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SING song! merry go round,

Here we go up

to the

Little Johnnie a penny has found,
And so we'll sing a tune, oh!

What shall I buy,
Johnnie did cry,
With the penny I've found,
So bright and round?
What shall you buy ?

A kite that will fly
Up to the moon, all through the sky !

But if, when it gets there,
It should stay in the air ;
Or the man in the moon

Should open his door,
And take it in with his long, long paw;--
We should sing to another tune, oh!

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JOHN COOK had a little gray mare;

he, haw, hum; Her back stood up, and her bones they were bare ;

he, haw, hum.

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John Cook was riding up Shooter's hill ;

he, haw, hum; His mare fell down, and she made her will ;

he, haw, hum.

The bridle and saddle were laid on the shelf ; he, haw, hum;

1 If you want any more, you may sing it yourself ;

he, haw, hum.


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WILLY boy, Willy boy, where are you going?

I will go with you, if that I may.
I'm going to the meadow to see them a mowing,

I'm going to help them to make the hay.


WHEN I was a little boy

I lived by myself;
And all the bread and cheese I got

I put upon the shelf.
The rats and the mice

They made such a strife,
I was forced to go to London-town

To buy me a wife.
The streets were so broad,

And the lanes were so narrow,
I was forced to bring my wife home

In a wheel-barrow.
The wheel-barrow broke,

And my wife had a fall;
Down came wheel-barrow,

Wife and all.



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