The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog: The Landscape of Celtic Myth and Spirit

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New World Library, 6 окт. 2010 г. - Всего страниц: 304
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When Patricia Monaghan traveled to Ireland seeking her roots, what she found was much more than her physical ancestors. This is the story of her journey and the legends, landmarks, and mystical lore she encountered. Her poetic stories elucidate the ways that myth reveals the truth of human experience as well as the contradictions that are embodied in women's lives. This book is an extensive exploration of goddess mythology in Ireland, from Brigit, the Celtic goddess of water, fire, and transformation, to the historical figure of Granueille, a pirate queen.

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A travelogue, covering decades, of a woman traveling to the land of her ancestors to help discover what makes her who she is. There is a lot of new age woo-woo stuff, but I like that if I find it ... Читать весь отзыв

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This is a book for fans of Ireland, the Goddess, Pagans, Christians, and mythology. I highly recommend it. A US author of Irish descent, Patricia tells of visits to Ireland over the years. She writes ... Читать весь отзыв

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One of the leaders of the contemporary earth spirituality movement, Patricia Monaghan has spent more than 20 years researching and writing about alternative spiritual visions of the earth. Raised in Alaska, where much of her family still lives, she considers herself blessed to have learned the ecology of the taiga, the sub-arctic forest, in her youth. She was a writer and reporter on science and energy-related issues before turning her attention to the impact of myth on our daily lives. The worldwide vision of the earth as feminine — as a goddess, called Gaia by the Greeks — led her to recognize the connection between ecological damage and the oppression of the feminine. Much of her work since that time has explored the role of feminine power in our world, in an inclusive and multicultural way. Her book, Wild Girls, focuses on the revival of girl power.

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