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Doubtless you have read, in the work of a quaint old com

mentator whose name has been quietly obscuring itself in the rust

of nearly three centuries, these words—"It hath beene the custome

of many men to make their introductions to their bookes, like to

some Grecian Cities gates; so ample, that (as the Prouerbe ranne), their Citie was ready to steale thorow the same.” You and I

who appreciate wisdom--especially if it be a little mouldy, at once

recognized the value of the hint conveyed by that piece of antiquated

orthography. Therefore, to you, the brevity of this preface' will, I

trust, commend the book quite as much as though I had taken the

matter in hand through the length and breadth of a score of pages.

As there is nothing in it worth a smooth-faced prologue, nothing

that would be the better for an apology, and nothing worth review

ing seriously, may I beg leave to present it without any introduction,

except the very excellent designs of Mr. Darley?

CHESTNUT COTTAGE, March 1st, 1856.

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