Pro-

reviewed, by A. D. White, XV, 398. fess Religion, noticed, XVI, 908.

Hoaryhead and McDonner, by Jacob Holy Spirit, John Wesley on the Wit-
Abbott, noticed, XIII, 641.

ness of the, noticed, IV, 452.
Hobart, (John Henry), State of the Homans, (J. S.), Banker's Magazine, no-
Departed, V, 146.

ticed, V, 326.
Hodge, (A. A.), Outlines of Theology, Home and College, by F. D. Hunting.
noticed, XVIII, 1050.

ton, noticed, XVIII, 1118.
Hodge, (Charles), Exposition of the Home and Social Philosophy, by Charles

First Epistle to the Corinthians, no- Dickens, noticed, X, 332.

ticed, XVI, 194 ; XVIII, 217. Home Ballads and Poems, by J. G.
Hodge, (Charles), Constitutional History Whittier, noticed, XIX, 228.

of the Presbyterian Church in the Home Dramas for Young People, by
United States of America, noticed, Eliza Lee Follen, noticed, XVIII,
VIII, 89.

Hodge, (Charles), What is Presbyterian- Home Evangelization in Connecticut,

ism ? reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, Report of the Committee on, review.
XIV, 1.

ed, by Leonard W. Bacon, XVIII,
Hodson, (George H.), Twelve Years of a 998.

Soldier's Life in India, noticed, XVIII, Home Missionary Society, Report of,

for 1845, reviewed, by Ererton Judson,
Holiness, Relation of the Atonement to, IV, 29.

Concio ad Clerum, by S. W. S. Dutton, Home Missionary Society, Report of,
reviewed, by William T. Eustis, XIV, for 1848, reviewed, by W. H. Corning,

VII, 210.
Holland, (John), Life and Ministry of Home Missionary Society of Massachu-

Rev. John Summerfield, noticed, IX, setts, Report of, for 1849, reviewed,

by Samuel Harris, VII, 369.
Holland, (John), Psalmists of Britain, Home Missions, An Earnest Plea fur

reviewed, by 0. E. Daggett, IV, 72. Coöperation in, reviewed, XIV, 325.
Holland, (J. G.), Bitter Sweet, noticed, Home Missions, Sermon by Albert
XVII, 276.

Barnes, noticed, VIII, 489.
Holland, (J. G.), Letters to Young Peo- Home Missions, Sermon on, by Samuel

ple, by Timothy Titcomb, noticed, M. Worcester, noticed, I, 605.
XVI, 932.

Home, The School and the Church, by
Holland, (J. G.), Miss Gilbert's Career, C. Van Rensselaer, noticed, X, 159.
noticed, XVIII, 1113.

Homer, Lexicon for the Poems of, by G.
Holland, (Lady), Memoir of the Rev. C. Crusius, translated by H Smith,

Sidney Smith, noticed, XIII, 638. reviewed, by E. D. North, III, 216.
Hollister, (G. H.), Mount Hope; or flomer's Odyssey, by J. J. Owen, do-

Philip, King of the Wampanoags, no- ticed, III, 480
ticed, IX, 475.

Homiletics, by A. Vinet, noticed, XII,
Holmes, (O. W.), Astræa; the Balance 170.

of Ilusions, noticed, VIII, 656. Hood, (E. P.), The Age and its Archi-
Holmes, (O. W.!, Autocrat of the Break- tects, noticed, VIII, 452.

fast Table, noticed, XVII, 277. Hood, (Thomas), Memorials of, noticed,
Holmes, (O. W.), Currents and Counter XVIII, 1081.

Currents, noticed, XIX, 955. Hood, (Thomas), Tylney Hall, noticed.
Holmes, (O. W.), Elsie Venner, review- XVIII, 1112.
ed, by D. Builer, XIX, 524.

Hooker, (Thomas), Poor Doubting Chris.
Holmes, (O. W.), Poems, noticed, IV, tian drawn to Christ, noticed, III, 480.

Hooker. (Thomas), Survey of the Summe
Holton, (I. F.). New Grenada; Twenty of Church Discipline, quoted, by Ed-

Mouths in the Andes, noticed, XV, ward R. Tyler, IV, 175, 176, 178, 180.

Hooker, Worthington), Child's Book of
Holy Land, Map of the, by C. W. M. Nature, noticed, XV, 530.

Van de Velde, noticed. by Joseph P. Hooker, (Worthington), Human Physi.
Thompson, XVII, 192.

ology, noticed. XII, 670; reviewed,
Holy Spirit and the Church in the Con- by J. P. Gulliver, XIII, 276.

version of the World, J. W. Jenkyn Hooker, (Worthington), Natural History,
on the Union of the, noticed, IV, 303. noticed, XVIII, 1117.

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