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a. Instruments with regard to the material of which they are made:
1. Musical..

2. Astronomical, surgical, optical, mathematical, chemical (for labora
tories), philosophical..

b. Machines:

1. Locomotives, portable engines..

2. Other, chief material being

100 kilos..

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

c. Carriages and sleighs:

1. Railway rolling stock without leather or upholstery work, ad va

[blocks in formation]

2. Other carriages and sleighs with leather or upholstery work, per

d. Sea and river ships, including the usual equipments and appurtenances
of same, such as anchors, anchor and other ship chains, as also steam
engines and boilers..

NOTE. All movable articles of the ship's inventory other than such as are ordinarily used on ships are subject to the duty prescribed for such articles.



XVII.-Caoutchouc and gutta-percha, and manufactures thereof.

[blocks in formation]

a. Caoutchouc and gutta-percha, raw or purified; hard rubber, also in polished plates, staves, tubs. &c., and unpressed with designs...

b. Caoutchouc thread not combined with other materials, or surrounded or
overspun with cotton, linen, or woolen raw (not bleached or dyed) yarn
only in such manner that the caoutchouc thread remains visible with-
out stretching the same; caoutchouc plates; caoutchouc solution,
100 kilos..

c. Coarse articles of soft caoutchouc not lacquered, not dyed, not printed;
hard rubber goods; all these articles also if mixed with other materials
not included in No. 20; overspun caoutchouc thread.. ......100 kilos..
d. Fancy articles of soft caoutchone, lacquered, painted, printed, or with
impressed designs; all these articles also mixed with other materials
not included in No. 20....
100 kilos..
e. 1. Tissues of all kinds covered or saturated or joined together with lay-
ers of caoutchouc or with india-rubber threads pasted in; also same
combined with other spinning material; hosiery and ribbon goods
mixed with caoutchouc threads..
100 kilos..
NOTE TO e, 1.-Printed cloth of caoutchouc for factories, and artificial card-
ing leather for card factories, both by special permit under control....
2. Hose of hemp, machine belting, and wagon covers of coarse tex-
tiles mixed with caoutchouc...
.....100 kilos..

XVIII. Ready-made wearing apparel and underclothes, millinery.

a. Of silk or floss silk, also mixed with wire, embroidered, and lace cloths, 100 kilos..

5. Of half silk..

c. Others, not enumerated hereafter under d and e.

d. Of textures covered or saturated with caoutchouc; also of spun caoutchouc mixed with other spinning materials..

e. Shirts and underclothes of linen and cotton

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

1. Flowers, finished, composed entirely of woven or knitted tissues,
or mixed with other materials.....

[blocks in formation]

2. Parts of flowers, as leaves, stems, &c., not joined together....do..

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

XIX.-Copper and other not specially named base metals, compositions of base metals not specially named, and manufactures thereof.

a. Copper, crude, or scrap

b. Wrought or rolled copper, in bars and sheets, wire and telegraph cable,

100 kilos

c. In sheets or wire, plated..

d. Manufactures, viz:

brass and wire-cloth

[blocks in formation]

1. Coarse copper, smiths and brass founders' work; also, combined
with wood or iron not polished or lacquered; also, tubs of sheet-
...100 kilos..
2. Others, provided they do not come under No. XIX, d 3, or, by rea-
son of their composition with other materials, under No. XX,
100 kilos

3. Of aluminum, nickel; fancy articles of alfenide, Britannia metal,
bronze, German silver, tombac, and like alloys; fancy verdigrised
brass articles; also combined with other materials, unless other-
wise provided under No. XX
.100 kilos..

XX.-Fancy goods, hardware, ornaments, &c.

a. Articles wholly or partly composed of precious metals, genuine pearls, corals, or precious stones, watches, gold and silver leaf......100 kilos.. b 1. Articles wholly or partly of amber, celluloid, ivory, agate, jet, lava, meerschaum, mother of pearl, and tortoise-shell, of not precious metals gilded or silvered or covered with gold or silver, teeth with roots or tubes of platina or other precious metals

2. Fancy articles (gents and ladies' ornaments, articles of toilet, &c.) wholly or partly of aluminum, like goods of other base metals, but of fine workmanship and either more or less nickeled, gilded, or silvered or verdigrised, or in connection with semiprecious stones or artificial stones, alabaster, or enamel, or with carved work, paste, cameo, ornaments in cast metal, &c.

3. Mantel and wall clocks, fans of all kinds, fancy articles of wax, 100!

NOTE TO b 1.-Ivory pieces prepared for conversion into articles named
under No. XX, bì
100 kilos..

c. 1. Not genuine gold leaf and silver leaf.

2. Eye-glasses, opera-glasses, wax beads, umbrellas, and parasols.
3. Articles of cotton, linen, silk, wool, and other animal hair, in connec-
tion with animal or vegetable carved work, base metals, glass, gutta-
percha, caoutchouc, leather, leather cloth, paper, pasteboard, stones,
straw, or clay ware, and not otherwise provided for........100 kilos..

XXI.-Leather and leather goods.

a. Leather of all kinds (excepting next item), not colored; colored Russian
leather; parchment boot tops
..100 kilos..
b. Sole-leather and Brussels and Danish glove-leather; cordovan; morocco,
saffian; colored leather (excepting that named under a); lacquered
..100 kilos..
NOTE TO b.-Half tanned, tanned, not yet colored or otherwise finished,
sheep or goat skins.
.100 kilos..

c. Coarse saddlers', shoemakers', strap makers', and other coarse leather
wares, also other articles of uncolored or merely blacked tanned leather,
or of raw hides; alt these articles also in connection with other mate-
rials provided they do not come under No. XX
..100 kilos..
d. Fancy leather articles of cordovan, saffian, morocco, Brussels or Danish
leather, of chamois and tawed leather, of colored leather; lacquered
leather and parchment, also combined with other materials not included
under No. XX; fine shoes of all kinds..
...100 kilos..
NOTE TO C AND d.-Coarse shoemakers and trunk makers' articles of gray
packing linen, sailcloth, raw linen, raw ticking or drilling, or coarse not
printed wax cloth, pay the same duty as coarse leather goods; articles
of fine wax cloth, wax muslin, wax taft, &c., the same as fancy leather
e. Leather gloves........

...100 kilos..

XXII.-Linen yarn, linen, and other linen goods, namely, yarn and woven or worked goods of flax or other vegetable spinning material, except cotton.

a. Yarn, excepting that mentioned hereafter under b:

1. Up to No. 5, English...

[blocks in formation]

100 kilos..


1 19

1 42

2 14


2. Above No. 5 to No. 8, English

3. Above No. 8 to No. 20, English

4. Above No. 20 to No. 35, English

5. Above No. 35, English...

.do.. ..do.



NOTE TO a. Jute, manila, hemp, and cocoanut fiber, raw, dried, broken, or hackled


[blocks in formation]

d. Rope-makers' work, unbleached; bleached ropes, cables, cords, strings, girts, braces, and hose; coarse and dyed foot-rugs of manila hemp, cocoa, jute, and like fiber..

e. Linen, ticking, drilling, not dyed, not printed, not bleached:

4 76

20. CO

8 56


100 kilos..

[blocks in formation]

1. Up to 16 threads in the warp and woof together on a surface of
four square centimeters.

.100 kilos..

[blocks in formation]

2. With 17 to 40 threads, as above; fancy and all dyed foot-rugs of
manila, hemp, cocoanut, jute, and like fibers..

.100 kilos..

[blocks in formation]

3. With 41 to 80 threads, as above; rope-makers' work,
bleached, excepting that named under d...

4. With 81 to 120 threads, as above..
5. With more than 120 threads, as above.
f. Linen, ticking, drilling, dyed, printed, bleached; also woven of dyed,
printed, bleached yarn:

dyed and
100 kilos..

[blocks in formation]

1. Up to 120 threads in warp and woof together on a surface of four
square centimeters

....100 kilos..

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

2. With more than 120 threads, as above... g. Damask of all kinds; made up table, bed, and towel linen; linen blouses of all kinds. .100 kilos.. h. Ribbons, braids, fringes, gauze, woven borders, loops, embroideries, hosiery; tissues and other goods mixed with metallic threads. 100 kilos.. XXIII. Thread-lace.. ......do.... XXIV. Candles.. .....do....

XXIV bis.-Literary works and works of art. Statuary.

a. Paper written upon (documents and manuscripts), books in all languages, copper engravings, other engravings, also wood engravings; lithographs and photographs; geographical maps and sea charts; printed music.

b. Engraved metal plates, engraved wood blocks, also lithographic stones with drawings, cuts, or letters, all used for printing..

c. Paintings and drawings: statues of marble and other kinds of stone;
statues of metal, not under life size; medals.....
XXV. Colonial goods, groceries, spices, confectionery, and other articles for
food and drink; also tobacco and manufactures thereof.
a. Beer of all kinds, also mead.

..100 kilos..
b. Spirituous liquors of all kinds, such as arrack, rum, French brandy,
and spiced brandies, in casks and bottles..
.100 kilos.

c. Yeast of all kinds, exclusive of wine-lees..
NOTE.-Liquid yeast, on the Bavarian- Austrian border, from Oberneuhaus,
up to and inclusive of Melleck; on the Saxon Bohemian border left of the
Elbe; on the Baden-Swiss border, at Oelmingen and the so-called Hövi,
for the private use of the inhabitants there, in small quantities, up to 13
kilograms, inclusive, carried on a single trip..

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2. In bottles and jugs....




[blocks in formation]

e. Wine and must, cider, and artificial drinks, not specified under other

[blocks in formation]

NOTE TO f.-Butter in single pieces of not more than 2 kilograms, not sent by post, for the inhabitants on the border, with the provision that such license shall be discontinued or limited in localities where same is abused

g 1. Meat fresh and prepared; poultry and game of all kinds, not live; meat extract: concentrated bouillon..

.100 kilos..

2. Fish, not otherwise provided for. NOTE TO g 1.-Single pieces of fresh and prepared butchered meat, in quantities not exceeding 2 kilograms, not sent by post, for inhabitants of the border, with the provision that such license shall be discontinued or limited in localities where same is abused.. h. Fruits (tropical fruits):

1. Fresh oranges, lemons, limes, pomegranates, &c........100 kilos.. NOTE.-If, at the request of the party paying the duty, the same shall be levied per piece in this case, 48 cents shall be collected for every 100 pieces, no duty being paid on any decayed fruit when the latter is thrown away in the presence of the officials.

2. Figs, dried currants, raisins..

3. Dried dates, almonds, oranges, &c..

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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

i. Spices of all kinds, not otherwise provided for.

NOTE TO .-Spices for manufacture of essential oils by special permit, under control..

k. Herring, salted.

.100 kilos..

[blocks in formation]

...per barrel (ton)..

NOTE. On salted herrings, not packed in the manner customary in trade, 2 marks (46 cents) per 100 kilos shall be paid.

1. Salted herrings for manuring purposes..

1. Honey.

m. Coffee, raw, and coffee substitutes (excepting chicory).

2. Burnt coffee..

3. Cocoa in beans

4. Cocoa in shells

n. Caviar and substitutes for caviar

0. Cheese of all kinds


[blocks in formation]

p1. Confectionery, candies, and cakes, of every description, cocoa powder,
chocolate and substitutes for chocolate; fruits preserved in sugar, vine-
gar, oil, or otherwise, in jars, cans, &c; also preserved spices, vegeta-
bles, and other articles of food (mushrooms, truffles, fowls, crabs, &c.);
prepared fish, prepared mustard; olives, capers, meat pies, sauces, and
similar table delicacies..
.100 kilos..

2. Fresh fruit, seeds, berries, leaves, blossoms, mushrooms, vegetables,
dried, baked, powdered, steamed, or salted, all these articles not other-
wise provided for; juices of fruit, berries and turnips, not preserved in
sugar; fresh and dried peelings of tropical fruit; green oranges and
oranges preserved in salt water; dried nuts, chestnuts, St. John's bread,
pine cones, burnt or ground chicory..
100 kilos..
q1. Farina powders, starch, starch-gum, arrow root, vermicelli, sago and
substitutes for sago, tapioca
.100 kilos..
2. Mill products of grain and pulse, viz: crushed or shelled grain, peeled
pearl barley, greats, &c., meal, flour, ordinary bakers' wares...100 kilos..
NOTE TO 4 2. Quantities of not more than 3 kilograms, for inhabitants of
the border (with the provision that such license may be discontinued or
limited in localities where same is abused)

r. Mussel sea-shell animals, such as oysters, lobsters, shells, mussels, tortoises, turtles, &c

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[blocks in formation]

t. Salt (kitchen, table, rock, and sea salt), also all materials from which salt is extracted....

[blocks in formation]

1. In leaf, unmanufactured, also stems and tobacco-juice.....100 kilos.. 2. Manufactured:

[blocks in formation]

w. Tea.
x. Sugar:


23 80


NOTE. The rates of duty for sugar and sirup are those fixed by the act of June 26, 1869, relative to the duty on sugar, and are as follows, viz: 1. On refined sugar of all kinds and on raw sugar where the latter corresponds to the samples prepared in accordance with the Dutch standard No. 19 and above, which samples are to be deposited in the custom-houses, as prescribed and published by order of the Federal Council 100 kilos..

2. Raw sugar, not provided for under 1..... 3. Sirup....

.do... .do..

NOTE.-Solutions of sugar, positively distinguishable as such, are subject to the same duties as are named under 2.

4. Molasses, entered for manufacture of spirituous liquors, under control.

XXVI.-Oil not otherwise provided for, lard, grease.

1. Oil of all kinds in bottles or jars


[blocks in formation]

a. Oil:

[blocks in formation]

2. Table oils, such as olive, poppy, sesame; ground-nut, beech-nut,
sunflower oil in casks...

[blocks in formation]

3. Olive oil in casks when reduced to a state of adulteration on the part of the customs authorities..

[blocks in formation]

German customs tariff-Continued.


Rate of duty.

In United
States money.

In marks.

XXVII.-Paper and manufacturers of paper.

a. Unbleached or bleached half-manufactured goods from rags.
b. Unbleached or bleached half-manufactured materials for paper making of
wood, straw, esparto, or other fibers; gray, blotting, and yellow coarse
straw paper, pasteboard, exclusive of polished and leather cardboard;
slate-paper and tablets of same without admixture of other material;
sharpening and polishing paper, tly paper &c
....100 kilos.
c. Packing paper, not mentioned under b or d, unpolished.
d. Packing paper, polished; glance and leather cardboard, pressing-board,
100 kilos.

e. Printing, writing, blotting, and tissue paper of all kinds; also litho-
graphed, printed lined paper prepared for bills, labels, bills of lading,
&c., gilt and silvered paper, perforated paper; also strips of such
paper; printer's cardboard..
.100 kilos..
f. 1. Molded work of statuary pasteboard, asphalte, or similar material;
also in connection with wood or iron, but neither painted nor var

.100 kilos..
2. Manufactures of paper, pasteboard, or papier maché; molded work
of statuary pasteboard, &c., asphalte, or like materials not in-
cluded under ƒ 1 or ƒ 3.....
100 kilos..
3. Manufactures of the materials aforesaid combined with other mate-
rials not provided for under No. XX, paper-hangings....100 kilos..

XXVIII. Furs (furrier's goods.)

a. Fur coats, caps, gloves, lined fur covers, lined furs for trimmings. 100 kilos..
b. Ready-made sheep-skin coats, not covered with other materials, washed
and dyed, not lined angora or sheep skins, unlined covers and furs
for trimming....
.100 kilos..


Petroleum and other mineral oils not otherwise provided for, crude and re-
100 kilos..
NOTES.-1. The federal council is authorized to permit the importation of
mineral oil to be used for industrial purposes other than the manufacture of
illuminating oil free of duty, subject, however, to a control of the use of the


2. The federal council is authorized to permit the duty on petroleum to be levied according to the number of barrels, the rate of duty being fixed in accordance with the maximum weight of the barrels ordinarily used in the trade.

XXX.-Silk and manufactures of silk.

a. Silk cocoons; silk, reeled or spun; floss silk, combed, spun, or in thread; all these not dyed; also dyed silk waste

b. Silk-wadding..

e. Floss silk, dyed, loops..

[blocks in formation]

.100 kilos..

[blocks in formation]

d. Thread of raw silk, sewing-silk, button-hole silk, &c., dyed and undyed,
100 kilos

e. Manufactures of silk or floss silk, also if containing metallic thread;
manufactures of silk mixed with other spinning materials and at the
same time with metallic thread, lace blonde and embroidery wholly or
partly of silk.......
..100 kilos..

NOTE TO e.-Tulle, raw or dyed, not patterned.

f. All articles of silk or floss silk mixed with cotton, linen, woolen, or other
animal or vegetable spinning materials..

100 kilos..
1. Very coarse, composed of raw tissues made from silk waste, having
the appearance of gray packing linen, and used for press-cloths,
wiping cloths, when combined with other spinning materials or
single colored threads....
100 kilos..
2. Silk spun together with yarn of other material but not forming the
covering of the threads, nor running continuously throughout
the whole length of the same, not to be considered in the liqui
dation of duties on said yarns.

XXXI.-Soap and perfumeries.

a. Green, black, and other barrel soap..

b. Hard soap not mentioned under c..

c. Soap in cakes, balls, in boxes, jars, &c.; perfumed soaps of all kinds, 100 kilos.

[blocks in formation]

.100 kilos..

[blocks in formation]

d. Scented fat, scented and fatty oils, scented (not alcoholic) water imported in direct receptacles and of a weight of at least 10 kilograms, 100 kilos


e. All other perfumeries..

In addition to internal stamp tax

23 80

20.00 100.00

XXXII.-Playing cards.

[blocks in formation]
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