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O dearest Jenny Wren,

if you will but be mine,

You shall feed on cherry-pie, you shall,

and drink new currant-wine;

I'll dress you like a goldfinch,

or any peacock gay :

So, dearest Jen, if you'll be mine, let us appoint the day.

Jenny blush'd behind her fan,

and thus declared her mind:

Since, dearest Bob, I love you well,

I'll take your offer kind;

Cherry-pie is very nice,

and so is currant-wine,

But I must wear my plain brown gown, and never go too fine.

Robin Redbreast rose up early all at the break of day,

And he flew to Jenny Wren's house, and sung a roundelay;

He sang of Robin Redbreast

and little Jenny Wren,

And when he came unto the end, he then began again.

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Lived in a cherry-tree,

He chirp'd and sung from morn to night,

No bird so blithe as he;

And this the burden of his song

For ever used to be,

Good boys shall have cherries as soon as they're ripe,

But naughty boys none from me.

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DANCE, little baby,

dance up high;

Never mind, baby, mother is by; Crow and caper,

caper and crow.

There, little baby,

there you go

Up to the ceiling,

Down to the ground, Backwards and forwards,

round and round:

Dance, little baby, mother will sing, With the merry carol,

ding, ding, ding.

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