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the footsteps of the flock he thinks he is safe. All that he is afraid of is, that God should leave him to himself; he is truly sensible of his own weakness, and at times finds it no easy matter to believe that God will keep him upright even to the end, though he believes he shall be eternally saved. He dreads the thought of falling; the thoughts of broken bones, and of going halting to the grave, is a terror to his soul.

Ahimaaz. The Lord preserve and keep him through this perilous wilderness; and when you see him, tell him that Ahimaaz, formerly a tidingsbearer, a Reubenite, one unstable as water, saluteth him, and wishes grace, mercy, and peace to him. And now what shall I say to thee, with whom I have taken such sweet counsel, and with whom I have spent the sweetest moments that I ever spent? The Lord reward thee, my brother; "send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion;" accept thine offerings; grant thee according to thine own heart; and fulfil all thy counsel; and God forbid that I should ever cease praying for thee, whom God has made so great a blessing to me.

Cushi. The Lord be with thee, my dear brother, and strengthen thee by his Spirit's might in the inner man, that thou mayest be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus; and thou must not wonder if some temptation should befall thee after this long and happy conversation that we have

had. Remember adversity and prosperity are set one against the other; expect a daily cross, and a glorious end, and thou wilt not be disappointed of either. Fare thee well; the shield of Abraham, and the fear of Isaac, be ever with thee.

Ahimaaz. Amen; and with thee also.






To the Children of God, at Providence Chapel, at Monkwell Street, at Jewin Street, at Richmond in Surry, and to all Lovers of the Truth in the Kingdom of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, &c.

Dearly Beloved in the Lord, Grace and Peace be multiplied, through the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


AM now at Wallingford, in Berkshire, with the little flock that was lately scattered into corners, by the sudden inundation of Arminianism, by a certain Vicar: but, blessed be God, his truth stands fast to his own Elect; for though some cleave to the church of God by flatteries, yet "the people that do know their God, shall be strong and do exploits," Dan. xi. 32.

Here are a few souls sweetly united together; these have had their feet kept in the path of truth, and are blessed with a circumcised ear, and seem to observe the Lord's caution, "Take heed what ye hear." It is true, their peace has been much disturbed, their comforts scattered, and their judgments confused: but they have neither lost their

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