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BOSTON: 4 PARK STREET. NEW YORK: 85 FIFTH AVENUE The Riverside Press, Cambridge

ELECTIONS illustrating the editor's critical review of

American poetry in the nineteenth century. With brief biographies, a valuable introduction, an engraved titlepage, and a photogravure frontispiece of a group of American poets: Longfellow, Lowell, Holmes, Whittier, Bryant, Poe, and Lanier. Large crown octavo, 878 pages, gilt top, $3.00; Holiday Edition, full gilt, $3.50; half calf, gilt top, $5.00; full levant or tree calf, $6.50.

A notable contribution to the history of literature of the passing century. In its spirit and in its results this anthology will stand out for the future as distinctly as the year in which it has appeared closes one epoch and begins another. - Sewanee Review.

It is a monumental work, and even to be included in it will be to escape the oblivion which awaits so many major and minor poets. RICHARD HENRY STODDARD, in Mail and Express,

New York.

"An American Anthology" is not only the bequest of the passing century to future generations, but the most interesting and inclusive of all collections of American verse. - WALLACE BRUCE, in Chicago Evening Post.

A Dictorian Anthology, 1837-1895.

ELECTIONS illustrating the editor's critical review of

British poetry in the reign of Victoria ("Victorian Poets"). With brief biographies of the authors. quoted, a fine frontispiece portrait of Queen Victoria, and a vignette of the Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey. Large crown 8vo, 784 pages, gilt top, $2.50; Holiday Edition, full gilt, $3.00; half calf, $4.50; full levant or tree calf, $6.00.

There is no one on either side the Atlantic better fitted than Mr. Stedman to edit an anthology of the period. - Boston Advertiser.

His "Victorian Anthology" is a cyclopedia of modern English poetry edited with signal discretion and delicacy. - The Times, London.

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PR. STEDMAN'S lyre is one of many strings, all carefully tuned, whereon at will he can make sweet music, stately or gay as befits his mood; and always through his singing one is conscious of a joyous and happy heart whence come the songs—a heart forever young. The Book Buyer,

New York.


The Nature and Elements of Poetry. ITH Frontispiece after Dürer, Topical Analysis, and Analytical Index. Crown 8vo, gilt top, $1.50; half calf, $3.00; half levant, $4.00.

CONTENTS: I. Oracles Old and New. II. What is Poetry? III. Creation and Self-Expression. IV. Melancholia. V. Beauty. VI. Truth. VII. Imagination. VIII. The Faculty Divine: Passion, Insight, Genius, Faith. Index.

If the writer has not said the last word on "the faculty divine," it is doubtful whether any better word remains. And it is all said so reverently and modestly that even if for the moment you do not quite agree with him, his spirit seems to hint that he is probably right and you are wrong. · - Public Opinion, New York.

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JEVISED and extended by a supplementary chapter

to the fiftieth year of the period under review. Crown 8vo, gilt top, $2.25; half calf, $3.50.

One of the most thorough, workmanlike, and artistic pieces of real critical writing that we have in English. For the period covered by it, it is the most comprehensive, profound, and lucid literary exposition that has appeared in this country or elsewhere. - Prof. MOSES COIT TYLER, Cornell University.

Poets of America.

PAY. COMPANION volume to Victorian Poets. With full Notes in margin, and careful Analytical In

dex. Crown 8vo, gilt top, $2.25; half calf, $3.50. CONTENTS: Early and Recent Conditions; Growth of the American School; William Cullen Bryant; John Greenleaf Whittier; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; Edgar Allan Poe; Oliver Wendell Holmes; James Russell Lowell; Walt Whitman; Bayard Taylor; The Outlook.

It is doubtful whether any other living American man of letters could have written a volume at once so comprehensive, so appreciative, so discriminating, and so well defined in respect to the impressions which it makes. - The Congregationalist, Boston.

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