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Hooker, (Worthington), Physician and A. M., noticed, XVII, 269; reviewed,
Patient, noticed, VIII, 324.

by R. C. Learned, XVIII, 595.
Hooker, (Worthington), Primary Geog- Hovey, (Alvah), State of the Impeni.
raphy, noticed, XVII, 830.

tent Dead, noticed, XVII, 529.
Hopkins, (Mark), Essays and Discourses, How Could he Help it? by A. S. Roe,
noticed, VI, 310.

noticed, XVIII, 553.
Hopkins, (Mark), Evidences of Chris- How to Enjoy Life, by W. M. Cornell,

tianity, reviewed, by Noah Porter, Jr., noticed, ŠIX, 255.
IV, 401.

Howe, (Dr.), Report upon the Training
Hopkins, (Mark), Introduction to E. of Idiots, noticed, IX, 223.

Davis's Half Century, noticed, IX, 311. Howard, (John), and the Prison World
Hopkins, (Mark), Sermon on the Sub- of Europe, by H. Dixon, noticed, VIII,

jection of the Creation to the Bondage 154.
of Corruption, reviewed, by J. G. Howe, (Fisher), Oriental and Sacred
Hall, IV, 40.

Scenes, noticed, XII, 478.
Hopkins, (Mark), Sermon on Worship, Howe, (Henry), Historical Collections
noticed, I, 602.

of Virginia, noticed, III, 478–9.
Hopkins, (Samuel), Lessons at the Cross, Howe, (Mrs. Julia Ward), Trip to Cuba,
noticed, XVIII, 1064.

noticed, XVIII, 526.
Hopkins, (Samuel), Patton's Reminis. Howe, N.), Century Sermon, with a
cences of, noticed, I, 606.

Memoir, by Elias Nason, noticed, X,
Hopkins, (Samuel). Puritans; or En- 660.

gland During the Reign of Edward Howson and Conybeare, Life and Epis-
VI and Elizabeth, noticed, XVI, 1100; tles of St. Paul, reviewed, XII, 71;
XVIII, 1093; reviewed, by Leonard noticed, XIII, 157.
Bacon, XIX, 126.

Hubbard, (Samuel), Sermon occasioned
Hopkins, (Samuel), The Works of, with by Death of, by Silas Aiken, VI, 456.

a Memoir, reviewed, by Leonard Hubbell, (Walter), Funeral Sermon, by
Bacon, X, 448.

0. E. Daggett, VI, 456.
Hoppin, (James Mason), Notes of a Huc, (M.), Journey through the Chinese

Theological Student, noticed, XII, Empire, noticed, XIII, 491.

Hudson, (Charles), Doubts Concerning
Horace, Edition of J. L. Lincoln, no. the Battle of Bunker's Hill, noticed,
ticed, IX, 317.

XVI, 204.
Horace, The Odes of, Translation of, Hudson, (C. F.), Christ our Life, no-

by Theodore Martin, noticed, XVIII, ticed, XIX, 174.

Hudson, (C. F.). Debt and Grace, no-
Horace, The Works of, Translated by ticed, XVI, 190.
C. Smart, noticed, XIII, 641.

Hudson's Bay Territory, The, Article
Horticulturist, edited by A. J. Downing, from the Edinburg Review, reviewed,
noticed, IX, 158.

by Burdett Hart, XVII, 995.
Hosmer, (W. H. C.), Yonnondio, noticed. Hugh Miller and Theoretic Geologists,
III, 311.

answered, by T. A. Davies, noticed,
Houghton, (Roland S.), Bulwer and XVIII, 1102.

Forbes on the Water Treatment, no. Hughes, (John), Catholic Chapter in the
ticed, VII, 635.

History of the United States, no-
Hours with my Pupils, by Mrs. Lincoln ticed, X, 482.
Phelps, noticed. XVII, 827.

Hughes, (John), Letters to, by Kirwan,
Hours with the Evangelists, by J. Nich- noticed, XIII, 627.
ols, noticed, XVIII, 498.

Hughes, (T.), School Days at Rugby,
Household Library, noticed, XVII, 818. noticed, XVI, 929.
Houses, Country, Architecture of, by Hughes, (T.), Tom Brown at Oxford,

A. J. Downing, reviewed, by N. H. noticed, XIX, 257.
Eggleston, 1X, 57.

Huguenots, The, and other Books for
Hovey, (Alvah), Christian Pastor, his the Young, poticed, XV, 341.

Work and Needful Preparation, no- Human Ability and Inability, A Dis-
ticed, XVI, 205.

on, by Bennet Tyler, XIII,
Hovey, (Alvah), Memoir of the Life 387.

and Times of the Rev. Isaac Backus, Human Ability and Inability, Letter to


Joseph Harvey, in Reply to his Strict-| lyn on the Anniversary of the Land-
ures on Bennet Tyler on, by Bennet ing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, no-
Tyler, reviewed, by Enoch Pond, ticed, VII, 315.
XIII, 387.

IIunt, (F. M.), Patient's and Physician's
Human Ability and Inability, Letters in Aid, noticed, XVIII, 1123.

Reply to Bennet Tyler on, by Joseph Hunt, (Harriet K.), Glances and Glimp-
Harvey, reviewed, by Enoch Pond, ses of Twenty Years of Professional
XIII, 387.

Life, noticed, XIV, 321.
Human Head, by Louis Bail, noticed, Hunt, (John), Life of, or a Missionary
XVII, 1103.

among the Cannibals, by G. S. Rowe,
Human Nature, Errors of Romanism noticed, XIX, 209.

Traced to their Origin in, by R. Hunt, (Robert), Poetry of Science, no
Whately, reviewed, by S. W. S. Dut- ticed, IX, 315.
ton, X, 511.

Huntington, (D.), Introduction to Gen.
Human Physiology for Colleges and eral View of the Fine Arts, Critical

High Schools, by W. Hooker, review- and Historical, noticed, IX, 157.

ed, by J. P. Gulliver, XIII, 276. Huntington, (F. D.), Graham Lectures,
Human Race, Diversity of Origin of, Divine Aspects of Human Society

by Louis Agassiz, reviewed, by B. N. noticed, XVIII, 212.
Martin, VIII, 542.

Huntington, (F. D.), Introduction to the
Human Race, Doctrine of the Unity of, Struggles of the Early Christians,"

Examined on the Principles of Sci- noticed, XVII, 571.
ence, by John Bachman, reviewed, by Huntington, (F. D.), Sermon on Home
B. N. Alartin, VIII, 542.

and College, noticed, XVIII, 1118.
Human Race, Necessity, Reality and Huntington, (F. D.), Sermons for the

Promise of the Progress of the, by People, reviewed, by S.W. S. Dutton,
George Bancroft, reviewed, by T. X. XIV, 429.
Skinner, Jr., XIII, 509.

Huntington, (F. D.), Sermons on Chris.
Human Understanding, Hume's Inquiry tian Believing and Living, reviewed,
Concerning, noticed, I, 170.

by W. I. Budington, XVIII, 190.
Humanics, by T. Wharton Collins, no- Huntington, (F. D.), Word of Life; A
ticed, XVIII, 615.

Living Ministry and a Living Church,
Humboldt, (A. Von), Cosmos, noticed, noticed, XI, 645.

IX, 623; reviewed, by D. C. Gilman, Huntington and Hedge, Hymns for the
XVIII, 277.

Church of Christ, noticed, XII, 173.
Humboldt, (A. Von), Letters to Varn- Huntington, (Lady), and her Friends,

hagen Von Ense, noticed, XVIII, 839. by Mrs. Helen C. Knight, noticed,
Humboldt, (A. Von), New Spain, no- XII, 175.
ticed, VI, 527.

Hurlbut, (E. P.), Essays on Humaa
Humboldt, (The Brothers Alexander Rights, noticed, VII, 530.

and William), Lives of, by Juliette Hutchinson, (Enoch), Translation of the
Bauer, noticed, XI, 643.

Syriac Grammar of Max Uhlemann,
Hume, (David), History of England, no- noticed, XIII, 479.
ticed, VIII, 322, 485.

Hydraulics and Mechanics, noticed, VI,
Hume, (David), Inquiry Concerning 309.

Human Understanding, noticed, I, 170. Hydropathy, The British Foreign Medi,
Humphrey, (E. P.), On Our Theology in cal Review on, reviewed, by Eduard

its Development, noticed, XV, 734. R. Tyler, V, 149.
Humphrey, (H.), Life and Labors of Hyksos und Israeliten in Ægypten, von

Rev. T. H. Gallaudet, LL. D., noticed, M. Uhlemann, reviewed, by G. E.
XVI, 212.

Day, XVI, 65.
Humphrey, (H.), Memoir of Rev. N. W. Hymn and Tune Book, Congregational,

Fiske, reviewed, by Samuel Harris, reviewed, by 2. Eddy, XIV, 606.
VIII, 67.

Hymn Book of the General Association
Humphrey, (H.), Revival Sketches and of Connecticut, reviewed, by 0. E.
Manual, noticed, XVII, 828.

Daggett, IV, 422.
Humphrey, (H.), Speech on Normal Hymns and Choirs, by Professors Phelps
Schools, noticed, V, 331.

and Park, and Rev. D. L. Furber, no
Humphrey, (James), Address in Brook- ticed, XIX, 954.

Hymns and Tunes, Plymouth Collection, Impenitent Dead, State of, by Alvah
of, reviewed, by Leonard W. Bocon, Hovey, noticed, XVII, 629.
XIV, 92.

Impiety in High Places, by M. H. Smith,
Hymns for Mothers and Children, no- noticed, III, 479.
ticed, XIX, 233.

In Memoriam, by Alfred Tennyson, re-
Hymns for the Church of Christ, by F. viewed, by 1. N. Tarbor, VIII, 598.
H. Hedge and F. D. Huntington, no- Independence Hall, History of, by D. W.
ticed, XII, 173.

Belisle, noticed, XIX, 226.
II ymns of the Ages, noticed, XIX, 232. Independent, The New York, referred to,
Ida May, by Mary Langdon, noticed, by W. De Loss Love, XVIII, 90.
XIII, 154.

India, Ancient and Modern, Geograph-
Ide, (Jacob), Works of Nathaniel Em. ical, Historical, Political, Social and

mons, reviewed, by E. T. Fitch, I, Religious, with a Particular Account

of the State and Prospects of Chris-
Idiots, Dr. S. J. Howe's Reports on the tianity, by David O. Allen, noticed,

Training of, 1847, 1848, 1850, no- XIV, 158; reviewed, by W. Barrows,
ticed, IX, 223,

XV, 39.
Idyls of the King, by Alfred Tennyson, India and the Hindoos, by F. DeW. Ward,
reviewed, by George B. Bacon, XVIII, noticed, IX, 154.

India, Mission Schools in, by R. G.
Ignatius, (Saint), Complete Collection Wilder, noticed, XIX, 959.
of the Epistles of, Genuine, Interpola. India, Twelve Years of a Soldier's Life
ted and Spurious, Edition of, by in, by W. S. R. Hodson, noticed,
William Cureton, reviewed, by J. Mur. XVIII, 230.
dock, VII, 501.

India, Upper, Two Years in, by John
Ignatius, (Saint), Examination of the C. Lowrie, noticed, IX, 155.

Epistles of, by Jul. Henry Petermann, Indians of New Mexico, Report on the,

reviewed, by J. Murdock, VII, 502. by Dr. Wislizenus, noticed, VI, 527.
Ignatius, (Saint), Writings of, Vindi- Indophilus, Letters of, in London Times,
cated from the Charge of Heresy, by noticed, by J. H. Jones, XVII, 357.
William Cureton, reviewed, by ). Inductive Sciences, IIistory of, by Wm.
Murdock, VII, 501.

Whewell, noticed, XVI, 700.
Iliad, Anthon's Edition of the First | Industrial School Movement, Address

Three Books of the, reviewed, by E. on, by C. L. Brace, noticed, XVI, 214.
D. North, III, 216.

Infant Baptism, Warrant for, in the
Illustrated Family Christian Almanac Scriptures, by Absalom Peters, no-
for 1849, noticed, VI, 601.

ticed, VI, 601.
Illustrations of Scripture, by H. B. Hack- Infidel, Converted, Confessions of, by
ett, noticed, XVIII, 1062.

John Bailey, noticed, XII, 668.
Ilsley, (Charles P.), Forest and Shore; Infidelity and Slavery, by W. W. Patton,

or Legends of the Pine Tree State, reviewed, by S.W. s. Button, XV, 102.
noticed, XIV, 477.

Infidelity, Causes and Consequences of,
Imitation of Christ, by Thomas A’Kem- or Perversion, by W. J. Conybeare,

pis, with an Introductory Essay by noticed, XV, 165.
Thomas Chalmers, and a Life of the Infidelity, Common Maxims of, by H. A.
Author by C. Ullman, noticed, XVI, Rowland, noticed, VIII, 315.

Infidelity, its Aspects, Causes and Agen.
Immanuel, by P. W. Ellsworth, noticed, cies, by Thomas Pearson, noticed,
XVIII, 800, 865.

XII, 163; reviewed, by Samuel Harris,
Immortality of Man only Through XII, 341.

Christ, by Z. Campbell, reviewed, by Influence of Manufacturing Towns, by
William A. Larned, IX, 544.

H. M. Dexter, noticed, VI, 311.
Immortality of the Soul, by R. W. Influence, Unconscious, Sermon on, by
Landis, noticed, XVII, 781.

Horace Bushnell, noticed, IV, 451.
Immortality. Poem on, by Phineas Rob- Ingersoll, (C. J.), Report Respecting the
inson, noticed, V, 478.

War with Mexico, reviewed, by Leon-
Impending Crisis of the South; How to ard Bacon, V, 306.

meet it. by H. R. Helper, reviewed, Inner Life of the Christian, by F. A.
by S. W. S. Dutton, XV, 634.

Rauch, noticed, XV, 337.


Insanity, Treatise on, by Prichard, no-Ireland's Welcome to the Stranger, by
ticed, IX, 223.

A. Nicholson, noticed, VI, 263.
Inspiration, Doctrine of, by John Mac- Irish Confederates and the Rebellion of
naught, noticed, XV, 721.

1798, by H. M. Field, noticed, IX, 474.
Inspiration of the Bible, noticed, IV, Irish Famine, Lecture on the Antece-

dent Causes of the, by Archbishop
Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, its Hughes, noticed, VI, 263.

Nature and Proof, by William Lee, Irish Life, Paddiana; or Scraps and
reviewed, XV, 154.

Sketches of, noticed, VI, 263.
Inspiration of the Scriptures, Plenary, Irish Sufferers and Anti-Irish Philoso-

by E. Lord, noticed, XVI, 191. phers, by Eneas MacDounell, noticed,
Institutes of Theology, by Thomas Chal- VI, 263.

mers, reviewed, by W. I. Budington, Irving, (Theodore), Conquest of Florida
VIII, 203.

by Hernando de Soto, noticed, IX,
Interior Life, by T. C. Upham, review- 468.

ed, by Ray Palmer, III, 373. Irving, (Washington), Knickerbocker's
Internal Evidences of the Genuineness History of New York, noticed, VI,

of the Gospels, by A. Norton, noticed, 598.
XIII, 491, 633.

Irving, (Washington), Life of Columbus,
International Law, Introduction to the noticed, XVIII, 1131; XIX, 265.

Study of, by T. D. Woolsey, noticed, Irving, (Washington), Life of George
XVIII, 815.

Washington, noticed, XVIII, 1131;
Intellectual Philosophy, A System of, by XIX, 265.

Asa Mahan, reviewed, by Noah Porter, Irving, (Washington), Mahomet and his
Jr., XIII, 129.

Successors, noticed, VIII, 153, 481.
Intellectual Philosophy, Elements of, by Irving, (Washington), Paulding and Ir-

F. Wayland, reviewed, by Noah Por- ving, (William), Salmagundi, noticed,
ter, Jr., XIII, 129.

XVIII, 1131.
Intellectual Philosophy, Text-Book in, Irving, (Washington), Putnam's Editions
by J. T. Champlin, noticed, XVIII,

of the Works of, noticed, VIII, 651;

XVIII, 1130; XIX, 265, 540, 778,933.
Introduction to Greene's Analysis, by Isaiah, Notes on, by A. Barnes, noticed,

Samuel S. Greene, noticed, VIII, 488. VI, 311.
Introductory Lessons on Mind, by R. Israel, Women of, by Grace Aguilar, no-
Whately, noticed, XVIII, 1073.

ticed, IX, 151.
Intuitions of the Mind, by James Mc- Israeliten und Hyksos in Ægypten, von
Cosh, noticed, XVIII, 513.

M. Uhlemann, reviewed, by G. E.
Intuitive Morals, Essay on, noticed, Day, XVI, 65.
XVII, 790.

Italiani, Gli Ultimi Rivolgimenti, di F.
Involuntary Confessions, by Francis A. Gualterio, noticed, XVI, 271.

Wharton, noticed, XVIII, 1125. Italien, Geschichte von, von Heinrich
Ireland and the Irish, Impressions of, Leo, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, VII,
noticed, VI, 263.

Ireland, History of the Presbyterian Italy, History of the Reformation in, by

Church in, by S. D. Alexander, no- Thomas Macorie, reviewed, by J.W.
ticed, XVIII, 510.

DeForest, XIII, 216.
Ireland in 1836, by B. W. Noel, review. Italy, Protestantism in, by R. Baird,

ed, by Joseph P. Thompson, IV, 146. noticed, IV, 298.
Ireland, Personal Investigation of the Ives, (L. Silliman), Trials of a Mind in

Condition of the Poor of, by A. Nich- its Progress to Catholicism, reviewed,
olson, noticed, VI, 263.

by D. L. Ogden, XIII, 363.
Ireland, State and Prospects of, in 1847, Jackson, (Andrew), Life of, by James
noticed, VI, 263.

Parton, noticed, XVIII, 234, 538;
Ireland, Thoughts on the Poor Relief XIX, 210.

Bill for, by John Earl of Shrewsbury, Jacobus, (M. W.), Notes on the Gospels,
noticed, VI, 263.

noticed. XI, 476.
Ireland's Miseries, The Mystery Solved; Jamaica in 1850, by John Bigelow, no

the Grand Cause and Čure, by E. M. ticed, IX, 165.
Dill, noticed, XI, 156.

Jamaica, Past and Present State of, by

James M. Philippo, reviewed, by Jerusalem as it Was, as it is, and as it is
George W. Perkins, II, 560; review- to be; or the City of the Great King,
ed, by C. S. Renshaw, IV, 19.

by J. T. Barclay, noticed, XVI, 462,
James, Epistle of, Practically Explain. “Jerusalem Sinner Saved," by John

ed, by A. Neander, noticed, X, 488. Bunyan, noticed, IV, 455.
James, (John Angell), Christian Duty, Jervis, (John B.), Railway Property, no
noticed, X, 158.

ticed, XIX, 248.
James, (John Angell), Life of, edited Jesuit, The, Kircher on the Early Tri-

by R. W. Dale, noticed, XIX, 950. umphs of Christianity in China, re-
James, (John Angell), Pattern for Sunday viewed, by J. L. Dimon, XI, 481.

School Teachers, noticed, I, 299. Jesuitism in its Rudiments and Loyola,
Jameson, (Mrs.), Communion of Labor, by Isaac Taylor, reviewed, by Leon-
noticed, XV, 737.

ard Bacon, VII, 610.
Jameson, (Mrs.), Legends of the Madon- Jesuits at Rome, Mornings among the,
na, noticed, XIX, 252.

by M. H. Seymour, noticed, VII, 627.
Jameson, (Mrs.), Memoirs and Essays, Jesus, Character of, by Horace Bush-

illustrative of Art, noticed, IV, 596. nell, noticed, XIX, 519.
Jameson, (Mrs.), Sisters of Charity, Jesus, Life of, by Carl Hase, noticed,

Catholic and Protestant, noticed, XV, XVIII, 801.

Jesus of Nazareth, Thoughts on the Life
Jamieson, (Robert), Historical Books of and Character of, by W. H. Furness,

the Holy Scriptures, noticed, XVIII, noticed, XVII, 261.

Jewett, (J. L.), Ollendorff's New Method
Jamieson, (Robert), Pentatench and of Teaching French, IV, 456.

Book of Joshua, noticed, XVIII, 487. Jewish Cabbalah, The System of, by
Japan and China, Narrative of Lord Theophilus Rubinsohn, reviewed, by

Elgin's Visit to, noticed, XVIII, 819. J.W. Gibbs, X, 433.
Jarvis, (Samuel F.), Chronological In- Job, Notes on, by Albert Barnes, no-

troduction to the History of the ticed, III, 154.
Church, reviewed, by J. L. Kingsley, John, Biblical Commentary on the Epis-
V, 215, 531; VI, 378.

tles of, by J. H. A. Ebrard, noticed,
Jay, (John), On the Presentment of Bish- XIX, 514.

op Onderdonk, reviewed, by Leonard John, Commentary on the Gospel of, by
Bacon, III, 284.

J. J. Owen, noticed, XVIII, 804.
Jay, (William), Autobiography, edited John, First Epistle of, explained, by A.

by George Redford and J. A. James, Neander, noticed, XI, 479.
reviewed, by William A. Larned, John, Gospel of, Revised by Five Cler-
XIII, 145.

gymen, reviewed, by E. W. Gilman,
Jay, (William), Christian Contemplated, XVII, 144.
noticed, IV, 601.

John, Meditations on the Seventeenth
Jay, (William), Lectures on Female Chapter of, and on the Last Days of

Scripture Characters, noticed, XII, Christ, by W. G. Schauffler, noticed,

XII, 174.
Jay, (William), Morning and Evening John Halifax, Gentleman, by Miss Mu-
Exercises, noticed, XII, 337.

loch, noticed, XIV, 616.
Jeanie Morrison, noticed, XIII, 156. Johnson, (Edward), Life, Health and
Jefferson, (Thomas), Life of, by Henry Disease, noticed, VIII, 325.
S. Randall

, reviewed, by E. 0. Dun- Johnson, (E. A.), Edition of Cicero's
ning, XIX, 648.

Oration for Cluentius, noticed, II, 492.
Jenkyn, (T. W.), Extent of the Atone Johnson, (E. A.), Select Orations of M.

ment in its Relation to God and the Tullius Cicero, noticed, VIII, 653.

Universe, noticed, XVII, 537. Johnson, (Evan M.), on Church Union,
Jenkyn, (T. W.), On the Union of the noticed, IV, 303.

Holy Spirit and the Church in the Johnson, (Lorenzo D.), Memoria Tech-
Conversion of the World, noticed, IV, nica, noticed, V, 328,
303 ; reviewed, by W. De Loss Love, Johnson, (T. T.), Sights in the Gold Re-
XIII, 90.

gion, and Scenes by the Way, re-
Jerdan, (William), Autobiography of, viewed, by J. Guernsey, VIII, 80.

noticed, XI, 210.

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