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HAVING now gone through these Eleven Chapters in order, and having shewn that the Apostle's argument in each, and throughout the whole, is regularly directed to these two points:

1. The perfect efficacy of the Gospel to Justification and Salvation, in opposition to the trust reposed by the Jews in the Law of Moses:

2. The complete Right and Title of the Gentiles to a part in the Gospel-salvation, in opposition to the exclusive claim of the Jews:

The Conclusion is infallible, viz. That these two constitute the main Subject of the Epistle; and that it was rightly observed, that the Apostle himself had laid down his Subject with the utmost precision, where he affirms, (1. 16.) "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one

that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."

IF now a capable and impartial judge will take up the Epistle to the Romans, and go through it with this Argument as an Hypothesis; -if it shall lead him easily and smoothly through the line of reasoning; if it shall enable him to see the perfect order and regularity of the Epistle, and the just connection of the parts;-in particular, how the Apostle proceeds in due order, from Justification, which is the first of the Gospel-graces, to the other privileges conferred in the Christian Covenant, viz. Reconciliation, Sonship, and Hope of Inheritance; thence to the Condition required in the Covenant, viz. Sanctification of heart and life; thence to the helps afforded for fulfilling that Condition, by the grace of the Holy Spirit; thence to the Crown of all, a glorious Resurrection to bliss eternal; clearly demonstrating in each step the perfect efficacy of the Gospel to the great end, Salvation;-lastly, if it enters into every part, and fills up the whole : -then he will have, from his own experience, a fresh and convincing proof that this was the true Hypothesis; for none but the true one, in a com

position of such length, and such singularity of structure, could solve all the phænomena, and lead us safely through the whole extent and complication of argument.

Justification by Faith:





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