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into the liberty of the gospel, be doing the work of an evangelist; it is clear, both by their ministry and conduct, that they have entirely mistaken the term.

Being informed that the first discourse that was to be levelled against you was to be at Mr. T****end's meeting at Rotherhithe, out of love to you, to your hearers, and to the religious world, I thought it my duty to be present on the occasion. A party spirit was the subject of discussion; and I soon perceived you was the object shot at; on which occasion the gospel of Jesus Christ, and his efficacious Spirit, was left entirely out, to make room for the malignant spirit of the slanderer to shew itself. Much rhetoric, logic, and some harpsichord music, was introduced, to shew what a party spirit was, where it originated, the consequences of it, and, lastly, how it might be cured. As the cure of this was what every sincere soul desired to be informed of, and waited anxiously for; behold, after much labour and many arguments, firm oppositions were advised, restraint on the passions recommended, &c. &c.

How astonishing, Sir, that men, who take to themselves the name and office of ministers, should spend their time in reviling the servants of God, rejecting the scriptures, and call a spouting-club by the venerable name of an Evangelical Association; and all under a pretence of solving hard questions, and censuring party spirits, when every schoolboy may learn from the Bible that there

are but two party spirits in the world, Christ at the head of one, and the devil at the head of the other; for, as Christ is the head of every one blessed with the Spirit of truth, so Satan is the head of every hypocrite who is influenced by a railing, slandering, reviling, and ridiculing spirit.

Nothing but the Spirit of Christ can ever unite sinners to God, or mankind to one another; when that Spirit operates, then, but not till then, shall the wolf dwell with the lamb, the leopard lie down with the kid, and a little child shall lead them.

In this discourse, Sir, you was represented in a shocking point of view, as one of a blood-thirsty spirit, and accused of taking texts that wise men would shudder, and modest men blush at. Thus the scriptures did not escape the ridicule of that empty, graceless, unexperienced, and inconsistent philosopher.

At the conclusion of this convocation we were informed that another meeting was appointed to be held at a Mr. M's chapel in Artillery-lane, and the subject (or, if you please the text, if you can find such a one in the Bible) for their further debate was to be, Is the law now made void, and what sentiments may be termed Antinomian?' This was to be performed by one who was formerly by trade a plasterer, but is now a dauber with untempered mortar. It is a Mr. C. of the new chapel in Church Street, Mile End New Town. With some others, I attended the performance, and secured,

on a few sheets of paper, all the artillery that was levelled at your head; and have sent the miscellaneous body to you, Sir, to be dissected, anatomised, and exhibited; for, as for this man, he has made void both law and gospel; therefore we desire you to tell us once more, from the press, whether you do make void the law through faith, or whether yon establish the law. Your compliance will greatly oblige,

Rev. and Dear Sir,

A few lovers of the truth, and sincere lovers of you for the truth's sake.



A Sermon delivered against Mr. HUNTINGTON, at Mr. M's Chapel in Artillery Lane, on Thursday the 16th of August 1787, by Sir HAM COTTISH, barren of light, and barren of life, beginning in manner and form following:

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HE question assigned for me this evening to explain and enforce to you is, Whether is the mo'ral law abolished or not? What obligations do we lie under to it? And what are those principles, or 'sentiments, which may properly be called Anti'nomianism? And, as the foundation of this sub'ject, I would refer you to the third chapter of 'Paul's epistle to the Romans, thirty-first verse,. "Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid; yea, we establish the law."

I am surprised, Sir, at the conduct of you and the rest of your Evangelical Association in not beginning with the word of God; he tells us to preach his word unto the people, whether they will hear or forbear. God's meaning in his word ought to be sought out and enforced; all matter

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