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Redeemer's Power, The Day of the. By the Rev. Andrew

Elliot, Ford, 229. Alpha and Omega. By the Rev. James Hamilton, London, Resurrection. Power. By the Rev. Horatius Bonar, Kelso, 543.

217. Bethany, The Family of. By the Rev. James Robertson, Salutation, The Minister's New-Year's. By the Rev. Edinburgh, 109.

J.J. Wood, Edinburgh, 529. Christ, No Salvation out of. By the Rev, Andrew Thom- Shepherd, The Good. By John Brown, D.D., 289, 301. son, Edinburgh, 7.

Thief on the Cross. By J. H. Merle D'Aubigné, D.D., Christ, The Present and Future Consequences of Opposi. Geneva, 121.

tion to. By the Rev. Patrick Fairbairn, Salton, 181. Timothy; or, The Christian Education of the Young. By Conscience, Cure of an Evil. By the Rev. Jonathan R. the Rev. Andrew Thomson, Edinburgh, 193. Anderson, Glasgow, 397.

Widow, Comfort and Counsel for the. By the Rev. John Conversion of Sinners, Special Power of God in the. By Brown, Haddington, 165. the Rev. James Begg, Edinburgh, 73.

Young Men in Large Towns, 117, 164. Day-Spring, The, from on High. By the Rev. James

Robertson, Edinburgh, 349.
Death, Preparation for. By W. L. Alexander, D.D., Edin.
burgh, 457.

Dishonesty in Religious Matters. By the Rev. D. T. K.
Drummond, Edinburgh, 517.

AMiction, Nine Reasons from which Christians may derive
Emmaus, The Journey to. By the Rev. Jonathan Watson, Comfort in, 610.
Edinburgh, 56.

Affliction, Sin Remembered in, 455.
Evidences, Illustrations of Scripture. By the Rev. James Canaan's Flowings, Drops from, 347, 443.
Taylor, St Andrews, 421, 470, 497.

Cavil, How easy it is to, 611.
Faith, its Nature, Value, and Efficacy. By the Rev. Ed. Children, How to Teach (Lec), 371.
W. Th. Kuntzé, Berlin, 265.

Children, Death of (Wardlaw), 311.
Faith and Penitence. By the Rev. J. A. Wallace, Hawick, Christ, Constraining Power of the Love of, 107.

Christ's Presence Precious, 593.
First Lines and Last Touches. By George Redford, D.D., Christian, Be a (Jay), 263.
Worcester, 589.

Christian, Portrait of a (Hall), 562.
Free Grace, Superiority of a, to a Self. Righteous Salvation. Christian, The, and his Money (Noel), 407.

By the Rev. J. G. Lorimer, Glasgow, 241, 283, 317. Communion Season, Words for a, 101.
“ His Voice as the Sound of Many Waters." By W. D. Conscience, a Tender, 454.
Killen, D.D., 433.

Contentment, Happiness of (Walton), 347, 382. Husbandman, Some Lessons in Moral and Spiritual Disci - Conversation, Vain (Henry), 563.

pline, Supplied by the Calling of the By W. M'Com. Curiosity, Beware of, 417. bie, Esq., 452.

Daniel, how he prayed, and why (White), 537. Jacob Wrestling with the Angel. By the Rev. Alexander Death, Preparation for (Rutherford), 199. Beith, Stirling, 97.

Death Sure (Welsh), 210. Love of God in Christ Jesus. By the Rev. Thomas Dress, The Preacher on; or, The Bible and the Fashions, 380. Guthrie, Edinburgh, 37.

Epitaph, The Best, 599. Jordan, The Passage of. By the Rev. Jonathan Watson, Eternity, 479, 620. Edinburgh, 277.

Faith, Triumph of, 490.
Lazarus, The Rich Man and. By the Rev. John Fairbairn, Families, How to secure the Happiness of (Jay), 544.
Allanton, 565.

Fashions, Christian (Coleridge), 574.
Law, Equity and Benignity of the Divine. By John Fervent Spirit, A, 167.
Brown, D.D., Edinburgh, 13, 30.

Fools, Seven, 443.
Life, The Path of. By the Rev. James Begg, Edinburgh, Head versus Heart. 412.

Hear, Take Heed How ye (Jay), 512. Life, the Antecedent of Immortality. By the Rev. Octa. Heresies, New, often old, 383. vius Winslow, Leamington, 553.

Inquiring Saints (Nevins), 431, 574.
Looking to Our Ways. By the Rev. John Fairbairn, Jottings of a Sermon (Bickersteth), 202.
Allanton, 325.

Liberality, the Obligation of (Basil), 527.
Manna Gaihered from the Ground. By the Rev. William Life Uncertain (Welsh), 210.
Arnot, Glasgow, 21, 66, 313.

Maxims, Common, Improved, 395.
Masters and Servants, The Duties of, in Relation to the Sab- Ministers, Gems for (Various), 419

bath. By the Rev. David King, LL.D., Glasgow, 49, 79 Ministers, Fragments for (Various), 527. Ministers, Address to, at a Pastoral Conference. By Pastor Money, What shall we do with our, 419. Arndt, Berlin, 481.

Parishioner, The Good (Fuller), 570. Minister, A Congregation's Object, Wishes, and Hopes, in Prayer, Absence of Mind in (Luther), 191.

Choosing a. By G. D. Krummacher, Elberfeld, 601. Praver, A Hindrance to (Taylor, 95. Missionary Address. By the Rev. Dr Dräseke, 133, 145. Prayer Union, The (H. Bonar), 527. Moses on the Mount of God. By the Rev. J. A. Wylie, Rambling Hearers, A Word to, 419. Dollar, 577.

Relative Responsibilities, 413. Patience and Impatience. Anon., 410.431.

Repentance, Mock, 142. Peace, True and False. By James Buchanan, D.D., Edin- Rules, Golden, 299. burgh, I.

Sabbath, Two Ways of Observing the (Chalmers), 347.
Practical Remarks Founded on John xvii. 1-5. By John Sabbath Hunger, 142.
Robson, D.D., Glasgow, 85.

Seriousness not Conversion (Barnes), 573.
Providence, Divine, Minute Care of. By the Rev. John Singing (Wells), 418.
Roxburgh, Dundee, 157, 169.

Sleeper, The Church, 587.
Redeemer's People, The. By the Rev. Andrew Elliot, Teacher, the Great, 455.
Ford, 385, 495.

Telling too Much, 599.


Temptations, 598.
Thinking and Speaking-their Due Proportion, 375.
Time, How to Spend, Well and Pleasantly, 167.
Wisdom, True, 466.
World, The God of this, 311.
World and the Soul ( New York Observer), 575.
Works, God in his, 620.
Young, Advice to the, 466.

Widow's Son, The Praying. By John Todd, D.D., 519.
Wilson of Wasteland, the Covenanter, 474.
Woolley, John-a Story for the Young, and from which the

Old may Learn (Wesley),500.



Answer, A Soft, 383.

Berridge and the Bishop, 70.

Bible Reading in the Sixteenth Century, 407.

Bible, Obscure Passages in the, 431.

Colporteur, A Christian, 551. Balmer, Robert, D.D. By the Editor, 184, 199.

Confession of Sin often not Sincere. 251. Bunyan, 478, 582.

Deist, John Newton and the; or, Who Knows Best ? 562. Bilney, Thomas, the Martyr. By the Rev. J. Fairbairn, 375. Dream of Myconius, 155. Bleh Po, the Arracanese Convert (Abbott), 551.

Early Impressions, 491.
Buchanan, George. The Last Days of, 165.

Emigrants, Family of Scotch. 58.
Döring--a Brand Plucked out of the Fire (Kuntze), 91. Empires- Why they Rise and Fall, 527.
Bucer, Martin, and Paul Fagius, Trial of. By the Rev. Fire, The, and the Worm, 562.
J. Fairbairn, 197.

* Fire, Holy"-Lying Wonders, 250.
"Comstock, Brother;"or, The Trials of the Missionary, 555. " Fool, Thou," 395.
Czerski, John, 293.

Fox, The, and the Hole in the Garden Wall, 575.
D'Aubigné, Merle, D.D., Sketch of ( Relief Yagazine), 2.8. Gossiping. 299.
Edwards, Jonathan, 63.

Great Things from Small--the Origin of the East India Galileo, The Trials of. By the Editor. 245.

Company, 358.
Hall, Robert, Conversations with (Dr Balmer). 45.

Hearers and Doers, 359.
Hill, late Rev. Rowland, Personal Recollections of the, 484. Heart, How to Speak to the, 58.
John, Closing Days of the Apostle, 9.

Huntingdon, The Countess of, 81.
Kalley, Dr. By the Rev. J. J. Wood, 505.

John, Closing Days of the Apostle, 9. Knox, John, Death-bed of. By Dr M'Crie, 5'.

Lord, The, Liveth," 503. Lundie, George Archibald. By the Editor, 613.

Miracle, A Popish, 557 Malan, C., D.D. (Cheever), 508

Missionary Fragments, 274. Montgomery, James, Reminiscences of, 489.

“ Overcome Evil with Good." Parable for the Young, 165. Peyrani, Rodolphe, the Waldensian Pastor. By Dr Gilly, Poor, The, inay do Good, 514. 351.

l'rayer - Meetings at Rome, Suppression of, 59. Rowlands, the Rev. Daniel, Life of. By the Editor, 112, Providence and a Bible, 570. 125, 134.

Question, A, 599. Whitefield, the Rev. George, Life of, 218.

Resolutions, Putting, into Practice, 611. Whitefield, Reminiscences of (Winter), 99.

Richmond, Legh-an Incident, 190.
Williams, the Rev. John, Life of. By the Editor, 5, 16, 26, Reason, Does God? 574.

Repentance, the Longer Delayed the More Difficult, 574.
Rills, Western, 515.
Sabbath Evening Sermons, 167.

Savoyard, The; the Priest and the Bible, 508.

Self-Devotedness, True, 71.
Angel's Mission, The, 597.

South Sea Islanders on the Divinity of Christ, 154. Argument, The Unanswerable. (Anon.). 320.

Storm, The, and the Rainbow, :03. Cameron, Marion. By the Rev. R. Simpson, 571.

Tract Distributer, The, 502. Chimney Sweep, The Little, 412.

* Try," 575. Christianity-its Power; Four lilustrations, 495.

Waldensian Martyr, A, 239. Covenanter's Bible, The. By the Rev. R Simpson, 343.

Whitefield and Franklin, 215.
Cvenanters, Courage and Spirit of (Veitch), 399.

Williams, John, and the Cabman, 167.
Duns, The, of Class. By the Rev. R. Simpson, 571.
Dying, Desire of the, for Life, Illusti ated and Subdued, 608.
Emigrant, The German, 604.
Exiles of Locarno (M'Crie), 139.

Field Preaching By Dr Southey, 142.
Heaven, A View of, in a Day's Experience (Flavel), 171. Adversity, A Brother Born for ( Bethune), 138.
Jew, The. By John Todd. D.D., 296.

Afliction (Southey), 83.
Jewels, The (Coleridge), 557.

Autumn, À Dirge in Woodroofe), 414. “Law? Where did he get that," 591.

Belief, Reasons for (Young), 55. Livingston, Jane. 571.

Bible, The (Barton), 479. " Lord, if thou hadst been there!" A Tradition of the Church Calm, Peace, and Light, 118. of Laodicea, 438.

Children Brought to Jesus (Grahame), 104. Missionary, The. By John Todd, D.D., 235.

Children's Choice, The, 293, Missionary, The. A Sailor Story. By the Rev. J. S. C. Christ, Birth of ( Crashaw), 92. Abbot. 451.

Christ Coming to Jerusalem (Taylor), 25). Mother's Gratitude and Zeal, A, 580.

Christian's Death, The (Milman), 5. Mother's Reward, The (Anon.), 47.

Christian's Grave, The (Rogers), 51. Mother, The. at Prayer, 606.

Christians, Union of (Anon.), 5. Mountain Cottage, The. By John Todd, D.D., 280.

Church Despisers (Quarles), 286. Orphan, The, 273

Colloquy with God, 299.
Pastoral Recollections (Anor.). 295.

Contentment, Pleasures of, 382.
Pastor's Daughter. 'The. By John Todd, D.D., 387. Contented Poor Man and Discontented Rich, 287.
Pilgrim Fathers, The; or, the Voyage of the Mayflower Creed, The Christian's (W. M. Bunting), 53).
(Vaughan), 243

Death-bed, The (Hood), 395.
Plague of London (Vincent). 130.

Death, To (Harrington), 239. Popish Fanaticism, a Tale of Murder. By Dr M'Crie, €5. Death, It is not (Mrs Southey). 483. Religion in a Cottage. By John Toud, D.D , 309.

Death Opening the Gate of Life Taylor). 249. Romanist, Conversation with a (Cheever). 5 7.

Death, Sudden, (Anon.). 78. Sabbath, A, in the Mountains ( Headley), 394.

Death Familiar (Howard), 255. Slave, The Christian. By John Todd, D.D., 249.

Deer, The Stricken, 225. Squirrel, The. By John Todd, D.D., 418.

Delay, The Danger of, 167. Too Late! Too Late! A Dream. By John Todd, D.D., Doperdence on God Quarles), 141. 618.

Discontented, Advice to the, 511. Triumphs, The Two (Miss Woodroofe), 424.

Dream, A Child's (Barton), 499. Unfortunate. New.Year's Night of an, 610.

Early Rising and Prayer (Vaughan), 127. Waldenses, a Sabbath anong tlic (Henderson), 22.

Emigrants, The (Marve'l), 380. Weaver, the Pious. (Anon. ), 526.

Enemies, Man's Two, 280, Widow's Son, The. By John Todd, D.D., 258.

Enthusiasin and Faith (J. G. Small), 543.

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Faith, Praise, and Prayer (Young), 245.

Martyrs in Bohemia, 159. Field of the World (Montgomery), 570.

Mariolatry, 568. Fishing (Walton), 258.

Dread of Papacy. By James Buchanan, D D., 94 Fortitude, Christian, 183.

Popery, Scripture Evidences against. By the Rev. James Friendship (Tusser), 322.

Begg, 25. Grace, The Throne of (Newton), 40.

Portuguese, Shameful Persecution of the Converted, 523. Grave, The Christian's, 606.

Puseyism, Old, 606. Heart, the Home of the. By Miss Aird, 502.

Reformation Viewed as the Resurrection of Scriptural Hope (Heber), 317.

Truths. By Professor M'Crie, 61, 89. Hope, Christian (Teate), 115.

Relics-their Múltitude and Absurdity, 44. Humility (Montgomery), 490.

Rome, Suppression of a Prayer-Meeting at, 59. "! go to prepare a place for you" (Mrs Dana), 559.

Spain, Popery in, 355, 377, 436.
"Imraortality, This mortal shall put on" (Warwick), 139.
Joys, Future. By Mrs Sigourney, 618.
Lame and the Blind, 355.

Life, Human (Baillie), 10.
Life (King), 282.

Bazaar, Ladies' Missionary, 298.
Little Things Important (Anon.), 47.

“ Comstock, Brother ;" or, The Trials of the Missionary, Marigold ( Wither), 274.

556. Marriage, Stanzas to a friend at her (Barton), 5 7.

Famine of the Word of God, 286. Mercy Tempering Justice (Quarles), 130.

Gospel Wonders; or, The American Indians as they were Minister, A Good (Ken), 203.

and Are, 585. Martyrs of the Isles (J. G. Smal!), 447.

Heathen, Stumbling-block in the Way of the, 359. Name, A (Mrs Sigourney), 463.

Hindu Idols, Idol Temples, and Idol Worship, 10. Nothing on Earth Perfect, 162.

Hindus, How to Preach to, 370. Obloquy, 296.

Missions, how they should be Supported, and the Returns Pilgrunage, My (Raleigh), 251.

they bring (Noel), 214. Prayer. 66.

Missionaries, The Children of, 34. Preachers, True and False (Baxter), 270.

Missionary Address, 133, 145. Precepis (Randolph), 150.

Missionary Fragments, 274. Prison Meditations (Bunyan), 222.

India Missions, A Few Facts about, ?23. Providences, Divers (Wither), 177.

Missions? Why do we sometimes hear Unfavourable Ac. Psalms, The Voice of (Bethune), 127.

counts of the EfTects of. 47. Redemption, 390.

Missionary Speeches of Native Converts, 93, 177. Sabbath, 44.

South Seas, Sabbath Schools in the, 207. Sabbaths, 89.

Williams, the Rev. John, Life of, 5, 10, 20, 41.
Scriptures, The Value of the, 417.

Wife, The Missionary's, 586.
Self Examination, 175.
Songs in the Night, 503.
Soul, The, in and out of the Body, 186.
Spring (Barton), 59.

Spring Journey (Heber), 407.

Alps, The-St Gothard, the Splugen Trap, the Great St Sorrowing, yet Rejoicing, 368. Swallow, The (Bunyan), 237.

Bernard, Mont Blanc, the Semplon, Mout Cenis. By the Sun-dial in a Church-yard (Hugh Miller), 30.

Rev. W. K. Tweedie, 18, 53, 68, 152, 160, 175, 208, 237.

Arran, Excursion to. By the Rev. D. Landsborough, SteTime, 33).

venston, 256, 352, 414, 476, 513. Time, 199. Time, 497.

Cloud-land and Mountain Scenery, 501. Tine and the Soul. By James Montgomery 595.

Ganges, i 21. Tombstone, Inscription on a, 167.

Jerusalem, A Visit to (Herschell). 33. * Treasure? Where is Thy." 102.

Jerusalem, its Outer Walls and Gates-Mount Olivet-the Vaudois, A Tradition of the (Todd ), 3)8.

Streets, 365, 374 * Watchman, What of the Night?” 16.

Jerusalem, The Approach to, 531. 1“Weep not for Me” (Dale), 70.

Italy. The Cities of. By the Rev. W. K. Tweedie: Worla, Foolish Love of the (Flavel), 208.

Milan, its Libraries, its Arts, and the Ilabits of Its People,

27, 306. World's Honours Believer's Hindrances, 234.

Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Padua, 332.
Year, Close of the (Cowper), 522.
Youth and Age, 211.

Venice, 149.
Arqua and Ferrara, Bologna, the Apennines, and Flo.

rence, 559.

Rome, its Jews and Monks, 583.

Rome, its Popery, 59, 617.
Ass, The (Paxton), 533.

Madeira, Notes on. By the Rev. J. J. Wood, 373, 403, Christianity, Evidences of, summarized, 606.

409, 445, 463. 469, 535, 523, 523. Dove, The (Paxton), 113, 136.

Rivers and Lakes, Bible, by the Rev. J. W. Taylor, Ilisk, Dreams, 519.

345, 365, 428, 441.
Edom, a Witness for the Truth, 340.
Egyptian Monuments and Hieroglyphics, 148, 187.
Jacob in Padan-aram. By John Kitto, D. D , 535,

Schools of the Prophets, 388.
Scribes, Synagogues, and Schools, 404.

Acteon, The Green. By the Rev. D. Landsborough, 488. Sheba, Queen of, 202.

Beroe. By the Rev. D. Landsborough, 591. Windstorm, The, 383.

Bible in Syria, The, 358.

Blind Divines, 220.
Wine Making, 103.

Communion Sabbath in a Coloured Congregation, 57.
Communion Sabbath in the Buin of Ferrintosh, 143.

Clocks, Church, Uses of, 335, 442.

Cuidees, The, 17%.
Baptismal Regeneration – How Accomplished - Popish Feudal System, The, 394.
Missions, 568

Geneva, Revival of Religion in, 226. Bible, The Victory of the, over Popery, 459.

lloiland, The Gospel in, 297. Bucer, Martin, and Paul Fagius, Trial of, 197.

Luther, the Church of. By the Rev. P. Fairbairn, Salton, Burning, 515.

245, 253, 271. France, History of Protestantism in the West or, 473, 189, Mohammedznism in India, 59. 529.

Moses a Natural Historian, 190. Germany: New Catholic Church-its Rise, Features, Lead. Natural History, Uses of, By the Rev. D. Landsborough, ers, and Progress, 87, 104, 368, 390, 400, 425.

137, 212. Intolerance. An Illustration of, 538.

Sacritices, Human, 179. Jesuits, The. By the Rev. Thomas M'Crie, 172,923, 259, 337, Sinai, Monks at, 322. 493, 509

Simoom, The, 318. Literary Dishonesty of the Church of Rome, 327,

Solomon a Natural Historian, 190. Maynooth College, The History of. By the Editor, 75. Sabbath Schools, Teaching of Reading in, 359. Maynooth, Doctrines of. By the Editor 115, 127, 151, 163, Syria, The Pible in, 3.58 185.

Waldenses, The, 304, 314.

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