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The tariff of Sweden-Continued.

Fruits and berries, n. e. s.:



Preserved in brandy or vinegar, the weight of cans or bottles included..

When preserved in sugar; classed with Jellies and confectionery.


[blocks in formation]

Indigo, indigo extract, and carmine of indigo..

NOTE.-Above-mentioned colors, when prepared in oils or otherwise, may

be classed with same colors unprepared.

All other kinds of colors and dyes, prepared or unprepared, n. e. s..
Paint-boxes, with colors and other belongings, also paints in shells, glass, etc..
NOTE.-No deduction to be made for the weight of boxes, shells, glass, or other

Dyers' lichen, all kinds..

Dye-woods, in logs or unrasped, all kinds; also all other unprepared plants or parts of plants used for dyeing, n. e. s...

Galanga root

Calamine (cadmia).

[blocks in formation]

Cotton, simple or double, in skeins or upon bobbins:

Colored or printed, all kinds...

NOTE.-In case it appears doubtful if yarn entered as "Double cotton
yarn" should rather not be entered as cotton thread, the importer
will be required to furnish expert testimony to the effect that the
article really is what it is declared to be, before being allowed the
benefit of the lower duty upon "double cotton yarn."

Mohair and woolen yarn, all kinds:

[blocks in formation]

Sail and twine yarns, of all kinds, therein including grass yarn
NOTE.-Yarns composed of two or more materials, subject to different
rates of duty, are to pay duty as if consisting of the material which
pays the highest impost, irrespective of the proportion of each compo-
nent part.

Gasometers, ad valorem

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Guns, all kinds; weight of gun-cases and other belongings included

Parts of guns pay same duty as the material, worked, of which such parts are made.

1 kilog....


Gypsum (plaster of paris)..

Gypsum manufactures, n. e. s



Pots, jars, bottles, and flasks, also apothecaries' jars with name blown in
Window, unpolished or dim-ground

[blocks in formation]

Side-lights for vessels, not under 7 millimeters thick nor over 10 square decimeters superficies, with or without frames


[blocks in formation]

All other kinds, including decanters and pressed or polished flagons..

When set in gold or silver, to be weighed with and pay same duty as
the setting.

Set in any other material; to pay duty as jewelry goods.

Glass-gall or sandiver....

1 kilog....


1 kilog....



The tariff of Sweden-Continued.




Kr. öre.

Broken glass..


Grass-mats and grass-rope..

Glaziers' diamonds, mounted; to be classed with Machinery, implements, and

tools not specified.

Glauber salts. (See Salts.)

Globes (geographical).

Pomegranates. (See Fruits.)

Pomegranate peel..

Slate pencils, mounted or unmounted.

Grits, all kinds

Grass, n. e. s., unmanufactured..

Colored, hackled, or unraveled


[blocks in formation]


Preserved in brandy or vinegar, the weight of jars or cans included..
Dried or salted.

[blocks in formation]

NOTE.-Weight of paper-sheets between which gold leaf is laid to be included.

1 kilog..


[blocks in formation]

Goloshes, when trimmed with fur, are to be classed with India-rubber

Other gutta-percha manufactures, n. e. s., and not belonging to the cate
gory of machinery, implements, tools, or parts thereof..

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Of wool, hair, felt, or plush..

Resin and resin varnish

Hats, fully or partly manufactured:

Of silk, half silk, or any other material not mentioned below, also ladies' bonnets, all kinds...

Of straw, including s. c. "Panama hats

[blocks in formation]

Other kinds, as of chip, roots or leaves, of oil-cloth, oiled skin, and s. c. "sou. westers"

1 piece....


[blocks in formation]

NOTE.-Hats composed of several materials pay duty as if manufactured of the material forming their chief component part.

Hat linings, of silk or any other textile when united to another material.... 1 kilog....]
Hat shapes, with or without stiffening; to be classed with the manufactures
to which they are most nearly allied.

[blocks in formation]

Sole-leather and alum-tanned leather, also chamois-dressed hides
and skins..


1 kilog.


1 kilog.


1 kilog.



All other kinds of leather..


1 kilog....
1 kilog....

.15 .50


Goat, reindeer, seal, elk, deer, kangaroo, roebuck, hare, and sheep
skins, excepting gray Crimean and genuine Astrachan

Beaver, skunk, chinchilla, marten, mink, sable, black and blue fox,
and otter..

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Loose or sewed together:

Goat, reindeer, seal, elk, deer, kangaroo, roebuck, hare, and sheep
skins, excepting gray Crimean and genuine Astrachan.

All other kinds pay same duty as similar furs, unprepared, with
the addition of 20 per cent.

Fur manufactures, such as fur coats, muffs, fur collars, &c., pay same duty as
the prepared fur of which they are made, with the addition of 20 per cent.



Beet roots:


Cut and dried.

Birthwort root...



[blocks in formation]

Other kinds, n. e. s


Hair or horsehair manufactures, with or without setting or framing

[blocks in formation]

Hair tincture or dyes; classed with Chemico-technical preparations.
Hooks, hooks and eyes..

NOTE. No deduction allowed for weight of boxes or of pasteboard to which hooks are fastened.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

All other kinds, therein including such silken ones as are partly composed of caoutchouc, India-rubber, or similar materials

[blocks in formation]



Surgical, mathematical, optical, physical, and nautical, of all kinds, without or with étuis or cases; therein included mounted optical glasses, barometers, and thermometers, also industrial instruments; to be classed with Machinery, implements and tools, not specified.



1 kilog..
1 kilog.





Flutes, clarinets, and oboës

1 piece....


Guitars, lutes, violins, violoncellos, contrabassos, french horns, trumpets,
post-horns, signal-horns, drums, kettledrums, harpsichords, barrel-
organs, and harps...

[blocks in formation]

Square or upright......
Grand pianos


NOTE.-Music-boxes of which the case is made of gold, silver, or tor-
toise-shell, are to be classed as manufactures of those materials.
Organs and harmoniums, ad valorem...

Musical instruments not specfied are to be classed with those among the
above-mentioned kinds to which they are most nearly allied.

NOTE A.-No more than two bows, two mouth pieces, &c., to be allowed
to each instrument. Any above that number, as well as all belongings
to musical instruments when separately invoiced, are to pay 10 per
cent. ad valorem.

NOTE B.-Instruments which from their dimensions and general con-
struction are plainly intended for toys are to be classed as such.
Ship-fittings and furniture, n. e. s., when not consisting of household articles and
wearing apparel; also ship fittings and furniture, of all kinds, when belonging
to wrecked or distressed foreign vessels
Lard, all qualities.....



Pig and ballast iron, worthless cannon, shells, mortars, and cannon balls..
Shells and cannon balls, when gauged to a definite standard and tiled,
cannon, field-pieces, swivels, mortars when stamped and bored, also
gun-carriages, small or large.....

Cannon, field-pieces, swivels, and mortars, all unstamped and unbored;
also cooking-range covers and iron weights......
Iron pots, pans, kettles, stoves, ranges and galley-ranges, railings with
stays and door-posts; also lock-gates

Cast-iron articles, n. e. s.:

For railway plant or for machinery or parts thereof; to be classed
with Machinery, implements, and tools not specified.

Common goods:

a Axles, scales, mortars and pestles, pressing and smoothing irons,
tapping irons, &o

[blocks in formation]

The tariff of Sweden-Continued.


Dutiable Duty.



Common goods-Continued.

b Fire-stands, foot-scrapers, padlocks, coffee-mills, copying-presses,
umbrella-stands, spittons, &c

Finer goods:

[blocks in formation]

a Bas-reliefs, flower-vases, busts, fruit épergnes, baskets, candle-
sticks, lamps, medallions, paper-weights, plateaux, incense-ves-
sels, watch-stands, &c., with or without coloring or japanning.... 1 kilog....
b Bracelets, chains, crosses, pins, rings, &c.; to be classed with jew-
elry goods.

Buttons. japanned or unjapanned.....

Shoe nails

Wrought or rolled :

Anchors, bolts of all descriptions, anchor-drags, chain-cables, chain-stop-
pers, hooks, rudder-hinges, and ship's knees.

Chains, when the iron of which the links are forged is less than 6 milli-
meters in diameter.

Sledges-hammers and anvils; to be classed with machinery, implements,
and tools not specified.

Iron in bars, all kinds, regardless of form or dimensions, therein included
beam, band, hoop, T and angle iron; also ingots...

Railway material, n. e. s., or parts thereof; to be classed with machinery
implements, and tools not specified.

Railway-bars, with their fish-plates, fish-plate bolts, screw-nuts, and

Other screw-nuts and screws; also nails of a diameter of 12 millimeters

or over

Safes and iron bed-steads, ad valorem

Plates, galvanized, tinned or untinned, but not further advanced in
manufacture; also plates of 3 millimeters or more in thickness, more
or less advanced in manufacture, and other similar materials for fur-
ther manipulation.

Shoe-nails, clipped or cut

Nails of 45 millimeters in length or over

All other nails and all other hand or factory made wrought-iron goods,
not otherwise provided for:

When polished or japanned.....

Other kinds, with or without a coat of paint...

Gilded, silvered, and plated articles; classed with metals, not speci-

Iron stain; classed with chemico-technical preparations.


1 kilog....
1 kilog...

.15 .07



1 kilog....

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


1 kilog..


Cards and carding-leather; to be classed with machinery, implements, and tools not specified.

[blocks in formation]

Rolled in sheets of 1 millimeter in thickness or over, with or without
textile woof....

[blocks in formation]

All other India-rubber manufactures, n. e. s., and which cannot be classed
with machinery, implements, tools, or parts thereof..

Caviar; includes all fish roo, salted

8. Doc. 231, pt 5-2

1 kilog..
1 kilog.

94 1.80

The tariff of Sweden-Continued.


Chemico-technical preparations, n. e. s., includes albumen, aniline colors, glycer
ine, hair-dyes, carbolic acid, collodion, &c., ad valorem


Putty and cementing pastes, all kinds

Bran, all kinds..

Chlor calcium.

Chloride of kalium..

Clothing, n. e. s. :

New wearing apparel, or parts thereof, new table-linen, towels, sheets, pillow-
cases, &c., with other similar household articles, even when such articles are
marked or trimmed with embroideries, galloons, fringes, blondes, or laces,
are to pay duty as manufactures of the cloth or material forming the chief
component part of such articles, with an addition of 20 per cent.
NOTE. In the case of wearing apparel the outer cloth is to be taken as a basis
for assessing the duty; but should it be found diflicult to ascertain what is
the material forming the chief component part of such outer cloth, the ma-
terial paying the highest duty is to be chosen as such chief component part.
Oiled or varnished clothing, not including such as are covered with India-rub-
ber or gutta-percha, pay same duty as the cloth of which such clothing is
made, without any addition of duty.

NOTE.-Should it be found difficult to ascertain of what kind of cloth oiled ar
varnished clothing is made, such clothing is to be classed with "Waxed tex
tile manufactures, other kinds." Articles of clothing that are knit or knot-
ted or made upon the knitting machine, such as hoods, jackets, and under-
wear, even when provided with buttons, braid, &c., are to pay duty as knit
goods without addition.

Wearing apparel, belonging to seamen or travelers, when evidently in use, accompanied by the owner, and not exceeding his personal needs.... Hoofs, classed with Horn, unmanufactured.

Gun-caps, weight of boxes included.

Acorns, ground or unground...


Of horn. (See Horn.)

[blocks in formation]

Of iron. (See Iron.)

Manufactured of more than one material or of a material not provided for.. 1 kilog....
All other kinds to be classed with manufactures of the substance of which
they are made.

NOTE I. Where buttons of glass, horn, metal, mother of pearl, or jet are only
composed of several materials in so far as the shank is of a different sub-
stance, such buttons are to be classed as manufactures of glass, horn,
metal, &c.

NOTE II.-No deduction to be allowed for weight of pasteboards to which buttons may be fastened or of the boxes containing them.

Razors, with or without étuis


NOTE. Knives having other implements or blades besides penknife blades are to be classed with Penknives.

Knives for chipping, for the use of seamen or other coarse use.....

Table knives and other kinds, u. e. s.; also forks:

With handles of silver, Britannia metal, ivory, or walrus tusk.
With handles of any other substance

Cobalt ore and cobalt.


[blocks in formation]

Coiffures (head dresses) to be subject to the same provisions as Clothing.


Raw or refined.....

Collodion, classed with Chemico technical preparations.

Jellies and confectionery (includes jams and fruits preserved in sugar; also sugar-plums and pastilles)..

Preserves, comestibles in hermetically-closed cans or jars, weight of the cans and jars to be included...


[blocks in formation]

Scrap copper or old copper only fit for resmelting; also copper ashes..

Copper-prints, steel and wood engravings; also lithographic and photographic

productions, n. e. s.:

When unframed.

Framed. (See Picture-frames.)

Corals, genuine, unworked or worked but unset

Set in gold or silver, to be weighed with and pay same duty as the setting.
Set in any other material, to pay duty as jewelry goods.


[blocks in formation]
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