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THE NEW ENGLAND PUBLISHING Co., Boston. - Hezekiah Butterworth: Songs of History. MESSRS. G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, New York. - L. J. Block: The New World; Madison Cawein: Myth and Romance, Intimations of the Beautiful; C. H. Crandall: Wayside Music; Danske Dandridge: Joy, and Other Poems; Elaine Goodale Eastman : Apple Blossoms; Arthur Grissom: Beaux and Belles; Grace_D. Litchfield: Mimosa Leaves; J. H. Morse: Summer Haven Songs; Joseph O'Connor: Poems; Frederick Peterson: In the Shade of Ygdrasil; R. C. Rogers: The Wind in the Clearing, - For the King; Alice Wellington Rollins: The Ring of Amethyst; John Lancaster Spalding: America, and Other Poems, The Poet's Praise; H.J. Stockard: Fugitive Lines; S. H. Thayer: Songs of Sleepy Hollow.

THE A. D. F. RANDOLPH COMPANY, New York. - Elisabeth G. Crane: Sylva; S. W. Duffield: Warp and Woof; Harriet M. Kimball: Poems; Mary A. Mason: With the Seasons; A. D. F. Randolph: Hopefully Waiting, and Other Verses; Katrina Trask: Sonnets and Lyrics. MR. GEORGE H. RICHMOND, New York. - Caroline Duer and Alice Duer Miller: Poems. MESSRS. ROGERS & EASTMAN, Cleveland. Amy E. Leigh: "If I but Knew." MESSRS. J. N. ROSENBERG & J. M. PROSKAUER, New York. THE ROYCROFTERS, East Aurora.-L. H. Foote: On the Heights. From "The Philistine," - Irving Browne: "At Shakespeare's Grave;" J. J. Rooney: "The Rahat," "A Beam of Light."

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Columbia Verse."

RUDDER PUBLISHING COMPANY, New York. - T. F. Day: Songs of Sea and Sail.
MR. R. H. RUSSELL, New York. - R. B. Wilson: The Shadows of the Trees.

G. SCHIRMER, New York. - Peyton Van Rensselaer: "At Twilight;" Harry B. Smith: "The Armorer's Song," "Song of the Turnkey."


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MESSRS. CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, New York. - Anne R. Aldrich: Songs about Life, Love and Death; H. H. Boyesen: Idyls of Norway; H. C. Bunner: Poems; Charles de Kay: Hesperus; Mary Mapes Dodge: Along the Way; Julia C. R. Dorr: Poems; Eugene Field: Writings; Oliver Herford: The Bashful Earthquake; J. G. Holland: Poetical Writings; Sidney Lanier: Poems; G. P. Lathrop : Dreams and Days; G. C. Lodge: Songs of the Wave; C. H. Luders: The Dead Nymph; E. S. Martin: Little Brother of the Rich; Ernest McGaffey: Poems of Gun and Rod; G. P. Morris : Poems; F. J. O'Brien: Poems and Stories; T. N. Page: Befo' de War; Edith M. Thomas: A Winter Swallow; W. C. Wilkinson: Poems; W. B. Wright: The Brook. From "Scribner's Magazine," - Alice L. Bunner: "Separation; " Arthur Colton: "A Song with a Discord," "To Faustine; "Mrs. Margaret G. George Davidson: 'Moritura; " Mildred Howells: A Moral in Sevres; Marguerite Merington: "Hey Nonny No;" Mrs. Miller: Stevenson's Birthday;" J. H. Morse: The Wild Geese," "His Statement of the Case;" Lizette W. Reese: " Tears; " V. T. Sutphen: "Deep Waters; " Marie van Vorst: " Sing Again;" Edith Wharton: "Experience." MESSRS. SMALL, MAYNARD & Co., Boston. Herbert Bates: Songs of Exile; James Buckham : The Heart of Life; Richard Burton: Dumb in June, - Memorial Day, Lyrics of Brotherhood; Grace E. Channing Stetson: Sea Drift; J. V. Cheney: Out of the Silence; Zitella Cocke: A Doric Reed; Stephen Crane: The Black Riders; Ernest Crosby: Plain Talk; Richard Hovey: Songs from Vagabondia, - Birth of Galahad, — Taliesin,- Along the Trail; M. A. D. Howe: Shadows; William Lindsey: Apples of Istakhar; Josephine P. Peabody: The Wayfarers; Lilla Cabot Perry: Impressions; P. H. Savage: First Poems, - Poems; Evaleen Stein: One Way to the Woods; Charlotte P. Stetson: In this Our World; Father Tabb: Poems, Lyrics, - Child Verse; F. R. Torrence: The House of a Hundred Lights; Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass. THE FREDERICK A. STOKES COMPANY, New York. G. A. Baker: Point Lace and Diamonds; J. V. Cheney: Thistle Drift, Wood Blooms; Stephen Crane: War is Kind; Mary B. C. Hansbrough: Lyrics of Love and Nature; W. H. Hayne: Sylvan Lyrics; Walter Learned: Between Times; S. M. Peck: Cap and Bells, — Rings and Love Knots, Rhymes and Roses; F. D. Sherman: Madrigals and Catches.

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MESSRS. HERBERT S. STONE & Co., Chicago. — Mary M. Adams: The Choir Visible; F. F. Browne: Volunteer Grain; Helen Hay: Some Verses; R. K. Munkittrick: The Acrobatic Muse; George Santayana: Sonnets, and Other Poems. From "The Chap Book," John Bennett: "God Bless You, Dear, To-Day; " Julian Hawthorne: "Were-Wolf; " Beatrix D. Lloyd: "Love and Time;" J. W. Palmer: "The Fight at San Jacinto." THE CLAYTON F. SUMMY CO., Chicago.

Theron Brown: "His Majesty."

MR. JAMES H. WEST, Boston.-J. W. Chadwick: Power and Use.

THE WHITAKER AND RAY COMPANY, San Francisco, Cal. - Herbert Bashford: Songs from Puget Sea; Joaquin Miller: Complete Poetical Works.

THE WHITE SMITH MUSIC PUBLISHING COMPANY, Boston. — R. H. Buck: “Kentucky Babe; "Hattie Whitney: "A Little Dutch Garden."


MR. THOMAS WHITTAKER, New York. — C. F. Johnson: What can I do for Brady, and Other Verse.

MESSRS. M. WITMARK & SONS, New York. - E. D. Barker: "Go Sleep My Honey."
MR. WILLIS WOODWARD, New York. - Hattie Starr: "Little Alabama Coon."

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- O. F. Adams: "On a Grave in Christchurch, Hants;"


All rights on poems in this work accredited to any one of the authors whose names are subjoined, except in those cases already specifically mentioned in the preceding section of this copyright notice, are vested in the said author, - or in his or her legal representatives, as noted within parentheses, — and are reserved by the holder or holders of the copyright.



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