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45. PUSSY cat, pussy cat, with a white foot,

When is your wedding? for I'll come to 't. The beer 's to brew, the bread's to bake, So, pussy cat, pussy cat, don't be too late.

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THE fox jump'd up on a moonlight night;

The stars were shining, and all things bright; Oh, ho! said the fox, it's a very fine night

For me to go through the town, e-oh!


The fox when he came to yonder stile,
He lifted his ears, and he listen'd a while ;
Oh, ho! said the fox, it's but a short mile

From this unto yonder town, e-oh!


The fox when he came to the farmer's gate,
Who should he see but the farmer's drake;
I love you well for your master's sake,

And long to be picking your bones, e-oh!

The gray goose she ran round the hay-stack;
Oh, ho! said the fox, you are very fat;
You'll do very well to ride on my back

From this into yonder town, e-oh!

The farmer's wife she jump'd out of bed,
And out of the window she popped her head :
O husband ! O husband! the geese are all dead,

For the fox has been through the town, e-oh!

The farmer he loaded his pistol with lead,
And shot the old rogue of a fox through the head;
Ah, ha, said the farmer, I think you're quite dead,

And no more you 'll trouble the town, e-oh!

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NHERE was an old woman, and what do you

She lived upon nothing but victuals and drink :
Victuals and drink were the chief of her diet,
And yet this old woman could never be quiet.


LITTLE Jack Horner sat in a corner,

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Eating his Christmas pie;
He put in his thumb, and pulld out a plum,

And said, What a good boy am I!

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